Posted March 9, 2016

F.W. Webb acquires Water Works Supply

F.W. Webb Company announced that it formed the F.W. Webb Water Works Division after acquiring Water Works Supply Corp. of Malden, Mass., and Londonderry, N.H.

With the purchase, F.W. Webb, which is marking its 150th anniversary this year, expanded its product line to address below-ground installation, construction, maintenance and repair of water mains, sewer lines, water processing facilities, waste treatment plants, and pumping stations. F.W. Webb's core business focuses on supplying plumbing, heating, HVAC, refrigeration and PVF supplies.

“As a longstanding regional leader across numerous core and specialty markets, offering water works products and services is an exciting development for F.W. Webb,” said Jeff Pope, president of F.W. Webb. “Most importantly, it brings a new level of expertise, quality products, and industry-leading service to customers throughout the Northeast for essential upgrades and repair of municipal infrastructure.”

“Since F.W. Webb currently supplies everything water- and pipe-related for buildings, having water works products and services is a natural extension of our business,” added F.W. Webb COO Robert Mucciarone. “With the addition of water works, customers can count on F.W. Webb as a reliable one-stop partner for all their residential, commercial and industrial projects, large or small, from underground to rooftop.”

Christopher DiPirro, a 33-year veteran of F.W. Webb, will serve as general manager of the water works division. A majority of the original employees of WWSC have been hired by F.W. Webb, including the company’s most recent owner, Damon Moore, who is supporting the new Webb business in an advisory role. Moore, an engineer with in-depth water works expertise, grew up in the industry and joined the family business in 1972 upon his graduation from Tufts University.

Moore’s father started WWSC in 1953.

“F.W. Webb is maintaining the renowned fabrication shop with experienced machinists from Water Works Supply and bringing this unique and valuable service to new customers across the region,” DiPirro said. “The genius of our fabrication shop is the ability to accurately retrofit old oversized flange pipe with new pipe and fittings. It is also the only UL-classified shop for flanged ductile iron pipe in the area.”