Posted July 10, 2017

Bridgestone HosePower to acquire Fittings Inc.

Bridgestone HosePower, a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, announced that it is acquiring Fittings Inc., a hydraulic and industrial hose sales and service company based in Seattle.

According to the agreement, 16 current Fittings Inc. employees will be offered positions within HosePower, including two of the three former owners, Douglas Kennedy and Murray MacLean.

“We are proud to add such a strong business to our portfolio,” said J. Palmer Clarkson, president and CEO, Bridgestone HosePower. “This acquisition broadens our presence in the country and enhances Bridgestone HosePower’s leadership in the market, increasing our product offerings and expanding our portfolio of value-added services.”

“We are excited to join Bridgestone HosePower to integrate our regional footprint and expertise into a larger organization,” said Douglas Kennedy, president, Fittings Inc. “Adding their expertise and extensive product offerings allows us to further our ability to service our customers, and we are enthusiastic about the increased opportunities Bridgestone HosePower will bring for our employees and for our customers.”

The Fittings acquisition brings Bridgestone HosePower to 40 U.S. locations, and one location in Mexico.

Fittings was established in 1960 as a distributor of hydraulic-industrial hose, fittings and accessories, and expanded to include much of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Today, the company also provides specialty fabrication and kit assembly, offering clients capabilities such as just in time, point of use and auto replenish delivery methods.