Posted November 24, 2020

Meet the Bench Cat

The Bench Cat is designed for automatically dispensing a variety of materials including adhesives, pastes, epoxies, sealants, etc. — as well as spray, fill, virtually any fluid from most valves and pumps.

The Bench CatEven existing handheld systems are easily added with the included universal valve / syringe mount. No PC is required for operation.

The Bench Cat’s logical design features a generous 14” x 10” work area with an overhead gantry which means the product remains stationary while the valve moves from overhead, dispensing the media. This also results in less complicated fixturing and provides easy loading from top, front or sides. The removable pallet base streamlines tooling change over if required.

A built-in valve controller provides digital real time control of syringes and valves accurate to micro seconds. No external control box is required. Onboard inputs and outputs are included for handshaking with other equipment or integrating components such as vacuum, clamps, shuttles, etc.

Easy to operate — The Bench Cat’s pre-programmed control system redefines the terms simple, easy and operator friendly. You will be dispensing in 2-D or 3-D within minutes using just a few simple two-letter commands. Not simple enough? Included Jog & Teach function lets users define the dispensing path by jogging the dispenser with no programming or code entry involved. An optional Windows software package allows users to draw the dispensing path in any popular CAD software and it coverts it to motion. 

Bench Cat is a division of Dispense Works Inc.