Posted June 23, 2021

Double Deep Oiler System

Reed Manufacturing's Double Deep Oiler System offers a 20-gauge steel bucket and steel drip pan/chip tray plus a deep bucket at 8-1/2 inches (21.6 cm).

Double Deep Oiler SystemTurned aluminum, sturdy oil gun includes a 60-inch industrial-grade hose. OLBUCKT1 also includes a gallon of thread cutting oil. Reduce splashes and sloshes with optional OLGUARD splash guard. Metal guard, with magnetic feet, breaks up liquid motion to keep the oil in the bucket by interrupting centripetal force. For added protection during transit and weather situations, add the REED OLLID protective, clamping cover to further protect the oil and keep the mess to a minimum. OLGUARD and OLLID fit REED current and prior oil buckets.