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Key technologies to enable your digital strategy
IDC Investment Guide Channel diversification is bringing competitors that are not traditional wholesalers to the market. To stay competitive, distributors must become more innovative and accepting of digital technology. Read the IDC Investment Guide to gain insight into how distributors embrace IT and business process modernization in order to serve a greater role for their customers.
Getting Comfortable in the Cloud
Epicor Cloud Business in the cloud is better business. When you understand the simple, economic, and reliable advantages the Cloud brings to your business, you’ll see how much simpler it is to focus on what matters most – with access from anywhere, any time. Learn why more distributors are making the move to Cloud. Click for more.
Tompkins Pro Wrap
Tompkins Pro Wrap Nothing ruins a workday like a repair that could have been prevented. That’s why Tompkins Pro Wrap is the quick, convenient, and affordable way to protect your hose from unnecessary damage and costly mistakes. Wrap your hoses for increased longevity and even color-code them to reduce the chance of user error. Click to learn more.
VAI and IBM: Smarter enterprise management with mobile and social business
VAI A personalized, web-based user experience that helps manufacturing, distribution and retail organizations remotely access VAI S2K ERP solutions to improve decision making and collaboration. Download the white paper.
Critical components to achieving the perfect order
NetSuite Delivering on consumer expectations—whether of a buyer from a business you sell into, or a direct-end consumer—comes from the ability to complete the perfect order: getting the right products delivered at the best price, when and where they want. Download the white paper to learn more about the key components for building a strategy that provides a seamless, omnichannel experience across all of your stakeholders.
Bins That Check Themselves? Brilliant
Apex Supply Chain See how Munters, a global air treatment solutions OEM, and WESCO Distribution implemented the ACTYLUS Automated Replenishment System to eliminate stock-outs, recover valuable square footage, and save more than $43K a year in labor costs. Download the case study
White Paper: Embrace Disruptive Innovation
Kenandy's Cloud ERP The new normal is never “normal”. We no longer operate in an environment where tried-and-true business practices can be applied to resolve the issues that arise in the marketplace. Instead, traditional business is constantly being impacted by overwhelming and sudden shifts in the marketplace that require significant adjustments to business operations. The name of the game in this new normal is “disruptive innovation”. Read this white paper to learn what disruptive innovation is and how your company can use cloud ERP to stay in the game.
The outlook for wholesale distribution in 2017
NetSuite Success means growing your business and investing in its future. In the new report, Modern Distribution Management and NetSuite explore the key business objectives and challenges facing distribution companies as they embark on their business journey in 2017. Download the report to learn more about the trends facing modern distributors and the strategies that leaders in the space are using to tackle these trends.
Tompkins CAD drawings are engineered to be easy
Tompkins CAD Drawings Since 1967, Tompkins Industries has been providing quality hydraulic adapters and fluid power products. In addition to our quality products and service, we also provide our customers access to over 6,000 CAD drawings in 2D and 3D format—all available for download at Register today and start downloading.
Analyst Report: Why Platform Matters When Choosing an ERP System
Kenandy white paper In order to survive, grow, and compete in the digital age, organizations need an ERP that is highly flexible and able to adapt, which is why any company making an ERP purchase today should give serious consideration to the platform on which it's developed. If built on the right platform, your ERP will help you grow and innovate with ease. So, what are the tough platform questions you should ask yourself when shopping for an ERP? Click here to find out!
eBook - "Better Data Drives Growth"
eBook Better Data Drives Growth

Modern distributors need an ERP system with BI capabilities that provide direct insight into inventory management and overall business health.

Inside this eBook, 'Better Data Drives Growth', you'll discover:

  • Seven signs your distribution firm needs a new BI system
  • The consequences of legacy systems
  • If your current system setting you back

Capturing data is not enough. Your system needs to be able to report it in ways that enable analysis and strategic decision-making for growth. Read the eBook.


White Paper: Six Ways Cloud ERP Supports Rapid Innovation
Kenandy white paper

As a business leader, your daily focus is on managing your business and creating new ways to innovate. Similarly, your employees want to work on innovative projects to help grow the business, not managing data centers and databases, worrying about uptime, downtime, and security. Moving quickly to capture new market opportunities and not be constrained by what your legacy ERP software will enable you to do is key. Kenandy is a new approach to ERP that lets you and your team focus on driving innovation, creating new product lines, and expanding your customer base even as you improve your business operations. To dive into how Kenandy supports innovation and provides a framework for operational efficiency, please click here.

Get the ultimate guide to wholesale distribution software

Infor - ultimate guide to wholesale distribution software

As customer behaviors and needs change, distributors must have the flexibility to adjust their business practices to meet those changes. And it’s not just about offering the lowest prices. Instead, it’s about finding ways to add layers of service to differentiate your business in order to build customer loyalty.

To stay competitive, adopting new technologies to modernize or transform your business should be on top of your agenda. In the Guide to Wholesale Distribution Software we’ll explore six key technologies that are essential to any successful distribution operation:

• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Customer Experience
• Strategic Solutions
• Mobility Solutions
• Cloud Solutions
• Business Intelligence and Analytics

We’ll also discuss the market trends increasing the need for adoption of each technology, provide a “shopper’s checklist” of essential features and functions, and share success stories from real-life industry leaders.

Read guide >

On Hand Inventory - At Your Fingertips

David Queller

Queller Wholesale introduces the Q-View Portal - a new online service, exclusively for distributors, that makes it easy to use as your own warehouse. You can search and access real-time availability of 250,000+ products from 45 best-known industrial brands of precision instruments, cutting tools, hand tools machine tool accessories, and more. Same-day shipments, wholesale pricing, no minimums. A wholesale source you can trust! “Queller stocks so you don’t have to!”


SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System


The SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System is self-cleaning and non-hazardous.

Through the process of bioremediation the SmartWasher® constantly maintains the cleanliness of the OzzyJuice®, a powerful, aqueous based degreasing solution that is pH-neutral, non-irritating, non-flammable, and non-toxic.

With SmartWasher® you never need to haul away dirty parts cleaning fluid again!

Tompkins Custom Test Point Kits

Tompkins test point kits

Great for maintenance, monitoring, and emergency repair, a hydraulic test kit from Tompkins helps you maximize equipment up-time and quickly diagnose problems, should they occur. In addition to our standard JIC and O-Ring Face-Seal Kits, Tompkins gives you the opportunity to create your own hydraulic test kit, making it more affordable and applicable to your specific needs. Include only the components you need - test points, pressure gauges, hoses, gauge port adapters - for your operations.

Kenandy White Paper: Embrace Disruptive Innovation

Kenandy white paper

The new normal is never “normal.” We no longer operate in an environment where tried-and-true business practices can be applied to resolve the issues that arise in the marketplace. Instead, traditional business is constantly being impacted by overwhelming and sudden shifts in the marketplace that require significant adjustments to business operations. The name of the game in this new normal is “disruptive innovation.” Read this white paper to learn what disruptive innovation is and how your company can use cloud ERP to stay in the game.

Start your digital journey with seven essential steps

Seven steps to a sharp, focused digital strategy

Every wholesale distributor faces increasing pressure to adopt a digital strategy for confronting massive disruption in the industry. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey by MDM, the approach most distributors take in developing an overall digital strategy is very reactive, with only 31% approaching their digital needs with a "comprehensive strategy that includes all types of software and solutions." Download our how-to guide to find out more about the 7 easy-but-essential steps you can take to get a handle on your digital strategy.

eCommerce Solutions—How Do Distributors Decide?

Epicor B2B eCommerce Solution

Is eCommerce a need to survive, or is it a supportive role? Either way, you need a smooth flow from customer expectations to your business process. If you’re competing with the likes of online giants (like Amazon and Grainger), or you need to manage more services for your customers, don’t wait to get a copy of this eBook!

Epicor-sponsored Distributor E-Commerce White paper

The Effect of ERP Software on Distributor E-Commerc

E-commerce in distribution is gaining traction, with many vertical markets transacting 20% or more of their sales online. As functionality for online commerce grows, so does the need of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor to catch up to advances in onoine technology.

Click this link to download the white paper by Scott Benfield of Benfield Consulting and Rich Vurva of Industrial Supply magazine.

Epicor-sponsored Distributor E-Commerce White paper

Epicor e-commerce white paper

The field of e-commerce in B2B Distribution is in its second decade. Our 2016 research finds that the pace of e-commerce activity has increased at an increasing rate and forecasts are that, by 2020, the MRO and industrial vertical markets will transact over 30% of their demand online.

Click this link to download the white paper by Scott Benfield of Benfield Consulting and Rich Vurva of Industrial Supply magazine.

Epicor Prophet 21 Knows How You Work

Prophet 21 Value Summary

Flexible, functional distribution software designed for distributors and built to drive growth. It gives you the ability to respond quickly to changing customer demands, which keeps those customers coming back.

The Epicor® Prophet 21™ software system helps you grow your sales, profits, productivity and the distance between you and your competition. Find out why it’s the system of choice for distributors across a variety of industries by reviewing the Epicor Prophet 21 Value Summary today.

Bins That Check Themselves? Brilliant


“It was like money falling from the sky.” That’s what VMI distributors are saying about the new ACTYLUSTM Smart Bin System. It monitors bins automatically and sends reorder alerts straight to your ERP. And it helps you differentiate your business, improve cash flow, and keep customers coming back for more. Discover the smartest way to keep bins full.

eZine – Distributors Reveal the Secrets of Their Success

Epicor eZine

Distributors want to grow their businesses, and that means having the right business systems and processes to drive productivity and efficiency. It also means being prepared for challenges along the way.

That’s why we’ve compiled seven stories from successful distributors, illustrating the key success factors to grow effectively and how Epicor® business software is helping them achieve it. Read our eZine and discover how they took advantage of proper planning, employee engagement and the right technology to grow profitably

Bins That Check Themselves? Brilliant

Assembly Fasteners case study

“It was like money falling from the sky.” That’s how the president of Assembly Fasteners, Inc. described the new ACTYLUSTM Smart Bin System that helped the company save $15,000 in the first month. ACTYLUS checks bins automatically and sends reorder alerts straight to your ERP, so it’s easy to grow SKUs and keep customers happy. See how AFI quickly grew its business and learn how it can be a game-changer for your business, too.