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Weiler Abrasives Group: Your Competitive Edge
Weiler: Your Competitive Edge For those who want a competitive edge and value productivity enhancing solutions for cleaning, grinding, cutting, de-burring, and finishing, Weiler is a premier manufacturer who forges collaborative, problem solving relationships with our customers. We work with you to solve your challenges, enabling your business to get more done and, ultimately, improve your top and bottom line. Click to view video.
CC-GRIND-FLEX SG STEEL The CC-GRIND®-FLEX SG STEEL is a high performance semi-flexible grinding disc that eliminates dents and bumps on welds often encountered with a grinding wheel or resin fiber disc when blending a weld seam. This easy handling disc offers a large surface contact area with a superior surface finish. The mounting flange set is designed exclusively for unthreaded CC-GRIND®-FLEX grinding discs and is sold separately. Order yours today! Click to view video.
You can be thin and still be tough with Tiger UltraCut wheels
Tiger Weiler’s NEW UltraCut wheels deliver unmatched cutting performance and toughness with a TRUE 1 millimeter thickness. From the first cut, operators will experience lightning fast, smooth cutting, and exceptional control for clean, precise cuts on thin sheet metal, profiles, small diameter rods and tubes. Click to view video.
The HYDE StirWhip Mixer. The best all-purpose pro mixer.
Hyde StirWhip Mixer The HYDE® StirWhip™ is a low-drag mixer that mixes even heavy materials without overworking your drill. Its flexible nylon “fingers” promote more complete mixing and maximum lift, and fit through a 5-gallon pour spout for mixing without removing the bucket lid. No risk of debris! 3/8” steel hex shank, for usewith 1 to 5 gallon containers and a 500-1500rpm variable speed drill. Click to view video.

PFERD POLICAP® abrasive caps and cones
PFERD POLICAP set PFERD POLICAP® abrasive caps and cones are available in a variety of shapes, dimensions, abrasive grain types, and grit sizes. POLICAP® tools have a seamless design, and the entire tool surface can be used. Matching, reusable holders in various shapes are available when using the product. The high degree of fitting accuracy between the components ensures that the abrasive caps and cones remain securely attached to the holder during use. Click to view video.

How Distributors are Adapting to Changing Buyer Demands

How Distributors are Adapting to Changing Buyer Demands

Customer expectations have changed how you do business. While there is the technological aspect of some customers seeking either an e-experience or omni-channel interaction, the bigger impact of eCommerce and “alternative” channels is changing customer expectations.

Meeting these challenges requires adapting your business. In this webinar, David Gordon, president of Channel Marketing Group, will share how distributors are, could and perhaps should, adapt to meet customer expectations while meeting their profitability goals. Thanks to our webinar sponsor, Epicor.

The Future of the Distributor Sales Effort in Digital Times
Future of Distributor Sales Effort in Digital Times This research-based webinar considers the future of the distributor sales effort as e-commerce grows and customers increasingly move online. The webinar is presented by Scott Benfield of Benfield Consulting and is sponsored by Oracle NetSuite.
Beam Renew™: Easily Relabel Warehouse Beams
Beam Renew Beam Renew is ID Label's popular warehouse rack cover-up solution. Its durable construction and advanced adhesives allow for easy application over old barcode labels and dingy warehouse beams without the time and expense of scraping, cleaning or painting.Watch video and request samples.
Weiler Abrasives featured in student’s winning “Coolest Manufacturing Video” contest!
Coolest Manufacturing Video Congratulations to J.T. Lambert Intermediate School for winning the prestigious “Coolest Manufacturing Video” Award for their video about Weiler Abrasives! The Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NEPIRC) held their inaugural year of a regional “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” video contest, created to modernize the image of manufacturing and encourage students to consider manufacturing career paths. Click to view video
S2K Enterprise Release 6.0 ERP Software
VAI: ERP done right. S2K Enterprise Release 6.0 ERP Software offers midsized growth companies the advanced technology they require to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and grow, on premise or in the cloud. Click to watch the video.
Bailey Hydraulics case study
Bailey Hydraulics video Bailey Hydraulics, leading manufacturer and distributor of mobile hydraulic components, needed an IT infrastructure that could support its future growth organically and via acquisition, providing the ability to easily add and manage subsidiaries. Restricted by their highly customized A/S 400 system that would cost several million dollars and years of development to upgrade, Bailey chose to move onto NetSuite’s cloud platform to manage their key business processes. Hear directly from Bailey on their experience with NetSuite. Watch complimentary video here.
PFERD high-performance burs
PFERD High-Performance Burs PFERD’s High-Performance line of carbide burs features products designed for use on specific materials and applications. Gain productivity and increase comfort and control with these unique, specially designed burs, including TITANIUM, MICRO, CAST, INOX, ALU/NF, EDGE, STEEL and PLAST cuts. Click to view the video.
With Tiger Ceramic, there's no more compromise
Tiger Ceramic Now you can maximize your time on the job with a superior combination of life and cut rate for maximum productivity. Self-sharpening Ceramic grain removes material effortlessly while a hard bond keeps working longer. See how Tiger Ceramic stacks up against the competition. Click to view video.
Webinar: Technology Investments and ROI
Technology Investments and ROI Like most distributors, you probably invest a lot in technology in your business. In this webinar sponsored by Epicor and presented by David Gordon of Channel Marketing Group, find out what other distributors are investing in, how they measure success, how to budget for technology expenditures and who makes the decisions. Click to view the webinar.
Standard Supply Increases Efficiency with Prophet 21 Distribution Software
Standard Supply video Find out what convinced this HVAC and construction materials distributor to switch from their proprietary business software to the Epicor Prophet 21 business system. Hear how that switch significantly improved their overall customer service, productivity, inventory management, and efficiency―over 40% increase. Epicor Software drives business growth by providing industry-specific software designed around the needs of our distribution customers. More than 40 years of experience with our customers’ unique business processes and operational requirements is built into every solution―in the cloud or on premises. Click to view video.
UltraCut 1MM Thin Cutting Wheels
Tiger Ultracut Weiler’s NEW UltraCut wheels deliver unmatched cutting performance and toughness with a TRUE 1 millimeter thickness. Proprietary SOLID CORE technology increases density of the wheels, resulting in longer life, reduced friction, and superior stability. From the first cut, operators will experience lightning fast, smooth cutting, and exceptional control for clean, precise cuts on thin sheet metal, profiles, and small diameter rods. Click to view video.
PFERD COMBIDISC® Quick-Change System
PFERD COMBIDISC Rough grind to mirror finish, all in one system. PFERD's COMBIDISC® range covers a large selection of quick-change discs. From coarse machining and surface texturing to face-down mirror polishing – the range provides the optimal disc, even for complicated applications. For more information, please visit:
Osborn TufBrush™
Osborn TufBrush

Designed, engineered and tested in the U.S., the new TufBrush Stringer Bead tops all the tests we put it through, with twice the life and 15% better material removal than the closest tested competitor. The combination of user feedback, experienced engineering and innovative design advances has made the TufBrush a cut above.

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New Dynabrade Dynorbital Extreme Series of Random Orbital Sanders!
Dynorbital sander

Improving on what we do best, the Extreme Random Orbital Sander is an American made air tool delivering the best horsepower rating of all industrial orbital sanders in its class. Available in 5-inch and 6-inch diameter models, the tool is available in non-vacuum and central vacuum models. A 3/16-inch diameter orbit is offered for general sanding applications. A 3/32-inch diameter orbit is also available for ultra-fine sanding. Click to watch it in action.


IDC University Motors & Controls

IDC University

In IDC University’s Motors & Controls course, you'll learn the basics of electric motors--how they work, starting methods, motor construction, and control wiring schemes. From there, we'll teach you how to use variable frequency drives to control motors through hands-on exercises. No matter your learning speed, our hands-on environment will make it easy to understand these technical applications and bring your knowledge back to the workplace. Watch video to learn more and enroll here!


How much co-op money are you leaving on the table?

Rivet MRO

How much money is your distributorship letting slip through its fingers every year? It's all money that could have helped you reach new levels of sales and profitability. Money that could have increased the value of your business. It doesn’t have to be that way…

We make maximizing MRO co-op funds easy! Rivet|MRO has launched its proprietary Co|optimizer Co-op Maximizer to make it easy for your distributorship to make the most the co-op funds it has earned! We'll manage the entire process, from the proposal stage through the co-op claim. And from the development of targeted marketing campaigns to sales promotions and animated explainer videos, we have all the marketing tools you need to secure your place in the market. We do the work, you grow your business!

Hurry—you only have 2 more months before your co-op funds expire, if they haven’t already!

Visit today!

Webinar: Simplifying Data Science for Distributors

Simplifying Data Science for Distributors

Everywhere you turn these days in business, the importance of “data science” comes up, leaving most small to mid-size distributors with limited or no IT and analyst staff scratching their heads: “What is it and how can it help my distribution business?”

Thanks to advances in technology, the benefits of data science are closer than you think. We’ve invited Gary Owen, CEO of MITS, and Bijal Patel, mobile solutions manager for Distribution One, to share insights on how even the most non-technical and nonanalytical members of your staff can cultivate data science credentials with a modern ERP and distributor analytics solution.


Weiler RFDs Optimize Grinding Time

Weiler Tiger abrasives

Weiler’s expanded resin fiber discs (RFDs) offering includes five new products for varying performance requirements: Tiger® Ceramic, Zirc and Aluminum, and Wolverine Zirc and Aluminum Oxide. These discs are designed to provide an aggressive cut rate and a smooth finish on tool steel, aluminum and any material in between. The products are ideal for heavy stock removal, edge chamfering, weld blending, grinding, and surface preparation and finishing. Watch video.

COMBICLICK® Quick-Change System

COMBICLICK® Quick-Change System. 
One System. Start to Finish.

The COMBICLICK® patented cooling and quick-mounting system provides maximum versatility, decreased thermal load, longer tool life, and increased stock removal compared to conventional fiber and finishing discs! Available in a wide range of coated abrasive and non-woven materials. For more information, please visit:


Osborn's 4" Stringer Bead Brush

Osborn 4" Stringer Bead

A brush you can’t compare to any other – Osborn’s new 4" Stringer Bead Brush has shown twice the life and 15% more material removal than the nearest competitor in lab and real world testing. How? Patent pending technology, improved design structure, proprietary wire and it’s made in the USA for increased consistency from brush to brush.

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CRC Healthcare

CRC Healthcare

CRC Healthcare – Delivering a positive patient experience is a mandate by the Joint Commission. Achieving it starts with the maintenance and mechanical upkeep of the healthcare facility. CRC delivers proactive and reactive MRO chemical solutions that meet the Joint Commission standards. From all-purpose cleaning, to mechanical, beds, wheelchairs, elevators and even plumbing. Contact CRC and learn more about delivering a positive patient experience and the CRC Risk Reduction Partnership Plan.

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COMBITWIST® is a variation on existing knot styles in which the knots are alternately twisted to offer superior balance during rotation. This construction style offers a more aggressive and effective brushing solution for cleaning and deburring applications. COMBITWIST® knot brushes also offer longer service life, reduced operator fatigue, and a better surface finish. For more information, please visit:

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100% Accurate Sales Order Automation

Conexiom 80% of customer orders still require customer service reps to enter them by hand. Automating sales order processing can reduce order processing costs and cycle times, eliminate errors, improve productivity and drive sales growth. Watch Now to see how Conexiom can transform your business.

Imagine getting more customers faster

Rivet MRO

Rivet | MRO is a Marketing Resource Organization focused exclusively on Maintenance, Repair & Operations organizations...and those who serve them. Think of us as the MRO MRO.

We'll help you gain deeper insights into your customers and into the markets where you win disproportionately. Then we'll help you exploit that knowledge and drive real growth.

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Weiler: Your Competitive Edge

Weiler: Your Competitive Edge

For those who want a competitive edge and value productivity enhancing solutions for cleaning, grinding, cutting, de-burring, and finishing, Weiler is a premier manufacturer who forges collaborative, problem solving relationships with our customers. We work with you to solve your challenges, enabling your business to get more done and, ultimately, improve your top and bottom line.

That’s the Weiler difference.

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Lean Warehousing Strategies: The Power of Speed-of-Flow

Lean Warehousing Strategies: The Power of Speed-of-Flow

In this webinar sponsored by Epicor and presented by Howard Coleman of MCA Associates, you'll learn how to reimagine and transform warehousing and distribution center operations from a cost center to a profit center. How to identify the 10-plus wastes that most often occur in your warehouse. Four strategies for speed-of-flow and why speed of product through the warehouse is a critical success factor. You'll also learn 10 frequently observed warehouse practices to rethink.

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PFERD POLIFAN SG-ZIRKON The POLIFAN® SG-ZIRKON flap disc has been one of the most efficient flap discs worldwide for years. PFERD has set a new benchmark with its advanced, more efficient successor – the POLIFAN® Z SG-POWER. The POLIFAN® Z SG-POWER provides up to 236% longer tool life with substantially higher aggressiveness than its predecessor, resulting in maximum economic value.

Watch the video.


PIPING EXPANSION JOINT TUTORIAL - Flexicraft Industries has created a 15 minute engaging tutorial on piping expansion joints that is both critically important and easy to understand. The basics of metal and rubber expansion joints, as well as braided flexible connectors and loops, are presented. Take a look!

Kenandy product overview


Get an inside look at how Kenandy Cloud ERP, built on the Salesforce App Cloud, helps you manage your entire business including order-to-cash, planning and production, procurement, and global financials—with the agility and extensibility of the cloud.

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Why companies leave Quickbooks to accelerate growth with NetSuite


Many companies start with QuickBooks for basic accounting only to outgrow it within the first few years. Limitations on flexibility, performance, and agility drive companies to add new systems resulting in an “applications hairball” where manual tasks increase the risk of errors, create bottlenecks, and limit growth. Hear from NetSuite experts as well as NetSuite customer Lindemann Chimney and see NetSuite’s #1 Cloud ERP in action in this live demonstration. 

Watch the video.


ACTYLUSTM Smart Bin System


ACTYLUSTM Smart Bin System is a game-changer for VMI distributors. It automatically monitors bins and sends reorder alerts to your ERP. And, in today’s “three bids and buy” world, it differentiates your business and keeps customers coming back for more. Discover ACTYLUS, the smartest way to keep bins full. Click to view video.


Epicor Distribution solutions
 Epicor As B2B and B2C markets continue to converge, distributors must find ways to innovate their customer experience to meet rising service-level expectations. Simplify this process with a single solution that brings together analytics, automated processes, and the mobility modern distributors need to focus on growth. Epicor Distribution solutions offer you all this, plus the flexibility of both cloud or on-premises deployment options. Experience growth – the way you envision it – with Epicor. Click to view video.
With Tiger Ceramic, there's no more compromise.
Weiler Tiger Ceramic

Now you can maximize your time on the job with a superior combination of life and cut rate for maximum productivity. Self-sharpening Ceramic grain removes material effortlessly while a hard bond keeps working longer. See how Tiger Ceramic stacks up against the competition. Click for video.

NEW VIDEO! SmartWasher Bioremediation System from CRC Industries


Put the Natural Power of BIOREMEDIATION to Work for High-Performance Parts Washing Without Hazardous Wastes.

The SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System is self-cleaning and non-hazardous. Through the process of bioremediation the SmartWasher® constantly maintains the cleanliness of the OzzyJuice®, a powerful, aqueous based degreasing solution that is pH-neutral, non-irritating, non-flammable, and non-toxic.

With SmartWasher® you never need to haul away dirty parts cleaning fluid again!

 Click to see the video.


Kenandy: Why Platform Matters in ERP
Kenandy Evaluating a new ERP system? Don't overlook the importance of the platform on which the system is built. It's the platform that will determine whether the system you select will conform to your unique business processes (as opposed to the other way around), as well as whether the system will continue to support you for the foreseeable future and beyond. Watch now to learn more on how the right platform revolutionized these customer’s businesses! Click for video.
Get Items Off Your Receiving Dock 50% Faster
Newcastle Systems

Best in class organizations achieve dock to stock in less than 2 hours. How does your process stack up?
Adding a Newcastle Mobile Powered Receiving Station to your process can:
• Reduce handling & paperwork
• Ensure accurate inbound labeling
• Reduce worker fatigue
• Help get items off the dock 50% faster! 

Click to see the video.


PFERD X-SLIM Thin Cut-Off Wheels


PFERD X-SLIM wheels are designed for the precision cutting of thin sheet and thin-walled profiles. They leave minimal residual burr and feature a .030” (0.8mm) thickness with extremely fast cutting performance and very long service life. They are especially effective on exotic, expensive alloyed steels where minimal material waste is a necessity in aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and nuclear industries. X-SLIM wheels are fully reinforced, meeting all national and international safety standards. Contact us today to try them for yourself! Watch the video.

QA1 rod ends quality control

QA 1

QA1 has the largest selection of rod ends in the industry, economical prices, unmatched quality and a huge inventory. With numerous construction styles, you are sure to find a rod end that meets your needs. All QA1 products are thoroughly quality tested before they're put on the shelves. See all the tests our rod ends undergo to make sure they meet our high standards. Click to view video.

Perma-Mend UV Light-Activated, Fiberglass Reinforced, Self-Adhesive Repair Patch
Perma-Mend Perma-Mend™ is a unique, easy-to-use UV* or sunlight activated, self-adhesive repair patch. Made of fiberglass reinforced Polyester, it exhibits extremely good adhesion properties for lasting repairs. Rated up to 2200 PSI when properly applied.
Just cut, peel and stick.
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Flexible, waterproof and UV resistant
  • Can be drilled, tapped, sanded and painted in less than an hour
Industrial Applications: Repair and maintenance of roofs, steps, tanks, pipes, lines, gutters, switch boxes, and more. Click for video.

Wright Tool: Made in the USA

Wright Tool

New 3 minute short film featuring who Wright Tool is, what we do, and why we do it. Our products are proudly made in the USA under one roof in Barberton, Ohio. Click to see the video.