Posted January 31, 2018

IDC-USA names IDC Germany a preferred supplier

IDC-USA introduced bearings manufacturer IDC Germany as a new preferred supplier to the distributor-owned purchasing and marketing cooperative.

Headquartered within the industrial region of Herzogenaurach, IDC Germany has over 30 years of experience manufacturing precision roller bearings. Its development and construction engineers have decades of experience in bearing construction and application expertise. IDC Germany offers bearings fully produced in Germany and immediate availability on a wide variety of bearing types.

“We at IDC Germany are excited to announce our new partnership with IDC-USA as a preferred supplier. Partnering with IDC-USA allows our product to be more easily available and gives us exposure to a wider range of distributors,” said Brian Pounds, managing director of IDC Germany. “We are eager to streamline quoting, purchasing and delivery of our goods through IDC Marketplace.”

“This collaboration between IDC-USA and IDC Germany will bring an even wider offering of top-quality products to IDC owner-distributors,” said Bob Boyle, executive vice president of IDC-USA. “With an excellent reputation and decades of experience, IDC Germany will bring added value to IDC-USA membership and provide the competitive product offering IDC owner-distributors have come to expect.”

George Graham, president and CEO of IDC-USA, said the new preferred supplier offers expanded options for IDC owner-distributors. “We are always looking to add to our comprehensive array of IDC Preferred Supplier programs. By bringing on IDC Germany, we are providing members with another choice for competitively-priced products with the ease and convenience of exploring their offering and ordering product electronically. We believe IDC Germany will be a valuable addition to IDC Marketplace.”