Posted February 12, 2018

IDC-USA says e-commerce spurs growth

The Independent Distributors Cooperative-USA reported that member purchases from preferred supplier programs increased 10.1 percent in 2017.

Preferred supplier programs that implemented stores on IDC Marketplace, launched in June of 2016, increased 19.2 percent.

“IDC Marketplace is a real game-changer in our industry. We have electronically connected all of our member companies with our participating preferred supplier partners, making the entire procurement process easier and more cost effective,” said George Graham, president and CEO of IDC-USA.

This shift to e-commerce has changed IDC-USA’s value proposition to both its members and supplier partners.

“When you streamline the procurement process, from quoting, to ordering, to invoicing, there comes a natural migration of higher spending levels to those suppliers,” Graham said. “We could not be more pleased than to see our supporting supplier partners experience growth rates with our member companies that far outpace industry levels.”

This digital shift leaves IDC-USA executives, owner-distributors, and preferred suppliers optimistic about the future of the cooperative. IDC-USA aims to expand IDC Marketplace’s footprint in order to bring added value to more members and preferred supplier partnerships throughout the coming year.

“The vision behind IDC Marketplace is forward-thinking," said Bob Boyle, executive vice president of IDC-USA. “This is true e-commerce exchange between our members and suppliers with tremendous back-end functionality. The ability for members to transact with a large number of suppliers on one central site makes business easier, and we have added real cost savings to the process for all parties.”