Posted February 16, 2017

Thermoid launches new website

HBD Thermoid, a manufacturer of industrial rubber products, announced the launch of its new website, accessible via

The website features improved navigation, access to updated and streamlined product information, and new tools designed to enhance the user experience and facilitate the product selection process.

Of these new tools, a new Product Selector provides users immediate access to Thermoid’s comprehensive product catalog, organized by product category. Through this tool, users are able to browse the different product specifications offered and select a product based on a specific need.

“For over 130 years, we at Thermoid have worked to provide valuable solutions to our customers across numerous industrial rubber applications, and the introduction of this vastly improved website is an extension of that mission,” said Christopher Denick, President, Rubber Products Group at HBD Industries. “We have an incredibly large product catalog, but we want users to find what they need faster. Through our enhanced site layout, navigation and search capabilities, we are simplifying the way our customers find the products and customize solutions to fit very specific requirements.”

In addition to these features, the new website also offers easy access to Thermoid’s Partner Portal, a secure platform that provides registered customers real time access to inventory, current pricing, delivery tracking tools, order history, invoices, shipping information, and the ability to place orders.