Posted March 22, 2017

Stellar Industrial Supply wins supplyFORCE award

Stellar Industrial Supply has been named by supplyFORCE as Owner-Member of the Year, ISD Division, 2016.

The award, which Stellar also won in 2013, is part of the supplyFORCE Commitment to Excellence Awards annual program. The supplyFORCE Commitment to Excellence Awards recognizes industry leadership, extraordinary contributions to the success of supplyFORCE agreements, and excellent overall performance across their membership.

“Before I looked at our survey results for 2016 ISD OM of the Year, I knew what to expect. One company was always working to win new business for their company and other sF members. One company was always trying to create value for our customers. One company was always working to make us all better. It is my pleasure to award Stellar Industrial Supply as the supplyFORCE ISD Owner Member of the Year," said Keith Lafrance, director, Industrial Supply Division, supplyFORCE

Stellar Industrial Supply is a member of the supplyFORCE network of manufacturers and suppliers that have demonstrated unmatched product and application expertise in specific local regions.

supplyFORCE delivers multi-category MRO (maintenance, repair, and operating) solutions to large Fortune 1,000 companies through our network of 200+ trusted local and regional distributors with more than 2,500 branch locations. This ensures that each customer plant location gets the highest levels of service and support at the lowest total cost.