Posted April 20, 2016

PTDA welcomes five new members

The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) recently welcomed five new member companies, including one new distributor and four manufacturers.

The new distributor member, Central de Mangueras S.A., is a San Jose, Costa Rica, distributor of mechanical PT components, material handling, motors, hydraulics/pneumatics, linear motion and PT accessories. “We have found that PTDA adds great value to our company. The new market tendencies, products/suppliers and the networking are among the many reasons why we choose to be a part of this Association,” said Ana Cristina Castro Odio, president. Learn more at

Manufacturer members to join PTDA were Kobelt Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Surrey, B.C. Canada, which manufactures clutches and brakes, motor/motion control products, and hydraulic and pneumatic components. Dave Bockhold, CEO, said “We are thrilled to be a member of PTDA. To be part of a broad network of manufacturers and distributors that are operating in the same sector presents a unique opportunity to learn and share information on market trends in an effort to guide our collective businesses to greater success.”

MasterDrive Inc., Fort Atkinson, Wis., manufactures belt drives and couplings. “We joined PTDA to increase our interaction with our distribution partners and to take advantage of the resources provided by the organization, particularly the Sales History & Outlook Report (SHOR), Industry Sales Guides, industry trends, and PTDA Market Forecast reports,” said Tom Geiger, national sales and marketing manager.

NBK America LLC, King of Prussia, Pa., is a manufacturer of couplings.

Suburban Manufacturing Inc., Monticello, Minn., is a manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic components and pumps.