Posted May 4, 2018

Machining Marketplace launched

Machining Marketplace announced the launch of a new e-commerce procurement solution built specifically for manufacturing markets. 

The website process enables buyers and end users to list the products they want to purchase, so distributors and suppliers can bid on their order. Bids are kept private and Machining Marketplace connects the buyer and seller after a bid is accepted. All bids also include freight, keeping that cost out of the equation. The seller is charged 5 percent on accepted bids. An “Ask the Expert” blog allows users to post application questions to other users, creating an online technical resource.

"Unlike all other websites such as Amazon and national distributors working to penetrate this space, our reverse auction type format allows buyers to get the specific products they need without time consuming searches or sending out multiple RFQs," according to a company statement announcing the site's launch.

“Today marks an exciting day with a procurement solution that may change the future of how many consumables are purchased,” said Jeff Overby, Machining Marketplace owner.