Posted May 10, 2016

Free booklet on avoiding warehouse and inventory problems

Distribution industry consultant and Industrial Supply magazine contributor Dick Friedman is offering a free booklet to help distributors compete more effectively.

Competition amongst industrial distributors is getting tougher, from both traditional competitors and alternate channels of distribution. Due to e-commerce, customers no longer have to tolerate receiving the wrong products and quantities, nor being told that there is not enough in stock to fill their orders. Now, when customers are disappointed, distributors lose sales and sometimes the customers. To help Industrial Supply readers avoid these loses, Friedman, a warehouse and inventory management expert created a booklet with specific tips for ensuring that a warehouse operates in ways that enable a traditional distributor to prevent warehouse mistakes, and avoid inventory shortages.

"17 Tips For Avoiding Warehouse and Inventory Problems That Are Losing Sales and Customers" was written by Friedman, an objective, independent Certified Management Consultant who does not sell any warehouse systems or equipment or technology, or ERP or inventory management software.

The booklet is based on 40 years of helping industrial distributors, and on his checklist of 120 warehouse evaluation points and checklist of 100 inventory evaluation points. For a FREE copy, contact Dick via, or at General Business Consultants, 1502 Elmwood Ave., Wilmette, IL 60091 (847) 256-1410.