Posted May 22, 2018

Radians acquires Neese Industries

Safety Supply Corporation, a manufacturer of personal protective equipment and parent of Radians Inc., has acquired Neese Industries Inc., a provider of flame-resistant clothing and protective rainwear.

The combined companies will have manufacturing capabilities in Mexico, improving lead times on several product lines by bringing manufacturing closer to the United States. 

“FR clothing and protective rainwear are an important growth area in the Radians portfolio,” said Bill England, president of Radians. “The acquisition of Neese bolsters our PPE platform and will build on our combined strengths of manufacturing, distribution and product innovation. The acquisition allows us to broaden our efforts to be a top-tier, single-source supplier of high-quality protective gear.”

“We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with the management and employees of Radians,” said Bob Riches, Neese product champion of FR clothing. “Radians and Neese share a respected reputation in the safety industry and the mutual mission of ‘Protecting What Matters Most’ which includes our relationships with workers, consumers and our customers.”

Riches will continue to manage the 134 employees that work for Neese Industries and will play a major role in the expansion of FR clothing and rainwear at Radians.