Posted June 12, 2017

Motion Industries opens new Dallas DC

Motion Industries recently moved into a new distribution center in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Motion Industries Dallas distribution center"The increase in square footage allows for a deeper and broader array of product offering for our customers. In addition, the state-of-the art material handling equipment will ensure timely and accurate order processing," said Joe Limbaugh, Motion Industries vice president, operations/distribution/properties. "In addition to being efficient, the new distribution center is simply beautiful. It showcases the Mi Workplace commercial design standards in the offices, conversion shop and warehouse."

The 156,000 sq. ft. facility, which officially started operation on March 5, nets the company almost 50,000 square feet over the previous location. The increased number of shelves and docks within this expanded footage allows for greater inventory breadth and depth, as well as faster picking and delivery to customers. This DC houses approximately 50,000 SKUs.

"In addition to the availability of more product, the Motion Industries branches will have access to a facility that is designed for on-site customer interaction. Spacious conference rooms, Red Zone tour paths and a Motion Experience Center are part of the design," said Limbaugh. The Dallas DC serves 65 Motion Industries branches on a daily basis, and serves more than 530 locations company-wide across North America.

The two-story office also includes distribution center offices, Motion's Southwest division offices, a full-scale branch with retail space, an EIS (another wholly owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company) warehouse/sales operation, and an enhanced showcase area for visitors.

The DC also houses a build shop, which offers fluid power conversion, gearbox assembly, cut rails and shafting, and valve assembly. The Motion team plans expand shop capabilities by adding a bore-to-size lathe and increased shafting and rail stock.

In addition to this facility in Texas, Motion operates other distribution centers in Birmingham, Alabama; Tracy, California; Chicago; Baltimore; Edmonton, Alberta; and Lachine, Quebec.