Posted July 17, 2017

Winsupply names company of the year

Winsupply named Santa Fe Springs Winwater its 2016 Company of the Year.

Winsupply also recognized top companies in each of the major industries it serves.

The top companies in each industry are:

  • Plumbing – Albuquerque Winnelson (New Mexico), president Josef Jindra
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning – Portland Winair (Connecticut), president Keith Kruysman
  • Industrial – Baltimore Windustrial, president Michael Brown
  • Electrical – Odessa Winlectric (Texas), president Carl Long
  • Waterworks – Kansas City Winwater (Missouri), president Scott Wilson
  • Hydronics – Winsupply of Shelton (Connecticut), president Prisco Panza
  • Specialty Industry – Midland Winpump (Texas), president Eric Gladish
  • Fabrication – Newburgh Windustrial (New York), president Dean Lucas

“These great companies delivered truly phenomenal performance in 2016 by playing a big part in contributing to our record sales performance and overall growth,” said Monte Salsman, chief operating officer at Winsupply Inc. “We’re excited to recognize each of these companies for their commitment to creating loyal and profitable customers by providing a level of expertise that separates them from their competitors. They embody what we call the Spirit of Opportunity by embracing an entrepreneurial spirit and ownership through our shared equity business model.”

In the Winsupply co-ownership business model, Winsupply Inc. has majority equity in each of its locations, while the local company presidents and sometimes employees own substantial equity. With this model, local companies have the autonomy and flexibility to decide how best to meet the needs of the customers in their markets. Co-ownership gives them “skin in the game,” pride of ownership, a sense of achievement and the ability to share in the company’s performance financially. Winsupply provides a broad array of centralized support services to the locations.