Posted July 20, 2018

Tribute adds functionality to TrulinX

Tribute Inc. announced that it has added functionality to its TrulinX Software for distributors that offer fabrication services.

Tribute provides business management software for the fluid power, motion control and automation distribution and system integration marketplace.

Distributors that provide value-add services can now ship fabrication components (loose components) to the customer’s location before the entire fabrication is ready to ship. They can then be combined with the rest of the fabrication when it arrives.

In the warehouse, the QuickCount scanner mobile app has been enhanced for use in the PO receiving process as well as cycle counting. Barcoding options have been also added to the counter order customer receipt, plus pick tickets to facilitate entry of shipping data into UPS Worldship.

For distributors with a retail store, signature capture functionality is now available on counter order receipts via integration with Informa Software.

A new rebate option (fixed amount) has been added to increase rebate options to five methods. Using the new rebate type will allow users to set a fixed dollar amount as the rebate for an item rather than a percentage.

Most of the inquiry and transaction screens have been enhanced to allow users to customize screens for their personalized use. Columns can be moved or suppressed to display only what users want to see, and in what order.

Integration with MITS Data Analytics and Rubber Tree Systems Sales Force Mobilization has been improved to enhance the customer experience.