Posted September 13, 2016

Mechanix Wear names new CEO

Mechanix Wear announced the appointment of brand manager Michael Hale as the new chief executive officer.

Michael HaleFormer CEO, James Hale, will assume the title of founder and chairman of the board. The corporate restructuring at Mechanix Wear Inc. also includes the appointment of former president, Bari Waalk, to chief operating officer, where he will focus on tactical operations within the organization.

“I’m proud and energized to say it’s the perfect time at Mechanix Wear to name Michael CEO,” said James Hale. “For many years, Michael has been the driving force leading change and serious growth within Mechanix Wear. His strategic decision making and intense focus on future growth of the brand has produced impressive results for Mechanix Wear. He possesses the unique ability to translate his vision and strategy into outstanding execution. During his 11 years of service, Michael has garnered immense respect with his ability to inspire and energize employees. Michael is a champion of the brand and a strong leader who will move the company forward at the pace needed to achieve powerful growth.”

As brand manager, Hale was responsible for Mechanix Wear’s product design, development and manufacturing, including supply chain management and marketing initiatives. As CEO, he will focus on leading and defining the company vision while also championing global growth of the Mechanix Wear brand.