Posted November 7, 2016

Justrite acquires C.I. Agent Solutions

Justrite Safety Group Company announced that it has acquired C.I. Agent Solutions, which offers products and services that deliver technical secondary containment solutions to help solve customers’ environmental risk issues.

“Justrite is excited about the acquisition of C.I. Agent Solutions. The company brings many talented people, and a cutting edge oil filtration technology that removes hydrocarbons from water,” said Mark McElhinny, Justrite president and CEO. “This fits perfectly into our secondary spill containment solutions and will help customers with their environmental safety needs.”

“Our motto as a company is that everybody must win,” said C.I.Agent Solutions’ founder Dan Parker, “and this acquisition directly reflects that belief. We feel it’s in the best interest of our current customers, our staff and the environment, and we’re very eager to continue our successful growth as part of the Justrite family of products and solutions.”

A developer of solutions for SPCC secondary containment compliance, underground vault and manhole maintenance, and hydrocarbon management and filtration, C.I. Agent Solutions has installed more than 10,000 systems for the power utility industry and Fortune 500 industrial clients worldwide.

Its flagship product, C.I. Agent Oil Solidifying Polymers, solidifies oil on contact into a recyclable rubber-like mass, then acts as a barrier to prevent oil from leaving a containment area.