Posted November 21, 2016

QC Software receives award

Warehouse control and execution software and services provider, QC Software Inc., has been awarded the Lifetime Platinum Status award from ConnectShip │iShip, a principal supplier of on and off-premise multi-carrier logistics solutions.

The award commemorates an ongoing cooperation between the two companies that has spawned warehousing, distribution and transportation efficiency and cost-saving improvements to the industry for more than ten years.

Most recently the collaboration has resulted in the first deployment for the Pantechnik International Component in Australia. The solution allows companies to quickly onboard more than 150 international carriers from a large international carrier component library. Other milestones include the first integration for the CMS GlobalSoft Carrier Connector. The solution provides seamless connectivity between the warehouse and shipping application and various carriers. It routes any shipping call to the desired carrier API in its native language, and routes the carrier response back to any logistics application in its preferred format.

“Queen City Software has been a loyal and dedicated value added reseller for ConnectShip | iShip for over 10 years and we’re proud to honor them with our Lifetime Platinum Award Status," said Tim Hooper, ConnectShip | iShip Director of Operations. "Queen City Software was first to deploy two of our newest components in 2016, the Pantechnik International Component in Australia as well as the CMS GlobalSoft Carrier Connector in the U.S. We appreciate their commitment and contribution to our continued success.”

Jerry List, Vice President of QC Software added, “Individually QC Software and ConnectShip | iShip have established a reputation for excellence within our respective domains. Collectively we apply this expertise to advance supply chain efficiency and cost-savings by delivering a complete and integrated distribution environment. We are pleased to accept this award as we continue to leverage this relationship to the advantage of our customers. With a staff of certified ConnectShip | iShip developers, QC Software is positioned to provide innovative WCS/WES shipping solutions well into the future.”