Posted April 10, 2024

Confirmation emails: A missed marketing opportunity?

Because so many B2B customers now purchase products online, exceptional, independent distributors might want to follow up on their orders with an order confirmation.

Email graphic

These assure customers that the order has been received and is being attended to. But possibly they can do even more.

According to studies published by HubSpot, which provides marketing strategies for large and small businesses, what makes order confirmation emails so unique and why distributors should not overlook them are the following:

Order confirmation emails have a very high open rate, as high as 70 percent.
Sixty-four percent of customers consider order confirmation emails valuable.
Order confirmation emails have high engagement rates, with an average click-thru rate of 17 percent.

But here is what we need to know. Confirmation emails can also be used for branding and marketing.

According to Michael Wilson, CEO and president of AFFLINK, "This is something we have been exploring here at AFFLINK.

We are always looking for new marketing opportunities that can benefit our members, that's what we are here for."

While confirmation emails may be a marketing opportunity, much depends on following some essential best practices. Among those are the following:

  • Create a sleek design template with the same look and feel as your website. This enhances brand building.
  • Confirmation emails should go out immediately after receiving an online, in-house, or email order.
  • Make sure they are mobile-friendly.
  • They should be "skimmable" so the customer can read them on the go.
  • Include an order summary, including your company name, purchaser name, shipping address, phone number, order number, order date, expected delivery date, and payment information. Also, include a customer support email or phone number.
  • The confirmation email's template and subject line should be attention-grabbing. Here are some examples:

–You're All Set!

–Thanks for the order; it's on its way.

–Congratulations. You Selected Some Great Products

–We've Received Your Order. Expect Delivery Soon.

You’re also advised to use a Call-To-Action button in the confirmation email. Place it strategically in the template. Examples of these include the following:

  • Keep Shopping?
  • Forget Something?
  • Wanna Chat?
  • Try for Free
  • Hey, Have You Seen This? (with a link to a new product or service)

"Marketing is an ongoing process that janitorial distributors and all jansan businesses need to embrace. There's no finish line; it's about building, growing, and strengthening," says Wilson.