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If you're looking for tips on selling value vs. price, overcoming price objections, managing salespeople and more, Industrial Supply magazine is the place to begin your search. We've organized our archives by the following topics:

Sales management

You can't fake rapport (Troy Harrison)
Are you spending your sales management time or investing it? (Troy Harrison)
Prospecting – It Has Changed, And You Must Change With It (Troy Harrison)
An unexpected encounter with a jolly friend
(Frank Hurtte)
Wired for sales (Frank Hurtte)
Is the alure of the status quo holding you back? (Dave Kahle)
Four ways intelligent automation can impact sales revenue for wholesale distributors
(Leah Cohen, marketing intern, DataXStream)
How to sell by text – Navigating modern sales communication (Troy Harrison)
Sales is changing fast – ready to adapt? (Troy Harrison)
New salespeople by the numbers – how to get your new B2B reps performing up to speed without spending a fortune 
(featuring Frank Hurtte)
What happened to character?
 (David Kahle)
Why distributors shouldn't wait for customers to reorder (Benj Cohen)
Sales tech solves the 3 problems that slow distributor efficiency 
How to take care of your most important asset
 (Troy Harrison)
Make a choice to grow, despite uncertainty (Kevin McGirl)
Focus sales efforts on what you can control
(Kevin McGirl)
Prioritizing Accounts
(Dave Kahle)
Don't hire a remote salesperson . . .
(Chris Croner)
How to navigate through difficult times
(Dave Kahle)
Are you focused on your competitors or your customers?
 (Troy Harrison)
Multi-tasking, focus, and other stuff
(Dave Kahle)
Four ways proactive inside sales drives dollars to the bottom line
(Debbie Paul)
It's time to optimize your LinkedIn profile
(Justin Johnson)
Coaching for sales enablement (Byron Matthews)
Are you spending your management time, or investing it? (Troy Harrison)
Making your sales message memorable (Patricia Fripp)
Santa on selling
(Frank Hurtte)
How to evaluate a salesperson (Troy Harrison)
The Boy Scouts Were Right
(Troy Harrison)
How to pay your salespeople
(Troy Harrison)
The top five mistakes that sales candidates make (Troy Harrison)
Using sales campaigns
(Jim Pancero)
Time is a fleeting thing (Frank Hurtte)
The lost art of Value Engineering
(Frank Hurtte)
Are your key performance indicators really key? (Troy Harrison)
Who is responsible for boosting revenue? (Bill Blades)
Independence, freedom, and adios autonomy
(Frank Hurtte)
Sales leadership in today's economy (Ty Swain)
Importance of customer service (Tom Bonine)
E-selling for distributors (Scott Benfield)
The importance of connecting with customers (Tom Bonine)
Is your company delivering on its sales promises? (Victor Arocho)
The need for uniformity (Mike Emerson and Steve Deist)
It only takes a moment to win (or lose) a customer (Chuck Sujansky)
How to coach others to take personal responsibility (Dave Anderson)
Make value added really valuable (Bill Blades)
Harsh Realities: Five Truths Halting Your Company's Organic Growth (Dan Adams)
Top 5 ways to increase revenue without increasing prices (Distributor Board)
The real reason for sales stagnation (Bill Blades)
No plan is a plan to fail (Nathan Jamail)
How to rebound, recover and restart growth (Dave Anderson)
How would your customers rate your service? (John Boe)
Knowledge is powerless without action (Nathan Jamail)
Five ways to turn angry clients into happy customers (Maribeth Kuzmeski)
Aligning the sales model to the market strategy (Scott Benfield)
Mega changes in distributor sales efforts (Scott Benfield)
Territory management (Rick Phillips)
The two great myths of distribution selling (Scott Benfield)

Sales articles by Dave Kahle
The flip side to customer relationships
Nine Tips for Dealing With Angry Customers

Good salespeople are problem solvers

Are you serious about your job?

Myths of B2B sales

How to deal with a customer who only wants to hear lower prices

How much time should you expect from a customer?
First steps to effective sales planning

The impenetrable account

Sales people: Position yourselves with power
The importance of prioritizing customers
When is it time to just give up?
Question and answer for salespeople
How many sales calls should a sales person make?
The problem with relationships
Multi-tasking, Focus and Other Stuff
Key account selling
Handling abusive customers
Getting customers to switch
Selling commodities
The incredible power of an elevator speech
Getting the last look
Creating a powerful sales plan
What can the best salespeople teach us?
Is there a right time for sales training?
A creative way to make prospecting appointments
The ultimate survival skill for the new economy
Are your sales efforts like popcorn?
Does you have a selling system?
The stealth cost of lackluster sales
What's a Professional Sales Person?
On Preparation and Presentations
A passion for sales
Adding value on every sales call
First, the Sales Managers
Handling objections
Closing the sale
Are your salespeople mired in the past?
The secret strategy for meaningful sales meetings
Beliefs that limit a salesperson's performance
Creating long-term goals
Effective selling begins with information
Eight powerful rules for relationship building
Learning from failure
Protecting your good accounts from the competition
Try a sales blitz
The two most important decisions a salesperson makes

Sales tips
Don't build the wall! (Troy Harrison)
How to win the networking cold call
(Troy Harrison)
Creating a sense of urgency for the customer
 (Troy Harrison)
Seven must-ask questions in any negotiation (Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez)
Benefits of companion selling (Steve Yoder)
Five steps to better sales presentations (Troy Harrison)
The 30-minute relationship (Troy Harrison)
Who are you trying to make comfortable? (Troy Harrison)
An important question to ask (Troy Harrison)
We're number two! (Joseph and JoAnn Callaway)
Trends in hand cleaning provide sales opportunities (Ron Shuster)
Industrial sales person's technology test (Frank Hurtte)
Five tips on managing customer complaints (Ron Kaufman)
Sales lessons learned at sea (Larry Jacobson)
The key to successful selling: Become a priority (Nathan Jamail)
Develop the habit of going the extra mile (John Boe)
Selling total cost of ownership in an industrial environment (Chris Bursack)
Prepare for meaningful sales presentations (Bill Blades)
Gaining cooperation (Carl Van)
Don't settle for good enough (John Boe)
Some will, some won't, so what! (John Boe)
Six tips for communicating (Nancy Duarte)
Learning to sell in a down economy (Eric Taylor, David Riklan)
How to boost your sales in a down market (John Boe)
Use technology, but don't rely on it (Nathan Jamail)
The truth about lying (John Boe)
It's time to eat the other guy's lunch (Dr. Revenue/John Haskell)
Prospecting - Building an Advocate Army (John Boe)
What's your tiebreaker? (Joe Calloway)
The moment of truth (John Boe)
Your five-point year-end checklist (Dave Anderson)
Top 5 Tips for New Sellers (Jill Konrath)
Selling is a contact sport (John Boe)
Adversity gives you strength
(John Boe)
Arm yourself with proper follow up tools (Judy Garmaise)
Show and tell (John Boe)
The Strangest Secret (John Boe)
Overcome your fear of follow up
(Judy Garmaise)
Pump up your attitude
(Dave Anderson)
Add-on selling (Jim Domanski)
Eight key traits essential to sales success (Dave Anderson)
How to sell more in less time (Jim Domanski)
Six powerful prospecting tips (John Boe)
Three ways to handle a classic objection (Jim Domanski)