New Products - Welding

Here's a quick look at new welding products introduced by suppliers in the industrial supply channel

SuperGlaze HD Arcmaster 401S Filtair 130 Trek 18 the CS125A and CS200A

WALTER's ORBIT welding helmet
The new ORBIT welding helmet, available now, offers innovative features like three high-definition auto-darkening lenses with a three-year warranty, anti-scratch cover plates, and a 24-square-inch viewing area.

Better clarity on auto-darkening welding helmets
Weldcote, a division of Zika Group, has improved the clarity of its Klearview welding helmet line, providing high-quality, cost-effective options for welders.

Weldcote Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Weldcote, a division of Zika Group, expands its welding helmets collection with new models of the Ultraview Plus and Klearview lines and the addition of the Econoview line

WCI launches welding chemical product line
Welding Chemicals Inc. (WCI) launched its new Superior Welding Chemical Products line

Amada Miyachi America CD-V Series welding power supplies
Amada Miyachi America announced the CD-V Series of Capacitive Discharge Power Supplies and TL-V Series of weld heads

AirPlus Powered Air System
The AirPlus Powered Air System is the third generation development from the ArcOne 20-year PAPR program

Weldcote auto darkening welding helmets
Weldcote Metals Inc., a division of Zika Group, announced the availability of two lines of auto darkening welding helmets: Ultraview and Klearview in both standard and programmable styles

Black Stallion AH1630-GS flame-resistant welding cap
Black Stallion introduced the AH1630-GS flame-resistant welding cap

SURFOX 305 MIG and TIG weld cleaning system
Walter Surface Technologies recently introduced the SURFOX 305, a patented electrochemical MIG and TIG weld cleaning system that is now safer, faster and more user-friendly

Industrial Pro welding wholesale catalog
Industrial Pro introduced its new welding-focused catalog featuring its expanded product portfolio geared to everyday distributor requirements

Oval-Q hot air welder
The new Oval-Q welder is characterized by its slight lean oval shape that allows users to work ergonomically

Surfox 205 and Surfox Mini Weld Cleaning System
Walter Surface Technologies launched its new Surfox 205 and Surfox Mini TIG and spot weld cleaning system

Walter Surface Technologies E-Weld Plasma
Walter Surface Technologies launched E-Weld Plasma, a ceramic, water-based, anti-spatter solution that is applied to laser and plasma cutting tables to reduce slag build-up

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Hot Rodders Welding Helmet
Classic hot rod cars inspired Lincoln Electric’s latest helmet design in its VIKING 3350 Series, the Hot Rodders concept

Forney Industries Enhanced Auto-Darkening Helmets
Forney Industries announced the launch of its expanded line of welding, metalworking and auto-darkening helmets

Walter Surface Technologies Surfox Wand
Walter Surface Technologies announced the launch of the new Surfox Wand, compatible with the Surfox 304 MIG & TIG weld cleaning system.

30 kVA power distribution system with welding outlets
The MGS-480.2X30A.2X60A-10K-2X240-10X120 power distribution system provides a safe and effective way for operators in industrial settings to tap into and utilize power sources independently of the work area.

Loctite Water-Soluble Anti-Spatter Spray
To eliminate the time and cost required to clean weld spatter from parts, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite SF 7909 Anti-Weld Spatter.

Three new SURFOX options
Walter Surface Technologies announced three new solutions to its SURFOX line of electrochemical weld cleaning systems.

Lincoln Electric SuperGlaze HD
Lincoln Electric introduced SuperGlaze HD, a new, aluminum welding wire for use in heavy-duty applications where wire feeding can be a challenge and arc performance is critical.

Forney expands welding line
Forney Industries recently announced the expansion of its welding line.

Forsthoff Mini-Electric hot air welder
Ideal for plastic fabricators and tank manufacturers because of its light weight and ease of use.

Lincoln Electric Viking PAPR welding helmet
Lincoln Electric introduces the VIKING PAPR 3350 Welding Helmet.

Tweco ArcMaster power sources
Tweco, an ESAB brand, introduced the ArcMaster 401MST (MIG-Stick-Lift TIG) and ArcMaster 401S (Stick-Lift TIG) power sources.

Victor High Purity and Instrumentation regulators
Victor Technologies re-launched its Victor High Purity and Instrumentation (HP&I) range, comprised of specialty, high purity and laboratory gas regulators.

Tweco auto-darkening welding helmet
The new Tweco auto-darkening welding helmet features four sensors for enhanced performance at an affordable price.

Victor Arcair boot design
Victor Technologies introduced an improved Victor Arcair “boot” design that encapsulates the electrical connection between the torch and weld cable and eliminates the chance of accidental arcing.

Lincoln Electric Roll Cage Welding and Rigging Gloves
New Roll Cage Welding and Rigging Gloves from Lincoln Electric deliver complete hand protection for both welding and rigging, eliminating the need for a separate pair of gloves for each task.

Jackson Safety Balder W-70 BH3 Welding Helmet
The Jackson Safety Balder W-70 BH3 Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) welding helmet offers the highest standards of optical clarity that can be achieved when using an ADF.

Tweco Classic Number 4 MIG gun
Tweco, a Victor Technologies brand, launched the Tweco Classic Number 4 MIG gun.

Spirit II Series plasma system
The new Spirit II Series plasma system from Burny Kaliburn, a Lincoln Electric company, features FineLine high definition plasma cutting technology. 

Victor 400 Series oxy-fuel torches
Victor has launched its new 400 Series of oxy-fuel torches to meet the needs of a changing North American workforce and end-users globally.

Lincoln Electric Welding Gear Catalog
Lincoln Electric’s updated 2013 Welding Gear Catalog offers numerous new apparel and tool products that are functional, stylish and safe for fabricators.

Magnum PRO Welding Guns Catalog
Lincoln Electric’s Magnum PRO Welding Guns Catalog features an educational poster of the line’s unique, interchangeable expendable parts.

Osborn Welders Choice
Osborn offers a complete line for finishing products designed for welding applications.

Jackson Safety Realtree Camouflage welding helmet
Kimberly-Clark Professional introduced an ultra-lightweight helmet with a camouflage design from Realtree, a leader in outdoor camouflage gear.

Victor EDGE two-stage regulators
Designed for gas control applications requiring precise and constant outlet pressure, Victor Professional EST4 EDGE Series two-stage regulators provide improved control capabilities compared to the previous VTS 450 regulator.

Steelmax Torch Runner
The Steelmax Torch Runner is a state-of-the-art, digitally controlled track torch which features a precise, stable travel speed that produces accurate cuts and bevels with oxy-fuel or plasma.

Tweco WeldSkill auto-darkening welding helmet
The new Tweco WeldSkill auto-darkening welding helmet features four sensors for enhanced performance at an affordable price.

Master Proheat Plastic Welding Kit
Everything needed for hot air welding a full range of thermoplastic materials is available in the new and convenient Master ProHeat Plastic Welding Kit Model PH-1400WK from Master Appliance Corporation.

Jackson Safety air purifying respirator
Welders can now obtain affordable protection from harmful particulate contaminants with the new Jackson Safety Brand R60 Airmax Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR).

Norton/Merit welding and metal fabrication catalog
Norton announced a completely re-designed Norton/Merit welding and metal fabrication eCatalog.

Jackson Safety auto-darkening filter for welders
Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced the Jackson Safety W60 TrueSight, a new Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) for welders that offers quick one-touch mode adjustment, intuitive digital controls and improved visibility.

Welding fume extractor
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduced the latest in its line of welding fume extraction devices, the Filtair 130.

Portable MIG Welding System
Hobart Welding Products introduced the Trek 180, a portable MIG welding system that operates off of its self-contained battery or 115V power.

PipeWorx Welding System
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces the PipeWorx Welding System.

Weldcraft’s Air-Cooled TIG Torches
Weldcraft offers two air-cooled models from its premier Crafter Series: the CS125A and CS200A.