Ideas on marketing

Here is a selection of articles on various marketing topics from industry leaders.

To hold strategic value, a value proposition requires company-wide alignment (Jonathan Bein)
Five Ways Distributors Can Grow Their Bottom Line with E-Business
(Jonathan Bein)
Winning or Losing in the B2B Omni-Channel: One Value Slice at a Time
(Scott Benfield)
White paper: Vendor Monies Across the Supply Chain
(Scott Benfield)
Online industrial marketing starts with great content
(Kyle Fiehler)
When the Distributor Sales Culture Met E-Commerce
(Scott Benfield)
Building a better mouse trap
(Michael DeCata)
How distributors can increase their manufacturing customers' productivity
(Carol Sabovik)
Five rules for making products that sell themselves (Dan Adams)
How to Create Promotional Pieces that Attract Your Ideal Clients (Dawn Josephson)
The time to start charging for services has arrived! (Frank Hurtte)
Corporate buyers expect online ordering to grow (Acquity Group)
Managing Product Content for Omni-channel Commerce (Hybris Software)
Big data can make a big difference (The Distributor Board)
10 Low-Cost Playbook Tactics to Get More Website Traffic and Orders (Cathy Veri)
Eight end-of-year "Must Do's" (Bill McBean)
Oops, my bad (Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey)