New Products - Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies

Here's a quick look at new maintenance and cleaning supplies products introduced by suppliers in the industrial supply channel

CRC Industrial hand cleaner Oil-Eater Pillow Pan WypAll X60 Valve Action Paint Markers Scrubs do-it All Germicidal Cleaner Wipes

TaskBrand prep-paint-finish wiping system
TaskBrand's Prep, Paint, and Finish wiping system from Hospeco Brands Group is a prep-to-finish system that includes all the wiping products needed for each stage of the paint or refinishing process. The method includes five easy-to-follow steps: (1) tack cloth, (2 & 3) wash and dry prep cloths, (4) static control wipe, and (5) final tack cloth.

SC Johnson Professional Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner
SC Johnson Professional’s Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner is an effective one-step virucide disinfectant cleaner, ideal for use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, business and office buildings and schools. When used as directed, Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.

RIDGID Pipe Patching System
RIDGID introduced an all-inclusive, start-to-finish solution for faster and simpler trenchless repairs

Guardair PulseAir Vacuum
Guardair Corporation announced the latest addition to its flagship GUARDAIR brand -- the PulseAir Vacuum/Dust Extractor Line

DENIOS Spill Containment Carts
New DENIOS Spill Containment Carts and Dollies catch spills, drips, and leaks while materials are being moved, keeping the facility clean and safe

Guardair Contain-It Kits
Guardair Corporation announced the latest innovation to its flagship Guardair brand – the Contain-It Kits

Milwaukee Wet/Dry Vacuums
Milwaukee Tool has introduced a variety of wet/dry vacuum solutions for jobsite cleanup

Streamlight BearTrap multi-function work light
Streamlight Inc. introduced the BearTrap, a high-power work light that delivers up to 2,000 lumens for automotive and other inspection, identification and repair uses

Shopserve Microfiber Towels
Take microfiber cleaning and detailing on the go with Hospeco Brands Group’s Shopserve microfiber towels, now available in a convenient dispensing box

U.S. Tape ChalkShot marking solution
U.S. Tape offers Duramark’s ChalkShot, providing a unique, high-visibility, nonpermanent marking solution when working on greasy, dirty, rust-covered and other hard-to-mark surfaces, as well as for drilling blind holes to affix brackets, handles and other items

Magnet Source Magnetic Sweepers
Magnetic floor sweepers are the right tool to safely and efficiently clear ferrous metal debris from areas of all sizes, both indoors and out

SCRUBS Hand & Tool Wipes
ITW Pro Brands announced the launch of a general purpose, soft wipe for surfaces and hands

Master Magnetics VersaSWEEP
Master Magnetics Inc. has added to its line of magnetic floor sweepers, introducing what the company calls the most versatile magnetic sweeper ever

Big Wipes now FDA registered
Big Wipes pre-impregnated industrial-strength cleaning wipes are now FDA registered as Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaning and Sanitizing wipes

Pure-OX FOAM foaming detergent
Madison Chemical introduced Pure-OX FOAM, a peroxide-based foaming detergent specifically formulated for tough organic soils on equipment or floors, walls, ceilings, shelves and other surfaces within food processing environments

Cascades PRO Tandem Dispensers
Cascades PRO, the professional hygiene brand of Cascades Inc. announced the release of the Tandem Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser (C350)

Simpson pressure washers fight against COVID-19
The FNA Group released the new Simpson SM1200 Sanitizing Mister and Pressure Washing System

Madison Chemical introduced DART 444
Madison Chemical introduced DART 444, a chlorinated, moderately alkaline detergent designed as a one-package, general-purpose foaming cleaner that performs well in most water conditions

JFC GOLD Cleaner & Degreaser
Madison Chemical introduces JFC GOLD, a liquid alkaline detergent that is ideal for cleaning and degreasing floors, equipment, machinery, and more

Guardair Syphon Spray System
Guardair Corporation has developed an innovative product to spray cleaning solutions and disinfectants onto workplace surfaces to keep employees safe from infection

Kresto Cherry Wipes
SC Johnson Professional Kresto Cherry Wipes are super heavy duty hand cleansing wipes formulated with toxicologically safe solvent-based cleansing ingredients that remove a broad spectrum of contaminants

Festool CT 15 Dust Extractor
Festool USA unveiled the newest addition to its lineup of state-of-the-art dust extractors with the all new CT 15 Dust Extractor

RIDGID has added the K9-306 to its line of FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines

Solopol GFX hand cleaner
SC Johnson Professional’s Solopol GFX is the world’s only heavy-duty foaming hand cleanser with grit.

MADISON GREEN general-purpose cleaner
Madison Chemical introduces MADISON GREEN, a mildly alkaline, environmentally friendly, biodegradable general-purpose cleaner that is highly effective on greasy and waxy soils, such as; floors, work benches, and other equipment

Permatex SCRUBS In-A-Bucket
Permatex offers SCRUBS In-A-Bucket professional grade scrubbing towels for use in shops, garages, and around the house

Madison Oxywave drain cleaning technology
Madison Chemical introduced its new OXYWAVE drain cleaning technology that cleans drains without scrubbing

General Pipe Sewerooter T-4
General Pipe Cleaners’ new Sewerooter T-4 mid-size drain cleaner packs the performance, punch, and portability to unclog 3-inch to 6-inch diameter lines up to 100 feet long

REED Pump Stick
Versatile, durable REED Pump Stick with cordless power provides a portable, jobsite friendly way to remove water

Root 66 is three machines in one
With the versatility to handle 1-1/4-inch to 4-inch drain lines, General Pipe Cleaners' Root 66 is three machines in one

Titan improves SprayRoller and Inner-Feed Roller
Titan has made improvements to its SprayRoller and Inner-Feed Roller systems with innovations that make spraying with back-rolling and inner-feed rolling easier and more efficient

Dirteeze Bamboo Pro Wipe
The Dirteeze Pro Wipe is made from bamboo, the most renewable fiber source available

Cascades launches the Latte Collection
Cascades Inc. announced the launch of the Latte Collection of paper towels, toilet paper and facial tissue

RIDGID SeeSnake Cameras with TruSense
Experience the first true data-enabled plumbing diagnostic cameras with the new line of RIDGID SeeSnake cameras powered by TruSense technology

RIDGID FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines
Boost jobsite productivity with the new RIDGID FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines, the latest high-speed drain cleaning innovation from the brand trusted by more professionals

Lumax lubrication accessory kit
Lumax released a new lubrication accessory kit, the LX-1470

Kutol Pro brand industrial hand care
Kutol Products Company unveiled its new Kutol Pro brand of industrial hand care products for preparing, cleaning and restoring the greasiest, dirtiest, hardest working hands

Robroy PVC Coating Repair Kit
Robroy Industries released a new PVC Coating Repair Kit to mend coating damage that may occur in the field after product is installed

Madison Chemical Stripper Q-17
Madison Chemical introduced Stripper Q-17, a premium, powdered, heavy-duty alkaline paint stripper for ferrous metals

Premier Building Solutions Universal Hybrid Sealant
Premier Building Solutions introduced Universal Hybrid Sealant, a silicone alternative that  provides aggressive adhesion to a wide variety of substrates

POLINOX hand pads from PFERD
POLINOX hand pads from PFERD are a versatile and cost- effective answer to a wide range of grinding and cleaning needs

Boxtown Team Carrier
The Boxtown Team Carrier line of ladder and paint accessories enables user to ladders, paint cans, buckets and more

Oil Eater Flex Line II Parts Washer
Kafko International introduced its improved line of Flex Line II Parts Washers with a second generation design that features several upgrades

NuTrend TaskBrand SureGrip absorbent mats
NuTrend has introduced TaskBrand SureGrip absorbent adhesive floor mats featuring the next generation of sorbent technology to help prevent slips, trips and falls

Gearwrench Professional Ultra-Thin Flex-Head Work Lights
Gearwrench unveiled two new Professional Ultra Thin Flex Head Work Lights

RIDGID SeeSnake CS12x Digital Recording Monitor
Work smarter, not harder on the job site with the new RIDGID SeeSnake CS12x Digital Recording Monitor

Lumax LX-1403 heavy-duty quick-release grease coupler
Lumax’s exclusive patented design heavy-duty quick release coupler has an innovative design that enables it to firmly latch onto the grease fitting, enabling hands free greasing

Lumax LX-1312 fluid extractor
Lumax’s new Fluid Extractors are handy transfer pumps to move fluids through dipstick tubes and filler ports

Permatex Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser
Permatex launched a new parts cleaner and degreaser that features an advanced biodegradable formulation

RIDGID enhanced inspection cameras
The latest generation of RIDGID hand-held inspection cameras are purpose-built to help plumbers inspect, locate and diagnose issues faster than ever

General Pipe Cleaners Sewerooter T-3
The lightweight Sewerooter T-3 from General Pipe Cleaners packs the power, portability, and capacity to clear clogs from 2-inch to 4-inch diameter lines up to 100 feet long

SpillTech Maximizer absorbents
SpillTech’s Maximizer line of absorbents featuring SmartSorb Technology is specifically designed for large spills and high-volume leaks

TreadBrite Edge Gel from Madison Chemical
Madison Chemical introduced TreadBrite Edge Gel cleaner which removes soil, laser scale, rust, and heat treat scale, including heat tint/weld burn by simultaneously cleaning and brightening the surface through an etching process

Premier Building Solutions GenX line
Premier Building Solutions announced its new GenX Product Line

Hammond double-door gasketed wall mounted enclosures
The HN4WM Series gasketed wall mount enclosures from Hammond Manufacturing are sealed to UL 508 Type 4, CSA Type 4 and IEC 60529, IP66, providing protection where the enclosure may be hosed down, installed in wet or dusty conditions or be used in outdoor applications

Cascades new multi-purpose Shop Towels
Cascades' multi-purpose Shop Towels perform like cloth and can withstand heavy duty Industrial/JanSan wiping and cleaning applications

Vortec Dual Force VacSystem
The Dual Force Vac Drum Pump from Vortec is a convenient and versatile solution for liquid material handling and spill clean-up

Expanded Technologies dual density utility mats
Expanded Technologies introduced a new line of dual density utility mats that organize and protect small tools and parts

Detroit Garage Works industrial cleaning products
Detroit Garage Works introduced an industrial cleaning product line for niche industrial and automotive markets

Spray Nine heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser
Permatex offers its Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser for use in a wide range of tough and hard-to-clean applications on heavy-duty commercial and industrial equipment.

EZ Wipes from Nissen Markers
EZ Wipes remove most permanent markers, grease, oil, lubricants and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces.

Mi-T-M HAE Series Pressure Washers
Mi-T-M Corporation announced the newly released HAE Series Pressure Washers

Bitu-Ox cleaning products
Green Way Products LLC, located in Mahwah, N.J. has developed a cleaning product line that is effective and powerful but is safe for the environment and the worker.

Bio-Circle industrial parts cleaning systems
Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, launched three new bio-renewable parts cleaning systems to its portfolio of products: CleanBox Compact S, CleanBox Maxi, and the CleanBox Mega.

Mi-T-M Cold Water Pressure Washer
Mi-T-M Corporation announced the release of the new 7000 PSI CWC cold water pressure washer to the CWC Premium Series line.

Deb InstantFOAM Complete
Deb Group has launched Deb InstantFOAM Complete – the world’s first broad spectrum foam hand sanitizer that kills up to 99.9999 percent of many types of germs.

SpillTech Mats 101 video
SpillTech’s spill cleanup experts have recently introduced “Mats 101” – a free, online educational video.

CRC Good Grip Anti-Slip Paints
CRC’s Good Grip Anti-Slip Paints provide a textured coating, eliminating dangerous, slick surfaces almost anywhere in just one coat.

Oil Eater Tote
Kafko International has introduced a 275-gallon tote to its Oil Eater Original cleaner-degreaser line for high-volume users.

The Clean Machine that's a mat
Crown’s Commercial Clean Machine Mat is so effective at keeping soil and moisture outside that it is known as the “clean machine.”

Bio-Circle ALUSTAR 100
Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, introduced ALUSTAR 100 to its environmental line of cleaners and degreasers.

Techspray PWR-4 Maintenance Cleaner
Techspray introduced PWR-4 Maintenance Cleaner, a high performance cleaning solvent engineered to be a safer alternative to common industrial solvents like n-propyl bromide (nPB).

CRC Lectra Force Electrical Cleaner
CRC introduces Lectra Force Electrical Cleaner utilizing COzol technology that combines the power of a high performance, industrial strength degreaser with lower VOCs.

CRC Industrial Hand Cleaners
CRC introduces Industrial Hand Cleaner, a pH balanced cleaning formula fortified with skin conditioners to help sooth raw, rough hands.

Spider Cutter from General Pipe Cleaners
General Pipe Cleaners introduced the new spider cutter, a double cutter with front and rear blades.

Titan FlexSpray HandHeld
Titan introduced the new FlexSpray HandHeld, the multi-tool for painting pros with a unique combination of power, control and versatility.

HOSPECO rebrands TaskBrand non-woven wiper line
HOSPECO announced that it has rebranded its TaskBrand All-Purpose Non-Woven Wiper product line.

COX Caulk Warmer Bags
COX is now distributing a line of Caulk Warmer bags.

Big Wipes 4X4
Sycamore has launched its all new Big Wipes 4x4 range of industrial strength wipes.

Oil Eater No-Splash Pillow Pan
Leaks that are too large for an absorbent pad, that occur in tight spaces such as under machinery and pipes are easily handled by the new Oil Eater No-Splash Pillow Pan.

KrestoGT heavy-duty hand cleaners
Deb Group has introduced a complete line of heavy-duty hand cleaners designed specifically for the automotive aftermarket industry.

Crouse-Hinds telescoping light pole
Power management company Eaton introduced the V-Spring Telescoping Light Pole from its Crouse-Hinds business.

SCRUBS-IN-A-BUCKET limited-edition hunting package
ITW Pro Brands is now offering its popular SCRUBS-IN-A-BUCKET pre-moistened hand, tool and surface cleaning towels in a limited-edition hunting package.

Kennedy Toolboxes Support Breast Cancer Awareness
Kennedy Manufacturing Company introduced a series of pink toolboxes in support of breast cancer awareness.

Pneumatic vacuums provide safe alternatives in the workplace
Pneumatic vacuums are gaining momentum in the marketplace because of the safety benefits they offer.

Oil Eater floor cleaner
Oil Eater has expanded its line of floor and all-purpose cleaners with the introduction of an economy 38 lb. lined case of powder, an addition to its pre-measured 1.5 oz. packets.

Techspray 2014 catalog
Techspray released its 2014 Product Catalog and Application Guide.

ITW Brite-Mark Jumbo
ITW Professional Brands today unveiled the newest addition to its Brite-Mark line of paint markers: The Brite-Mark Jumbo.

Titan PowrCoat Series Sprayers
Titan introduced PowrCoat Series air powered sprayers to tackle the toughest coating applications with ease.

Guardair Flexible Gun Vac
Guardair Corporation introduced the pneumatic Flexible Gun Vac with new 18” tapered flexible metal extension.

Oil Eater Universal Pads and Rolls
New Oil Eater Universal Pads and Rolls are the economic solution for the widest

GOJO EcoPreferred Pumice hand cleaner
GOJO Industries launched its new GOJO ECOPREFERRED Pumice Hand Cleaner, the first green certified product in the GOJO Tough Soils portfolio.

Snap-on Level 5 Automated Tool Control
Snap-on Industrial’s Level 5 Automated Tool Control (ATC) toolbox can now be powered by on-board rechargeable batteries.

Stanley Vidmar Technician Toolbox
Stanley Vidmar unveiled its new, custom-designed Technician Toolbox.

Techspray ForeverSolv solvent reclaim program
Techspray’s new ForeverSolv solvent reclaim program makes it possible to recycle and reuse vapor-degreaser cleaning solvents.

Oil Eater Clear
Oil Eater has expanded its eco-friendly line of cleaner-degreasers with the introduction of
Oil Eater Clear.

Rust-Oleum LeakSeal Self-Fusing Silicone Tape
Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands has introduced LeakSeal Self-Fusing Silicone Tape – a silicone repair tape that conforms to any surface to provide a water-tight seal.

CRC Hot Line Tool Cleaner & Protectant Wipes
CRC introduces dual-action, lint-free Hot Line Tool Cleaner & Protectant Wipes, formulated to clean dirty fiberglass hot line tools while leaving behind a protectant to help keep them clean.

Oil Eater Flex Line parts washers
Kafko International introduced Oil Eater Flex Line parts washers that include ready-to-use units with basic, premium and professional level features.

Nortech ATEX-approved pneumatic vacuums
Nortech Vacuum Products, a division of Guardair Corporation, announced a new line of ATEX Approved Pneumatic Vacuums for hazardous locations.

Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner
Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser quickly cuts through grease and grime, speeding maintenance, repair and rebuild projects.

Guardair Water Jet Cleaning Gun
Guardair Corporation has announced the Water Jet Cleaning Gun as an effective tool for cleaning automobiles, trucks and equipment without damaging the paint.

STOKO  Refresh 4 in 1 hand hygiene dispenser
STOKO offers a choice of touch-free or manual dispensers on its Refresh 4 in 1 hand hygiene dispenser that can share the same cartridge refills.

Techspray IPA wipes
Techspray introduced new Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) wipe products designed save customers money and reduce emissions.

Hyde Quickly Clean Glove
Developed by a house painter, the Hyde Quickly Clean Glove has a patented weave that turns it into a “miracle glove” for cleaning almost anything without harsh chemicals.

Knaack Rolling Work Benches
Knaack Storagemaster Rolling Work Benches are super heavy-duty, professional-grade storage, coupled with convenient work surfaces for jobsites that require mobility.

Kimberly Clark alternative fiber products
Kimberly-Clark Professional announced that it has become the first major tissue manufacturer to introduce products containing non-tree fibers to the North American market. 

Techspray E-Line cleaners
Techspray introduces E-LINE Zero-VOC General Cleaner and E-LINE Hi-Flash Maintenance Cleaner.

Guardair Personnel Cleaning Station
Guardair Corporation's new Personnel Cleaning Station is a safe-to-operate vacuum designed to clean dust, powders, and debris off workers’ clothing. 

Oil Eater absorbent socks
Kafko International has introduced Oil Eater absorbent socks designed to isolate small

drips or protect drains and floors from runaway spills.

ITW Dymon Spray Nine
ITW Dymon announced the addition of Spray Nine to its portfolio of ITW Dymon Professional Brands.

GOJO Purell 8 oz. cup holder bottle
GOJO announces its PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer formula is now available in an 8 oz. Cup Holder Bottle that is specially designed for convenient use and storage in the car.

Guardair HydroForce air gun
Guardair Corporation announce the HydroForce air gun.

ITW Dymon Scrubs Breakroom 6-Pack Caddy
ITW Dymon introduced the SCRUBS Breakroom 6-Pack Caddy.

Markal Quik Stik Mini
LA-CO Industries has introduced the Quik Stik Mini to the expansive line of Markal-brand industrial markers.

Osborn Flexsweep broom connectors
Osborn offers the Flexsweep attachment on its line of high-quality floor brooms.

Techspray E-Line IPA
Techspray introduces E-LINE IPA (part #1610-12S) – Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) in new, convenient 12-ounce aerosol package.

Betco Fastdraw Foamer II
Betco announced the newest addition to its Fastdraw chemical management system.

Weiler Pro-Flex Sweep
Weiler says its Pro-Flex Sweep is the strongest sweep on the market, and the easiest to assemble.

Markal Pro-Line XT
The Markal PRO-LINE XT specializes in marking on dirty, rusty surfaces with paint that does not fade, even in the most extreme conditions.

Rust-Oleum hybrid epoxy primer
Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands has introduced a first-of-its kind hybrid epoxy primer designed to deliver superior corrosion protection to metal surfaces.

Betco Corporation Untouchable floor care
Betco Corporation announced the newest addition to its Floor Care line with Untouchable with Scuff Resistance Technology (SRT).

CRC Industries Fire Ant Killer
CRC introduced its new Fire Ant Killer and Fire Ant Killer Granules.

LA-CO Markal Dura-Ink 20
LA-CO Industries, a diversified manufacturer of the Markal brand, recently announced the newest product in the DURA-INK family designed to work harder for trade professionals.

Weiler sweeping center displays
Weiler Corporation offers two different sweep displays available to distributors.

GOJO Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer
GOJO announced the new Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer designed to offer unprecedented germ-fighting qualities and a skin-friendly formulation.

Stoko Kresto Cherry hand cleaner
Stoko Skin Care by Evonik now offers Kresto, its flagship heavy-duty hand cleaner, in a cherry- fragranced formula.

Oil Eater self-contained spill kits
Oil Eater introduced all-in-one professional grade spill kits designed to contain and clean up hazardous material spills in manufacturing plants, as required by OSHA and the EPA.

GOJO Giveaway promotion
GOJO Industries Inc. announces The Great GOJO Giveaway promotion available to employees in the automotive, construction, manufacturing, mining and utilities industries.

enMotion brand celebrates 10th anniversary
Georgia-Pacific Professional is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the industry-leading enMotion automated dispensing systems.

enMotion automated touchless soap dispenser
Seventy-seven percent of consumers believe that touchless soap dispensers improve the overall image of the restroom.

GOJO Hand Medic
GOJO Hand Medic Professional Skin Conditioner offers moisturizing care and conditioning for hard-working hands to maintain natural skin quality.

Weiler Green Works maintenance products
Weiler Corporation’s Green Works line of maintenance products is made from recycled or sustainable raw materials.

Snap-on Level 5 KTC Keyless Tool Control
Snap-on Industrial’s new Level 5 KTC Keyless Tool Control series of tool storage is a system that fully secures tools by using an electronic keypad or scanning an ID badge to gain entry into a tool box.

Hyde glass scrapers
Hyde Tools has introduced three new Hyde glass scrapers with a new look and new functionality.

Loctite Nordbak sprayable ceramic coating
Henkel has introduced a two-part, sprayable ceramic coating designed to protect metal surfaces on industrial equipment from wear, abrasion and corrosion.

GOJO Scrubbing Wipes
GOJO offers its GOJO Scrubbing Wipes to deliver convenient, easy and complete clean up anywhere heavy-duty cleaning is required.

Magnet Source Retractable Retrieving Magnet
Master Magnetics Inc. announced the latest innovation to their line of retrieving magnets.

GOJO Eco Soy Foaming Hand Cleaner
GOJO introduces GOJO ECO SOY Foaming Hand Cleaner, a foam-style, soy-based formulation that gently and effectively removes moderate soils from hands.

Pres-On S-500 and S-700 silicone foam tapes
Pres-On introduced its new S-500 and S-700 silicone foam tapes.

Oil-Dri Earth Friendly Sorbents
Oil-Dri's efforts toward environmental sustainability include a new line of recycled absorbents under the Resorb brand.

Techspray ecologically friendly degreaser
Techspray announced its new ecologically friendly TECHSPRAY RENEW Pine-Shower Degreaser & Surface Cleaner.

Crackbond CSR for repairing cracks
Adhesives Technology's new Crackbond CSR is a two part, 100 % solids, fast setting urethane, used to repair cracks or spalls in concrete.

Rayovac improves Ultra Pro alkaline batteries
Rayovac announced that its line of Ultra Pro alkaline batteries now lasts longer than its previous alkaline batteries based upon American National Standards Institute (ANSI) service life tests and more rigorous continuous drain testing applications.

New Oil Eater Original cleaner/degreaser
New Oil Eater Original cleaner/degreaser is a highly concentrated, alkaline-based cleaner formulated to eliminate the need for multiple cleaning solutions.

Extra high temperature cable ties
Ty-Rap Extra High Temperature Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts are made of an advanced heat-resistant nylon and provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive metallic fasteners in high-temperature applications.

CRC introduces food grade industrial oils and greases
CRC Industries announced the availability and launch of its newest product line, Food Grade Industrial Oils & Greases.

General Tools & Instruments Energy Audit Scanner
The new Energy Audit IR Thermometer/Scanner with Star Burst Laser Targeting (IRTC50) allows the user to designate a set point and determine whether subsequent readings are within or outside selectable ranges from that set point.

Sika MultiSeal Plus high-performance tape
Sika Corporation introduced Sika MultiSeal Plus, a self-adhering, high-performance tape that outlasts everything Mother Nature can dish-out.

Big Ass Yellow Jacket fan takes abuse
The world's biggest name in Big Fans introduced Yellow Jacket, the portable fan that takes abuse and stays in use.

Daylight Company work-station lamp
The Daylight Company introduced the Triple Bright Light (U32500), the most powerful work-station lamp available today for use by manufacturing and inspection professionals.

Markal Pro-Line offers marking solutions for wet surfaces
Markal developed the Pro-Line WP, an industrial grade liquid paint marker that answers the call for use on wet surfaces.

SCRUBS Green Wipes Minimize Environmental Impact
ITW Dymon introduced SCRUBS Green Cleaning Wipes for hard surface cleaning with environmental advantages.

Dialight SafeSite fixture certified for hazardous locations
Dialight announced that its new SafeSite Series LED Linear Fixture has achieved certification to the Class I, Div 2 standard for use in hazardous locations.

Green Works maintenance products from Weiler
Weiler Corporation recently introduced a new line of sustainable, recyclable, environmentally friendly maintenance products called Green Works.

Cleaning agents
A new 6-page tri-fold brochure from ITW Dymon showcases the range of Dymon brand professional cleaning products for commercial, residential and educational facilities.

Grease cleaner
LPS Laboratories introduced SA-X X-Treme Degreaser.

Environmentally responsible wipers
Kimberly-Clark Professional launched a new generation of environmentally responsible disposable wipers under the WypAll brand.

Feature-rich markers
Markal introduces the Certified Valve Action Paint Markers.

AntimIcrobial storage solutions
Lyon Workspace Products offers its Antimicrobial Storage Solutions catalog that highlights its antimicrobial storage products.

Germicidal wipes
ITW Dymon offers Scrubs do-it All Germicidal Cleaner Wipes.

Bold and bright markers
The Markal line of Valve Action Paint Markers now features faster drying, low chloride, Xylene-free paint.

Magnetic sweepers
Master Magnetics introduced the latest additions to its line of magnetic sweepers.

High-performing wiper
Kimberly-Clark Professional introduced Wypall X90 Cloths that provide 75 percent more oil absorption and 35 percent more water absorption than Wypall X80 Wipers.

Liquid paint marker
The Markal line of Valve Action Paint Markers now features faster drying, low chloride, Xylene-free paint.

Safety Lens Wipes
ITW Dymon offers Scrubs Safety Lens Wipes to effectively clean eye and face protection products in one easy step.

"Green" cleaning wipes
Grime Off heavy-duty cleaning wipes are made from biodegradable cotton.

Tamper-proof mark products
ITW Dymon has expanded its Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark products to include five brilliant colors: dark pink/red, yellow, blue, green and orange.

Sunscreen wipes
ITW Dymon offers Scrubs Solar Guard Sunscreen Wipes to help protect outdoor workers from the harmful effects of the sun.

Dykem All Purpose Marker
The Dykem Safe-Mark All Purpose Marker has been tested and certified by NSF International for use on food contact surfaces.

La-Co Markal Dry-Erase
La-Co Markal announced the addition of Dry-Erase markers to its multi-purpose Dura-Ink line.

Dust collectors
Dust Collection Products has a complete line of aftermarket dust collectors.

Scrubs foaming hand sanitizer
ITW Dymon introduced a new foaming hand sanitizer formula.

Waste receptacle
Delamo Manufacturing introduced the Dynamo trash can, an all-new concept in trash cans.

Industrial-strength maintenance products
WD-40 Company introduced Blue Works, a new line of industrial-strength specialty maintenance products.

Low VOCs degreaser
LPS introduced G-49 Orange Degreaser Low VOCs (#06420).