Posted September 23, 2021

U.S. Tape ChalkShot marking solution

U.S. Tape offers Duramark’s ChalkShot, providing a unique, high-visibility, nonpermanent marking solution when working on greasy, dirty, rust-covered and other hard-to-mark surfaces, as well as for drilling blind holes to affix brackets, handles and other items.

ChalkShot by U.S. TapeThe easy-to-use ChalkShot shoots chalk with high-visibility green nonpermanent pigment to mark on drywall, concrete, metal and dirty surfaces. The marking dye is environmentally friendly and can wipe off easily if a mark needs to be moved, yet it is also long lasting.

By reaching where pencils can’t reach, the ChalkShot can mark up to a 2" thick template and can be used at every angle. One ChalkShot unit can mark over 250 locations. Since there’s no tip or pen nib, the ChalkShot cannot be damaged or clogged and won’t dry out over time.

“Our unique ChalkShot is the only product on the market that provides an easy and effective marking solution when working on difficult-to-mark surfaces that are dirty, rusty and greasy,” said Bill Craig, vice president of marketing and sales. “In the U.S., ChalkShot is available exclusively from U.S. Tape.”