New Products - Hose and Accessories

Here's a quick look at new hose and accessories products introduced by suppliers in the industrial supply channel

FlexStat Hi[Tech ULD Reelcraft TH7445 Tompkins stainless steel adaptors Pona Guard

Coxreels V-100 Series now comes with hose
Coxreels V-100 Series product has been improved and is now offered with hose

Reelcraft Ultra-Compact Premium Duty Reels
Reelcraft’s new Series 3000 reels are all-steel construction and ultra-compact for a wide range of bench mount or mobile applications with critical space requirements

Anaconda hydraulic hose for hydrostatic drives
Hydrostatic drives are a widely used method of power transmission, due to their fast response times and ease of speed regulation

Coxreels Brawny option for 100 Series reels
Coxreels announced the new Brawny option available for most 100 Series hose reels

Kuri Tec K7560 Polyspring Oil Hose
The new Kuri Tec K7560 Series oil resistant food & beverage vacuum/transfer hose is food grade and complies with FDA and NSF requirements

Coxreels exceeds industry recommended salt spray testing hours
Coxreels announced that the company recently exceeded 20 percent more hours than the recommended industry standard for salt spray testing

Kuri Tec K5556 dry ice transfer hose
Kuriyama introduces new Kuri Tec K5556 Series polyurethane-lined dry ice transfer hose

Alfagomma T704HA Series The Boomer Industrial Sewer Vacuum Hose
Kuriyama introduces its new Alfagomma T704HA Series THE BOOMER Industrial Sewer Vacuum Hose

Reelcraft cable welding reels
Reelcraft’s new spring retractable WCH7000 and WCH80001 cable welding reels are designed to improve safety in the work area and help to increase efficiency and productivity

Continental cloud-based crimper controller
Continental has developed a cutting edge intelligent crimper controller for distributors and customers in the hydraulic and industrial hose markets

Vinylduct Clear VID-CL food grade PVC ducting
Vinylduct hose is constructed with clear food grade PVC and a steel wire helix with a service temperature range of -20°F (-29°C) to 180°F (82°C)

Coxreels offers upgraded swivel options for 1125 Series
Coxreels announced two upgraded swivel options for the 1125 Series

Kuri-Clamp Worm Gear Clamps
New worm gear clamps by Kuriyama feature standard duty, heavy duty, mini and constant tension versions

Hannay Reels 800 Series
Hannay Reels offers 800 Series reels for heavy-duty applications

Coxreels custom products capabilities
Coxreels has the capability to custom build any product to customers' exact specifications

Kuriyama Urevent Black URE-BK ducting hose
Kuriyama introduced its new Urevent Black URE-BK Series Polyurethane Ducting/Material Handling Hose

Coxreels idler sprockets for 1195 Series
Coxreels introduced the all new gear reducing idler sprockets for the 1195 Series electric motorized hose reels

Coxreels Diesel Exhaust Fluid hose reels
Coxreels features a complete line of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) hose reels built on all-steel construction SH and T Series of reels

Coxreels enhances SLPL spring-driven models
Coxreels introduced a product enhancement to the spring-driven 1¼” and 1½” SLPL models

Bonomi North America three-piece ball valves
Bonomi North America introduced a new line of automation-ready, full-port three-piece ball valves for high temperature and pressure industrial applications where safety is a primary concern

Kuri Tec K-TOUGH K9593 hose
K9593 series hose features a clear phthalate free PVC/polyurethane core, galvanized steel wire helix, high tensile strength yarn reinforcement and black phthalate free PVC cover

Coxreels now offers Pin Lock on Challenger Series
Coxreels announced the expansion of its pin lock mechanism to the Challenger Series reels

Coxreels exceeds salt spray testing standards
Coxreels announced that it recently exceeded by 20 percent the recommended industry standard hours for salt spray testing

Bonomi lead-free brass shutoff ball valves
Bonomi North America is now offering lead-free automated brass shutoff ball valve packages with press-fit connections in sizes ½-inch to 2 inches

Reelcraft spring retractable high-capacity hose reels
Reelcraft’s new Series G9000 hose reels are designed to be compact and allow for longer lengths of larger diameter hose

John Guest USA ProLock fittings
Designed for use in the Water Softener and Domestic Plumbing Markets, the new ProLock Fitting Range from John Guest is available in 3/8” to 1” CTS sizes

PIRTEK Fluid Power Glove
PIRTEK Service & Supply Centers expanded its product line to meet the growing demands of the market with the revolutionary safety product, the 9030P PIRTEK Fluid Power Glove

Kuri Tec K-TOUGH K9296 Series High Pressure Suction and Discharge Hose
K9296 series hose features a clear phthalate free PVC core, galvanized steel wire helix, high tensile strength yarn reinforcement and blue phthalate free PVC cover

Coxreels three-way pin lock
Coxreels’ three-way (lock, free spin, and rewind) pin lock is an upgraded pin lock for heavy-duty applications and is now patent approved

Reelcraft high temperature hose reel
Reelcraft’s new high operating temperature hose reels are supplied with low pressure, rubber hoses for more extreme air temperature applications

Piranhaflex Series PF267NC Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose
Hose is made with a seamless polyester inner tube along with braided high tensile strength fiber reinforcement

Coxreels factory-tuned spring motors
Coxreels’ factory tuned spring motors are designed for safe and efficient reel retraction

Coxreels V-100 series vacuum reel
Coxreels V-100 Series product has been improved and is now offered with hose

Coxreels roller bracket assemblies
Coxreels announced the new roller bracket assemblies for the Challenger Series

Hannay Reels 800 Series Spring Rewind Reels
The 800 Series spring rewind reels from Hannay Reels are designed for 3/4” or 1” I.D. hoses for use with fuel dispensing, waste oil evacuation, air and water operations

Coxreels expands UL-approved products
Coxreels has added two models (PC19 and PC24) to its UL-approved product line

NewAge Industries Clearflo Ag-47
NewAge Industries recently expanded its Clearflo Ag-47 antimicrobial tubing range of sizes to include 1/8", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" I.D.

Coxreels Brawny option
Coxreels announced the new Brawny option available for most 100 Series hose reels

NewAge Industries Vardex turns 60
Vardex, NewAge Industries’ steel reinforced, transparent PVC suction hose, was introduced in 1956

Coxreels 300 Series “Exhaust” hose reels
Coxreels 300 Series “Exhaust” hose reels are designed to enable the extraction of exhaust fumes directly from the source of their emission and maintain the safest workplace air quality.

Coxreels air pillow packaging
Coxreels has transitioned to a new and improved protective packaging solution for customer shipments.

Coxreels custom products
In addition to offering thousands of standard products to choose from, in the event that a customer cannot locate the perfect reel for a specific application, Coxreels has the capability to custom build any product to their exact specification.

Reelcraft Series HD70000 hose reels
Reelcraft’s new Series HD70000 hose reels are designed to accommodate up to 100 feet of 3/8” I.D. hose or 75’ of 1/2” I.D. hose.

Reelcraft Series L 70000 cord reels
Reelcraft’s new Series L 70000 cord reels are designed to accommodate up to 100 feet of 12 gauge cord.

Tudertechnica Teflon PTFE-lined chemical hoses
CRP Industrial, a division of CRP Industries Inc., offers two new Tudertechnica Teflon PTFE-lined chemical hoses for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology, and food industries.

Coxreels stainless steel reels
Coxreels offers various stainless steel grade choices to customers, ideally servicing exact specification needs.

Continental Blue Neptune Hose
Continental Blue Neptune hose and crimped assemblies can be used with gas or electric pressure washer sprayers in various applications. 

NewAge Industries Clearflo Ag-47
Clearflo Ag-47, NewAge Industries’ antimicrobial tubing, is now available in an additional seven sizes, expanding its range up to 1” I.D.

CRP Industrial offers Reinflex UHP Thermoplastic Hose
CRP Industrial offers a comprehensive lineup of Reinflex Ultra High Pressure (UHP) hoses for use in a wide range of applications.

Coxreels switch box for motorized hose reels
Coxreels’ Switch Box, available in open and closed variations, contains all of the necessary parts and components to make the motorized reel function in most service truck or trailer installations.

Midland Metal wingnut style hydraulic quick disconnects
Midland Metal expanded its line of hydraulic quick disconnects with the addition of the Wing Nut and Flat Face ISO 16028 interchange.

Flexaust portable heater duct
Flexaust offers a new temporary heater duct for commercial and industrial rental use.

Tigerflex Silver Tiger STIG Series hose
Tigerflex Silver Tiger STIG Series hose is an extremely heavy duty Polyurethane lined material handling hose.

Coxreels upgraded Multi-Lobe Seals
Coxreels announced a seal upgrade to the nitrile 1.5” and 2” inline swivels with advanced multi-lobe sealing technology.

Hyde Hose Hog HD Hose and and Tube Cut-Off Blades
A new high-performance blade engineered for cutting industrial grade hose and tube is available from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS).

Coxreels Biodiesel Reels
Coxreels offers offers reels designed for handling biodiesels.

CRP Industrial offers Tudertechnica Spiraltech hose
CRP Industrial offers a new line of Tudertechnica Spiraltech Hoses that are specifically designed for outdoor use in environments that typically create high cover wear.

Coxreels factory-tuned spring motors
Coxreels’ factory tuned spring motors are designed for safe and efficient reel retraction.

Tigerflex Solarguard
Tigerflex Solarguard SG Series hose, is made with a specially formulated material to resist the cracking that can result from exposure to damaging UV light.

Flexaust wet and dry vacuum hose kit
Flexaust introduced a new MRO vacuum cleaner hose kit that includes a rugged hose with a swivel, cuff and inlet adapter, and utility and crevice tools along with a compact POP display.

NewAge Industries celebrates 40 years of poly tubing
Tubing and hose manufacturer NewAge Industries announced that its durable polyurethane tubing and reinforced hose are now 40 years old.

Parker quick customization program for IR Regulators
The Veriflo Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has launched QTP, a program that provides expedited shipping of customized, instrumentation-grade Veriflo IR4000 Regulators.

Coxreels 1125 Series Motor-Driven Gear Drive
Coxreels 1125 Series motorized hose reels have all the features demanded by industry professionals.

Reelcraft medium-duty hand crank jetter hose reels
Reelcraft’s Series CTJ hose reels are designed for medium duty applications for 3/8” I.D. x 200 ft. or 1/2” I.D. x 150 ft. high pressure hose up to 5000 PSI.

Coxreels EZ-Coil slows retraction speeds
Coxreels reports that its patented EZ-Coil safety system, engineered and developed exclusively by Coxreels for the spring retractable line, retracts up to 80% slower than conventional reels.

ContiTech XCP4 hydraulic hose
ContiTech has introduced a new hydraulic hose, the Continental ContiTech XCP4 for North American markets.

Flexaust ventilation blower hose
Flexaust offers a line of lightweight, durable, and highly compressible blower hose that can be custom color matched to meet precise OEM product branding requirements.

Reelcraft quick ship program enhanced
Reelcraft has increased the number of models available for shipping in its Quick Ship Program.

Coxreels offers oversized rollers
Coxreels’ rollers for manual and motorized hose reels keep the hose entering the reel protected during unwind and rewind.

Reinflex High Pressure Hose & Accessory Catalog
CRP Industrial offers a new Hose & Accessory Catalog featuring a full line of Reinflex high-pressure thermoplastic and Teflon hoses.

ContiTech expands hose offering
ContiTech introduced an expanded range of industrial hose in three market areas for North America.

Fire-retardant flexible hoses
Flexaust introduced a broad line of standard flexible, self-extinguishing hoses developed for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications where worker safety is critical.

ContiTech portable hydraulic crimper
ContiTech introduced the portable PC125RCD Hydraulic Crimper for the North American market.

Coxreels hose strain relief kit
The Coxreels Hose Strain Relief Kit protects the hose fittings and connections from potential damage by providing strain relief when the hose is fully extended on the reel.

Coxreels introduces three-way brake
Coxreels introduced the three-way brake for its 1600 Series reels.

NewAge Silbrade Platinum-Cured Silicone Hose
NewAge Industries introduced Silbrade Platinum braid-reinforced silicone hose.

Kopex-Ex ISR Fittings
Kopex-Ex ISR Fittings, new from Thomas & Betts (T&B), feature an integral clamping mechanism that enables the industrial strain-relief fittings to comply fully with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)’s pullout requirements without external clamping.

FlexStat Static Dissipative Hose
Flexaust offers a full line of all-plastic static dissipative polyurethane hose that features an embedded copper grounding wire and is now offered with new conductive PVC cuffs for complete static protection.

Coxreels heavy duty band brake accessory
Coxreels introduced the Heavy-Duty Band Brake Accessory for the hand-crank and motorized hose reel lines.

Hi-Tech Duravent ULD
Hi-Tech Duravent introduced a new product series that is lightweight, provides exceptional flex and compression properties, while offering the durability of urethane.

Reelcraft twin hydraulic hose reels
Reelcraft’s Series TH hydraulic reels are used for medium pressure dual hydraulic hose applications and are ideal for operating hydraulic cylinders, tools and equipment.

Stainless steel hydraulic adapters
Tompkins offers a variety of stainless steel hydraulic adapters.

Brass Hydraulic Adapters
Tompkins offers a variety of brass hydraulic adapters.

Forged hydraulic adapters
Tompkins has value-priced, high-quality, forged fittings, finished in trivalent chromate plating to protect against corrosion. 

NewAge Clearflo Ag-47 antimocrobial tubing
New from tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries is Clearflo Ag-47 antimicrobial tubing.

Kuriyama grooved couplings
Grooved Couplings by Kuriyama are used in conjunction with grooved end pipe or hose connections.

Coxreels Little Giant LG Series
Coxreels Little Giant LG series is specifically designed for tubing and air/water applications and is perfect for commercial and industrial settings where space is limited.

Flex-Tube Swivel Connectors
Flexaust introduced a new line of swivel connectors for joining long lengths of Flex-Tube hose.

Reelcraft offers paint options
Reelcraft is most well-known for its bright red reels, but also paints secondary colors and special order colors

Tigerflex Solarguard suction hose
Tigerflex Solarguard SLR Series hose is made with a specially formulated material to resist the cracking that can result from exposure to damaging UV light.

Burst Guard Nylon Hose Sleeve
Burst Guard Nylon Hose Sleeve from Tompkins is an ultra-dense, two-layer sleeve that controls hose bursts up to 13,000 PSI.

Mulch blowing hose
Flexaust offers a line of hose for bark mulch blowing that is flexible, lightweight, and more durable than conventional heavy-wall PVC hose.

Coxreels T Series Stainless Steel reels
Coxreels announced that the Stainless Steel T Series has been expanded to feature a total of nine models.

Tigerflex Solarguard suction hose
Kuriyama introduced Tigerflex Solarguard suction and material handling hose with advanced UV protection.

Ponaflex introduced Aqualiner and Pona Guard
Ponaflex Hose Manufacturing introduced two new products, the Aqualiner hose and the Pona Guard cable guard hose.

Reelcraft Series LC stainless steel hose reels
Reelcraft’s new Series LC stainless steel hose reels are developed for light-duty, spring-driven hose reel applications in corrosive or sanitary environments.

Piranhaflex Series hydraulic hose
Kuriyama introduced a new line of hydraulic hose for low temp applications.

KH Industries RTB cord reels
KH Industries has expanded its RTB cord reel series to include black powder-coated industrial cord reels.

Flexaust Flex-Tube Series Hose
Flexaust introduced a line of medium-weight flexible hoses made from either polyurethane or PVC in small sizes and longer lengths in OEM colors with plain ends or screw cuffs.

Reelcraft reels for retail applications
Reelcraft offers reels for applications such as retail outlets, garden centers and dock areas that may require a reel that better blends into the surrounding environment.

Hannay N700 Series hose reels
Hannay Reels N700 Series features a compact mounting base.

Flexaust Arctic Duct U Insulated Blower Hose
Flexaust offers a lightweight, insulated blower hose that is highly compressible, energy efficient and easy to handle for onsite construction, fracking, oil & gas, and utilities applications.

NewAge Industries Zelite polyethylene tubing
Available now from NewAge Industries is Zelite polyethylene tubing in linear low density formulation (LLDPE).

Flexaust Commercial MRO General Pick-Up Accessory Kit
Flexaust offers a new line of commercial and industrial MRO vacuum pick-up kits offered with either standard or static dissipative hoses, accessories, and utility and crevice tools.

Reelcraft overhead reel cabinets
Reelcraft Industries overhead reel cabinets are vacuum formed from a white polyethylene high impact, stain resistant, corrosion resistant, ABS polymer.

FlexStat 60 Static Dissipative Hose
Flexaust offers a new static dissipative polyurethane hose for loading and unloading trucks and railcars, grain-vac, and other severe service applications where safety is critical.

Hannay Reels product catalog
Hannay Reels recently released a new industrial hose reels catalog that provides updated specification details on a variety of reels.

Reelcraft pressure wash reel for longer hose lengths
Reelcraft announced a new hand crank Series 30000 pressure wash reel for up to 450’ of 3/8” I.D. hose or 325’ of 1/2” I.D. hose.

NewAge Industries fluoropolymer tubing
NewAge Industries reports that its fluoropolymer tubing in PTFE, FEP and PFA has been returned to normal stock levels after a multi-year shortage of the critical raw materials.

Coxreels product catalog
Coxreels introduced its newest 60-page catalog edition showcasing refined features and helpful selecting tools for its industrial grade reel line.

Flexaust Flex-Tube PU-XT
Flexaust offers a new high-temperature polyurethane hose that is both puncture- and tear- resistant and can operate up to 260°F for dust collection from heat generating processes.

Reelcraft mounting assemblies
Reelcraft Industries offers mounting assemblies for mounting Series 7000 reels to an I-beam or for overhead support.

FlexStat Static Dissipative Hose
Flexaust offers a permanently static dissipative polyurethane plastic pellet transfer hose that promotes workplace safety and withstands suction cycling when feeding plastic extruders.

Coxreels idler sprockets
Coxreels introduced the all new idler sprockets for the 1600 Series motorized hose reels.

Reelcraft non-corrosive fluid path reels
Reelcraft Industries now offers a non-corrosive fluid path option on many of its popular reels, including Series RT, 5000, 7000, and 9000.

ProEdge Sharpening System
Designed for companies that want to consistently deliver high-quality yields from their cutting or processing operations, the ProEdge Shapening System is now available from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS).

Flexaust dust collection hose
Flexaust offers a medium weight polyurethane dust collection hose that is highly flexible, compressible, clear, and puncture resistant for use in large woodworking production facilities.

Reelcraft stainless steel reels
Reelcraft offers a full line of stainless steel hose reels are ideal for highly corrosive and sanitary environments.

NewAge Industries Vardex PVC hose
NewAge Industries offers Vardex PVC hose for fluid or air transfer.

Coxreels 1600 Series reels
Coxreels introduced the all-new 1600 Series hand crank and motorized hose reels.

Flexaust Flex-Lok 570
Flexaust offers a durable, Kevlar coated high temperature fabric hose that is locked around a coated steel wire by a metal strip formed into a clip and offers superior abrasion-resistance.

Flexadux E-2 Insulation Removal Hose
Flexaust offers a new, lightweight and flexible wire-reinforced insulation removal hose which augments its line of crush-resistant insulation blowing.

Hannay Reels High-Pressure Spring Rewind
Hannay Reels N500 Series high pressure spring rewind reel is designed for efficient hose handling in applications such as hydraulics, air/water, and chassis grease.

Flexaust Flx-Thane polyurethane hose
Flexaust offers a full line of highly compressible polyurethane hose that comes in four wall thicknesses for applications ranging from light dust collection to very heavy severe service.

Strapbinder battery powered GripClamp
Strapbinder’s new battery powered GripClamp tool tensions, locks and cuts the strap, eliminating the need for multiple tools.

Coxreels redesigns 1175 and 1185 Series  
Coxreels announced a new re-engineered outlet riser on the 1175 and 1185 Series reels.

Reelcraft stainless steel 1-inch hose reels
Reelcraft’s hand crank HS37000 L hose reel holds 100’ of 1” hose and features the superior corrosion resistance of 304L grade stainless steel.

Oil rigger/oil field frack tank hose
Kuriyama introuduced the new CT601AA 150 PSI corrugated hose.

Flexaust Flex-Lok TCF hose
Flexaust offers a two-ply black Teflon fabric hose with a silver heat-resistant fiberglass liner for the extraction of harsh chemical fumes such as acetone and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).

Reelcraft hand crank hose reels
Reelcraft’s new Series CH37000 hand crank hose reels are ideal for industrial applications requiring longer lengths of 1” I.D. hose.

NewAge polyurethane tubing
NewAge Industries manufactures three versions of polyurethane tubing: unreinforced, braid reinforced and a style designed for pneumatic applications.

Coxreels 1195 Series reels
In response to industry demand, Coxreels re-engineered the fluid path on the 1195 Series reels.

Flexadux LVAC Lift Tube
Flexaust offers a new vacuum lift tube which is extruded with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire for long life and features heat weld cuffs for easy clamping and an air tight seal.

Parker SensoControl Diagnostic Serviceman Plus
Parker Hannifin Corporation introduced the new SensoControl Diagnostic Serviceman Plus.

Reelcraft Series HC80000 hose reels
Reelcraft’s new Series HC80000 hose reels are ideal for industrial applications requiring longer lengths of larger hose.

Brennan Industries expands mobile app
Brennan Industries Inc. expanded its mobile application to include pressure ratings for more than 6,000 parts in more than 330 popular series.

Coxreels Hose Strain Relief Kit
The Coxreels Hose Strain Relief Kit protects the hose fittings and connections from potential damage by providing strain relief when the hose is fully extended on the reel.

Flexaust Dayflex all-plastic stretch hose
Flexaust introduced a new clear, flexible dust collection hose that is highly compressible and durable to help maintain a safe and neat woodshop environment, especially in tight quarters.

Coxreels large capacity storage reels
Coxreels released new large capacity, all steel, reels designed to hold any wrappable material for hassle free storage, easy transport, and safe operation.

Reelcraft White Power Cord Reels
Reelcraft now offers heavy-duty industrial cord reels in an all white version.

Flexaust Flex-Tube vacuum hose
Flexaust offers a heavy duty, versatile all-plastic vacuum hose that is easy to work with for applications requiring good airflow with high abrasion-, puncture-, and UV-resistance.

Brennan instrumentation catalog
Brennan Industries introduced a new instrumentation catalog for its complete line of instrumentation fittings.

Coxreels launches new website
Coxreels launched a new website that features a new design, streamlined user interface and new tools for convenient product search and selection.

Remke Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Connectors
Available in stock in sizes up to 3 inches, the expanded family of Remke Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel (CRSS) Connectors includes standard cord connectors, liquidtight conduit fittings, watertight conduit hubs, jacketed metal clad cable connectors and ventilation plugs.

Reelcraft hand crank static discharge reel
Reelcraft expanded its line of industrial duty static discharge reels.

NewAge Industries clamps
Available from plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries are three styles of clamps to secure fittings to tubing.

Voltbuster Volt hoses by Tigerflex
New Voltbuster Volt hoses by Tigerflex feature an innovative design which effectively dissipates static to ground, helping prevent static build-up and reducing the potential for dangerous electrostatic discharges.

Reelcraft cable storage reels
Reelcraft’s expanded Series 30000 line includes cable storage reels and live power cord.

NewAge Suprene thermoplastic rubber (TPR) tubing
Suprene thermoplastic rubber (TPR) tubing is manufactured by NewAge Industries in the U.S. in two hardnesses – Shore 64A and 80A – and in two grades: FDA and industrial.

Hannay Reels High-Pressure Spring Rewind
Hannay Reels N500 Series high-pressure spring rewind reel is designed for efficient hose handling in applications such as hydraulics, air/water, and chassis grease.

Flexaust Flex-Tube PU 60 HF
Flexust offers a heavy-duty, versatile all-plastic vacuum hose that is easy to work with for applications requiring good airflow with high abrasion-, puncture-, and UV-resistance.

NewAge Thermobarb Barbed Fittings
Barbed fittings for use with plastic and rubber tubing and reinforced hose are available from NewAge Industries in five materials.

Hannay Reels 2000 Series
Hannay Reels offers 2000 Series for hydraulics, air/water and spray painting applications.

Coxreels 1185 Series reels
Coxreels introduced its new large capacity 1185 Series high pressure model hose reels.

Reelcraft liquid propane hose reels
Reelcraft’s Series 80000 spring driven liquid propane hose reels incorporate a dual pedestal base and guide arm design for structural strength.

NewAge Industries Vitube tubing
NewAge Industries offers Vitube tubing made of Dupont Performance Elastomer’s Viton synthetic rubber.

Flexaust Springflex Artic Duct U
Flexaust offers a lightweight insulated blower hose that is highly compressible and easy to use by contractors, event managers, first responders, and others erecting tents and portable shelters.

Spring Rewind Cable Reel for Industrial Applications
Hannay Reels NSCR700 cable reel features a compact design with a heavy-duty, narrow frame for use with live electrical cable.

Coxreels high-pressure HP1125 models
Coxreels is expanding capabilities of its existing hand crank and motorized 1125 Series reels to offer an upgraded swivel for high pressure applications.

ReCoiler by PneuPower
The pneuPower ReCoiler is designed to safeguard air hose and provide the solution to cluttered and tangled air hoses.

Reelcraft Safe-T-Reels
Reelcraft’s Safe-T-Reels are compact, stackable reels.

NewAge Industries silicon tubing
NewAge Industries’ Silcon tubing solves application requirements that many other plastic or rubber materials cannot, namely combining temperature usage with flexibility.

Hannay 6000 Series hose reel
Hannay Reels’ 6000 Series hose reel is versatile and adaptable to fit many applications and is available with a variety of power rewind options.

Reelcraft reel latching option
Reelcraft’s Series 4000, 5000 and 5005 reels are all-steel construction and compact for a wide range of applications with critical space requirements.

Guardair Lazer Series Safety Air Guns
Guardair Corporation introduced the Lazer Series Safety Air Guns for quick and versatile cleaning and OSHA compliance.

Coxreels Pure Flow Series
Coxreels announced the addition of the Pure Flow Series, designed specifically for breathing air and clean fluid transfer applications.

Kuriyama Oil & Gas Products catalog
Kuriyama Oil & Gas Products for onshore/offshore drilling and production, provide reliable and dependable service for the demanding requirements within the oilfield industry.

KH Industries white cord reels
White Retractable Power Cord Reels from KH Industries deliver 20-amp service.

Parker M8 E-Z Flex Hybrid hose
M8- E-Z Flex Hybrid Hose from Parker Hannifin is designed to incorporate the best of thermoplastic and rubber hose constructions.

Reelcraft washdown reels
Reelcraft’s washdown reels are designed to be mounted centrally and used for watering and washdown.

Hannay Reels SSN800 Series
The SSN800 Series stainless steel hose reel features a narrow frame that makes it ideal for mounting in smaller spaces.

Flexaust Uni-Loop HT
Flexaust introduced a new copolymer hose that handles higher temperatures than traditional plastic hose and is highly flexible for use in carpet cleaning machines and extraction equipment.

TASK DesignCord Autorewind Cable Reels
TASK Tools announced the launch of TASK by Designcord products as a part of the new Innovative Electrical Accessories Program.

NewAge Industries Nylobrade
NewAge Industries announced that its signature product, Nylobrade braid-reinforced PVC hose, is manufactured from a PVC compound that is free of DEHP and other plasticizers.

Coxreels vacuum reel
Coxreels introduced a commercial duty, V-117-850 vacuum reel.

Hyde Hose Hog Circular Blades
Hose Hog Circular Blades from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) improve cutting effectiveness by introducing more blade surface area into the cut.

Coxreels 1125 Series Hose Reels
Coxreels announced that all 1/2-inch 1125 series hose reels now come standard equipped with zinc-plated plumbing.

Flexaust Mark 2 Insulation Hose
Flexaust introduced a line of crush-resistant insulation blowing hose engineered to aerate and fluff up cellulose and fiberglass insulation to optimize its volume and coverage.

NewAge Industries customized tubing
NewAge Industries now offers eight ways to customize tubing.

Hyde pressure washer nozzles
Hyde Tools introduced several new pressure washer nozzles for use with Hyde and other standard pressure washer equipment.

Reelcraft tool balancers
Reelcraft’s Series TB and TBL tool balancers increase productivity by keeping tools positioned for immediate use with minimal operator motion.

Goodyear Engineered Products Frac hose
Veyance Technologies, exclusive manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered Products, announced the release of the Plicord Oilfied Frac Hose 400 HW.

Flexaust MG-Series Vacuum Hose
Flexaust offers a family of all-purpose industrial vacuum hose in two materials for a wide range of fluid handling, ventilation and material handling or evacuation applications.

Reelcraft enclosed reels
Reelcraft Series 5000, 7000 and 8000 enclosed reels feature a steel enclosure that offers an additional level of protection for the hose from potentially harmful foreign debris.

Kuri Tec Endure Air Brake Tubing
Endure Air Brake Tubing retains its flexibility longer than traditional nylon tubing in harsh heat, cold and oil conditions.

Goodyear Prospector BOP 500 hose
Veyance Technologies Inc. launched the new hydraulic Prospector BOP 5000 (Blow Out Preventer) Hose to support the oil and gas exploration industry.

Flexaust Flex-Tube PU outdoor transfer hose
Flexaust introduced a flexible polyurethane hose that provides a lightweight alternative to conventional heavier hoses used in long lengths for bark mulch blowing applications

NewAge substitute for fluoropolymer tubing
NewAge Industries offers a viable substitute for fluoropolymer tubing, which has been in short supply this year due to a shortage of raw materials.

Reelcraft Series CM hand crank hose reels
Reelcraft’s Series CM hand crank hose reels are designed for lighter-duty applications that require longer lengths of high pressure hose.

Flexaust Flex-Lok TCF Teflon-coated fabric hose
Flexaust introduced a new, two-ply Teflon-coated fabric hose that combines high temperature and chemical resistance for use in severe duty chemical fume extraction applications.

NewAge Industries tubing and hose buying guide
NewAge Industries announces an update to its tubing and hose buying guide.

Hannay compact portable cable reel
Hannay Reels offers a compact portable cable reel.

Flexaust Flex-Tube EF Eco-Friendly Flexible Hose
Flexaust introduced a new, phthalate-free, clear coextruded polyoflefin elastomer hose.

Flow-Rite Controls quick-connect couplers
Flow-Rite Controls is launching a line of quick-connect couplers for use in industrial, chemical and medical/life science applications.

Coxreels releases new catalog
Coxreels introduced its newest 56-page catalog edition showcasing refined features and helpful selecting tools for the most comprehensive and innovative industrial grade reel line.

Flexaust Flex-Tube PU transfer hoses
Flexaust introduced screw-on cuffs for Flex-Tube PU transfer hoses and FlexStat static dissipative hoses for creating fully OEM-ready hose assemblies.

Reelcraft static discharge reel
Reelcraft static discharge reel makes grounding easy and efficient.

Hyde in-stock machine blades
The line of in-stock machine blades for industrial belting fabrication and rubber converting operations from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) has been expanded recently to ensure quick delivery to the trades.

McKissick tubing grab
McKissick’s Patent Pending Tubing Grab is designed to provide a quick, easy and efficient attachment for the lifting of tubing to and from the rig floor in “well servicing” applications.

Eaton app PowerSource
With the new Eaton app PowerSource, Eaton distributors can now search, spec and sell smarter and faster than before.

Flexaust Tiger Tail Liquid Suction & Pumping Hose
Flexaust introduced a new, robust tiger tail hose that is flexible for pumper truck waste evacuation and septic pumping, sewer cleaning, and marine sanitation application.

Eaton Everflex E-Series hose fittings
Eaton Corporation expanded its Everflex E-Series line of one-piece, crimp-type hose fittings.

Flexaust Flexadux clean room hose
Flexaust offers a flexible, medium-weight white thermoplastic clean room hose that is designed for fume extraction, dust control, and light material handling applications.

Legacy Flexzilla Air Hose
Legacy introduces the Flexzilla Push Lock Series of air hose and fittings.

NewAge Industries Nylobrade PVC hose
Nylobrade, the original braid reinforced PVC hose, was introduced to the U.S. in 1956 by Raymond Baker, founder of NewAge Industries Inc.

Flexaust FlexStat CR Static Dissipative Hose
Flexaust introduced a new static dissipative hose for food and pharmaceutical clean rooms.

Reelcraft Series SD10000 retractable hose reels
Reelcraft introduces the new Series SD10000 low profile spring retractable hose reels.

Flexaust expandable hose
Flexaust introduced a new expandable hose that features a 7-to-1 expansion ratio for easy handling and storage in a wide range of vacuum and dust collection applications.

Aeroquip EverCool low-perm hose
Eaton Corporation's Aeroquip EverCool low-perm hose reduces permeation of greenhouse refrigerant gasses in air conditioning applications for transit busses, motor coaches, trains, and large overhead cranes.

Coilhose 5-In-1 Automatic Safety Exhaust Coupler
The Coilhose Pneumatics new 5-In-1 Automatic Safety Exhaust Coupler is designed to remain connected to the plug until the downstream air is completely bled off.

Flexaust hose for bulk pneumatic conveying
Flexaust introduced a new, heavy-wall static dissipative polyurethane hose that is very flexible and designed to replace heavy-wall PVC and rubber hose in bulk pneumatic conveying applications.

Hyde tire and rubber blade brochure
A new four-page brochure introducing Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions' (IBS) Tire and Rubber blades and knives is now available for download at

Coleman Cable electrical cord and air/water hose reels
Coleman Cable Inc. introduced a new line of industrial-duty spring retractable electrical cord reels and air/water hose reels.

Flexaust carpet cleaning truck mount hose
Flexaust introduced an upgraded polyethylene copolymer hose that comes in a variety of colors with integral poly-welded cuffs for commercial, industrial, and residential truck mount installation.

Flexaust vehicle and chemical fume removal hose
Flexaust introduced an expanded line of high-temperature hose in several temperature ranges for a variety of vehicle exhaust and chemical fume removal applications.

Hannay reels ideal for construction pressure washing
The versatile Hannay PW-2 Series reel is designed to quickly mount to almost any type of pressure washer.

Eaton Guardian hose sleeve
Eaton Corporation offers the new Guardian hose sleeve that protects equipment operators from potential injuries resulting from hose failures.

Reelcraft introduces new side mount hose reels
Reelcraft's Series 4000, 5000 and 5005 reels yield great strength from a compact, space-saving design.

NewAge Industries Nylobrade certified for drinking water and food equipmentNewAge Industries' Nylobrade braid-reinforced PVC hose is now certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for Standards 51 and 61.

Coxreels Introduces New Diesel Exhaust Fluid Hose Reels
Coxreels introduced a complete line of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) hose reels built on the industry proven, all-steel construction SH and T Series of reels.

Flexaust medium-weight thermoplastic rubber hose
A medium-weight thermoplastic rubber hose that can now be supplied with thermally welded cuffs to provide a smooth surface for a tight seal.

JGB Unveils 'The Perfect Water Hose'
They say nothing lasts forever. But a revolutionary new crush-proof and kink-free water hose called Tuff-Guard comes very close with its limited lifetime guarantee.

Hannay Reels ideal for industrial applications
The versatile N700 Series reels from Hannay Reels are ideal for industrial and construction applications.

Parker High Pressure PTFE Hoses Handle Up to 5,500 PSI
The Parflex division of Parker Hannifin Corporation introduces High Pressure PTFE Hose Assemblies to handle high working pressures (up to 5,500 psi) while maintaining peak flow rates.

Static dissipative hose
Flexaust offers a line of abrasion-resistant static dissipative hose.

Twin pack reels
Reelcraft now offers its most popular hose and cord reel models as a convenient package.

Push-to-connect fittings in two materials
NewAge Industries now offers easy-to-use Newloc push-to-connect fittings in acetal copolymer and in brass.

Hose for industial steam transfer
Eaton Corporation announced a new line of steam hose engineered to provide maximum safety while delivering unmatched levels of performance.

Inner-braided pvc hose
GilaFlex Inner-braided PVC Air Hose has a highly visible safety orange outer cover that does not trap dirt and is easy to clean.

High-pressure wash reels
Reelcraft's new Series CT hose reels conveniently store longer lengths of high-pressure wash hose.

Side mount reel
Coxreels expanded its spring retractable Side Mount Series of reels, adding a multi-position guide arm for maximum and convenient hose control.

Cord and cable storage reels
Reelcraft's expanded Series 30000 line includes cable storage reels and live power cord.

High temp hose
Flexaust Heat-Flex CW-325 Hose is a single-ply acrylic coated fabric hose reinforced with a spring steel wire helix.

Thermally bonded tubing
NewAge Industries now offers Hot Bond thermally bonded tubing.

Hose for light materials handling and ventilation
Flexaust offers a lightweight thermoplastic rubber hose that is reinforced with an external polypropylene helix.

Leak-resistant couplings
Kuriyama offers new EZ-Seal leak-resistant couplings.

Reelcraft compact storage reels
Handle longer lengths of hose, rope, cord or cable effortlessly with Reelcraft's compact storage reels.

Custom flexible hoses
Custom flexible hoses that can be manufactured from a variety of materials for a wide range of vacuum and pumping applications.

Piranhaflex hydraulic hoses
Piranhaflex 100R7 hydraulic hoses are ideal for medium pressure hydraulic applications for hydraulic oil and lubrication lines.

Insulated blower hose
A new, lightweight insulated blower hose from Flexaust is designed for delivering hot and cold air, is highly compressible for easy storage and comes in a variety of sizes.

Food grade hose
Tigerflex Series 2020S is a heavy-duty polyurethane food grade material handling hose.

Low-Temperature, High-Pressure Hose
Eaton announced a new line of Aeroquip spiral wire hose specially engineered for low-temperature, high-pressure hydraulic applications.

Hose for Pressure Applications
Silbrade silicone hose from NewAge Industries offers a unique combination of performance properties for fluid transfer applications.

Extreme Duty Hose and Cable Wrap
ProWrap Plus, with the same ProWrap extreme-duty hose/cable wrap you’ve come to know in black, is now also available in red, yellow and blue.

Reelcraft air vend reel
The AV4425 OLPBWL from Reelcraft is designed for air service.

Coxreels bend restrictors
Coxreels announces the addition of bend restrictors.

TPR tubing
Suprene thermoplastic rubber (TPR) tubing from NewAge Industries is manufactured in two grades and hardnesses.

Silicone ducting hose
SIL-Duct is a two-ply smooth silicone-coated polyester fabric ducting hose with helical spring steel wire.