Posted July 24, 2019

Versa Machinery Introduces Motorized De-Reeler/Dancer System 

Versa Machinery Motorized De-Reeler/Dancer systems eliminate the problems that typically occur when pulling, measuring and cutting spooled or coiled products like flexible PVC tubing, silicone rubber or window and door seals.

Versa De-ReelerThis proven system minimizes the stretching of elastic materials, allowing greater cut length accuracy when measured by a cutter/puller assembly. A low mass dancer arm controls the system to automatically synchronize its speed with that of the Cutter/Puller. The De-Reeler/Dancer minimizes surge and slippage and works well with tacky products that tend to stick to themselves when tightly coiled.

The system holds spools or coiled products without spools and adjusts easily for various sizes of loose coils. Adjustable stainless-steel supports are provided to secure the inside of open coils. Easily cleaned acrylic top and bottom plates contact coiled products. A pinch roll pre-puller extracts material from the spool or coil. A low mass, counter balanced dancer arm automatically synchronizes its speed with that of the cutter/puller for smooth, consistent operation. This proven design operates at speeds up to 125 FPM (38 MPM).

For processing materials up to ¼” (6.35 mm) outside diameter the spools or coils of extruded products are held in a stationary position. An arm sweeps around the perimeter of the coil to pull and guide material, thus allowing the system to easily overcome the adhesion that often causes materials to stick to themselves. De-Reeler/Dancer systems are well suited for tacky materials.

For processing materials over ¼” outside diameter a second configuration can be ordered that hold the spool or coil on a horizontal shaft that allows the material to rotate when it is pulled. An electric brake is provided to stop rotation when the system slows or stops. The change-over takes just a few minutes if you process materials in both size ranges.

A control panel includes Start, Stop and Emergency Stop pushbuttons. The system will automatically stop in the event of a material jam, and it can be connected to the cutter/puller system to stop its motion in the event of a jam as well.