New Products - Cutting Tools

Here's a quick look at new cutting tool products introduced by suppliers in the industrial supply channel

Cast Master JSD Series solid carbide drills Arbortech's AS170 Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions

Milwaukee Ductwork and Drywall Access blades

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation expanded its application specific SAWZALL blade offering with two new blades.

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ZIP XX cut-off wheel from WALTER
ZIP XX from WALTER Surface Technologies is a new cut-off wheel designed to last longer and to increase productivity.

3868 Carbide Triple Set TSX Blade from Bahco
The 3868 Carbide Triple Set TSX bandsaw blade from Bahco is engineered to be versatile in cutting materials well on both vertical and horizontal bandsaw machines.

Bahco 3859 Trimetal Bandsaw Blade
The Bahco 3859 Easy-Cut Xtreme Trimetal Bandsaw Blade offers users an easier, wider-ranging and faster cut with a longer-lasting blade life.

Norton cutting and grinding wheels for aluminum
Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduced its new “Norton for Aluminum” Thin Wheels for the right angle cutting and grinding of aluminum and other non-ferrous soft metals

Allied Machine expands Wohlhaupter boring tool product line
Allied Machine and Engineering launched the 420 (410) series fine boring heads as well as the expansion of the 465 (464) series

Sandvik CoroMill MF80
Sandvik Coromant is expanding its milling offering with the new CoroMill MF80 for automotive milling applications in ISO K and ISO P materials in close to 90-degree operations with fixture constraints

Walter TC620 multi-row thread mill
New Walter solid carbide TC620 Supreme universal thread milling cutter, with internal coolant, and a multi-row design delivers greater productivity through design innovations that permit less vibration, reduced cutting pressure and excellent dimensional accuracy

Platinum Tooling nows offers QUICK knurling and marking tools
Platinum Tooling is now the North American importer of the QUICK knurling and marking tools from Hommel & Keller

Walter Precision Boring XT tools
Walter has extended its line of precision boring tools with new members of the Walter Precision Boring XT family

Allied Machine releases M geometry for T-A Pro drill
Allied Machine and Engineering announced the launch of the T-A Pro M geometry insert

Milwaukee WRECKER with Nitrus Carbide SAWZALL blade
Milwaukee Tool introduced the WRECKER with NITRUS CARBIDE SAWZALL Blade, what it calls the longest-lasting, fastest cutting, and most versatile blade for demolition and remodeling jobs

Emuge-Franken Self-Lock threading tools
Emuge-Franken has expanded its line of Self-Lock thread locking tools to include new Emuge ZGF-S-Cut Thread Mills, in addition to Emuge High Ramp Precision Thread Gages designed for gaging Emuge Self-Lock thread profiles

Walter PVD drilling WNN15 grade
Walter has introduced the PVD drilling WNN15 grade for indexable insert drills

CoroDrill 860-PM by Sandvik Coromant
Sandvik Coromant has launched an upgraded CoroDrill 860 assortment to offer customers improved productivity in drilling steel

Walter CBN grade insert
Walter has introduced the CBN grade WBH30 for hard turning in interrupted cuts

Emuge-Franken expands TOP-Cut VAR line
Emuge-Franken has expanded the range of TOP-Cut VAR, its most popular multi-purpose high performance end mills

Sandvik Coromant micro drills
Sandvik Coromant has launched two new microdrill families specifically designed for precision machining

Emuge-Franken end mills catalog
Emuge-Franken N.A. announced the launch of a new full line end mills catalog to support its growing end mill products expansion

Sandvik Coromant CoroMill MH20
Sandvik Coromant has launched a new high-feed milling tool, the CoroMill MH20, primarily designed for milling cavities, or pockets, in ISO S, M and P materials

Crescent Tools Circular Saw Blades
With the new Crescent Tools Circular Saw Blades, pros in a variety of industries can cut more, faster and longer than ever

Coolant-thru tooling from Heimatec
Heimatec announced immediate availability of its newest development, a coolant-thru feature on all the company’s current line items

Starrett multi-purpose band saw blades
The L.S. Starrett Company offers the newly positioned Intenss Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades for general purpose metal sawing of a wide range of materials and shapes

Star Cutter core drills
Star Cutter Company’s core drills, custom-designed and built per application, are well-suited for the machining of cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, valve bodies, fluid power components, and other cast components that are made of aluminum and iron, including CGI

Allied Machine Releases T-A Pro Drill High-Speed Steel Geometry
Allied Machine and Engineering announced the newest expansion of the T-A Pro high penetration drilling system—the high-speed steel geometry insert, also referred to as the “X” geometry

Dormer Pramet milling cutters
Dormer Pramet offers economical face milling of stainless steel with the new Pramet cutters and inserts

Precision Twist Drill HX Jobber Drill
Precision Twist Drill's new HX Jobber Drill is a high-speed steel (HSS) jobber drill recognized throughout the cutting tool industry for its unique purple/bronze oxide finish

Allied Machine VolCut boring tool
Allied Machine and Engineering announced the release of the Wohlhaupter VolCut insert holder, an expansion to its boring line

New generation CBN grooving inserts from Walter
WBH20 and WBS10, part of the latest generation of CBN insert grades from Walter, deliver optimum surface quality, high process reliability, and extended tool life in grooving operations on the toughest materials

Drillco Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters
Drillco Cutting Tools announced the newest addition to its product family: Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) Hole Cutters

Suhner POLYDrill multi-spindle drills
Suhner features several options in its popular multi-spindle lines, including the POLYDrill family, offering a huge selection of multi-spindle heads from the standard range

Walter Cut UX grooving system
Walter has introduced the Walter Cut G2016-P/ UX grooving system

New micro drill from Walter
Walter has unveiled the new Supreme DB133 solid carbide micro drill with internal and external coolant capabilities

Monaghan Tooling burnishing tools
Monaghan Tooling Group presents the full line-up of Elliott Tool Technology burnishing tools, which produce a 4 to 8 Ra surface finish in one pass, thus eliminating secondary machining operations and their requisite set-up time and costs

Emuge Corp. has introduced INNOFORM–STEEL-M, a line of HSSE-PM Taps designed for forming threads with improved surface quality, while increasing static and dynamic thread strength, in medium strength steels up to 44 HRC

Drillco Step Reamers
Drillco Cutting Tools Inc. announced the newest addition to its comprehensive reamer product offering: Step Reamers

Monaghan Tooling Top Speed Ring
Monaghan Tooling Group introduced its easily assembled Top Speed Ring, a reamer that allows up to 70 percent higher feed rates than traditional cutting rings

Starrett high performance recip saw blades
The L.S. Starrett Company launched its new series of “3X Power” Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

Dormer Pramet inserts and cutters
The Dormer Pramet milling assortment for die and mold has grown with several introductions, including the double-sided Pramet SNGX11 insert for high feed milling with up to 0.07in depths of cut.

Emuge slim line chucks for 5-axis milling
Emuge Corp. expanded its line of FPC Milling/ Drilling Chucks products to include Slim Line models that are designed to enhance 5-Axis machining productivity and versatility

Champion Cutting Tool Brute XSR Step Reamer
Champion Cutting Tool Corp.’s newest tool, the Brute XSR Step Reamer, is a heavy-duty hybrid of two of its most popular tools: the MSD Step Drill and the SA80 Reamer.

RM inserts added to CoroCut QD program
Sandvik Coromant is adding round geometry (-RM) inserts to its program of CoroCut QD parting-off and grooving tools

Simonds Saw announces new range of bi-metal bandsaw blades
Simonds Saw announced the launch of a new range of bi-metal bandsaw blade products for the global metal cutting market

Freud Black I.C.E. solid carbide router bits
Freud has introduced the first functional coated solid carbide router bits, Black I.C.E (Industrial Cooling Element)

Spyder Products unveils new circular saw blades
Spyder Products is launching new circular saw blades that require minimal effort to cut through material

Guardair Chip Collector Ltd
Guardair Corporation has developed the Chip Collector Lid to capture metal chips and airborne oils generated when cleaning newly machined parts with compressed air.

Bahco 3851 Sandflex Cobra bandsaw blade
BAHCO’s new 3851 Sandflex Cobra Bandsaw Blade, with a powdered metal M42 high-speed steel tooth edge for higher hardness and added toughness, provides smooth, precise cuts for general purpose and production-cutting applications

Bahco industrial metal sawing bandsaw blades catalog
From general purpose to heavy production cutting applications, BAHCO has every blade covered in its new 2019 Industrial Metal Sawing Bandsaw Blades catalog

Walter introduces new CBN grades
Walter has introduced new CBN grades for improved turning of hardened steel up to 65 HRC

Emuge thread mills
Emuge Corp. has introduced advanced Threads-all ZGF-S-Cut Solid Carbide Thread Mills featuring multiple teeth, a helical flute form and multi-layer TiAlN T46 coating

Pramet ISBN10 cutters
The versatile Pramet ISBN10 cutters are suitable for high feed milling, copy milling, ramping, helical interpolation, slotting and plunging

Lightweight CoroMill 390
Sandvik Coromant is introducing its lightweight CoroMill 390, which features a cutter body produced using additive manufacturing

Hoffmann Group USA adds imperial sizes to drill lines
Hoffmann Group USA has expanded its GARANT MasterSteel and HOLEX ProSteel solid carbide drill ranges to include imperial sizes, thereby further extending its lead over the competition when it comes to machining technology

Walter D3120 indexable insert drill
Walter has introduced the D3120, an indexable insert drill built to provide trouble-free drilling in virtually all conditions

Concord Industrial TECNO COAT Premier Carbide Circular Saw Blades
Concord Industrial Product’s engineering group has developed TECNO COAT technology for its premier carbide circular saw blade line of products

Allied Machine 4TEX drill
Allied Machine & Engineering announced the new 4TEX drill, ideal for making shallow 2xD, 3xD, and 4xD holes in the 12-47 mm (.472” – 1.850”) range

Concord Industrial Products Carbide-tipped Circular Saw Blades
Concord Industrial Products announced the launch of a new coated blade division offering a full line of carbide-tipped circular saw blades

Dormer Force M Drills
Dormer Pramet has extended its Solid Carbide "Force X" program with a specific range for stainless steel applications called Force M

Walter DC150 Perform 5 × Dc drill
Walter introduced the DC150 Perform 5 × Dc drill, a versatile and cost-effective solid carbide drill that can be used universally with all materials and with a broad range of workpieces

Hyde FC Revolution Seafood Processing Blades
Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS), a division of The Hyde Group, introduced seafood processing blades offering enhanced corrosion resistance, better cuts and less potential for waste

Simonds Saw SBX-One
Simonds Saw announced the launch of SBX-One, a new bandsaw blade product for the structural steel market

DA110 Perform drill from Walter
The versatile DA110 Perform drill from Walter can be used universally and cost-effectively for a wide range of materials

Walter has introduced WSM01, a premier grade for demanding machining applications

Emuge Punch Tap line
Emuge Corp. introduced its patented Punch Tap Line in North America

Walter DC160 Advance solid carbide drill
The versatile new DC160 Advance solid carbide drill from Walter delivers high productivity in a wide variety of materials and can be used universally in an extremely broad range of applications

Heule COFA deburring tool
Heule Tool's COFA deburring tool is specifically designed to provide both front and back deburring on even and uneven surfaces

Walter D4140 replaceable tip drill
Walter introduced the D4140 replaceable tip drill, a tough and versatile new drill that delivers maximum process reliability and extended tool life.

Tire shredder recycling knives
A line of tire shredder knives used in recycling scrap tires has recently been re-engineered to ensure quicker changeovers during equipment maintenance

Walter DB130 Advance solid carbide micro drill
Walter introduced the DB130 Advance, its smallest solid carbide micro drill with diameters from just 0.004 to 0.06 in. (0.1 mm to 1.45 mm)

BAHCO Bandsaw Blade Catalog
The new BAHCO Bandsaw Blade Catalog features BAHCO’s diverse line of horizontal and vertical cutting solutions

North American Tool solid carbide thread mills
North American Tool Corporation has introduced a new line of standard solid carbide thread mills

Wavy band saw blades from Bahco
The new Wavy Bandsaw Blade from Bahco is a customized blade designed and engineered specifically for tough cutting applications, including high nickel alloys, Rene-type materials and super alloys

WIDIA and Gerstner limited edition tool chest
WIDIA, known to many as “the original German Carbide” supplier, has announced a special collaboration with H. Gerstner & Sons to bring two shop originals together in a limited-edition H. Gerstner & Sons tool chest

Walter TC120, TC 121 and TC122 Supreme taps
Walter introduced the TC120, TC121 and TC122 Supreme, three new blind hole taps that combine maximum performance in steel with improved tool life and process reliability

Walter expands T2711/T2712 thread milling cutter line
Walter has expanded the range of its T2711/T2712 thread milling cutter family for cutting large threads with two new tool bodies for the M56 and M64 threads and three new thread milling cutter inserts

Emuge carbide step drill program
Emuge Corp. announced the launch of a carbide step drill program that features new drill–chamfer tools available from stock in real-time online

Allied Machine AccuThread T3
Allied Machine & Engineering has added the AccuThread T3 to its existing thread mill line

Simonds supports blade-to-machine data transfer
Simonds Saw's European partner, WESPA of Melsungen, Germany, introduced the ability to produce instant "blade-to-machine" data transfer of machine-specific cutting parameters for its Individual Performance Cutting (IPC) custom band saw blades program

Lenox HRX Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades
Engineered to cut structural steel, tubing and bundles, large metal beams and heavy walled tubes, Lenox introduced the HRX Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade

Allied Machine VarioBore precision boring head and system
Allied Machine & Engineering introduced Wohlhaupter’s VarioBore Precision Boring Head & System, a versatile and cost-effective tool that features a universal digital readout module

Sandvik Coromant CoroMill 745
Sandvik Coromant has unveiled a new, high-feed version of the CoroMill 745 face milling cutter, featuring a 25° entering angle for additional productivity gains when milling steel and cast iron workpieces

Underwater and Water-Ring Pelletizer Knives
In the polymer processing industry, increased production and reduced downtime of hot melt pelletizing equipment are key factors in running a successful operation

Bahco Xtra TSX Bandsaw Blade
The 3868 Carbide Triple Set “Xtra” TSX Bandsaw Blade from Bahco is engineered to be versatile in cutting materials well on both vertical and horizontal bandsaw machines

Allied Machine AccuPort/AccuThread Kits
Allied Machine & Engineering announced the expansion of its AccuPort 432/AccuThread 856 program to include more than 120 kits for manufacturing hydraulic ports and manifolds

Task Tools reciprocating saw blade
Task Tools has developed a 12” Reciprocating Saw Blade for Rigid Insulation to provide contractors with a superior alternative for cutting and shaping rigid insulation quickly and easily

Emuge end mills for trochoidal milling
Emuge Corp. introduced a new line of solid carbide end mills with unique geometry and chip breakers designed specifically for trochoidal milling

Walter thread milling cutter
Walter has introduced the first thread milling system to combine the advantages of thread milling with those of thread tapping

Walter Surface Technologies SST drill bits
Walter Surface Technologies introduced SST (Super Speed Tip) drill bits in the United States, following 25 years of industry-leading success in Canada

Walter MC232 Perform solid carbide milling cutter
Walter has added to its range of solid carbide milling cutters with the introduction of its MC232 Perform product line

Allied Machine GEN3SYS XT Pro inserts and holders
Allied Machine & Engineering announced its new GEN3SYS XT Pro line of high penetration drilling products

Controx saw blades for Hydromat machines
Controx-Neuhauser presents precision saw blades designed specifically for use with Hydromat machines

Controx solid carbide tooling for machining PCBs
Controx-Neuhauser introduced monolithic circular cutting tools in solid carbide and high speed steel for the depaneling process of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Emuge solid carbide coolant-fed micro drills
Emuge Corp. has expanded its EF-Series of high penetration rate drills with a new line of sub-micro grain carbide coolant-fed micro drills

North American Tool Special Taps, Dies and Gages catalog
North American Tool Corporation announced the release of its new comprehensive 2017 Special Taps, Dies and Gages catalog

Alfa Tools high performance taps
Alfa Tools introduced three new series of High Performance Taps suitable for CNC and machine-driven threading applications

Drillco Cutting Tools Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters
Drillco Cutting Tools introduced new Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters

Walter Titex DC150 drill additions
Walter has introduced two new products for the DC150 drill lineup: 3xD and12xD, both with coolant through the tool body.

Precision rotor and bed knives
Designed for high performance and long life for the plastics processing industry, precision Rotor and Bed Knives from PDK Design & Grinding, a division of Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS), are manufactured from a broad spectrum of materials to consistently produce high-quality plastic pellets for compounders of a variety of engineered and filled materials

Allied Machine GEN3SYS XT Pro Line
Allied Machine & Engineering announced its new GEN3SYS XT Pro line of high penetration drilling products, which features inserts and holders designed for three new geometries and introduces several new coatings

Dormer Pramet launches PrecisionLight program
Precision Twist Drill brand of cutting tools has represented both reliability and quality to its broad user base

Alfa Tools expands MegaCut line
Alfa Tools has expanded its MegaCut line to include Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades for dry metal cutting

Vermont Indexable Tooling LS Boring Bars
Vermont Indexable Tooling announced the release of its patent pending LS Boring Bar line.

OX Tools PU10 Diamond Blade
The new OX PU10 cuts the most common materials found on a construction site.

Allied Machine Coolant Through Threadmill Solutions
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. now offers a complete range of coolant through threadmill solutions that are ideal for blind hole applications.

Allied Machine customization capabilities
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. offers a range of customization capabilities, including special sizes, geometries, substrates, and coatings for tool bodies, blades and inserts.

Allied Machine BT-A Drill for deep hole boring
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. offers the BT-A Drill, compatible with standard BTA-STS (Boring Trepanning Association) systems.

MK Tools solid carbide tooling
MK Tools’ solid carbide round tools from Monaghan Tooling Group introduced new “Speed-Drill R4” geometry.

Hyde Quarter-Moon Hand Knife
A new ergonomically-designed hand knife designed for cutting flooring, plastics, leather or rubber belting is now available from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS).

CoroMill 745
Offering high productivity and a low cost per edge, the CoroMill 745 has a double-sided, multi-edge design that is ideal for large batch productions.

Alfa Tools Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters
Alfa Tools introduced Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters for cutting in construction steel plate, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, cast iron, fiberglass and plastics.

Melin Tool Micro Carbide End Mills
Manufactured at its facility in Cleveland, Ohio, Melin Tool launched a wide range of styles and sizes of micro carbide end mills.

Walter parting blade adaptor
Walter has introduced new parting blade adaptors for BMT/DO machines that ensure precision cooling of both the insert and the parting blade, thus improving chip control and tool life, and helping to increase productivity.

CoroTurn 300 with iLock interface
For longitudinal and face turning, Sandvik Coromant introduces the new CoroTurn 300 for higher component quality, increased handling efficiency and longer tool life in steel turning operations.

Walter Prototyp Advance line of solid carbide milling tools
Walter has introduced its new Prototyp Advance line of solid carbide milling tools for universal application.

CoroMill Plura HFS end mills
The CoroMill Plura HFS (high feed side milling) end mills are developed for steel and stainless steel applications, but they can also enhance productivity in difficult-to-machine materials such as heat-resistant super alloys (HRSAs) and titanium.

Sandvik CoroMill 425 finishing tool
Sandvik Coromant has introduced CoroMill 425, a finishing tool for the face milling of cast materials.

Sandflex 3851 Cobra Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade
The new Sandflex 3851 Cobra Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade from Bahco is engineered to provide smooth, precise cuts for general purpose and production cutting applications.

Hyde IBS Loop Knives
Loop knives designed to quickly and safely remove flash waste and excess material from molded or extruded rubber and plastic parts have been introduced by Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions.

Sandvik Coromant CoroBore 826
Sandvik Coromant introduced CoroBore 826, a groundbreaking high-precision (HP) coolant tool for trouble-free machining and close hole tolerances.

High yield blades for beef and pork processing
Building upon experience in poultry and seafood plants, Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions has introduced a new line of blades for the processing and preparation of beef, pork and lamb.

Drillco Nitro-Max taps and threadformers
Drillco Cutting Tools Inc. introduced the Nitro-Max range of cut taps and threadformers.

Walter Tiger-tec inserts
Walter introduced a trio of universal, positive insert geometries that reduce downtime and boost performance in steel, stainless and iron machining (ISO material types P, M, and K).

Emuge expands THREADS-ALL program
Emuge Corp. now offers an expanded line of Solid Carbide Thread Mills in its popular THREADS-ALL program.

CONDAT metalworking coolants
CONDAT manufactures a complete range of metalworking fluids, including vegetable and preservative based coolants, dual purpose neat cutting and grinding oils, cold heading (forming) lubricants and specialty maintenance oils.

CAST MASTER XL band saw blade
LENOX announced the release of the CAST MASTER XL band saw blade in answer to the rigorous needs of the growing aluminum market.

Emuge high performance carbide drills
Emuge Corp. announced the North American debut of an extensive line of high performance Solid Carbide Drills to further enhance their broad range of taps and threading tools.

Walter D4580 chamfer body
The new Walter D4580 chamfer body provides cost effective drilling and chamfering in one tool.

Spyder Tools 3X3 double-sided recip saw blades
Spyder Tools expanded its line of rounded tip, double-edged blades with a longer-lasting, cobalt-strengthened version.

Emuge turbine end mills
Emuge Corporation introduced a new solid carbide turbine end mills program designed for milling turbine blades, impellers, blisks and other complex 5-Axis components.

Walter Capto clamping system
Walter has enhanced its family of Xtra•tec Insert Drills with the addition of the Walter Capto clamping system and indexable inserts with Tiger•tec Silver cutting tool material.

Hyde IBS Poultry Processing Blades
A full range of high-performance blades designed for almost any poultry processing operation is presented in a new four-color brochure available from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS), a division of Hyde Tools Inc.

Emuge tooling for threading titanium alloys
Emuge Corp. introduced a comprehensive line of high-performance tools for threading demanding alloyed Titanium materials.

Milwaukee Hole Dozer
Milwaukee Tool introduced the new Milwaukee Hole Dozer bi-metal hole saw.

Walter Prototyp Supreme thread mills
Walter has introduced the Walter Prototyp Supreme TC610 and TC611 solid carbide thread mills.

LENOX Gold Power Arc Curved Blades
LENOX introduced a curved reciprocating saw blade.

Champion Cutting Tool sheet metal cutters
Champion Cutting Tool Corp. has introduced high-speed steel sheet metal cutters in response to an increased need in the marketplace and customer demand.

Hyde Spray Foam Insulation Reciprocating Saw Blade
The new Spray Foam Insulation Reciprocating Saw Blade from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) eliminates the laborious use of hand saws or the need to carry single-use power tools.

Spyder bi-metal hole saws
Spyder Products recently introduced its Spyder Bi-Metal Hole Saws and TCT Hole Saws.

Kalamazoo Industries releases new catalog
Kalamazoo Industries introduced an updated full line catalog of the company’s abrasive saws, sanders, grinders and other components.

Bahco Easy-Cut Bimetal portable bandsaw blade
The new Bahco Easy-Cut Bimetal Portable Bandsaw Blades for hand-held machines are the ideal, versatile blades for cutting all common materials.

Walter Xpress rapid design and delivery service expanded
Walter has expanded its Walter Xpress rapid design and delivery service with the addition of indexable insert tools for drilling, counterboring or precision boring tools.

Walter Capto adaptors for counterboring systems
Walter is offering its counterboring and precision boring tools with connections for Walter Capto adaptors.

duMONT Minute Man Tooling System
The duMONT Company introduced the duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System.

Case Sealer Blades from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions
Durable Case Sealer Blades from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) are designed for long life in the field.

Walter Drill Bit Carrying Case
Walter Surface Technologies introduced a new Walter Drill Bit Carrying Case.

Exact Pipe Tool
Exact Pipe Tools Inc., the U.S. wholly owned subsidiary of Finland-based Exact Tools Oy, recently established its U.S. presence.

Ideal Merlin PowerBlade
The IDEAL Merlin PowerBlade is designed for utility linemen to cut high-capacity, high-strength ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) cable commonly used in overhead power lines.

Milwaukee Shockwave thin wall hole saw
Milwaukee Tool introduced SHOCKWAVE Thin Wall Hole Saws.

Big Kahuna Power Blade
Featuring a massive 3.5-inch jaw opening, the Big Kahuna Power Blade makes easy work of cutting large diameter copper and aluminum electrical cables.

KMT Model H275 manual band saw
The Kalamazoo Machine Tool Model H275 manual band saw is engineered to accurately cut tubes, pipes, light structural shapes and small solids up to 10-inches at 90 degrees.

Dayton Progress engineered clearance brochure
A new Engineered Clearance brochure from Dayton Progress details how the proper punch-to-die clearance can significantly impact perforated hole characteristics.

Walter Cut SX system
Walter has introduced the Walter Cut SX grooving and parting system, a flexible new approach for both turning and milling operations.

Three new parting and grooving geometries from Walter
Walter has introduced three new insert geometries that produce superior results in parting and grooving operations.

Pioneer holder option
Pioneer now offers a modification option on the company’s End Mill Holders, Collets or Shrink Fit Holders that enables the holder to deliver coolant down the cutting tool flutes on solid cutters via custom Jet-Blast ports.

American Cutting Edge hybrid blades
American Cutting Edge introduced the first line of ceramic snap off and titanium hybrid blades to the United States.

Walter Prototype Prototex Eco Plus tap
New Prototyp Prototex Eco Plus from Walter is a versatile through-hole tap that delivers superior performance and tool life.

Pioneer mini collet chucks
Pioneer released newly engineered SX25M Mini Collet Chucks with optional SX25MB Mini Bearing Nut.

Hyde Tube Cut-Off Blades
Engineered for the metal tube, pipe and roll-forming production industries, new Tube Cut-Off Blades from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) are designed to produce dimple-free tubes far down the line.

Walter Xtra-tec Point Drill
Walter unveiled a series of new inserts to its Walter Xtra•tec Point Drill lineup which provide the optimum drilling solution for the heat exchanger industry.

Walter Blaxx milling cutters
Walter has expanded its line of Walter Blaxx milling cutters with the F5138, the first helical flute cutter in the Blaxx family.

Walter Titex X-treme DM micro drills
Walter has expanded its line of Walter Titex X-treme DM high performance micro drills with eight new models, in drilling depths ranging from 2xD to 30xD.

Allen Benjamin H.S.S.E. spiral flute pipe taps
Allen Benjamin Inc. has introduced a line of high-performance, application-specific H.S.S.E. spiral flute pipe taps.

Drillco TiN Tipped jobber drills
Drillco Cutting Tools Inc. has introduced a new series of TiN Tipped jobber drills for the industrial and construction markets.

SkillPro Diamond Blades by Mercer Abrasives
Mercer Abrasives introduced the “SkillPro” Diamond blades.

Wiha Tools Terminator Bits
Wiha Tools introduced new Terminator Impact Bits.

Hyde IBS V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades
V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) slice cleanly through plastics and plastic films to deliver crisp cuts time after time, production run after production run.

Milwaukee Ductwork and Drywall Access blades
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation expanded its application specific SAWZALL blade offering with two new blades.

Hougen Rotabroach Fusion Cutters
Hougen Manufacturing has added a line of additional Rotabroach Cutters, Rotabroach Fusion Cutters.

PFERD Plast Cut TC Burs
PFERD has developed a line of innovative new PLAST Cut TC Burs.

Greenlee recip saw blades
Greenlee announced a complete line of high-quality reciprocating saw blades for the professional trades.

Greenlee E-Z Bore Self-Feed Wood Boring Bits
Greenlee’s new and redesigned E-Z Bore Self-Feed Wood Boring Bits make conduit or pipe sized holes up to 4 times faster than standard bi-metal hole saws, plus there’s no difficult slug to remove.

Hougen Step Drills
Hougen Manufacturing introduced a line of new Step Drills made from premium cobalt M42 High Speed Steel with a TiN coating which improves tool life.

PFERD Quick Change Mounting Sytem for hole saws
PFERD offers a new time-saving mounting system for simple and fast change-ups of hole saws.

MK Diamond eCatalog
The new MK Diamond eCatalog features a full line of products and allows users to interactively flip through pages and perform filtered keyword searches

Irwin Multi-Material drill bits
Irwin Tools introduced a full line of multi-material drill bits for drilling through brick, block, tile, metal, wood, laminate, plastic, and marble and more.

Pferd INOX burs
Pferd Inc. has developed a line of innovative new burs for working on stainless steel (INOX).

Hyde Score Slitter Blades
Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) offers a full line of blades designed to cut and finish rolls of paper, film and foil, corrugated materials, textiles and abrasives down to size.

Malco Guttler Outlet Saws
Malco Gutter Outlet Saws make safe, fast, clean cuts in thin walled and half round gutter.

Diablo Steel Demon Saw Blade 
The Diablo Steel Demon Metal cutting blade is ideal for cutting steel studs, steel sheet, steel pipe and other mild steel sections.

Emuge TiNox-Cut
Emuge Corp. introduced TiNox-Cut, a new series of end mills specifically developed to provide exceptional material removal rate and long tool life when machining today’s toughest materials.

Hyde V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades
Hyde IBS announced that its new V-Tooth Blade is now available.

Royal Products live centers
Royal Products has standardized five live center point styles. The new line will fit 90% of formally custom-only applications.

IRWIN Marples saw blades and chisel line
IRWIN introduced the new IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series saw blades and IRWIN Marples Bevel-Edge Chisel line.

Hougen Copperhead Carbide Tip Annular Cutters
Hougen Manufacturing expanded its line of the popular Copperhead Carbide Tip Annular Cutters, with more sizes and depths.

Imperial Blades recip saw blade line
Imperial Blades has recently announced the release of a new reciprocating saw blade line.

Fullerton AlumaMill G3 Series
Fullerton Tool Company expanded its tool offerings within the popular AlumaMill G3 Series of carbide end mills.

3M Protective Laser Tape
3M and Shale-Inland announced the launch of 3M Protective Laser Tape, a new family of Laser Protection Tapes for the metal fabrication market.

Disston offers two new hole saws
Disston Company, a global manufacturer of hand and power tool related accessories, announced plans to release two new and improved hole saws.

Hyde blades for electric, cable cutting and splicing
A full line of hand knives designed specifically for electric, cable and telephone line cutting and splicing is available from Hyde Industrial Blades Solutions (IBS).

Dtec adds diamond blades
Dtec, a product division of Affinity Tool Works, has added a new line of diamond blades to its Contractor Series.

CGW carbide burs for metal working
CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels offers a full line of USA-made carbide burs for metal working.

Greenfield Industries Introduces New Cle-Force line
Greenfield Industries introduced Cle-Force, a value line of high-speed steel drills and taps for the maintenance, construction, and industrial markets.

Ideal Tri-Bore multi-purpose hole saw
Ideal Industries launched the new Tri-Bore multi-purpose hole saw featuring a set of three tungsten carbide teeth for ultra-aggressive cutting action.

Tire and rubber blades
Hyde Industrial Blades Solutions offers a full line of machine blades, hand knives and mill blades for tire and rubber converting operations.

Hose and tube blades
An extensive line of machine cut-off blades and hand knives designed for cutting industrial grade hose and tube is available from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions.

High-performance carbide drills
YG-1 Tool Co. added high-performance carbide drills for stainless steel to its drill line.

Brick and mortar blades
Arbortech introduces new high-performance blades for harder, faster and longer cuts for use in Arbortech's AS170 brick and mortar saw.

Diamond tools for high-speed cutting
Performance Diamond Products introduced Xlerator High Performance Diamond Tools.

Wavy scallop edge blades
Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions has engineered a line of professional-grade blades that deliver more aggressive cutting action for greater performance in the field.

IBS converting blades
Hyde Industrial Blades offers an extensive line of high-performance industrial grade blades for converting materials into finished products.

Job shop drill
The JSD Series solid carbide drills from Melin Tool Company are designed for high-strength ferrous metals such as tool steels, stainless steel, titanium and nickel-based alloys.

Contoured Masonry Blade
The Arcus Masonry Blade is designed to cut curves in marble, granite, tile, stucco, concrete, stone and cement board.

Starrett Advanz carbide-tipped band saw blades
Blades offer exceptional fatigue, shock, wear and strip resistance when cutting difficult-to-machine materials.

Extra long chisels
Relton’s SDS-max Bull Points and Chisels are now available in 36-inch lengths.