Hose and tube blades

An extensive line of machine cut-off blades and hand knives designed for cutting industrial grade hose and tube is available from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions.

Hyde Hose HogWhether used in production lines or wherever they are needed in the plant, Hose Hog Hose and Tube Cut-Off Blades and Hand Knives move through the toughest materials and deliver smooth cuts time after time. Made of tough M2 high-speed steel, Hose Hog Hose and Tube Cut-Off Blades are engineered to cut the strongest materials including tough wire reinforced hydraulic hose in automated manufacturing operations. Unlike abrasive wheels, which hack a path through materials and generate heat, smoke and debris that can contaminate hydraulic cutting systems, these blades slice cleanly through the work, resulting in little to no clean up after the cut.