New Products - Hand Tools

Here's a quick look at new hand tool products introduced by suppliers in the industrial supply channel

Powrelink bolt cutters Snap-on flex handle ratchet Crescent self-adjusting pipe wrench Snap-on low-profile socket sets Stanley Push-n-Pick

TENNAX-PRO bi-metal band saw blades for structural cutting
TENNAX-PRO Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades from The L.S. Starrett Co. are designed to cut challenging tubes, pipes, profiles and structural shapes in both single pieces and bundles.

Three offset aviation snips for sheet metal cutting
Klein Tools has launched three new Offset Aviation Snips, with forged and heat-treaded steel blades for strength and durability.

Klein Tools precision screwdriver kits
Precision Fixed Blade Screwdriver Sets from Klein Tools help professionals get their jobs done in tight spaces and low clearance areas.

Insulated screwdriver for quick changes on the job
Klein Tools' two-in-one Insulated Flip Blade Screwdriver featuring an insulated handle and insulated blade for quick changes on the job.

Klein Tools' Clamp Meter for HVAC technicians
The advanced CL445 Clamp Meter (Cat. No. CL445) from Klein Tools features automatic ranging true root mean square (TRMS) for maximum accuracy.

Bare headed nut driver for tight spaces
Bare headed nut driver options from Cementex offer improved reach and access to tight spaces – a great addition to customers’ toolkits when one of Cementex’ s standard nut drivers will not fit. 

FastenMaster's multipurpose wood screw
FastenMaster has designed the MVP Multipurpose Wood Screw for framing, interior remodeling, cabinetry and more.

Two-tools-in-one plier wrench
Klein Tools' 10-Inch Plier Wrench functions as an adjustable wrench on flat-sided fasteners as well as a pump plier for pipe and other roun

Wide Range Transmission Grip from Klein Tools 
Klein Tools' Wide Range Transmission Grip is designed to securely pull ACSR, AAAC and bare copper cables.

Cementex electric service tool kit
The Cementex Automotive Electric Service Tool Kit (ITS-12B-AES) is a base of insulated tools for use with hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) as well as troubleshooting and repair to EV charging stations.

Made-in-the-USA screwdriver line
Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. (Mayhew Tools) introduces a new line of screwdrivers made entirely in the U.S. The line, with products sold both individually and in sets, includes over 100 SKUs for many applications

Wright Drive 2.0 socket design
Wright offers an innovative Wright Drive 2.0 design that distributes contact stress more effectively than any other wrench system

Talon Grip Long Nose Slip Joint Pliers
The new Talon Grip Long Nose Slip Joint Pliers from Snap-on Industrial combines power, dependability, and longevity for the toughest jobs in all industries, including aviation, manufacturing, military, and fleet maintenance

GEARWRENCH Ultimate Access Solution Sets
Modern cars use smaller and more compact components in the production process, presenting a new challenge for automotive technicians trying to access already hard-to-reach fasteners

Milwaukee M12 Handheld Sprayer
Milwaukee Tool introduced the new M12 Handheld Sprayer

Milwaukee high-speed ratchets
Milwaukee introduced the new M12 FUEL 3/8” and 1/4" Extended Reach High Speed Ratchets

Wright adjustable wrenches
Wright introduced two new adjustable wrenches including an extra-slim jaws wrench and a reversible adjustable wrench, both with extra-wide capacity

Mayhew 2-piece painter's set
Mayhew Tools introduced a new 2-Piece Hammerless Painter’s Set to its existing Hammerless Tools product line

Williams Universal Pliers Wrench
Williams offers a new pliers wrench that makes tightening and loosening a breeze

Snap-on QE Series Torque Wrenches
The new QE Series Torque Wrenches from Snap-on Industrial are both high-precision and adjustable for use in all industries, including aviation, manufacturing, military, natural resources and fleet maintenance

Mayhew Mini Pry Bar set
Mayhew announced the addition of a new Mini Pry Bar set to its line of premium, made in the U.S.A. pry bars

Wright Grip 2.0 Wrench Design
Wright offers innovative Wright Grip 2.0 wrench design (Patent # 11,219,985) that has more steel-to-fastener contact in high-stress areas to stiffen the jaws, increase tool strength and reduce permanent jaw spread

Mayhew 3 Piece Demo Driver Set
Mayhew Steel Products announced the addition of a new 3 Piece Demo Driver Set to its extensive line of premium, made in the U.S.A. hand tools

Snap-on flat jaw locking pliers
Power generation, oil and natural gas, railroad, aviation and other critical industries often require a reliable tool with a dependable clamping force

Snap-on Reaction Arm
The use of torque multipliers are essential when high torque is needed in heavy duty applications including power generation, oil and natural gas, railroad and other critical industries

Williams QuickFit Tool Organization System
Williams is bringing new ways to organize tools with the new Williams QuickFit Tool Organization System

Mayhew 3 Piece Hammerless Tools set
Mayhew Tools introduced a new 3 Piece Hammerless Set to its existing Hammerless Tools product line

Williams Flextensions
Increasing productivity while improving safety are what Williams Flextensions are designed to do

Cementex double-insulated wrenches
Cementex announced a new design enhancement to its line of Double-Insulated Wrenches that provide the greatest possible safety of personnel in environments in and around energized equipment

Snap-on Break-Over Type torque wrench
Reduce the chances of over-torquing fasteners with the new 3/4-inch Drive Break-Over Type Torque Wrench from Snap-on Industrial

Crescent bolsters industrial pliers lineup
Crescent Tools has expanded its lineup of industrial pliers, matching the performance of competing brands but doing so at a fraction of the cost to give pros in the electrical, industrial, and mechanical industries the best value available

Mayhew insert and power bit product lines
Mayhew Steel Products introduced new made in the U.S.A. insert and power bit product lines

Cementex Double-Insulated Torque Wrenches and Screwdrivers
Cementex highlights its wide selection of industry-leading Double-Insulated Torque Wrenches and Screwdrivers for the power generation and distribution industry

Toughbuilt Five-Blade Utility Knife
Toughbuilt recently launched its first-of-its-kind five-blade utility knife

Stabila PRO SET 80 AS / 80 ASM
You can never have too many precise, reliable spirit levels. That’s why the new PRO SET 80 AS and 80 ASM from STABILA are very practical for every trade

RIDGID RP 351 in-line standard press tool
RIDGID introduced the RP 351, its first in-line standard press tool

Festool to launch two new tools to improve job site efficiency 
Festool will launch two new products in October aimed at building greater efficiency into the jobsite – the MX-A dust-extraction attachment and the Systainer3 CENTROTEC Organizer

Milwaukee adds to fish tape lineup
Milwaukee Tool adds to its fish tape lineup with new 120-foot and 240-foot 1/8-inch Stainless Steel Fish Tapes

Toughbuilt five-blade utility knife
Toughbuilt recently launched its first-of-its-kind five-blade utility knife

Milwaukee expands PACKOUT modular storage system
Milwaukee Tool has expanded the popular PACKOUT Modular Storage System with the new PACKOUT Rolling Tool Chest

Williams Micro-Adjustable Torque Screwdriver series
Williams introduced its Micro-Adjustable Torque Screwdriver series designed for durability, repeatability and comfort

Williams Work Tools catalog
Williams has unveiled its new Williams Work Tools catalog featuring more than 8,000 SKUs

Channellock pliers and forged wire stripper
Channellock is launching a line of three new SpeedGrip Pliers and the CHANNELLOCK 968 Forged Wire Stripper

Crescent expands HVAC tool lineup
Crescent Tools is expanding its HVAC collection with a comprehensive assortment that carries the highest level of quality for which Crescent is known

Mayhew low profile screwdrivers
Mayhew Tools introduced three new low profile screwdrivers, including a #1 Phillips, a #2 Phillips, and flat tip

Slice 10516 Tool Holster
The Slice 10516 Tool Holster lets users keep all their Slice tools within easy reach

Cementex T-Handle Tools
Cementex, the safety tool specialists, announces the availability of its T-Handle Driver Tools, including Hex Head Wrenches, 6-Point Socket Wrenches, and Drives

Kapro Tools 350 Pipe Level Set
Kapro Tools introduced its innovative 350 Pipe Level Set

Crescent Bolt Biter Impact Bolt Extractors
Standard nut drivers just aren’t designed to reliably remove rusted, rounded and worn-down fasteners

Snap-on 40-inch Three-Drawer Workstation Cart
The new 40-inch Three-Drawer Workstation Cart from Snap-on Industrial provides convenient mobility, a durable design, and generous storage of tools and equipment for any shop or hangar

Cementex T-Handle Driver Tools
Cementex announced the availability of its T-Handle Driver Tools, including hex head wrenches, 6-point socket wrenches, and drives

Kapro Tools Prolaser Bambino Cross Laser Level
Kapro Tools introduced its 842 Prolaser Bambino Cross Laser Level series in both red (842S) and green (842GS) versions

Snap-on Slip-Joint Pliers
Most technicians know the frustration of rounding off a fastener when trying to remove it with a pliers

Crescent Wiss Tinner Snips
HVAC and sheet metal pros agree: When making long, straight cuts in thinner-gauge sheet metal, tinner snips are the way to go

Snap-on 1-inch heavy-duty impact wrench
Snap-on Industrial’s new 1-inch Heavy-Duty Impact Wrench brings exceptional power to mining, natural resources, manufacturing and other critical industries

Mayhew Tools extends Dominator pry bar line
Mayhew Steel Products extended its Dominator Pry Bar product line with the addition of the new Dominator Economy Curved Pry Bar series, featuring single composite, ergonomic handles

To keep pros safe and productive, Crescent APEX developed the new eSHOK-GUARD Isolated Bit Holder and Socket Isolators

Crescent APEX project kits
Crescent APEX has developed three unique project kits with the tools needed to make quick work and move on to the next one

Snap-on Industrial MRO Pro Tool Set
All the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) tools users need housed in a right-sized roll cab are now available for order with a single part number from Snap-on Industrial

Crescent APEX Vortex Impact Power Bits
Crescent APEX introduce Vortex Impact Power Bits and Accessories to help electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, construction pros and MRO specialists better perform high-frequency, torque-demanding screw, nut and socket driving

Kapro Tools 905D Condor digital level
Kapro Tools introduced its 905D Condor Digital Level with OPTIVISION Red Technology

Mayhew screw pliers
Mayhew Steel Products introduced the new Screw Pliers, part number 95685, to its product offering

Festool USA to launch premium hand tool line
Festool USA’s new Limited-Edition Installation Kit will arrive at Festool dealer locations Nov. 17, delivering a solution for organizing and transporting hand tools

Mayhew extends Hammerless Tools line
Mayhew Steel Products extends its Hammerless Tools product line with addition of a 2 piece Nail Starter and Nail Set, part number 89020

Cutfox electrician's scissors
The new electrician’s scissors from Phoenix Contact’s Cutfox series have durable micro-serrated blades, so they can deliver high cutting performance

Snap-on 3/8" drive multi-position head ratchet
Need to see – and work – around blind corners and in tight spots? The new Snap-on Industrial 3/8" Drive Dual 80 Technology Soft Grip Multi-Position Head Ratchet (FH80MP) has you covered

Snap-on P-Series pliers
The new P-Series Pliers from Snap-on Industrial are manufactured with a staked screw that is compressed to a tolerance at the screw joint to prevent it from backing out during use

Mayhew 11-in-1 screwdriver and nut driver
Mayhew Steel Products introduced a new 11-in-1 Screwdriver and Nut Driver, part no. 51011 (51011C in packaging)

Crescent Lufkin chalk reels
Crescent Lufkin is launching its new line of chalk reels, designed to erase the most common problems with the competition’s products

Starrett introduces new electronic digital micrometers
The L.S. Starrett Company introduced more than 100 Electronic Digital Micrometers with new features for improved ergonomics, functionality and productivity

Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears
Crescent Tools created its new line of Crescent Wiss Tradesman Shears—a superior line of cutting tools that meet the high standards of professional users

Hoffmann Group introduces new catalog
The new Hoffmann Group 2020/2021 catalog launches on August 1

Knipex Tools introduces Cobra XS
KNIPEX Tools introduced the Cobra XS (87 00 100) to its line of water pump pliers

Keep the dirt out with REED L4N1XP Ratchet Wrench
The REED L4N1XP Thru-Bolt ratchet wrench with sealed ratchets keeps the dirt out

RIDGID RP 342-XL Press Tool
One tool. Any material. Every size. Those are the capabilities of the new RIDGID RP 342-XL Press Tool.

Mayhew 12-piece Torx socket bit set
Mayhew Steel Products introduced a new 12-piece Torx Socket Bit Set, part number 16013

Magnetic ToolMat from Master Magnetics
The new Magnetic ToolMat from Master Magnetics helps workers stay organized, work fast and be more productive

Gear Keeper TL1-2006 retractable wrist tether
Safely avoiding at-heights entanglement issues from multiple dangling tethers, the new TL1-2006 retractable wrist tether is designed for small hand tools weighing up to one pound where a short drop length is required

Williams Wedge and Bull Pin shackle tools
The new Williams Wedge and Bull Pin with Position Adjustable Shackle tools from Snap-on Industrial are ideal for a variety of uses within the wind, natural resources, power generation and related industries

Snap-on Spline Zero-Degree Offset Combination Wrenches
The new Spline Zero-Degree Offset Combination Wrenches from Snap-on Industrial feature a uni-directional, zero-degree offset gear design to deliver more power in less lateral space, helping to access and remove the most stubborn fasteners in tight spaces

Crescent pipe wrenches for tough angles
Crescent Tools has developed innovations to its new line of pipe wrenches so that they actually work in the real world that plumbers and pipe fitters live

Stabila Type 80 Spirit Level
Stabila has added a new 8-inch model to its range of tried-and-tested Type 80 AS spirit levels

Lumax Magnetic LED Light
Lumax introduced the new Magnetic LED Light, LX-1436

Crimpfox DUO 10 crimping pliers
The new Crimpfox DUO 10 crimping pliers from Phoenix Contact are perfect when diverse workspaces demand flexibility

Mayhew adds Automatic Center Punch to CatsPaw line
Mayhew Steel Products Inc. expanded its CatsPaw product line with the addition of its new Automatic Center Punch, part no. 17329

Greenlee Gator insulated cutters and crimpers
Emerson announced the release of the new Greenlee Gator Insulated Series of cutters and crimpers

Kapro Tools 705 Eagle contractor box level
Kapro Tools introduced its 705 Eagle contractor box level with OPTIVISION Red technology

Monaghan Tooling Mechanical Joining Tools
Monaghan Tooling Group introduced Mechanical Joining Tools which join tubing to flanges and fittings, creating secure, leak-proof joints that withstand up to 20,000 pounds of hydrostatic pressure

RIDGID introduces StrutSlayr Strut Shear Head
The new RIDGID StrutSlayr Strut Shear Head creates clean, square strut cuts free from chips and burrs with a single pull of the trigger — and in five seconds or less

Crescent unveils line of pipe wrenches
Crescent Tools unveiled a new line of pipe wrenches at the 2019 STAFDA Convention & Trade Show in Nashville

Festool USA celebrates 20 year anniversary with Limited Edition Tool Sets
Festool USA is celebrating its 20th year of business in the U.S.— the brand’s emerald anniversary — with a special limited release of its Emerald Edition tools

Steel City Trowels by Bon
Bon Tool Co. expanded its offering of contractor-grade hand tools with a line of professional finish trowels

Irion-America XP-DELTA caulking gun
Irion-America introduced the XP-DELTA Caulking Gun featuring adjustable thrust ratios, 12:1 or 25:1, and drip control technology

Crescent measuring and marking squares
Professionals appreciate when one tool can take the place of two. The new Crescent Ex6 Layout Square does that through an innovative design feature, providing the functionality of a 7-inch square and a 12-inch square in one package

BORA Tool straight edge system
BORA Tool, a manufacturer of tools, woodworking and workshop accessories, announced the release of its brand-new straight edge system — NGX Clamp Edge

Rizer Hammer Helper
The Rizer Hammer Helper increases the pulling power of your hammer or pry bar by 100 percent

Crescent Lufkin Control Series tape measures
Crescent Lufkin has launched the Control Series of tape measures, the next generation of tapes that combine a professional feel and finish with the innovations that tradespeople need

Crescent Tools launches tool storage bags
Crescent Tools is introducing a new line of tool bags that are designed to withstand heavy usage in unforgiving environments, alleviating the cost and hassle of replacing a less-durable bag

Mayhew 9 piece pneumatic replaceable tip hammer set
Mayhew Steel Products introduced a new 9 Piece Pneumatic Replaceable Tip Hammer Set, part number 32026

Starrett salutes Made in America
The L.S. Starrett Company recently released a special-edition brochure that heralds the company’s history and commitment to American Made quality and innovation

Milwaukee adds to layout and measuring tool offering
Milwaukee Tool continues to grow its layout and measurement offering with a new Trim Square, Pipe Lock Level, and Pocket Level

Snap-on SpinTORQ 360 Continuous Rotation Torque Wrench
The new SpinTORQ 360 Continuous Rotation Torque Wrench from Snap-on Industrial is the only continuously spinning, low profile torque wrench on the market and is 80 percent faster than ratcheting hydraulic wrenches

Snap-on cordless in-line drill
The new 14.4-volt Cordless In-Line Drill from Snap-on provides 65 inch-pounds of torque to tight, hard-to-reach applications in manufacturing, aviation and industrial environments

APEX Industrial u-GUARD
The APEX Industrial u-GUARD series of non-marring covered tools gives protection and control on the jobsite

Mayhew 6-piece non-turning pneumatic tool set
Mayhew Steel Products introduced a new 6 Piece Non-Turning Pneumatic Tool Set, part number 32200, ideal for cutting bolts, breaking welds, scraping off under coating, and cutting heads off of bolts or rivets

Bon introduces line of forged masonry trowels
Bon has introduced a new line of contractor-grade hand tools - Keystone Forged Masonry Trowels by Bon

Knipex Wire Rope Cutter
Knipex Tools introduced its Wire Rope Cutter for cutting high-strength wire ropes up to 5/32 inches and cable up to 3/16 inches

Guardair QuickSelect Tool Rack
Guardair Corporation has developed the new QuickSelect Tool Rack to organize frequently-used shop tools and keep them within easy reach

Irion-America new eXcePt series caulking gun
Irion-America, manufacturer of dispensing tools and caulking gun products worldwide, introduced to the North American marketplace a new “eXcePt” series product line featuring innovative "drip control" caulking and sausage guns

Mayhew Tools hammerless tools
Mayhew Steel Products introduced 10 new Hammerless Tools to its product line

Bahco axes
The new line of axes from Bahco are designed for professionals and homeowners alike to safely and efficiently chop and split wood

Kapro drywall tools
Kapro Tools introduced a line of new products specifically designed for the drywall installation market

Bon Bull Float Tote Bag
Bon’s new Bull Float Tote Bag holds one bull float, channel float or fresno with a bracket attached and four handles.

Klein Tools AC/DC digital clamp meter
Klein Tools introduced a new AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter (CL380), bringing accessibly priced AC/DC True Root Mean Squared (TRMS) measurement capabilities to Klein Tools’ product line

True Temper introduces new striking tool line
The Ames Companies, Inc., a manufacturer and global provider of lawn and garden products and jobsite tools, introduced a full line of striking tools from its True Temper brand

Knipex anvil shears
Knipex Tools introduced its new anvil shears for cutting soft materials

Mayhew Big Stick curved pry bar
Mayhew introduced its new Dominator Heavy-Duty Curved Pry Bar, dubbed ‘The Big Stick’ (Part No. 14124)

Snap-on Hex Drive Micro-Lithium Cordless Ratchet Kit
The new 14.4-volt Hex Drive Micro-Lithium Cordless Ratchet Kit from Snap-on is compact and features a low profile for greater accessibility

Crescent Lufkin Shockforce and Nite Eye
Tradesmen who use a tape measure thousands of times a year know what makes one stand out from the rest

APEX Industrial Fastening line
With more than 85 years of manufacturing assembly and fabrication accessories, APEX is introducing a new line of fastening solutions for construction professionals

Snap-on 6" Diagonal Flush Cut Cutter
Flush-cut jaws on the new 6” Diagonal Flush Cut Cutter from Snap-on provides clean cuts across a wide range of materials

Mayhew Magnetic Pick-Up Tools
Mayhew Steel Products has added nine new Magnetic Pick-up Tools to its CatsPaw product line

Snap-on grinders and cutoff tools
Snap-on Industrial has launched a new lineup of grinder and cutoff tools that are lightweight and designed for low vibration

Mayhew expands Dominator line
Mayhew Steel Products introduced new 48-inch and 58-inch Dominator Curved Pry Bars available with orange or green handles

RIDGID Press-In Branch Connector Tool Kit
Quickly make ¾-inch branch connections on black steel pipe with the new RIDGID Press-In Branch Connector Tool Kit

Snap-on 3/8-inch drive Speeder Handle Flex-Head Ratchet
The new 3/8-inch drive Speeder Handle Flex-Head Ratchet from Snap-on Industrial is the fastest tool to manually tighten or loosen fasteners

Milwaukee large capacity chalk reels
Milwaukee Tool announced the addition of 100-foot and 150-foot Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reels

Gearwrench Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets
Gearwrench developed its new Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets to provide a simple solution to the common problem of removing, weathered, rounded or damaged fasteners

Snap-on offset extension wrench
As any technician can attest, some fasteners are just a pain in the neck to reach. But that pain is easing, thanks to the new Offset Extension Wrench from Snap-on Industrial

Crescent wide jaw adjustable wrenches
Apex Tool Group is introducing its new Crescent Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrenches

Snap-on Speeder Handle Flex-Head Ratchet
The new 1/4” Drive Speeder Handle Flex-Head Ratchet from Snap-on Industrial is the fastest tool to manually tighten or loosen fasteners

Gear Keeper ANSI-compliant Super Coil Tool Tether
Hammerhead Industries, manufacturer of Gear Keeper industrial tool tethering systems, has announced its new ANSI-Compliant ¾ inch Super Coil tool tethers for heavy tools and instruments

KNIPEX Tools High Leverage Angled Flush Cutter
KNIPEX Tools introduced its eight-inch High Leverage Angled Flush Cutter. The new flush cutter is made for easy cutting of plastic components and soft metals

Milwaukee adds to PACKOUT line
Milwaukee Tool announced the addition of three new solutions to its popular PACKOUT modular storage system

Bon Double Edger finishes wall tops in one pass
Bon’s Double Edger features two radius sides to finish top of walls in one pass

Ruland installation and assembly tools
Ruland has added a new accessory product line including key stock, hex keys and torque wrenches to assist with assembly and installation of shaft collars and couplings

Starrett to display jobsite products at STAFDA
The L.S. Starrett Co. will be showing its jobsite products at STAFDA 2018 in Starrett Booth No. 623-625, located in the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, October 28-30

Mayhew expands ProPneumatics product line
Mayhew Tools announced the addition of 11 new SKUs to its ProPneumatics product line

Mayhew Tools 6-piece ProGrip Trim Tools
Mayhew Tools announced a new 6 Piece ProGrip Trim Tool Set consisting of three U notch trim tools and three V notch trim tools

PACKOUT Modular Storage Systems
The new PACKOUT Low-Profile Organizer and Compact Low-Profile Organizer from Milwaukee are half the height of the current PACKOUT Organizers with the same impact resistant body

Milwaukee slim profile ratchet and wrench socket sets
Milwaukee Tool introduced ratchet & socket sets engineered for better access in tight spaces and maximum strength

True Peel Prep Tool
Electrofusion requires the outside diameter of pipe to be clean and free of oxidation.

RIDGID Quick-Acting Pipe Welding Clamp
Pipe fabricators, welders and metal workers are getting a better grip on tough jobs thanks to the new RIDGID Quick-Acting Pipe Welding Clamp

Gearwrench Slugging/Striking Wrenches
Gearwrench unveiled a new line of Slugging/Striking Wrenches, available in three styles to work with different industrial applications

Estwing Sledge Hammers & Specialty Hammers
Estwing Manufacturing Co. introduced a full line of sledge hammers and specialty hammers

Crescent/Lufkin auto lock tape measures
Crescent/Lufkin announced a new line of Auto Lock Tape Measures redesigned for comfort, durability and ease of use

Reed static grounding device
Static grounding devices provide a path to ground for any static charge

Digitool Solutions SPT Series Torque Tester
Digitool Solutions announced the next generation in digital torque tool testing, the SPT Series Torque Tester.

RIDGID soil pipe cutter
The new RIDGID Model 286 Soil Pipe Cutter makes it easier than ever for trade professionals to get quick, repeated cuts on soil pipe up to six inches

Gearwrench adjustable spanner wrenches
Gearwrench  unveiled a new line of adjustable spanner wrenches

1/2-inch drive tethered ratchet with knurled handle
The new 1/2-inch Drive Tethered Ratchet with Knurled Handle from Snap-on Industrial is the perfect tool to use when wearing thick gloves or working in greasy or oily conditions

QuickCut circular saw cutting guide
BORA Portamate introduced its QuickCut circular saw cutting guide, an all-in-one tool designed to achieve precise measurements and cuts each and every time

Crescent/Wiss molding miter snips
Apex Tool Group introduced the Crescent/Wiss molding miter snips

Teborg Swiss-made cutters and pliers
Grobet USA introduced its Teborg Swiss-made cutters and pliers line with slim ergonomic handles

Mayhew Tools 4 Piece ProGrip Hook & Pick set
Mayhew Steel Products Inc. offers the 4 Piece ProGrip Hook & Pick Set (Part No. 13094) niche tool set

Crescent Diamond Tip screwdrivers
Crescent hand tool brand from Apex Tool Group introduced its new Diamond Tip Screwdrivers

Stanley and Stanley FatMax Safety Knives
Stanley has introduced a new line of 16 Stanley and Stanley FatMax Safety Knives with concealed, auto-retracting, and spring-loaded blades to enhance cutting productivity, safety and convenience in fast-paced work environments

Lumax heavy-duty extended quick-release grease coupler
Lumax’s exclusive patented design heavy-duty extended quick-release grease coupler has an innovative design that firmly latches onto the grease fitting, enabling hands-free greasing

Digitool DW Series torque wrenches
Digitool Solutions announced the release of its new electronic torque wrench technology

Hyde Better Finish Wall Repair Patch Kit
Hyde Tools introduced a wall repair kit that makes easy work of repairing holes up to 4 inches in diameter

Williams standard ratcheting combination wrench
The new standard ratcheting combination wrenches from Williams are designed to handle higher torque applications without rounding or deforming hex fasteners points

Crescent/Lufkin self-centering tape measure
Crescent/Lufkin announced a redesigned version of its popular Self-Centering Tape Measure that makes finding the midpoint of measurements quick and easy

Hyde Better Finish Nail Hole Filler
Hyde Tools has introduced a new drywall repair product designed to improve the experience of repairing walls and to promote a better finish once a wall has been repainted

Bon Tool Bull Float Carrying Case
Bon's new Bull Float Carrying Case holds one 8-inch bull float or channel float with a bracket attached and four handles

RIDGID Press Booster
The new RIDGID Press Booster for use with Viega MegaPress XL Jaws and Rings builds on the power of the RIDGID RP 340

Slice Precision Knife
Slice Inc.'s newest craft knife is a combination of comfort, precision and strength made for industrial use

Lumax heavy-duty swivel handle oil filter wrenches
Lumax’s new swivel handle oil filter wrenches are constructed from high-quality components, making them built for lasting use and durability

RIDGID Thermal Imagers
Predict problems before they happen, prevent costly system downtime and keep buildings running at the highest performance with RIDGID Thermal Imagers

Klein Tools introduced two new multi-purpose tools for electricians
Klein Tools introduced two new products perfect for electricians on the job, including the All-Purpose Electrician’s Scissors and the 4-in-1 TORX Electronics Screwdriver

REDSTICK Concrete Levels can screed, smooth and level
Milwaukee Tool introduced the REDSTICK Concrete Levels

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tool Gear Backpack
Klein Tools introduced the Tradesman Pro Tool Gear Backpack with 35 variously sized pockets

Kett straight-handle shears
The KL-200 Double-Cut Shears from Kett Tool cut cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, plastic and Formica without warping or bending the finished piece

Kapro Tool Optivision Red Leveling products
Kapro Tools’ line of OPTIVISION Red leveling products provide unmatched clarity, the company says

RIDGID RP 240 compact press tool
The RIDGID RP 240 joins the RP 241 to expand RIDGID's line of smaller, lighter and stronger next generation compact press tool

Gearwrench slim head ratchets
Gearwrench introduced two new ¼” Drive Slim Head Ratchets. The ratchets are exceptionally compact, allowing users to turn fasteners in extremely tight clearance applications

Reed Cone Chamfer Tool
Reed PDEB250 Cone Chamfer Tool efficiently chamfers the inside or outside diameter of plastic pipe

DTS torque wrenches
DTS is setting the new benchmark for accuracy in the torque Industry for adjustable click style torque wrenches

Bora Tool Parallel Jaw Clamp
The Bora Parallel Jaw Clamp creates rock-solid stability to offer more precise work and a superior finished product that will result in expert craftsmanship and pride, the company says

Lumax 8-in-1 SAE & Metric Oil Drain Plug Swivel Wrench
The 8-in-1 SAE & Metric oil drain plug swivel wrench set is a Lumax proprietary and patented design

Reed Carry Light Tripod Vise
At under 28 pounds, the Carry Light R450PAL tripod vise is about 30 percent lighter than competitive models

Knipex introduces gripping pliers series
Knipex Tools introduced its series of Gripping Pliers, featruing Universal, Long-Nose and Welding Gripping Pliers

Mayhew Tools pneumatic body and panel tool set
Mayhew Tools announced the launch of a new pneumatic body and panel tool set

Gearwrench introduces line of professional markers
Gearwrench unveiled a new line of professional markers available in three different types to provide multiple marking solutions to demanding automotive and industrial users

Reed Catalog N++
Reed presents its new, full-line Catalog N++.

Klein Tools Magnetizer/Demagnetizer
Klein Tools introduces the Magnetizer/Demagnetizer with single-swipe operation to easily magnetize and demagnetize screwdriver tips and bits

Lumax heavy-duty grease gun
The LX-1153 is Lumax’s heavy-duty, dual-leverage premium pistol grease gun

CrewSafe X-traSafe Cartridge Knife
CrewSafe, a division of Spellbound Development Group Inc., introduced the patented X-traSafe Cartridge Knife

GEARWRENCH introduces new brand identity
GEARWRENCH unveiled a new logo and brand identity, including a logo, tagline, color palette, typography and product design

Lumax LX-1819 strap wrench
The Lumax LX-1819 is a 2 piece multi-purpose strap wrench set that includes one large (24”/60 cm) and one small (20”/50 cm) handed strap wrench

Milwaukee Cushion Grip Screwdrivers
Milwaukee Tool introduced the addition of Cushion Grip Screwdrivers

Lufkin Black Widow tape measure
Lufkin, the measuring tool brand from Apex Tool Group, announced its Black Widow tape measure

RIDGID cable cutters
RIDGID has introduced a new line of lightweight, ergonomically-designed cable cutters for easy manual cutting

Swiss pattern CORINOX files from PFERD
Swiss pattern CORINOX machinist's files from PFERD are designed for use on stainless steels and exotic alloys

Bahco Non Sparking Tools
BAHCO Non-Sparking Tools combine safety with ergonomic design for professionals working in potentially explosive environments

Hoffman Group tooling catalog
The Hoffmann Group recently announced the release date of the tooling company’s 2017 - 2018 catalog

GearWrench X-Core Pinless Impact Universal Joints
GearWrench announced its new X-Core Pinless Impact Universal Joints

Digitool 3-in-1 tool
Digitool Solutions has taken the wrench out of digital torque wrenches with a 3-in-1 tool featuring patented torque technology in the palm of the user's hand

GearWrench Mechanics Hand Tool Sets
GearWrench announced two new Mechanics Hand Tool Sets, including a 168-piece Metric set and a 232-piece Metric/SAE set

Honeywell Salisbury Ball Stud C-Clamp
The new Honeywell Salisbury Ball Stud C-Clamp features a universal and ergonomic design that delivers both versatility and ease-of-use

Mayhew Tools ProGrip Hook and Pick Line
Mayhew Steel Products announced the launch of a new ProGrip Hook and Pick product line

Lufkin Centerline Balance Measuring Wheel
Lufkin announced its Lufkin Centerline Balance 12-Inch Professional Measuring Wheel

Empire Level UltraView LED Torpedo Level
Empire Level announced the introduction of the UltraView LED Torpedo Level

Snap-on Industrial Brands Catalog
Snap-on Industrial Brands’ new free catalog offers customers easily accessible product information on its four brands: Williams, Bahco, CDI Torque Products and Sioux

Digitool Solutions Industrial Grade Torque Tools
Digitool Solutions announced the launch of a full line of Industrial Grade Torque Tools into the U.S. markets

Bahco Side Nut Adjustable Wrenches
BAHCO announced a new line of high-performance Side Nut Adjustable Wrenches ideal for special applications

Bahco Ergo Slim insulated screwdrivers
Working in confined spaces just got a bit easier, thanks to the new BAHCO Ergo Slim Insulated 1000V Screwdrivers

Snap-on 1/4-inch cordless ratchet
The new 1/4” Cordless Ratchet from Snap-on Industrial features best in class speed to get jobs done faster and more efficiently

Xuron Kevlar Shears
Xuron Corp. offers precision scissors designed with a special serrated cutting edge for gripping slippery aramid high tensile cable insulation fibers

Malco impact-grade chuck drivers
The distinctive blue color of these chuck drivers signals performance quality that can withstand the kind of impact driver stress that is characteristic for each fastening application

Reed Mfg. inner/outer deburring tool
Reed’s Inner/Outer Deburring Tool, DEB200, deburrs and reams both the inner and outer diameters using one tool

Snap-on Versatorq2 torque metering
Snap-on Industrial’s advanced Versatorq2 torque metering and data acquisition system is now rated intrinsically safe

Martin Wrench Retainer
The Martin Wrench Retainer is a safe and easy-to-use tool designed to hold a striking wrench (also called a slugging wrench or hammer wrench) on a nut for a safer, hands free, one man operation

Snap-on ratcheting wrench
The new Ratcheting Wrenches from Snap-on Industrial feature a stronger, more durable design that delivers up to 20 percent more ultimate torque and 95 percent additional cycle life

CrewSafe Viper PRO
CrewSafe, a division of Spellbound Development Group, introduces its new product, the Viper PRO

Bosch GCL 2-160 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser
For the construction or carpentry professional looking for maximum versatility in an easy-to-use leveling solution, the answer is the Bosch GCL 2-160 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser with Plumb Points

Reed Clean Ream Plus Plastic Pipe Fitting Reamers
Clean Ream Plus Plastic Pipe Fitting Reamers provide a mid-price solution for contractors to clean-out and reuse plastic pipe fittings

DeWalt Net Gen tape measure
At STAFDA's 40th Annual Convention & Trade Show from November 6-8, 2016 in Atlanta, DEWALT will unveil its toughest tape measure yet, with patented, game-changing dual-spring technology

VectorEdge diagonal cutters
Six new sizes of VectorEdge Diagonal Cutters from Snap-on Industrial are manufactured from cold forged alloy steel for precise cuts and reliable performance

Bahco 4750FB Series Tool Bags
Technicians and tradesmen can protect their most important assets with an extended line of Bahco Tool Organizers from Snap-on Industrial

Thomas & Betts Electromechanical Micro-Crimping Tool
Thomas & Betts (T&B) expanded its line of Sta-Kon wire termination tools with the addition of the battery-operated Sta-Kon BAT22-6NV2 electromechanical micro-crimping tool, which performs approximately 150,000 crimps in its expected service life

Snap-on pliers wrenches
Snap-on Industrial has launched six new Pliers Wrenches, including its largest model measuring in at 41-3/4” – all of which features better overall performance and less slippage than traditional pipe wrenches

Industrial textile knife packaging for Wilson brand knives
New user-friendly packaging designed to hold multiple Wilson Brand Knives used in the cutting of cloth, textiles or composites has been introduced to the market by Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS)

ATI Tools frangible collar removal sockets
Six new Frangible Collar Removal Sockets from ATI Tools prove that high safety and damage prevention standards doesn’t have to get in the way of productivity

Williams Wireless Borescope
The new Williams Wireless Borescope from Snap-on Industrial enables technicians to examine engines and other machinery both inside and out quickly and easily

Ames 88X Universal Extension Handle
A new telescoping extension handle from AMES Taping Tools has a universal tip that accommodates four different finishing heads, eliminating the need for multiple, tool-specific handles, saving cost and time.

IDEAL Smart-Grip tool line
IDEAL Electrical offers its Smart-Grip line of heavy-duty hand tools engineered for the electrician who demands control and comfort in pliers, cable cutters and crimping tools

Snap-on mechanical torque wrench
The newest addition to Snap-on Industrial’s selection of torque tools is the Heavy Duty Mechanical Torque Wrench.

Malco Tools compact multi-socket nut driver
This versatile, compact, multi-socket nut driver is a handy tool for pocket or pouch.

Snap-on ESD-Safe Screwdriver Sets
Snap-on Industrial is committed to reducing the potential for electrostatic discharge with its new Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD)-Safe Screwdriver Sets.

OX Tools stainless steel tape measure
Accuracy and durability are at the forefront of features that professionals look for in a tape measure and OX delivers on both and as an added bonus, rare earth magnets embedded in the tang to stick to ferrous materials.

KNIPEX Pipe and Connector Pliers
KNIPEX Tools’ new series of Pipe and Connector Pliers is the only of its kind to offer 25 easy adjustments with just the push of a button.

Reed Cutter Finder
Reed Manufacturing introduced a new online cutter finder.

Handy Safety Knife
The Handy Safety Knife is worn like a ring and features a unique curved blade design that makes it nearly impossible for the user to cut himself or herself – or anyone else

RIDGID upgrades non-contact infrared thermometer
RIDGID introduced an enhanced non-contact infrared thermometer featuring more precise measurements and a higher temperature range.

Razor-Back Fiberglass Striking Tools
Razor-Back tools are built tough to withstand the most difficult jobs and some of the harshest working environments.

Williams Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool
Snap-on Industrial is making the task of retrieving a dropped fastener or socket from a tight spot much easier, thanks to the new Williams telescoping magnetic pick up tools.

Williams inspection mirrors
Inspecting hard-to-reach areas is a daily hurdle for technicians. To help overcome this obstacle, Williams has added the LED Telescoping Mirrors, the Telescoping Inspection Mirrors and the Swivel Inspection Rectangular Mirror to give technicians a view that is no longer out of reach.

Snap-on Compression Fitting Repair Tool
Snap-on Industrial announced the launch of its new line of innovative Compression Fitting Repair Tools for repairing damaged threads on compression tube fittings.

TASK TOOLS 5-in-1 All Purpose Caulking Tool
TASK TOOLS has launched the first all-in-one caulking tool that combines five different tools into one unique product.

Ideal Industries 490 Series Multimeters
Ideal Industries offers its 490 Series Datalogging Digital Multimeter with problem-solving technology and a hardened all-weather housing for industrial environments.

Snap-on reversible wire twisters
Snap-on Industrial has introduced Reversible Wire Twisters that are designed for one-handed operation for increased efficiency and user comfort.

Snap-on impact rated hex drivers
Snap-on Industrial says it once again outperforms the competition with its new two-piece Impact Rated Hex Drivers.

Wheeler Rex demo van hits the road
Wheeler Rex announced its new demo van outfitted with products and information for pipe tool users.

Snap-on Gas Meter Wrench
The new Gas Meter Wrench, a tool designed jointly between the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and Snap-on Industrial, reduces the risk of injury to utility workers tasked with servicing or replacing gas meters, while improving productivity and efficiency.

Snap-on non-conductive composite hand tools
Snap-on Industrial improves safety on electrical jobs with its line of UL classified non-conductive composite hand tools.

Apex Fastening Tools for light industrial and MRO
Apex Fastening Tools, a division of Apex Tool Group LLC, announced the expansion of its fastening tools and accessories for users in light industrial and maintenance/repair applications.

Snap-on Tools@Height tool drop prevention certification
Snap-on has expanded its technical education program by now offering its Tools@Height tool drop prevention certification.

H.K. Porter Powerlink Bolt Cutters
H.K. Porter announced the introduction of its new versatile Powerlink Bolt Cutters.

Electro Static Discharge-Safe Precision Pliers
The new Electro Static Discharge-Safe Precision Pliers from Snap-on Industrial eliminate the dangers of electrical arcing when working on static-sensitive components.

Snap-on industrial catalog
Technicians working in critical industries now have a comprehensive, one-stop resource for all their tooling and equipment needs – the new easy-to-use 2015 Snap-on Industrial catalog (1300i).

KNIPEX pliers wrench
The new KNIPEX Pliers Wrench Mini pairs the versatility of a wrench with the functionality of a pair of pliers together in one sleek 5-inch tool.

Reed Thru-Bolt dual socket
With its reversible, adjustable head, Reed’s L2N1ADJ lets workers access nuts in tight quarters.

Snap-on digital torque checker
A torque wrench is only as good as its accuracy, which is why the new 25-250 Ft. Lb. range Digital Torque Checker from Snap-on Industrial is a must for every shop.

RIDGID Basin Wrench upgrades
The new RIDGID Basin Wrench is the latest example of how listening to customers leads to a better tool.

Crescent self-adjusting pipe wrench
Crescent announced its new 12" Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench (SKU: CPW12).

Hyde Tools celebrates 140 years with commemorative tools
In celebration of its140th year, Hyde Tools issued a commemorative version of its classic Black & Silver putty knife.

IDEAL Digital Insulation Meter
The IDEAL 61-797 Digital Insulation Meter is a rugged, industrial-grade tester.

Auto-Grip locking pliers
A women-owned, national tool company based in Northern Virginia, has announced the launch of the Auto-Grip locking pliers.

KNIPEX CoBolt Mini Bolt Cutters
The new and improved KNIPEX CoBolt Mini Bolt Cutters are the heavy-duty tool for cutting nearly everything that fits between its jaws, up to 1/4 inch.

TASK Tools launches three new products
TASK TOOLS introduced new Bar Clamps, Portable LED Work Light and additions to the TASK Signature Sandpaper lines.

Pivot handle cable cutter
H.K. Porter announced the launch of its new Pivot Handle Cable Cutter.

Wiha Tools BiCut SuperCuts
Wiha Tools introduced the new BiCut SuperCuts, designed for more power cutting with less force.

Milwaukee metalworking tools
Milwaukee Tool introduced several new metalworking tools.

Milwaukee Tool pliers line expansion
Milwaukee Tool redesigned and expanded its pliers line.

Hyde IBS mobile app available
Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) has launched a user-friendlier version for holders of mobile devices.

Snap-on Reversible Safety Wire Twister/Cutter
Cutting up to .041” wire with ease is just one of many features found of the new Reversible Safety Wire Twister/Cutter pliers from Snap-on Industrial.

Williams Safety Knife program
The new Williams Safety Knife Program from Snap-on Industrial Brands includes a selection of utility knives, all of which come with the latest technology to help technicians safely and efficiently perform their job.

Swanson GripLine tape measure
The GripLine tape measure features a patented rotating tip that is specifically designed to hold rounded edges up to 2-inches in diameter, such as metal conduit, rebar, PVC and black iron pipe.

Klein Chicago Grip Coated Guy Wire
Klein Tools introduced a wire grip designed specifically for use with both coated and galvanized guy wire.

Holmatro hand pumps
Holmatro introduced a new series of innovative hand pumps suitable for all industrial applications.

Swanson ProScribe tape measure
The new ProScribe tape measure from Swanson Tool features a patented innovative, retractable scribe guide and centering pin to help contactors’ measure and mark to cut lengths and radiuses.

Knipex larger size pliers wrench
The new, larger size pliers wrench, from KNIPEX, eliminates the need for a full set of wrenches by providing the functions of pliers and a wrench all in one tool.

Snap-on 3/8-inch Drive Short Handle Flex Ratchet
Snap-on Industrial's new 3/8” Drive Short Handle Flex Ratchet makes it easier for technicians to work in confined spaces.

Snap-on CTECH aluminum electronic torque wrench
The new ControlTech (CTECH) Aluminum Electronic Torque Wrench from Snap-on Industrial is lightweight yet durable.

Snap-on Industrial Brands catalog
For the latest in product information on Williams, Bahco and CDI Torque Products - the new Snap-on Industrial Brands catalog is your best resource.

Klein Tools expands Tradesman Pro Organizers line
Klein Tools added five new products to its popular Tradesman Pro Organizers line of tool bags.

Klein Tools Switch Drive System
Klein Tools released the new Switch Drive Handle System to easily alternate any accessory with a power groove between a power tool and hand tool.

Reed offers Catalog N
Reed Manufacturing introduced its new full-line.

Hyde 17-in-1 Painter's Tool
Carrying tools – or worse yet struggling to find tools on a work site – can really slow things down.

Utility Transformer Access Tool
Snap-on offers a new Utility Transformer Access Tool (part number K3477).

Williams Scaffolding Ratchet
When the job calls for erecting scaffolding to work at an elevated level, the new Williams Scaffolding Ratchet from Snap-on Industrial Brands can be a true time saver.

Milwaukee Locking Pliers
Milwaukee Tool introduced several new locking tools that dramatically increase productivity for the user.

Wiha Tools Go Box bit set
Wiha Tools introduced the compact pocket "Go Box," a 35-piece premium 1/4” bit set.

Snap-on 9-inch ratchet
Snap-on Industrial offers the Extra Long Sealed Ratchet, a 1/4-inch drive, 9-inch handle ratchet (part number TLL72).

Knipex Alligator XL water pump pliers
Knipex Tools LP added the Alligator XL (no. 88 01 400) to its Alligator water pump pliers family.

High Capacity Bulk Applicators
COX is introducing a new wider diameter barrel for high capacity bulk dispensing.

Precision Instruments XT36H Ratcheting Breaker Bar
Precision Instruments' new Ratcheting Breaker Bar, the XT36H, lets users use a ratchet head from any Precision Instruments 3/4” or 1” square drive split-beam click wrench as the ratcheting head on the handle.

Hyde 17-in-1 painter's tool
Hyde's 17-in-1 Painter’s Tool elliminates the hassle of carrying tools or struggling to find tools on a work site.

Klein Tools Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool and Blade
Klein Tools expanded its Voice/Data/Video punchdown tool line with a new Cushion-Grip Impact Punchdown Tool and Blade.

Knipex X-Cut cutting pliers
The new X-Cut cutting pliers, from KNIPEX, is a compact, light-weight, powerful and precise box-joint diagonal cutter.

Safecutters Nummo utility knife
Safecutters NUMMO knife combines the features of a durable auto-retract box cutter on one end and a rotary cutting blade with tape splitter on the other.

Snap-on Dog Box rolling tool box
The new Dog Box from Snap-on Industrial is a rolling tool box that makes moving tools across a hangar, tarmac or facility a breeze.

TASK Tools Impact Driver Bit Program
TASK Tools expanded its impact driver bit program.

Milwaukee Inkzall Jobsite Markers
Milwaukee Tool Corporation introduced Inkzall Jobsite Markers, a new line of writing tools designed and optimized for jobsite use.

Wiha iTorque Tool Sets
Wiha Tools introduced new TorqueControl adjustable iTorque tool sets.

Cerro Wire steel pulling grips
Cerro Wire LLC, a manufacturer of copper electrical building wire and cable, introduced a complete range of wire equipped with RectorSeal single-use steel pulling grips.

H.K. Porter Indexing Rebar Bender
H.K. Porter, a hand tool brand from Apex Tool Group, announced the launch of its new Indexing Rebar Bender.

Knipex Cobra water pump pliers
Knipex Tools added the Cobra XL and Cobra XXL additions to the Cobra Water Pump Pliers family

Parker SensoControl Diagnostic Serviceman Plus
Parker Hannifin Corporation introduced the new SensoControl Diagnostic Serviceman Plus.

Swanson Tool GripLine tape measure
Swanson Tool unveiled a new tape measure under its premium Savage brand that grips round surfaces.

Wilton B.A.S.H. Splitting Maul
The new Wilton B.A.S.H Splitting Maul with Unbreakable Handle Technology is the world’s most durable maul.

GearWrench Professional Pliers
GearWrench announced its new Professional Pliers lineup that includes 15 new products in three categories: tongue and groove pliers, slip joint pliers, and cutting pliers.

Snap-on Essential Operator's Tool
Snap-on Industrial introduced an upgrade to its original adjustable wrench designed more than 100 years ago.

Deburr and Chamfer Plastic Pipe with Reed DEB1
Reed’s DEB1 tools deburr and chamfer to manufacturers’ standards in seconds.

Mercer Abrasives 9-piece maintenance set
Mercer Abrasives announced a new 9-piece Maintenance Set for general sharpening and maintenance around the garage, work sites or manufacturing plants.

Pocketbung wrench
The Pocketbung wrench is a newly developed multi-use bung wrench that is small and lightweight, yet durable.

Klein compact ratcheting modular crimper
Klein Tools introduced the new Compact Ratcheting Modular Crimper (Cat. No. VDV226-107) extending its Voice/Data/Video (VDV) line of tools, connectors and testers.

Knipex pliers wrench
The pliers wrench, from KNIPEX, eliminates the need for a full set of wrenches by providing the functions of a pliers and a wrench all-in-one tool.

Pratt-Read hook and pick tools
Pratt-Read Tools offers a 100% Made In America four-piece precision Hook and Pick set for professional contractors and serious DIY'ers.

Milwaukee HollowCore nut drivers
HollowCore Magnetic Nut Drivers from Milwaukee Tool feature a new thread-thru design.

Klein Tools MM500 Auto Ranging Multimeter
Klein Tools introduced its new MM500 Auto Ranging Multimeter that stands up to real world environments.

GearWrench 84-Tooth Long Handle Ratchets
GearWrench announced its new 84-Tooth Long Handle Ratchets.

Knipex Tools Screw Extractor
Knipex Tools introduces a new, extensive line of double-edged bolt and screw extractors.

Snap-on Control Tech Industrial Torque Wrench
The new Control Tech Industrial Torque Wrench from Snap-on Industrial unites torque and angle in a single mode to provide the most accurate and fastest way to achieve torque.

IPA Grease Joint Rejuvenator
IPA’s Grease Joint Rejuvenator (Patented), continues as the number one solution for clogged grease fittings and joints.

Ideal Industries VPM Voltage Performance Monitor
The VPM Voltage Performance Monitor from Ideal Industries takes the guesswork out of determining the source of electronic equipment failure.

Ludell 2013 catalog available
Q.E.P. Co. released the 2013 Ludell Catalog, featuring Ludell striking tools.

Southwire electrician's tools
Southwire has introduced Southwire Electrician’s Tools, a comprehensive line of hand tools, testers and meters.

Magnetic Flashlight Pick Up Tool
Impeltronics released its LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight Pick Up Tool.

Crescent Pivot Pro Pliers
Crescent unveiled a variety of new hand tools and line extensions including its Pivot Pro Pliers.

Impeltronics telescoping magnetic flashlight pickup tool
Impeltronics released its LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight Pick Up Tool.

Q.E.P. Tool Catalog
Q.E.P. Co. Inc. unveiled its newest tool catalog.

Klein Tools Camouflage series pliers
Klein Tools released the Limited Edition Camouflage 2000 Series High-Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers.

Jot Solutions
Plews & Edelmann launched the Jot Solutions line of patented, innovative tool accessories that provide a reusable writing surface for everyday use.

Reed Solution Kits
Reed Solutions Kits contain the tools required to smoothly install joints every time to prevent failures between pipe and fitting.

Knipex retaining ring pliers
Retaining Ring Pliers from KNIPEX Tools LP are available in several variations for use on a wide range of retaining ring sizes and styles.

C.H. Hanson insulated tool line
C.H. Hanson is launching a full line of 1,000V rated fully insulated tools designed for the electrical and maintenance professional.

Klein Tools multimeters and receptacle testers
Klein Tools expanded its Test & Measurement line with “Made in the USA” multimeters and receptacle testers with higher durability and superior quality.

Milwaukee 10-in-1 multi-bit driver
Milwaukee Tool introduced several 10IN1 Multi Bit Drivers that all feature 3-1/2” power groove bits for power tool compatibly and extended reach.

General Tools Lighted Magnetic/Mechanical Pickups
General Tools & Instruments introduced tools for work in tight, poorly lit spots where it’s a struggle to see and retrieve small objects.

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizers
Klein Tools expanded its popular Tradesman Pro Organizers line of tool bags with four innovative tool organizing solutions.

Knipex Cobra Water Pump Pliers
The new Cobra Quick Set addition to the Cobra Water Pump Pliers family from KNIPEX Tools LP combines the features of automatic adjusting pump pliers with the traditional push-button pump pliers.

Snap-on FOD and FME compliant ratchets
Snap-on Industrial introduced three new ratchets that meet foreign object damage (FOD) and foreign material exclusion (FME) conformance.

GearWrench 120XP Flex Head Ratchet
GearWrench announced the new 120XP Flex Head Ratchet will be available for purchase mid to late March.

Klein Klaw Pump Pliers
Klein Tools introduced a new line of pump pliers featuring a curved jaw designed to grasp with multiple points of contact.

IPA Diamond Grip Terminal Cleaners
IPA says its Diamond Grip Terminal Cleaners are the first tools ever made to clean small male and female spade pin connectors.

Channellock 30-inch 830 adjustable wrench
Channellock Inc. is introducing its 30-inch 830 Adjustable Wrench.

Klein Tools extra wide jaw wrench
Klein Tools introduced a new Extra-Wide Jaw 8” Adjustable Wrench.

Lufkin P Series tapes
Lufkin announced its new Lufkin P Series tapes.

Milwaukee M12 cordless caulk and adhesive gun
Milwaukee Electric Tool introduced the new M12 Cordless Caulk and Adhesive Gun.

IPA Gator Jaws
IPA announced its newest product, the Gator Jaws, a versatile filter plier for removing spin-on type filters on motorcycles, cars, SUVs, trucks, and heavy-duty equipment.

Snap-on Industrial Brands catalog
The new Snap-on Industrial Brands catalog includes detailed information on more than 7,100 professional tool and equipment items.

IPA Grease Joint Rejuvenator
IPA's Grease Joint Rejuvenator opens clogged grease joints and fittings on farming, excavating, construction, and industrial equipment.

Milwaukee Torpedo Levels
Milwaukee Electric Tool introduced a 10-inch Torpedo Level designed for the electrical trade and a 10-inch Reaming Torpedo Level for general contractors and plumbing trades.

Wiha tool box ready storage tray sets
Wiha Tools introduced new tool box ready storage tray sets designed for tool cabinet drawer storage.

Snap-on Industrial catalog
The new 800+ page Snap-on Industrial catalog includes performance and specifications on all Snap-on Industrial tools and equipment.

Martin Tool adjustable spud-end wrench
Martin Tool & Forge introduced a new adjustable spud-end wrench.

GearWrench Double-X Pliers
GearWrench introduced its line of Double-X Pliers for industrial technicians.

TASK Signature Utility Knives
TASK Tools says its TASK Signature Utility Knives snap-off blades are the highest performing blades on the market.

Nupla Solid Nuplaglas Composite Pry Bars
Nupla Corporation introduced Solid Nuplaglas Composite pry bars.

RIDGID micro CA-25
The RIDGID micro CA-25 hand-held inspection camera helps professional users see into hard-to-reach areas.

Re-Grip breathes new life into tool grips
Created to extend the life of tools, Re-Grip is a universal solution to worn-out handle grips.

Reed PE Squeeze-Off tool
Reed introduced the PES2 IPS/CTS (#04303) PE Squeeze-Off tool for ½” – 2” IPS and CTS pipe.

Snap-on scaffolding ratchet
When the job calls for erecting scaffolding to work at an elevated level, the new Williams Scaffolding Ratchet from Snap-on Industrial Brands can be a true time saver.

Snap-on Digital Torque Tester
The new Digital Torque Tester (DTT) from Snap-on Industrial is a low-cost torque tester that can be mounted on a wall or in a bench-top vise.

Greenlee Mobile Bending Table
Greenlee of Textron Inc. launched a newly designed 881-Mobile Bending Table (MBT) for commercial and industrial electricians.

Streamlight Strion LED tactical flashlight
Streamlight introduced a pink version of its popular Strion LED tactical flashlight.

Apex unveils new Crescent and Lufkin tools
Apex Tool Group unveiled several new professional and do-it-yourself tools from the company’s leading brands, including Crescent and Lufkin.

Wiss Aviation Snips
Wiss offers aviation snips that deliver a better overall product life as a result of their unique blade design, free-floating active pivot bolt and valve-grade double-wound return spring.

Re-Grip handle grips
Re-Grip Inc. has created the ultimate solution to minimize safety risk and down time while adhering to OSHA recommendations.

ProtoID RFID-embedded hand tools
In collaboration with Proto, CribMaster announced the launch of ProtoID RFID-embedded hand tools including sockets.

Hyde Tools digital master catalog
Hyde Tools launched a new interactive digital master catalog.

Coast C5899 LED Pro Pocket Pliers Multi Tool
Coast's model C5899 LED Pro Pocket Pliers multi tool is packed with practical tools and 2 built-in LED lights to illuminate work surfaces.

Ideal adds 60 new bits
Ideal Industries announced a major expansion of its line with the introduction of more than 60 new SKUs of industrial-grade screwdriver bits, all made in the United States.

Carlon PVC Conduit Repair System
Repairing broken polyvinylchloride (PVC) conduit is no longer an arduous and time-consuming task with the new Carlon PVC Conduit Repair System from Thomas & Betts.

Dust Muzzle dust collectors
Dust Collection Products offers a complete line of after market dust collectors for hand tools.

Wiha Magic Tip Safety Notched Ring Pliers
Wiha Tools introduced a new line of MagicTip Safety Notched Ring Pliers.

Irwin box beam levels
Irwin 2500 and 2550 Series box beam levels have a rugged frame tough enough to ensure accuracy every time.

RIDGID Locking Steel Tape Measures
Lightweight and easy to carry, the RIDGID Locking Steel Tape Measures are designed with a comfortable grip on a heavy-duty tape measure structure.

Wright Tool expands Cougar Pro line
The Cougar Pro line of competitively priced, professional-grade hand tools has expanded.

Hyde Heat Resistant Hand Knife Handles
Designed for increased comfort and protection vs. traditional wood handles, Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) has introduced a new line of Heat Resistant Hand Knife Handles for knives used by professionals to cut, sheer, trim, slit or slice materials on the line or in the field.

Snap-on All Weather Mobile Tool Chest
Snap-on Industrial has made moving tools a lot easier, thanks to its new All Weather Mobile Tool Chest.

WrightGrip now available in metric sizes
Wright Tool Company offers WrightGrip, an innovative, high-strength, anti-slip design on the manufacturer's open-end style wrenches.

Milwaukee ProPEX/Tubing Cutter
Milwaukee Tool introduced the new ProPEX/Tubing Cutter.

Hyde Tool Pro Brass scrapers
Hyde Tools has unveiled four new Pro Brass Scrapers.

SK Hand Tool reintroduces ratchets
SK Hand Tool LLC, a subsidiary of IDEAL Industries Inc., has reintroduced the full line of SK-branded ratchets and ratchet sets featuring original SuperKrome plating.

Hyde tire and rubber blade brochure
A new four-page brochure introducing Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions' (IBS) Tire and Rubber blades and knives is now available for download at

SK Hand Tool CushionGrip screwdrivers
SK Hand Tool LLC introduced the CushionGrip screwdriver line, setting a new standard for performance by delivering higher torque than standard screwdrivers mechanics are familiar with.

SK Hand Tool begins shipping tools
SK Hand Tool LLC announced its first shipments of sockets, ratchets, screwdrivers, wrenches and specialty tools to distributors and mobile tool dealers since the SK brand was acquired by Ideal Industries Inc. in August 2010.

General Tools & Instruments cordless engraver
With the new Cordless Precision Engraver (Model #505) from General Tools & Instruments, users can protect all types of valuables with identifying markings, and even perform delicate personalization of items.

OLFA introduces concealed blade safety knife
The tools to cut shrink wrap, stretch wrap, plastic strapping, nylon, sacks and bags have evolved.

Hyde blades for electric, cable cutting and splicing
A full line of hand knives designed specifically for electric, cable and telephone line cutting and splicing is available from Hyde Industrial Blades Solutions (IBS).

Extra-wide opening adjustable wrenches
A new line of extra-wide opening adjustable wrenches has been introduced by Wright Tool Company.

Irwin Tools introduces new utility knives
Irwin introduced a complete line of ergonomic and durable utility knives and specialty knives to maximize tradesmen's productivity in extreme and ever-changing work environments.

Hyde POP display for 14-in-1 Multi-Tool
Hyde Tools now offers a new point-of-purchase display for the Hyde 14-in-1 Multi-tool, a new solution to cluttered tool boxes, workbenches and junk drawers.

BORA's Spirit Level offers precision and accuracy
BORA, a product division of Affinity Tool Works, introduces its updated line of Spirit Levels.

Wright Tool introduces new striking wrench adaptor
Wright Tool introduced its new striking wrench adaptor that saves money, time and tool storage space.

Groovelock pliers
Irwin Tools introduced two new jaw configurations to its line of Vise-Grip GrooveLock pliers.

Ultimate junk drawer tool
Hyde Tools introduced the Hyde 14-in-1 Multi-tool with four screw bits in the handle plus 10 other common uses.

LED flashlight with induction recharging
Bluestone Lighting introduced the InCharge, an LED flashlight that features an innovative drop-in cradle-based induction recharging system.

Miter saw protractor
The L.S. Starrett Construction Division introduced the new ProSite 505P-7 Miter Saw Protractor.

Slim magnifying lamp
The Daylight Company introduced the EST Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp.

Low-profile socket/ratchet
Low-profile socket/ratchet sets from Snap-on Industrial fit cramped quarters.

Laser distance measurer
The 386 Kaprometer laser distance measurer from Kapro computes distance, area and volume in seconds.

Pocket-sized pliers
The new 6.5-inch 412 V-Jaw tongue and groove plier from Channellock delivers full gripping power in a compact frame, making it easier to work with smaller piping and tubing.

Close quarters cutter
Work faster in restricted spaces.

Multi-bit screwdrivers
The new multi-bit Stanley Push-n-Pick screwdriver includes six vanadium bits for added durability and rust resistance.