Posted February 26, 2018

Hyde Better Finish Wall Repair Patch Kit

Hyde Tools introduced a wall repair kit that makes easy work of repairing holes up to 4 inches in diameter.

Hyde Better Finish Wall Repair Patch KitThe Hyde Better Finish Wall Repair Patch Kit comes with everything you need to make a substantial repair – and it promises to improve the patching process and leave a better-looking finish once the wall is repainted.

Included in the patch kit are two tubes of Hyde Better Finish™ Nail Hole Filler Joint Compound, also a brand new product this year from Hyde. Unlike other wall patching products, this nail hole filler is composed of the same material used to finish the wall originally – that is, it is joint compound, as opposed to spackle. Its compatibility with drywall makes joint compound a much better choice for wall repair, as it leaves a more invisible repair than spackling compound, which tends to be obvious after painting.

While most patching kits contain a small plastic wall repair patch that requires “embedding” with compound – plus a 2-inch plastic smoother that’s insufficient to the task of covering a substantial hole – the HYDE® Better Finish™ Wall Repair Patch Kit comes with a self-adhesive metal patch and the 6-inch joint knife that any pro would recommend as the right size for repairing a 4"-inch hole. Sandpaper and step-by-step instructions are also provided.