IS Product News Roundup

Check here for new products available from manufacturers in the industrial supply channel.

Counter Displays for Wright's Newest Adjustable Wrenches
Wright Tool Wright now offers special counter displays for our two newest adjustable wrenches — the Reversible Adjustable Wrench and the Extra-Slim Jaw/Extra-Wide Capacity Adjustable Wrench. Both displays are available with or without product. Click for more.
Learn What Successful Distribution Businesses are Doing to Drive Results
Epicor Our 2023 Industry Insights Report reveals what key decision-makers want most from their ERP partnership. These findings shed light on how businesses of all sizes are using ERP to streamline operations, boost profits, and get the competitive edge in swiftly changing markets. Read the report to discover how the right ERP solution can help you elevate your business while leaning into the future of distribution. Click for more.
Choosing the Right ERP
Infor For most distributors, an ERP conversion is one of the most important and difficult projects they will ever tackle. Distribution Strategy Group spoke with leaders in the industry about selecting and implementing ERP solutions for their business. They shared the good, the bad and the ugly – with the goal of helping you benefit from the lessons learned along the way. Click for more.
Dayco Powers the World with its Gold Label® Belts
Dayco Did you know Dayco helps power some of the world’s largest companies? From low horsepower machinery to high-output equipment, Dayco’s GOLD LABEL industrial belt line covers applications in the manufacturing, agriculture, fleet, lawn and garden, HVAC, construction and oil field industries. With a line of 8 different belts, including classical, wedge, narrow and banded – Dayco industrial belts are made from fiber loaded EPDM compounds and offer extreme dimensional stability and excellent temperature variation so they can handle the overloads and shockloads associated with industrial equipment. Click for more.

We surveyed global technology decision-makers who shared their ERP purchase journey. Their answers shed light on what leaders need and want most in today’s swiftly evolving business world. Explore their insights on:

- The top triggers for re-evaluating their ERP solution
- Their experience across five stages of cloud adoption
- The 5 ways they evaluate ERP providers before they buy

Learn how digital transformation starts with the right ERP. Click for more.

Rhino Mats
Rhino Mats • American Classic® Diamond Anti-Fatigue mats by Rhino are the benchmark for comparison to all other Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats, with a closed cell polymeric sponge base that provides the resilient rebound properties needed in a rigorous manufacturing environment.
• This industrial standard is available in two gauges 9/16-inch and 1-inch thick, Solid Black or Black with yellow borders and both are available in stock sizes 2 feet by 3 feet & 3 feet by 5 feet with custom sizes from roll widths of 24-, 36-, 48-, 60-, 72-, and 96-inch. Click for more.
Shore Rubber
Shore Rubber When Hoses with multiple spouts/T-pieces’ are manufactured, there is a failure mode possibility if the reinforcing “Fabric” comes in contact with the media which is flowing through. This happens especially at the ‘joint’. At Shore, we have a special manufacturing process, that disallows the above failure mode to occur. We apply this special technique to all our Rubber and Silicone Hoses which have such critical shapes. Click for more.
Distribute Personalized, Digital-first Experiences to Your Buyers
Bloomreach Learn how Bloomreach's Discovery solution can evolve your e-commerce distribution strategy to reduce costs, increase revenue, and boost customer satisfaction. Take a look! Click for more.
InCord's Industrial Safety Netting Solutions
InCord InCord, North America's largest netting fabricator, provides the best custom safety netting worldwide. InCord specializes in industrial netting solutions such as rack guard, elevating rack guard, and conveyor guard netting. In addition, InCord's signature WebNets provide high tension and low deflection containment. With ISO 9001:2015 certified quality fabrication and industry-leading turnaround time, we serve our customers' needs quickly and thoroughly, with over 25 years of experience and knowledge behind every order. Click for more.
6 Digital Technologies Transforming Distribution
Epicor Distribution is an ever-changing industry, and the technology that enables digital transformation can help your business stay competitive. In this eBook, you’ll learn the six key technologies that are essential to digital transformation, what to consider when choosing each solution, and how to track and measure performance. This detailed guide walks you through features and capabilities of each technology, and how they can unlock significant value for your distribution business—without the need for a major overhaul. Click for more.
Counter Displays for Wright's Newest Adjustable Wrenches
Wright Tool Wright now offers special counter displays for our two newest adjustable wrenches — the Reversible Adjustable Wrench and the Extra-Slim Jaw/Extra-Wide Capacity Adjustable Wrench. Both displays are available with or without product. Click for more.
Adding AI to Your Distribution Toolkit
Infor Across most industries, the buzz is about finding use cases that promote the value of artificial intelligence. But, how will the distribution industry specifically benefit? And, where can AI create value for your business and workers? Read Infor’s recent blog on “Adding AI to your distribution toolkit” to learn more! Click for more.
Distribute Personalized, Digital-first Experiences to Your Buyers
Bloomreach Learn how Bloomreach's Discovery solution can evolve your e-commerce distribution strategy to reduce costs, increase revenue, and boost customer satisfaction. Take a look! Click for more.
MEGASYNC Titanium belt
Megasync MEGASYNC Titanium is MEGADYNE's flagship high-performance power transmission belt that delivers a new level of performance for Synchronous timing belt drive applications. The combination of materials and belt design used to create Titanium have been tested against industry-leading belt brands and proven to deliver results that matter to end users. Click for more.
Winning Strategies for Customer Experience
Infor Distributors face increasing pressure to elevate customer experiences. Finding the right balance between tech investments, process improvements, and traditional methods of engagement is critical. In this report, Infor and MDM Research benchmark the state of distribution customer experience delivery and identifies emerging best practices to keep customers engaged in a noisier and more transparent marketplace. Read the report to uncover 4 key takeaways on customer experience best practices. Read the report.
Distribute Personalized, Digital-first Experiences to Your Buyers
Bloomreach Learn how Bloomreach's Discovery solution can evolve your e-commerce distribution strategy to reduce costs, increase revenue, and boost customer satisfaction. Take a look! Click for more.
Spring driven reel for 1” hose
Reelcraft Reelcraft's dual pedestal hose reel includes 50 ft. of 1 in. high-quality PVC hose. The 5-in-1 unitized cast aluminum fluid path is nested inside of the reel to save space and eliminate leaks. Easy-to-use latching system locks the hose in place—it doesn’t unwind until you want it to. Reelcraft’ Series 80000 reels meet or exceed MIL-STD-810F vibration testing. This means the reels stand up to heavy vibration and are ideal for truck-mounted applications. Click for more.
Kennedy Maintenance Pro™
Kennedy Maintenance Pro Kennedy Maintenance Pro™ - Constructed with a .14 gauge inverted bottom pan and utilizing 6” x 2” casters rated at 700 lbs/caster, making this unit ideally suited for the maintenance professional maneuvering their tool storage unit to a jobsite within a facility.  The units work surface sits 5” higher than the standard Kennedy industrial roller cabinet and taller drawers allow for better organization of larger-sized tools.  Available in Industrial Red, Industrial Black & Industrial Grey. Click for more.

Dynabrade introduces new line of aluminum housing power tools

Dynabrade Inc. is proud to introduce a new line of Aluminum Housing Air Tools. Newly refined Die Grinders, Disc Sanders and Drills are manufactured to ensure a lightweight tool. Excellent for overhead or extended use. Each tool is manufactured with the rigidity and strength of a housing machined from a single piece of aluminum bar stock. Click for details.


Wright extra-slim jaws and reversible adjustable wrench
Wright extra-slim adjustable wrench Wright’s extra-slim jaws and reversible adjustable wrench are designed with an extra-wide jaw capacity that’s 78 percent wider than standard adjustable wrenches. The extra-slim adjustable wrenches feature an extra-slim jaw design that’s up to 50 percent thinner. The reversible adjustable wrench is two wrenches in one—an adjustable wrench and a pipe wrench. The reversible jaw has the teeth and the angle to make it easy to work on pipes. Click for details.

High-quality hose reels for demanding applications

Reeclraft reel

Reelcraft's 7850 OLP hose reel comes supplied with 50 ft. of ½ in. high-quality PVC hose rated up to 300 PSI. The 7850 OLP is part of our popular Series 7000 line of reels that is known for its high-quality, strength, and durability. These robust reels are designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications!

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Wright Grip 2.0
Wright Grip 2.0 Wright Grip 2.0 has more steel-to-fastener contact in high-stress areas to stiffen the jaws, increase tool strength and reduce permanent jaw spread to keep the wrench from slipping for the user’s safety. Featuring more torque with less fastener damage, distributing stress evenly over a larger contact area and away from the fastener corners. Designed with added premium Wright alloy steel for increased strength when working and precision broached for consistent quality and tolerances. Click for details.
Reelcraft premium duty 50' hose reel

Reelcraft 560

Reelcraft’s 5650 OLP hose reel is designed to accommodate up to 50' of 3/8” I.D. low pressure hose. The robotically welded steel base offers strength and quality. All steel components are powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance. Made in USA.

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KWIK-FLEX Dayco is expanding its KWIK-FLEX™ hydraulics line of hoses and couplings to offer more comprehensive coverage to its customers in the United States and Canada. This competitively priced line features 600+ part numbers and covers the most popular industrial applications including agriculture, timber, construction, manufacturing and transportation equipment. For more information, click here.

Repair Leaky JIC Fittings on the Spot

Koul Tools Fitting Fixer

Now you can repair a leaky JIC fitting when replacing it is not possible or would be a major headache. Fitting Fixer, by Koul Tools, utilizes a 37° inverted cone with diamond-dust coated lapping material to resurface the conical sealing area.

Using Fitting Fixer is simple. The fitting screws into a guide to hold it in place and the lapping cone is attached to a drill. Simply spin the lapping cone on the fitting's sealing surface until the damaged area is repaired.

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NEMA 4 Weather Resistant Cord Reels
Reelcraft NEMA 4 cord reel Reelcraft's Series L NM400 cord reels are NEMA 4 rated and designed for indoor and outdoor use. The guide arm is adjustable every 5° over a 270° arc allowing for the exact configuration to suit a wide range of applications. The containerized drive spring allows for safer, easier handling during maintenance. The heavy-duty cast aluminum design and powder coat finish combine to produce a rugged, corrosion-resistant product. All models are UL and CSA listed. Click to learn more.

Distribution ERP to strengthen your business

CloudSuite Distribution

Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution is a full ERP solution uniquely suited to help distributors address increasing customer demands, disrupted supply chains, a challenging employment market, and advanced cybersecurity threats. Infor cloud solutions can help distributors level the playing field against larger competitors by making world-class ERP accessible to any sized distributor. Explore our Three for Free offer to see how you can get started today.


Improved EZ-ON Hose Press 409B by Koul Tools

EZ-On Hose Press 409B

Koul Tools has released an improved EZ-ON Hose Press 409B featuring increased travel and a stronger drive train. The 409B model installs 1/4” to 1” barbed fittings quickly and safely. It features a patented lead screw system that requires only a ratchet or small impact gun to operate. Simply secure the fitting in the vice, clamp the hose in the travelling carriage, and turn the drive screw system. For 1” to 2” sizes, Koul Tools offers the EZ-ON Hose Press 454.

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EZ-ON Hose Press 454 by Koul Tools

EZ-ON Press 454 by Koul Tools

The EZ-ON Hose Press 454 installs 1” to 2” barbed fittings quickly and safely. It features a patented lead screw system that requires only a ratchet or small impact gun to operate. Simply secure the fitting in the vice, clamp the hose in the travelling carriage, and turn the drive screw system. For ¼” to 1” sizes, Koul Tools offers the EZ-ON Hose Press 409B.

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Keyless hub-to-shaft connection system

Concentric Maxi Torque

CMT’s Concentric Maxi Torque connection system offers tight run out control, precise component positioning and eliminates the need for secondary machining. You will not find these benefits in other connection devices such as keyways, set screws, pins and clamp collars. The CMT bushing system solves hi-tech synchronous drive and rotating component issues where reduced inertia and low vibration are desired; rotating mechanisms requiring compact space; devices requiring high reliability with no maintenance; and more.


Reelcraft welding reels for longer lengths of hose
Reelcraft welding reel Reelcraft's Series TWHD70000 twin welding hose reels are available with up to 85 ft. of Grade RM or Grade T hose. These heavy duty, spring retractable reels are compact and designed for mobile base applications. The independent dual swivel body assures positive separation of gases due to its unique design. Made in the USA. Click for details.

Cutting tools for Maintenance and Repair Applications (MRO)

Precision Twist Drill, Dormer and Union Butterfield Looking for quality, reliable and cost effective cutting tools for maintenance and repair? Precision Twist Drill, Dormer and Union Butterfield cutting tools deliver reliability and confidence for the Maintenance, Repair and Operational professional. From handheld to portable uses, our offer includes taps, countersinks, rotary burrs and drills in inch and metric. From large factories to machine shops, wherever your metalworking applications take you, our tools deliver reliability at your fingertips. Find out more at

72-Hour Pulley Stock program

CMT Timing Pulley Stock

Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc. offers first-class timing pulley stock in a variety of materials quicker than anyone else. Along with being an authorized Gates Belts distributor, CMT is your one-stop shop meeting all of your motion control and power transmission needs!

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Reelcraft's full line of heavy-duty cord reels

Reelcraft heavy-duty cord reel

Reelcraft's full line of heavy-duty cord reels are available in multiple configurations for a wide variety of applications. The spring driven cord reels are available with up to 100 ft. of cord for power or light. Stainless steel or carbon steel construction are available. All of Reelcraft’s heavy-duty cord reels are UL listed and CSA approved. Click for details.


We've broken the size barrier

CMT small space constraints solution

Required maintenance and constant adjustment of timing pulleys in confined spaces is a challenge. Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc. recognized the challenge and met it with the Concentric Maxi Torque, the revolutionary keyless hub-to-shaft bushing connection system. CMT’s keyless device allows for precise component positioning and tight runout control on demanding applications.

Compared to other connection systems such as keyways, pins, set screws and clamp collars, the Concentric Maxi Torque provides superior features and benefits.

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Affordable, Multi-Purpose Starrett IntenssTM Band Saw Blades Keep Cutting

Starrett Intenss band saw blades

The ideal workhorse band saw blade to stock for all general MRO/ Industrial applications, Starrett Intenss Blades feature bi-metal unique® technology and M-42 teeth to greatly reduce tooth breakage and extend blade life.

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Reelcraft's spring retractable reels for up to 100' of cord

Reelcraft Series L 70000

Reelcraft’s Series L 70000 cord reels are designed to accommodate up to 100 feet of 12-gauge cord. The heavy-duty base design, all steel construction and a baked-on powder coat finish combine to produce a rugged, corrosion-resistant product. A newly re-designed latching mechanism provides longer service life of the latch components. Two sealed ball bearings produce a smoother spool rotation and easier operation. All Series L 70000 cord reels are UL listed. Made in USA.

Concentric Maxi Torque - Various Bore Sizes

Concentric Maxi Torque

Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc. developed its CMT bushing system to meet a wide variety of popular, as well as custom, hub-to-shaft combinations. Twelve sizes cover bores from inches 0.1250 (3mm) to 1.1875 inches (30mm) and torque capacities from 14 in-lbs (4Nm) to 2795 in-lbs (375Nm). Up to 15 English and Metric bore sizes per bushing size help lower inventory costs by enabling the same component to be used on multiple shaft diameter applications

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FOUNDATION by Wearwell


Wearwell has introduced a new generation of work platforms, FOUNDATION, designed to raise workers to ergonomic work heights while providing a safe and stable floor. FOUNDATION is a platform system designed to refine work platform planning and assembly. Launched in April 2021, FOUNDATION is the first of its kind and a brand new product category for Wearwell work platforms.

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The Concentric Maxi Torque - patented hub-to-shaft connection system
Concentric Maxi Torque

Custom Machine and Tool Co., Inc. developed and patented the revolutionary hub-to-shaft connection device, the Concentric Maxi Torque, which allows for precise component positioning and tight runout control on demanding applications, while at the same time being simple to install and remove without shaft damage.

The keyless hub-to-shaft connection device has superior features and benefits compared to other connection systems such as keyways, pins, set screws, clamp collars, and other tapered shaft locking devices.

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Hunter Industrial releases upgrades to its HVLS fan controllers

Hunter Industrial fan

The 700E Series control is a seven-inch LCD touchscreen that manages up to 30 fans on a single network. It is Power over Ethernet (PoE) compliant, so no ancillary power is needed. The control allows the user to automatically adjust the fans’ speeds using the environment's condition data in real-time, reducing energy and costs. Hunter’s HVLS fans and controls offer year-round benefits.

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'Best Working Wipes' with FDA Certification for Sanitizing and cleaning


Dirteeze wipes are the absolute best “WORKING WIPES” you can sell to your customers. Dirteeze wipes are tough, absorbent and are the only trade wipes that are FDA certified for Antibacterial and Sanitizing properties.

These wipes are perfect for your customers and the jobs they do every day. They can clean off oils, grease, paint, caulk, etc. from surfaces, tools and hands, all while sanitizing at the same time!


Brighton Best International TAPKING HD


Brighton-Best International launches the U.S. Anchor TAPKING HD Heavy-Duty Concrete Screw Product Line. It features a patented “triple thread” design that makes installation more stable. Removable and reusable, the heavy-duty design is ideal for use when you need to anchor closer to an edge. Code listed under IBC/IRC in accordance with ICC-ES AC193 and ACI 355.2 for cracked and un-cracked concrete. Available through one of our 30+ national warehouses for immediate shipment.

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Newcastle System LT Series Laptop Cart

LT Series laptop cart

Designed for most industrial environments, the LT Series increases workers’ productivity by 50%+ by eliminating costly walking back and forth to and from a deskbound laptop or printer. The cart’s integrated power system allows workers to completely leverage their wireless facility. This will power your laptop, or small thermal printer and scanner for 8+ hours or 24/7 operation with an integrated PowerSwap Nucleus MINI battery system.

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New REELSAFE® controlled return hose reels


The new REELSAFE® Series RS7000 is an expansion of the rugged design that set the industry standard. With safety at the forefront, REELSAFE® pays out like a traditional reel, though is specifically engineered to retract the hose at an average walking speed. The centrifugal clutch, integral to the reel base, greatly decelerates the hose retraction speed by up to 83% vs. a Series 7000 reel. Made in USA. Click to learn more.


New heavy-duty reel covers protect your reels from the elements

Reelcraft reel covers

Designed to withstand the rigors and abuse of daily use, new covers from Reelcraft will protect your reels from the elements. The high-quality polyester fabric with PVC coating is proven to resist puncture, tears, and abrasion. The durable and long-lasting covers protect reels installed within harsh indoor environments, outdoors, or mobile applications. Six different sizes are available to accommodate hundreds of applications. Made in USA.

Hunter Industrial launches lifetime warranty on all fans
New lifetime warranty on HVLS fans

Hunter Industrial Fans—the industrial division of Hunter Fan Company—debuts a lifetime warranty policy for all of its HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) industrial fan lines. Hunter Industrial is the only HVLS fan company to offer a lifetime warranty policy on all of its HVLS products. The new lifetime warranty policy allows customers to work directly with Hunter Industrial on a return, repair or replacement.

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Hannay Reels Heavy-Duty 1500 Series Hose Reels
Hannay Reels heavy-duty 1500 Series hose reels Hannay Reels heavy-duty 1500 Series is specially engineered to handle high pressures and longer lengths of hose. Ruggedly built with a reinforced frame, the 1500 Series can stand up to the punishment delivered by even the toughest work conditions. All Hannay reels are built from only the highest-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance. For additional information, call 877-467-3357, email or visit us at
Dynabrade manufacturing replacement sanding pads
Dynabrade sanding pad conveyor line Dynabrade has begun the process of manufacturing its own line of Random Orbital sanding pads.  Dynabrade’s line of Random Orbital Sanding Pads feature a single piece hub design. This design reduces “face run out” to only .002 - .005, allowing for a smoother running tool, eliminating vibration. Competitor’s hub design are three to four pieces, resulting in additional tool vibration and inefficient sanding. Available in vacuum and non-vacuum styles, Dynabrade’s line of sanding pads is available in various diameters and thicknesses.