New Products - Chemicals/Lubricants

Here's a quick look at new chemical/lubricant products introduced by suppliers in the industrial supply channel

Cimcool CB-100 CRC Industrial Adhesive Remover LPS KB 88 WD-40 Trigger Pro

How to help customers choose right Cortec corrosion inhibitor
Corrosion comes in many different forms with many different solutions, which is why it is important to be aware of the multiple metal types in need of protection. Someone who does not take this into account may do more harm than good by trying to inhibit corrosion with the wrong chemistry.

HinderRUST prevents corrosion on electrical terminals, hardware
HinderRUST Electrical Corrosion Protection is engineered by Fluoramics to prevent corrosion and oxidization on electrical terminals and hardware.

Low-VOC degreaser SLAP SHOT
WALTER Surface Technologies' new, reduced-VOC SLAP SHOT heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser dissolves and removes grease, oil, and grime on contact without leaving residue. This new addition to WALTER’s wide array of cleaning solutions aims to deliver on productivity while also reducing harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which negatively impact both worker health and the environment.

Industrial Bio-High Temp 180 EP Grease 
Bio-High Temp 180 EP Grease from Renewable Lubricants is a multipurpose lithium complex grease that withstands high temperatures and is ultimately biodegradable.

Fluoramics dropper tip oilers 
Fluoramics’ new dropper tip style of oilers replace the previous pocket oiler packaging and are perfect for the “a drop will do you” feature of most Fluoramics products. Dropper tip oilers dispense products precisely with drop-by-drop control through a plastic tip directly onto the area to be oiled.

New industrial lubrication guide 
Renewable Lubricants has published an Industrial Lubrication Guide that details the company’s extensive line of bio-based products including hydraulic fluids, gear oils, greases, and penetrants.

SKF grease cartridge pump
AECP is a compact cartridge pump from SKF that provides effective lubrication to applications such as small agricultural and construction machinery. The robust, compact cartridge pump simplifies and improves lubrication by dispensing grease from standard tubes that are widely available from distribution or retail outlets.

Renewable Lubricants Bio-E.P. gear oils
Renewable Lubricants presents patented, ultimately biodegradable Bio-E.P. Gear Oils which are ideal lubricating spur, helical, bevel, and worm gears subject to heavy loading or shock loading in heavy-duty applications

Bio-Rust Preventative Fluid
Renewable Lubricants introduced Bio-Rust Preventative Fluid, a bio-based formulation that is environmentally non-toxic, VOC-free, sustainable, and highly effective at inhibiting corrosion on ferrous and galvanized steel

Ridgeline Lubricants fluid analysis program
Ridgeline, Parkland Corporation’s lubricant brand, launched the Ridgeline Fluids Analysis program for maintenance professionals needing to detect engine problems before they occur

Starrett M1 All-Purpose Lubricant
The L.S. Starrett Company offers M1 Industrial Quality All-Purpose Lubricant, ideal in a wide range of applications including on metal equipment such as rollers, racks, conveyors, chains and virtually any metal components found in highly corrosive environments such as marine, construction and more

Kroil Penetrant with Graphite
Kano Laboratories announced the rebranding of Penephite to Kroil Penetrant with Graphite and rolled out new packaging

Fluoramics LOX-8 Paste
Fluoramics’ LOX-8 Paste thread sealant was recently qualified and specified for use by another global equipment manufacturer servicing all levels of liquid natural gas (LNG) applications

LPS MAX - the next generation MRO products
ITW Pro Brands announced the next generation of products with LPS MAX; a new line of MRO lubricants, degreasers and electronic cleaners that are safe, efficient and sustainable

Fluoramics LOX-8 NF Oil
Fluoramics Inc. has released a new product, LOX-8 NF Oil, which will not fluoresce during black light inspections

LPS LCI Low-Odor Corrosion Inhibitor 
ITW Pro Brands has announced the release of its latest corrosion inhibitor

WD-40 Specialist Line
The newly redesigned packaging of the superior performing WD-40 Specialist line makes it easier than ever to identify the right product for specialized maintenance needs

Fluoramics Rust-Stopping Lubricating Oil
Fluoramics has developed Rust-Stopping Lubricating Oil that stops rust in its tracks while lubricating

Fluoramics adds product sizes for Tufoil Air Tool Oil
Fluoramics has introduced two new product sizes for Tufoil Air Tool Oil: 32 fl. oz. quart jug and 128 fl. oz. gallon

Cortec EcoLine greases
Cortec’s broad selection of EcoLine greases make it easy to start the move toward greater environmentally responsible maintenance in any industry

WD-40 Specialist with Flexible Straw
To help industry professionals in the automotive, farming, construction, and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) fields break rust on equipment and machinery, WD-40 Company is introducing Penetrant with Flexible Straw to its WD-40 Specialist line

Barracuda Triple Action Lubricant
JTM Products Inc. announced a new generation industrial multi-purpose penetrant / lubricant

Wooster Products Walk-A-Sured water clear epoxy system
Wooster Products introduced Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Epoxy System, an anti-slip coating which provide high traction and durability on a variety of surfaces

Madison Oxywave drain cleaning technology
Madison Chemical introduced its new OXYWAVE drain cleaning technology that cleans drains without scrubbing

Spray Nine Grez-Off
Permatex offers a new parts cleaner and degreaser that combines the functionality of a traditional spray degreaser with the flexibility and compatibility of being used as a parts cleaner solution in water-based parts washer systems

Madison Chemical Clean-Gard 83
Madison Chemical introduced CLEAN-GARD 83, an alkaline detergent specifically designed for removing aged, oxidized, burned-on oil, removing grease, and for other difficult cleaning operations

Dillon boundary lubricant
Dillon Chucks and Jaws introduced HPG500 – a premium boundary lubricant that prevents metal-to-metal contact under high load and slow speed conditions for either high-end manual chucks or power chucks

Cortec EcoAir Tool & Die Rust Preventative
Cortec recently developed EcoAir Tool & Die Rust Preventative to meet the needs of mold, tool, and die manufacturers and end users

Non-Haz Hydraulic Fluids launched two new products
Non-Haz Hydraulic Fluids launched two new products – Non-Haz 32 and Non-Haz FRHF 46 – that feature biodegradable, water-based, non-glycol formulas, offering a premium, completely non-hazardous solution for hydraulic systems

JTM Products SynMAX synthetic coolant
JTM Products Inc. has announced a new line of full synthetic metalworking coolants

Madison Chemical pre-paint solutions
Madison Chemical introduced a comprehensive 4-page brochure which details its line of formulated chemicals designed specifically for the unique pre-painting needs of metalworking and manufacturing facilities

Monroe Fluid Technology Astro-Cut Micro EP XBP
Monroe Fluid Technology announced immediate availability of Astro-Cut Micro EP XBP, a metalworking fluid concentrate for today’s demanding machining processes

Hougen RotaGel Cutting Lube
Hougen Manufacturing introduced RotaGel Cutting Lube, an industrial lubricant that provides superior protection to the cutting tool even in hard, high torque machining applications

ProClean Foam from Madison Chemical
Madison Chemical introduced ProClean Foam, a chlorinated, moderately alkaline detergent which performs well as a general-purpose foaming cleaner in most water conditions

JM Performance Spindle Cleaner Kit
JM Performance Products Inc., a manufacturer of CNC mill spindle optimization products, has developed its advanced Spindle Cleaner Kit and Spindle Restoration Kit

Madison Chemical Compound RP-99S
Madison Chemical introduced Compound RP-99S, a water-based rust preventive for use on ferrous and copper metals

CIMCLEAN Cleaners and CIMGUARD Corrosion Preventatives
Milacron Holdings Corp.'s CIMCOOL brand released its new CIMCLEAN cleaners and new CIMGUARD corrosion preventatives

Stronghold RepaCoat FX
Stronghold Coatings introduced RepaCoat FX, a permanently elastic two-component polyurethane elastomer

LIQUID WRENCH introduced new Pro Penetrant and Lubricant powered by FlashSight

Stronghold Coatings on-site repair material
Stronghold Coatings introduced MM1018, a polymeric metal material that provides 100% force fit gap compensation for the repair of process equipment and structures

Milacron CIMCOOL 35-880
Milacron Holdings Corp. announced that its CIMCOOL brand released a boron and formaldehyde releasing agent-free product for extra heavy duty applications in the aerospace industry

Stronghold Coatings PlasticMetal
Stronghold Coatings introduced PlasticMetal, the industry’s first two-component repair technology that can be mixed in various ratios for small and medium repairs to many types of metal

Milacron CIMPULSE 49MP metalworking fluid
Milacron announced a new product release to its CIMPULSE metalworking fluid line.

CRC Lock Lube and De-Icer
CRC introduced Lock Lube and De-Icer, a long lasting graphite formula that lubricates seized or frozen locks and mechanisms and loosens rusted lock parts.

CIMPERIAL 861 approved for use at Bombardier
Milacron Holdings Corp. announced that its CIMCOOL brand, CIMPERIAL 861 with InSol Technology, recently received approval under Bombardier BAMS 569-001 Revision B.

Justrite corrosive chemicals storage
Never worry about corrosion while storing strong acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, or nitric acids; or bases such as sodium, potassium, or calcium hydroxide in Justrite’s new, metal-free polyethylene cabinet for corrosives.

CRC Lectra Lube Electric Motor Grease
CRC introduced Lectra Lube Electric Motor Grease, a premium, NLGI grade 2, long-life grease with excellent thermal stability.

WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Degreaser
WD-40 Company is introducing the WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Degreaser to help professionals easily and efficiently keep their machinery and equipment running smoothly and looking like new.

WD-40 Company is introducing WD-40 EZ-REACH to better meet the needs of trade professionals and heavy DIYers who use WD-40 Multi-Use Product as part of their jobs.

Loctite Brush-Top applicator
For precise, one-hand dispensing of Loctite anti-seize lubricants, Henkel Corporation introduced a compact new package that features an easy-to-use Brush-Top applicator.

CRC RTV Silicone Pressurized Tubes with Select-a-Bead Nozzle
CRC introduced RTV Silicone Pressurized Tubes with Select-a-Bead Nozzle designed for a wide range of sealing, bonding, protecting and waterproofing applications.

Cimcool CIMPERIAL 861 with InSol
Cimcool announced the release of CIMPERIAL 861 With InSol Technology, a hybrid lubricity, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid.

CRC Pipe Thread Sealant
CRC introduced Pipe Thread Sealant, an NLGI Grade 1, non-toxic, non-drying thread sealing compound.

Bio-Circle CB 100 ALU cleaners and degreasers
Bio-Circle introduced CB 100 ALU to its bio-renewable lines of cleaners and degreasers.

CRC Industrial Adhesive Remover
CRC introduced Industrial Adhesive Remover, a general purpose, industrial strength adhesive remover. 

CRC EZ Cross App updated
CRC Industries announced significant updates to its EZ Cross App.

CRC Perma-Lock 2-Way integrated actuator
CRC Industries Industrial Division introduced the Perma-Lock 2-Way Integrated Actuator, the most secure actuator in the market.

Cimcool InSol lubrication
Cimcool Fluid Technology introduced InSol lubrication.

Tec-Flon non-silicone lubricant
Solid Technical Solutions introduced a line of high-tech lubricant materials, Tec-Flon (GM-approved).

Prolong EP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease
Prolong Super Lubricants offers EP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease formulated with the company's exclusive AFMT (Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) technology.

Loctite 4902 and Loctite 4903 adhesives
Henkel Corporation has developed two new highly flexible instant adhesives, Loctite 4902 and Loctite 4903, that offer elongations up to 155% and provide high-strength bonds in seconds.

Lock Saver synthetic lubricant
Mil-Comm Products Company, maker of the Lock Saver family of high-performance, synthetic lubricant protectants, now offers its aerosol spray to the facility maintenance industry.

CRC Industries industrial apps
CRC Industries Industrial Division introduced two new mobile apps for the Industrial & Electrical Markets – CRC EZ Cross & CRC EZ eCatalog.

Epcon S7 Hybrid Epoxy Adhesive
Red Head Adhesive Anchoring Systems has introduced Epcon S7 Hybrid Epoxy Adhesive for cracked concrete and seismic applications.

Loctite Structural Adhesives and NVH Selector Guide
Henkel Corporation introduced its new Loctite Structural Adhesives and NVH Selector Guide.

Zep Professional Advantage+
Zep Distribution, a unit of Zep Inc. will launch its Zep Professional Advantage+ chemical management system in a wall-mount and portable configuration.

Loctite anaerobic threadlocker stick
Henkel Corporation has upgraded two Loctite anaerobic threadlocker sticks to deliver advanced performance on oil-contaminated surfaces without requiring primers or accelerators.

CRC non-DEET formulat FR Clothing Insect Repellent
CRC introduced non-DEET formula FR Clothing Insect Repellent used for the treatment of flame resistant clothing to provide a barrier against mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers, ticks, biting flies and other flying insects.

Oil Eater Clear
Oil Eater has expanded its eco-friendly line of cleaner-degreasers with the introduction of
Oil Eater Clear.

Techspray ForeverSolv solvent reclaim program
Techspray’s new ForeverSolv solvent reclaim program makes it possible to recycle and reuse vapor-degreaser cleaning solvents.

Rust-Oleum Steel-Tech spray paint
Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands has added a spray paint to its High Performance Steel-Tech product line.

Dillon HPG500 premium lubricant
Dillon Chucks and Jaws introduces HPG500 – a premium boundary lubricant.

Rust-Oleum Industrial Lubricants and Cleaners
Rust-Oleum Industrial Lubricants and Cleaners are high-performance sprays specially formulated to provide long-lasting lubrication and asset protection.

WD-40 Specialist
WD-40 Company is adding three new products to its WD-40 Specialist line – a Dirt & Dust Resistant Dry Lube, Machine & Engine Degreaser and Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray.

CRC Weld Check System
CRC introduced its new Weld Check System, a 3-step system to detect weld defects quickly and without the use of expensive equipment.

Techspray E-Line cleaners
Techspray introduces E-LINE Zero-VOC General Cleaner and E-LINE Hi-Flash Maintenance Cleaner.

Loctite structural adhesives
New Loctite UK 1366 B10 is a flexible, general-purpose structural adhesive from Henkel Corporation.

Techspray E-Line IPA
Techspray introduces E-LINE IPA (part #1610-12S) – Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) in new, convenient 12-ounce aerosol package.

Techspray adds QR codes to packaging
Techspray announced that QR Codes are being added on all chemical product packages by the end of 2012.

Wallover machining coolants
Wallover Oil Company introduced two new machining coolants - WS 7450 and WS 7450HP.

Loctite Adhesive Sourcebook
The Loctite Adhesive Sourcebook, Volume 12, from Henkel Corporation is a comprehensive 202-page print and online guide to the complete line of Loctite adhesives, sealants, lubricants, coatings and dispensing/curing equipment for industrial manufacturing and maintenance.

CRC multi-purpose lubricant
CRC Industries offers the 3-36 Multi-Purpose Lubricant & Corrosion Inhibitor.

3M Adhesive Remover - Renew
3M introduces a new liquid cleaner/degreaser made from environmentally friendly, bio-based raw materials.

Dayton Progress DAYLube high-performance grease
When subjected to the ASTM 4-Ball Weld Test, new DAYLube high performance grease performed well, with no welds and only minimal damage to the ball bearings.

Tech Spray safe cleaning alternatives
Industrial cleaners continue to be a focus of concern as new research comes to light.

3M launches low VOC aerosols
3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division announces the launch of new Low VOC Aerosols and 3M Hi-Strength 94 ET Spray Adhesives.

Loctite water-debondable epoxy adhesive
To simplify silicone ingot bonding and protect against wafer breakage, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite 3382.

CRC TAC 2 Adhesive Chain Lubricant
CRC introduces TAC 2 Adhesive Chain Lubricant, an exceptional lubricant which will bond to chain/wear surfaces to keep them in peak operating condition by reducing friction and wear that causes metal fatigue.

Sikasil silicone sealants and adhesives
Sika Corporation introduced the Sikasil line of silicone sealants and adhesives.

Sprayway Black Label Series
Sprayway Inc. announced that the demand for the Black Label Series, a complete line of cleaners, greases, lubricants, degreasers and specialty products, is rapidly growing in the MRO/Industrial market.

New Oil Eater Original cleaner/degreaser
New Oil Eater Original cleaner/degreaser is a highly concentrated, alkaline-based cleaner formulated to eliminate the need for multiple cleaning solutions.

CRC HV Switchgear LubricantCRC introduced HV Switchgear Lubricant, a one-step lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for metering distribution and substation class switchgear contacts.

CRC introduces food grade industrial oils and greases
CRC Industries announced the availability and launch of its newest product line, Food Grade Industrial Oils & Greases.

Powers TriggerFoam Pro for windows and doors
Powers Fasteners introduced TriggerFoam Pro Window & Door Foam.

Polyurethane foam sealant
Powers Fasteners introduced TriggerFoam Pro Fireblock

Cleaning agents
A new 6-page tri-fold brochure from ITW Dymon showcases the range of Dymon brand professional cleaning products for commercial, residential and educational facilities

Grease cleaner
LPS Laboratories introduced SA-X X-Treme Degreaser

Rust remover
CRC introduced Rust Remover, a safe, effective, fast-acting formula that removes rust, not metal.

Synthetic lubricant
CRC introduced Syntha-Tech Lubricant with PTFE, a non-flammable, zero VOC, unique blend of synthetic lubricants.

CRC leak detector
CRC introduced Leak Detector, formulated for the quick and easy site detection of gas leaks and air leaks.

Scrubs foaming hand sanitizer
ITW Dymon introduced a new foaming hand sanitizer formula.

Industrial-strength maintenance products
WD-40 Company introduced Blue Works, a new line of industrial-strength specialty maintenance products.

Rust busting penetrant
LPS Laboratories introduced KB 88, the ultimate penetrant in a trigger spray bottle.

Protect Tools from Rust
WD-40 introduced its 3-In-One No-Rust Shield to help trade professionals protect their tools and equipment from rust and corrosion.

Thread Cutting Oil
Endura-Clear thread cutting oil is the newest addition in the Ridgid thread cutting oil product line.

WD-40 Trigger Pro
WD-40 Trigger Pro is a non-aerosol product to meet the needs of industrial end-users.