Posted February 19, 2020

WD-40 Specialist with Flexible Straw

To help industry professionals in the automotive, farming, construction, and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) fields break rust on equipment and machinery, WD-40 Company is introducing Penetrant with Flexible Straw to its WD-40 Specialist line.

WD-40 Specialist with Flexible StrawWD-40 Specialist Penetrant with Flexible Straw makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach crevices, threads and seams to break up rust and bonds that hold stuck parts together. The product also prevents rust and corrosion from reforming and leaves behind a lubricating layer.

“The flexible straw innovation was born from the needs of trade professionals who needed a way to get penetrant in hard to reach places. Penetrant with Flexible Straw is just another example of how we deliver high-quality products that perform in extreme conditions to give professionals the confidence to live life hands on,” said Erin Bala, director of brand marketing and innovation at WD-40 Company. “The flexible straw means technicians can apply the penetrant without taking vehicles apart to reach the right area, which saves valuable time during hectic days with multiple jobs.”

Trade professionals and technicians will find plenty of uses for the new product and its handy, bendable straw, including:

Automotive – The flexible straw makes it easier to get to a hard-to-reach exhaust manifold, suspension fastener, compressor bolt, alternator or brake caliper while also limiting overspray.
Farming – When releasing rust on a combine’s stock stomper or ball joints, the reach, precision and angle of spray possible with the flexible straw makes work easier.
Construction – Easily remove hidden rusty screws, nuts or bolts from their housings with flexibility and ease.
MRO – Use the flexible straw to release rust on a Jacob Super chuck or lathe.