New Products - Safety

Here's a quick look at new safety products introduced by suppliers in the industrial supply channel

PIP gloves Evotech harnesses H10 and H20 4X4 Polarized HardCap A1+ Bump Cap

Brass Knuckle medium-duty glove better than ever
The perfect medium-duty glove is now even better. Brass Knuckle SmartCut (BKCR303) offers triple-threat benefits with A2 cut protection, amazing dexterity, and superior grip. Now improved with better tactile sensitivity, better fit, and the same great protection.

Klein Tools' gated bucket hooks reduce risk of tool falls
Gated Bucket Hooks from Klein Tools come with a locking mechanism to attach to standard aerial bucket lips and help reduce the risk of tools falling.

Disposable N95 respirators for convenient protection
N95 Respirators from Klein Tools feature a convenient, disposable design with a lightweight construction and a valve for easily breathing and a cool environment inside the respirator.

RZ M3 mask with better breathability
The internationally-patented M3 mask from RZ Industries is an air filtration solution that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to capture 99% of particles as small as 0.1 micron, delivering exceptional protection against airborne contaminants.

Brass Knuckle’s goggles–face shield in one 
Typically, when workers wear a face shield, they still have safety glasses on underneath. That’s because most face shields have gaps on the bottom and sides that can let the nasty in. But Vader Combo is a different sort of face protection. It’s a face shield with the safety goggles built-in. It’s one wearable piece of PPE that does the job of two.

Disposable N95 respirators for convenient protection
N95 Respirators from Klein Tools feature a convenient, disposable design with a lightweight construction and a valve for easily breathing and a cool environment inside the respirator.

ThermoShield extinguishes threat of battery fires
PACT Thermo Shield, designed to control lithium battery thermal runaway, which causes dangerous and oftentimes deadly fires.

Safety goggles from Klein Tools
New safety goggles from Klein Tools are designed with a continued focus on safety and innovation, engineered for superior impact protection and a with wide variety of unique features for long term comfort and convenience, like 4 adjustable vents, over-the-glasses design, superior anti-fog and high optical quality lens.

Two Pyramex arc flash protection gloves 
New GL3000 Series Arc Flash Protection gloves from Pyramex are built for comfort, fit and dexterity and are designed to provide premium protection for workers who face the possibility of an arc flash incident in their line of work.

Safety goggles from Klein Tools
New safety goggles from Klein Tools are designed with a continued focus on safety and innovation, engineered for superior impact protection and a with wide variety of unique features for long term comfort and convenience, like 4 adjustable vents, over-the-glasses design, superior anti-fog and high optical quality lens.

Cementex Arc Flash PPE task wear
The Cementex Feature Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE is designed for comfort, safety, durability, and protection. With the focus on safety and usability, the Cementex Feature Series is made with USA labor and materials to ensure the highest quality arc flash protection.

Streamlight Syclone Jr.
Streamlight launched the Syclone Jr., an ultra-compact rechargeable work light that fits in tight spaces for a variety of identification and repair uses.

Radians TEKTYE Sleeves and Gloves
Radians offers the new A4 cut level TEKTYE sleeve and two new work gloves that are suitable for PPE vending machines, which improve worker accessibility to PPE, while increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and improving inventory  management and compliance. 

Streamlight's ProTac 2.0 headlamp
The 2,000-lumen ProTac 2.0 from Streamlight is a high-performance, rechargeable headlamp that can run for up to 25 hours.

DEWALT heated jacket, vest
Radians offers battery-powered winter gear for men – a navy DEWALT soft-shell heated jacket (DCHJ101) and vest with sherpa lining (DCHV089) – to keep workers warm and protected from snow, sleet, ice, and freezing rain both on and off the jobsite.

Easy-to source, protective Brass Knuckle gloves
Hand and finger injuries send over a million workers to the emergency room annually in the U.S. That's why Brass Knuckle offers a complete line of gloves for maximum protection along with comfort and dexterity — and the company strives to make specifying gloves easier with robust selection tools that simplify the choosing process.

Streamlight Syclone Jr.
Streamlight launched the Syclone Jr., an ultra-compact rechargeable work light that fits in tight spaces for a variety of identification and repair uses

Pyramex Black Bomber Jacket
The new black Bomber Jacket (RJ3711) is part of the company’s black work wear line which includes vest, T-shirt, sweatshirt, and jacket options

Brass Knuckle Slingshot Safety Glasses
Here’s one Slingshot that’s good for the eyes. New Brass Knuckle Slingshot (BKFLEX-4050AFP) loads up on eye-protecting features and puts them in a package that manages to be sporty and stylish – and affordable and functional

Reflective Apparel Unveils RAflect50
Reflective Apparel, a manufacturer of high visibility apparel, launched RAflect50, high-visibility (hi-vis) garments engineered to withstand the high temperatures and harsh chemicals of industrial laundries

Brass Knuckle knee pads
When jobs literally bring workers to their knees, appropriate knee pads are critical. It’s about a lot more than comfort, too. It’s about protecting against musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and extending careers

Pelican Lantern 9050
Pelican Products introduced the new Pelican Lantern 9050

MCR Safety Environmentally Friendly Gloves
MCR Safety's UltraTech 96902 is an environmentally friendly glove made of a 15 gauge recycled PET and cotton material

FlexMaster Safety Renovation Treads
Wooster Products’ FlexMaster Safety Renovation Treads offer an easily applied anti-slip surface to interior or exterior stairs

Brass Knuckle Spike safety glasses
Brass Knuckle’s new Spike (BKADJ-5060AFP) eye protection combines a two-pronged strategy for vision protection with a legion of comfort features for the ultimate in customizable, long-wear glasses

Streamlight Survivor X
Streamlight Inc. introduced the Survivor X, an updated version of its popular Survivor right-angle light, now offering 250 lumens, new features for improved operation, and multiple power options to suit user needs and budgets

Pyramex lightweight pullover hoodies
Pyramex has expanded its summer offerings to include its new RLPH1 Series of lightweight pullover hoodies that combine UPF 50+ sun protection with lightweight moisture-wicking fabric to keep workers well protected and cool this summer

Brass Knuckle Midnight Safety Glasses
Clear vision is vital to most every job out there and Brass Knuckle has created eyewear that can handle just about anything work throws at it.

Radians safety vests for women
Radians has launched two more women’s safety vests: the SV4W breakaway vest and the SV2ZW economy 2-pocket vest

Tri-Grip earplugs
Tri-Grip earplugs, now offered by Gateway Safety, provide a a high NRR, a superior design, and comfort features that make them a premium choice in reusable earplugs

Milwaukee high dexterity hand protection
Milwaukee Tool has introduced ANSI Cut Rated High-Dexterity Polyurethane Dipped Gloves

Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR404 gloves
Glass handling is an application that requires a perfect balance of toughness and tenderness.

Milwaukee adds sun protection to BOLT lineup
Milwaukee Tool will expand its personal protective equipment lineup to feature BOLT sun protection accessories that connect to all Milwaukee hard hats and helmets

SuperGrit Safety Treads
Wooster Products’ presents SuperGrit two-stage safety stair nosings and treads which provide superior traction on interior or exterior stairs

Radians simplified and compliant eyewash system
Radians recently launched its new 12-gallon gravity-fed eyewash station (REW01112) and mobile drain cart (REWCART), making compliance and maintenance easier for safety pros who need this kind of vision protection at the job site

Brass Knuckle introduces new catalog
Brass Knuckle has introduced a new catalog featuring eye, hand, and ergonomic protection

Radians Titanium climbing style helmet
Construction workers are frequently exposed to fall hazards when working at heights and from struck-by incidents due to a dropped, flying, falling, swinging, or rolling object

Pyramex introduces Legacy eyewear
Pyramex is introducing the all-new Legacy glasses, a stylish and high-performing option for a wide range of applications on the job including brazing, cutting and welding applications

Brass Knuckle Vader Combo
Foul, nasty, or painful debris. Spark. Liquid sprayback. All can slow the most seasoned employee and, worse, bring the threat of occupational injury. So, what protection do workers want on their face when the situation hits the fan?

Wooster Products Stairmaster safety treads
Wooster Products StairMaster safety renovation treads provide sure footing on interior and exterior stairs and landings

Cementex Arc Flash PPE clothing
The Cementex Contractor Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE offers a simple option that does not sacrifice quality or safety

Brass Knuckle: Winning the war on fog
Lenses can fog in almost every application. Going from cool to warm air. Going from outdoor to indoor environments. In high humidity. During strenuous work that causes perspiration. Even warm breath in a cool room or the heat rising from a motor can cause lenses to fog

Milwaukee adds to N95 respirator line
Milwaukee Tool has expanded its N95 Respirator Line to include an unvalved N95 Respirator in addition to the existing N95 Valved Respirator and N95 Valved Respirator with a gasket

Brass Knuckle Red Warrior SmartFlex Gloves
Brass Knuckle Red Warrior SmartFlex (BK504) gloves provide excellent, spongelike slip resistance with a proprietary polyurethane foam coating process

Ergodyne expands ProFlex coated gloves line
Ergodyne announced a major extension to the ProFlex Coated Gloves Series with the launch of nine new cut- and abrasion-resistant models

Bob Dale Gloves BDGplanet product line
Bob Dale Gloves & Imports Ltd. (BDG) announced the launch of a new eco-focused BDGplanet product line

Radians Type O and Type R bomber jackets
Radians is helping meet the demand in women’s PPE with the recent introduction of its two new bomber jackets

Radians introduces Kevlar cut sleeves
Radians recently entered the arm protection category via the launch of its new Kevlar cut sleeves

Pyramex Safety insulated gloves
Pyramex Safety’s newest line of insulated and safety-rated winter gloves include a diverse selection of cut-resistant dipped, leather and corded gloves

Brass Knuckle Grasshopper dust goggle/spectacle
From its stylish green color, you can tell Brass Knuckle Grasshopper (BKDST-1010N) dust goggle/spectacle is on the money

CLC Work Gear FlexGrip Series 363 work gloves
Custom LeatherCraft (CLC Work Gear) added to its selection of high dexterity work gloves, releasing the new FlexGrip Series 363 to the North American market

Brass Knuckle SmartSkin Nitrile Gloves
Why double dip? Usually because you want more of something good. In the case of Brass Knuckle SmartSkin nitrile gloves (BKNITR2), double-dipping them in nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) gives wearers twice the protection and twice the grip

Radians expands PPE choices for women and men
Radians has introduced hi-vis T-shirts and FR coveralls designed by women for women

Brass Knuckle Crusher safety goggles
Whether working in the elements or working up a sweat, only Brass Knuckle Crusher (BKDST-1020NP) safety goggles have specialized channels along the brow line to move water and sweat away from the eyes, while the rubber gasket seals glasses snugly against the face.

Sentec DX offers dust and debris protection
Dentec Safety's SenTec line now has a new replaceable foam insert that will add protection against dust and debris

Memphis Series safety glasses
MCR Safety's Memphis Series safety glasses are not only designed for your safety, but also for exceptional comfort

Moldex hands-free earplug dispensers
Moldex-Metric Inc. has launched two new products to join its popular line of EcoStation and PlugStation Earplug Dispensers that address today’s enhanced concerns over workplace hygiene and worker comfort

Safe Keeper padded construction harness
Safe Keeper offers a premium padded adjustable full body harness with positioning belt, quick connect buckle at chest, and tongue buckles at leg strap

Werner expands fall protection portfolio
Werner announced a major expansion in its range of fall protection anchorage connectors

Tilman TrueFit Glove
Tillman introduced the 1477 Mechanics-style, TrueFit glove designed to help reduce workplace injuries

Brass Knuckle SmartShell
Some jobs need a glove that covers it all: impact protection, cut protection, excellent grip in wet conditions, and high visibility

GelFit Rocker Knee Pads
The ToughBuilt GelFit Rocker Knee Pads redefine how professionals use their knee pads

Pyramex heavy-duty utility vest
Pyramex introduced its Heavy-Duty Utility Vest (RVZT44B Series)

HEMCO Flammable Storage Cabinet
HEMCO's Flammable Storage Cabinet is specifically designed for the storage of flammable chemicals and is available in 30-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch widths

Milwaukee Tool adds knee pads to PPE offering
Milwaukee Tool is adding knee pads to its Personal Protective Equipment offering

Centurion Nexus Extreme Mips helmet
MPS Inc. introduced Centurion’s new Nexus Extreme Mips helmet, the world’s first industrial safety helmet utilizing the Mips Cradle (Multi-directional impact protection system).

Brass Knuckle Spectrum eye protection
We know that fogging lenses and an overall lack of comfort are the two main reasons that workers remove their eye protection

Dentec Safety reusable N95 mask
Dentec Safety Specialists announced the new ComfortAir Nx, the latest development for industrial applications

Werner is extending its line of LEANSAFE X3 ladders with a new aluminum model

Brass Knuckle SmartCut work glove
Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR303 gloves succeed on three fronts by providing dexterity, grip and ANSI cut level A2 protection

Radians foam earplug dispenser
Radians recently launched a refillable foam earplug dispenser that arrives prefilled with 500 pairs of foam earplugs, can be quickly placed on a counter or wall-mounted in high-traffic areas like timecard clock-in stations

Radians GLOW vest line
Radians recently launched its new GLOW vest line to help workers stay visible even when an active light source isn’t present

Brass Knuckle SmartCut gloves
Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR2403 delivers for jobs that not only need cut and abrasion resistance, but still require a focus on long-wearing grip, dexterity, and flexibility

Bodyworn Gear safety vest with modular lighting
Bodyworn Gear has received Patent #10,660,384 for its safety vest with modular lighting system

Norton l Saint-Gobain Abrasives Online Safety Resource
Saint-Gobain Abrasives announced a new Safety Resource Microsite offering a wide range of resources to help ensure the safe design, application, and use of Norton abrasives products

Pyramex high visibility winter work wear
Pyramex has worked to ensure its Winter 2020 hi-vis workwear gives as much additional functionality and comfort as possible

Optrel P.AIR N95 respirator
Optrel announced its NOISH-approved P.AIR N95 Respirator made with the highest quality materials for comfort and protection against solid and liquid aerosols, dust, mist and smoke

Radians launches five new DeWalt PPE items
Radians recently launched five new DEWALT products, including two work gloves, a deluxe hooded sweatshirt, a Ripstop rain jacket, and a no line bifocal safety glass

Spectra two-stage stair nosings
Wooster Products’ Spectra two-stage stair nosings are available with 18 standard colors or with high quality photoluminescent NITEGLOW treads

NoTrax Launches Safety Message and Slogan Mats
NoTrax announced the launch of the new 194 Safety Message and 195 Slogan Mats, attention-grabbing floor mats with pre-printed messages

Wooster Products counter display
Wooster Products introduces a new display unit to showcase their FlexTred Anti-Slip Safety Tape

Streamlight introduces work-ready Stinger 2020
Streamlight has launched the rechargeable Stinger 2020, the next evolution in work lights for automotive and industrial professionals, designed for inspection, identification and repair uses

Mayhew introduces new face shield
Mayhew Steel Products announced production and availability of a new full-face safety shield

Radians retractable tether system
Radians has entered a new protection category with the introduction of its tether ready vests and retractable tool tethers

Dynabrade DYNA-FAST thermometer
Returning to work safely is priority one amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The DYNA-FAST Thermometer from Dynabrade is the latest innovation to help businesses resume safe operations

Magid introduces new line of cooling PPE
Magid launched a new product line powered by the instant cooling innovations company MISSION, along with an initiative to create an industrial heat safety protocol to help reduce the number of heat-related illnesses in the workplace and on the job site

StaCool Vest Core Body Cooling System
StaCool Industries presents the StaCool Vest Core Body Cooling System which keeps users cool, comfortable and productive while working in the summer heat, without compromising mobility

Protective Industrial Products announced the launch of the PIP ESSENTIALS SafetyBook, a best practices guide featuring basic protocols related to safe distancing, hygiene and new PPE

Pyramex Safety launches new glove options
Pyramex Safety’s new-for-2020 line includes both cut-resistant dipped gloves and durable leather gloves

Streamlight launches Vulcan 180 HAZ-LO lantern
Streamlight introduced a Class 1, Division 1 safety-rated lantern in its Vulcan series for use in hazardous environments faced by many first responders

Radians introduces new flame-resistant work shirt and vest
Radians recently launched a new VolCore AR/FR work shirt and a SE color-blocked surveyor vest

Gear Keeper TL1-2006 retractable wrist tether
Safely avoiding at-heights entanglement issues from multiple dangling tethers, the new TL1-2006 retractable wrist tether is designed for small hand tools weighing up to one pound where a short drop length is required

Radians announces new gloves and PPE vending program
Radians recently launched several new gloves and its PPE vending machine program, called VEND PACK

GermBlock cough and sneeze shield
The COVID-19 pandemic is causing businesses to take extra precautions for the well-being of employees and customers

Radians adds four new safety glasses
Radians recently launched four new styles of safety glasses, the CROSSFIRE CK7, DEWALT Supervisor, DEWALT Renovator and the RADIANS Tecona

Dentec Safety ramps up N95 filter production
Dentec Safety announced that the company has increased production of N95 filters for its half masks manufactured in Kansas

LIFT Kneeling Mats
Available in multiple sizes, the LIFT Safety Kneeling Mats are made of a medium density closed cell polyurethane foam that provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning for the user

Radians vented hard hats
Radians recently added vented hard hats to its head protection line

Protective Industrial Products launches disposable ear plugs line
Protective Industrial Products announced the launch of a comprehensive lineup of disposable ear plugs

Option glove from LIFT Safety
The Option is a lightweight, breathable glove designed for medium duty work

The next generation of eye protection from Dentec Safety
Dentec Safety announced its latest developments in eye protection

Milwaukee introduces PPE line
Milwaukee Tool introduced a new line of personal safety solutions, which will include a range of hard hats, safety glasses, high visibility safety vests, respirators, and hearing protection, as well as an extension of its current glove offering

Pyramex Hi-Vis Rainwear
Pyramex Safety introduced new Hi-Vis Rainwear designed to keep workers comfortable, dry and safe

Streamlight launches USB HAZ-LO headlamp
Streamlight introduced the USB HAZ-LO, a rechargeable, multi-function headlamp that is suitable for use in Class 1, Division 1 hazardous locations faced by many industrial professionals

Radians expands RadWear color-blocked apparel line
Radians has expanded its RadWear apparel line with styles that include black color-blocking

Rockford Systems Remote Safeguarding Assessment service
Rockford Systems announced the expansion of its RS360 workplace safety portfolio with a new Remote Safeguarding Assessment service

Southern Glove Big Rider
Industrial glove manufacturer Southern Glove has released the Rig Rider glove, featuring impact protection, enhanced gripping power, and durability

Southern Glove offers leather customization
Industrial glove manufacturer Southern Glove Inc. is now offering customized printing for its industrial leather gloves

Bally Ribbon Mills safety webbing and tapes
Bally Ribbon Mills announced its line of safety webbing and tapes, ideal for demanding fire and rescue applications

Industrial Scientific Expands Connected Safety Portfolio
Industrial Scientific announced the expansion of its connected safety portfolio to include cellular and wi-fi capability in the Ventis Pro5 Personal Gas Monitor and a satellite communication gateway to connect mobile workers in real time

Streamlight QB headlamp
Streamlight Inc. introduced the QB, an ultra-compact headlamp that delivers 200 lumens over a distance of 85 meters on its highest setting

AirPlus Powered Air System
The AirPlus Powered Air System is the third generation development from the ArcOne 20-year PAPR program

SW cut resistant glove
SW offers what it calls never-before seen protection, coupled with exceptional dexterity, in a cut resistant glove

Radians launches over 50 new leather gloves
Radians Inc. recently launched over 50 new leather gloves

Ansell HyFlex 11-812 for rotating tool protection
Ansell announced the launch of HyFlex 11-812, an easy tear glove designed specifically to reduce the risk of injuries when working with rotating tools

Ironclad Performance Wear touchscreen work gloves
Ironclad Performance Wear announced the launch of its new Command Series glove line

Positioning feature added to Comfort Air respirators
Dentec Safety Specialists announced new developments in the company's cartridge respirators that enhance convenience and efficiency

Radians RadWear vests
Radians recently launched five new RadWear vests with high-visibility features and black styling

DuPont Safety & Construction launches Nomex Comfort
DuPont Safety & Construction announced the launch of Nomex Comfort, a lightweight fabric combining the flame resistant (FR) protection of Nomex with enhanced comfort and breathability

BelGAS FM flame arrestors
BelGAS FM introduced its full line of flame arrestors for the oil and gas industry.

Industrial Scientific introduced the RGX Gateway
Industrial Scientific introduced the RGX Gateway that enables designated safety contacts to receive real-time alerts for gas hazards, panic, and man-down situations happening in-plant or in the field

AirPro SecurePlus Baseball Bump Cap
MPS Inc. announced the AirPro SecurePlus Baseball Bump Cap from Centurion Safety Products Ltd., the first bump cap with ratchet adjustment

CleanSpace Ultra powered respirator
CleanSpace Technology, a global manufacturer of powered air purifying respiratory protection, launched the CleanSpace Ultra powered respirator with full face mask

Tillman introduces hi-vis safety vests
The John Tillman Co., the brand leader in welding personal protective equipment, announced the launch of its new line of high visibility safety vests

Black Stallion AH1630-GS flame-resistant welding cap
Black Stallion introduced the AH1630-GS flame-resistant welding cap

MAXBLUE lens technology blocks 41 percent of ISO 12312-1 blue light, yet allows 88 percent of visible light to pass through

Gateway Safety Silverton safety eyewear
Answering a market need for better foam-lined, hybrid eye protection, Gateway Safety introduces Silverton safety eyewear.

BRM offers safety webbing and tapes for fall protection
Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), a designer, developer and manufacturer of engineered woven fabrics, announced its line of safety webbing and tapes

MPS introduced Kalis Dry Cooling Helmet Pad
MPS Inc. introduced the new Kalis Dry Cooling Helmet Pad from Centurion Safety Products Ltd.

Ansell AlphaTec 58-735 nitrile glove
Ansell announced the launch of AlphaTec 58-735, a multi-hazard nitrile glove solution

True Flex Knee Pads
The True Flex Knee Pads have been re-developed to combine four patented models into two, giving the consumer the ability to change the front grip strip with two profiles

PIP expands lineup of Safety Works respirators
Protective Industrial Products Inc. (PIP) announced the launch of its new Safety Works series of respiratory products.

Popular safety glasses now available in camouflage pattern
Two of Gateway Safety’s most popular styles in safety eyewear are now camouflaged

Radians introduces 10 new gloves
Radians recently announced the launch of 10 new gloves

Tools@Height Drop Prevention Solutions catalog
The new Tools@Height Drop Prevention Solutions Catalog from Snap-on Industrial offers a full line of kits, modules and products for construction and skilled trade professionals

NuTrend TaskBrand SureGrip absorbent mats
NuTrend has introduced TaskBrand SureGrip absorbent adhesive floor mats featuring the next generation of sorbent technology to help prevent slips, trips and falls

Dax Carbon Fiber hard hat
Lift Safety announced the release of its hard hat, the Dax Carbon Fiber Matte full brim

Hospeco TASKBrand SureGrip floor mats
Hospeco introduced TASKBrand SureGrip absorbent adhesive floor mats, featuring the next generation of sorbent technology, to help prevent slips, trips, and falls

Radians Kamori white grain goat skin gloves
Radians recently launched three new Kamori by Radians white grain goat skin driver gloves, the RWG50, the RWG51, and the RWG52

SpillTech Floor Grabber absorbent mat
SpillTech, a provider of polypropylene sorbent products, has introduced the Floor Grabber absorbent mat

Honeywell cut-resistant gloves
Honeywell announced a new line of lightweight, cut-resistant gloves that allow industrial workers to perform delicate tactile work while providing heavy-duty protection against lacerations

Seirus Magnemask Combo TNT
For the construction worker that deals with cold weather, proper apparel is essential for staying safe and remaining effective

Dentec Comfort Air Full Face Mask
Dentec Safety Specialists announced that its Comfort Air full face masks are available in two materials, silicone and neoprene

Bayco Products Nightstick Dual-Light Flashlight
Bayco Products announced the new Nightstick X-Series XPP-5422GMX Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light Flashlight with Dual-Magnets

Rockford Systems partners with LazerSafe
Rockford Systems formed a new partnership with Lazersafe by becoming an authorized distributor of the Lazersafe Sentinel Pluspress brake guarding system

CrewSafe Ladder Safety Station
CrewSafe introduced its new Ladder Safety Station, a ladder storage solution designed to provide employee and property protection

Rockford Systems EX-AL barrier guarding system
Rockford Systems introduced its EX-AL barrier guarding systems, now available custom designed and built to meet the safety standards of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

CleanSpace Technology respiratory products
CleanSpace Technology, a global manufacturer of industrial, welding, healthcare, mining, energy and laboratory/research powered respiratory protection, is now expanding into the North, Central and South American markets with its line of respiratory products

Radians launches six cut-resistant gloves
Radians has partnered with DSM Dyneema, the premium brand for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber

Bayco Products Tactical Dual-Light Flashlight
Bayco Products Inc. announced availability of its new 850 Lumen Nightstick NSR-9854XL LED USB Rechargeable Tactical Dual-Light Flashlight

Vortec personal air conditioning vests
Vortec Personal Air Conditioning Vests (PACs) circulate cool air to minimize temperature-related stress and fatigue, thus improving comfort and productivity.

PIP launches Ambi-dex Grippaz gloves
Protective Industrial Products (PIP) announced the launch of Ambi-dex gloves with Grippaz Technology

GfG G450 multi-gas detector and G400 MP-2 motorized smart pump
GfG Instrumentation announced the G450 multi-gas detector and G400 MP-2 motorized smart pump have completed MSHA approval

Streamlight ProTac HL USB headlamp
Streamlight Inc. enhanced its popular HL (High Lumen) family of tactical lights by adding a hands-free, USB rechargeable solution, the ProTac HL USB Headlamp

PIRTEK Fluid Power Glove
PIRTEK Service & Supply Centers expanded its product line to meet the growing demands of the market with the revolutionary safety product, the 9030P PIRTEK Fluid Power Glove

MPS Centurion Nexus hard had system
MPS Centurion has broadened its offerings to include the global Nexus Hard Hat System

PTQ Safety Spray Goggles
PTQ Safety Spray Goggles offer the most efficient and comfortable solution for spray painting eye safety

Radians ES6 Crossfire
Optimize safety, optical clarity, comfort, and style with the new ES6 Crossfire by Radians

MakUSafe - The next step in workplace safety
MakUSafe is developing a wearable device to measure and analyze industrial safety data

Justrite cabinet for storage of corrosives
Durable, compact countertop cabinet safely stores up to two 4-liter bottles of acids or bases near your work space

Ansell Microflex chemical disposable glove
Microflex 93-260 is the thinnest chemical resistant, single use glove available on the market today

Brass Knuckle BKCR404 work glove
When the job calls for heavy-duty cut protection, handy slip-resistance, and no-smudge surface protection, the Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR404 is the glove for the job

CrewSafe Viper PRO
CrewSafe, a division of Spellbound Development Group, introduces its new product, the Viper PRO

Brass Knuckle Orange Crush safety goggles
The new Brass Knuckle Orange Crush eye protection uses specialized channels along the brow line to move water and sweat away from the eyes, while the rubber gasket seals the glasses snugly against the face

Werner Personal SRL devices
WernerCo announced the release of an expanded portfolio of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs), including the compact retractable Bantam6

Kimtech Pure A6 Liquid Splash Protection Coverall
The Kimtech Pure A6 Liquid Splash Protection Coverall with Hood from Kimberly-Clark Professional provides superior liquid barrier protection along with a breathable back panel to keep workers in critical areas safe and cool

Latchways Leading Edge Retractable Lanyard
MSA announced the launch of Latchways Leading Edge Retractable Lanyard

Brass Knuckle SmartShell body protection
Brass Knuckle launched a line of ergonomically designed occupational body protection products under the SmartShell brand

Honeywell AreaRAE Plus wireless monitor
Honeywell announced the next generation of its AreaRAE Plus multi-threat monitor, which now offers more sensor choices, meteorological monitoring and GPS-enabled location identification of hazards to help connected workers and safety managers make faster and more informed safety decisions

WernerCo expands Self Retracting Lifelines lineup
WernerCo announcef the release of an expanded portfolio of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs), including the compact retractable Bantam6

Miller Vi-Go Ladder Climbing Safety Systems
Miller Vi-Go Ladder Climbing Safety Systems from Honeywell provide the ultimate in safety with continuous fall protection when climbing fixed ladders

MPS Centurion Nexus helmet
MPS Centurion introduced the Centurion Nexus Helmet, what the company calls the next step in industrial head protection for the 21st century

Forney Industries Enhanced Auto-Darkening Helmets
Forney Industries announced the launch of its expanded line of welding, metalworking and auto-darkening helmets

Radians Kevlar Lycra glove
Radians has added its first Kevlar Lycra glove, the RWG537, to its rapidly growing line of hand protection.

Superior Puncture and Cut-Resistant Sleeve made with Punkban
The Superior Puncture and cut-resistant sleeve covers the arm for optimal protection.

Howard Leight TrustFit Pod push-in foam earplug 
The new Howard Leight TrustFit Pod push-in foam earplug provides workers with properly fitting ear plugs to protect against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL)

Aldon rail car coupler lock and sign holder
Aldon Company Inc., manufacturers of railroad safety products since 1904, introduced what it calls “the ultimate in Blue Flag Protection for workers in industrial rail yards.”

Worx disposable gloves
Worx Gloves has expanded its industrial glove line with two new thick durable disposable gloves for the toughest work environments

PIP expands JSP A1+ Bump Cap Line
Protective Industrial Products (PIP) announced the addition of a new Ranger Style to its line of JSP HardCap A1+ Bump Caps.

SpillTech OverPack Salvage Drum Spill Kits
Spills happen despite every effort to avoid them. Forklifts knock over drums, tanks are punctured and transporters leak and drip. A quick response is the best weapon in the fight against spills.

Kimtech Pure A7 Ankle High Shoe Covers
New Kimtech Pure A7 Ankle High Shoe Covers from Kimberly-Clark Professional protect the shoelace area, closing a potential contamination gap that is not addressed by traditional shoe covers.

New Quarterly H.L. Flake catalog
H.L. Flake's hot-off-the-press, newest volume of the Security Hardware Catalog is mailing the second week in June and tops out at 276 pages.

Brass Knuckle Fog Killer anti-fog eyewear
Brass Knuckle, a provider of high-quality safety solutions, offers two models of safety eyewear that go above and beyond typical anti-fog eyewear properties.

MSA SB 100 Ultrasonic Bump Tester
New MSA/General Monitors SB100 Ultrasonic Bump Tester is hand-held, battery-operated and rechargeable for bump testing ultrasonic gas leak detectors within areas of limited physical access.

SpillTech Tote Spill Kit
SpillTech’s new line of Tote Spill Kits are packed full of sorbents and essential spill supplies to deliver quick response and control of any small spill.

NuTrend ProWorks Gloves
NuTrend Disposables expanded its ProWorks line of safety products to include a complete selection of reusable general-purpose work gloves.

PIP launches Falcon Protective gear
Protective Industrial Products announced the launch of Falcon Protective Gear.

Radians expands RadWear rainwear line
Radians expanded its RadWear rainwear line to protect workers in a variety of conditions, including general purpose, extreme weather, and industrial protection requirements.

Radians adds three safety glasses
Radians recently launched three new styles of safety glasses in its Radians branded line of protective eyewear with progressive styling for the industrial markets.

Gateway Safety Pink Camo Safety Glasses
Introducing the latest addition to the GirlzGear family of safety products: Metro safety eyewear with a pink camo frame!

CRC Good Grip Anti-Slip Paints
CRC’s Good Grip Anti-Slip Paints provide a textured coating, eliminating dangerous, slick surfaces almost anywhere in just one coat.

Radians Passage Eyewear
Radians has developed Passage, a safety glass that was designed to be an economical safety solution while adding extra features for worker adoption rate.

Wheelz Safety Goggles provide anti-fog features
Top complaints from workers wearing safety eyewear frequently center around fogging.

Kimberly-Clark Professional G29 Solvent Glove
When it comes to handling solvents, workers sometimes elect to sacrifice protection for productivity by wearing gloves that provide dexterity without adequate protection or by choosing to wear no gloves at all.

Radians Disposable Foam Earplug Dispensers
Radians launched new patent pending Disposable Foam Earplug Dispensers that are available with the popular Made in the USA foam plugs, the Resistor and Detour.

Radians Salt-N-Pepper glove
Radians announced the launch of the RWG555, a new CE Cut 5, ANSI Cut 4 glove.

Gateway Safety launches safety line for women
When it comes to safety equipment, one size and style does not fit all.

Radians respirator wipes & lens cleaning towelettes
Respirators, safety glasses, and other PPE become ineffective when they are soiled with smudges, grease and grime.

Magid cut-resistant winter gloves
Magid expanded its line of work gloves to include thermal protection for cold weather conditions, paired with the cut resistance that workers need to protect against sharp materials.

PeakFit disposable N95 particulate respirator
For easier breathing and greater comfort, Gateway Safety offers the revolutionary PeakFit disposable N95 particulate respirator.

Justrite EN safety cabinets
Higher risk environments benefit from using EN safety cabinets with a longer fire resistance time, offering increased evacuation time in the event of a fire.

NuTrend TASKBrand Spill Kits
NuTrend offers a comprehensive range of sorbent solutions for industrial spills, headlined by complete TASKBrand Spill Kits.

Ingot safety eyewear
Gateway Safety introduced its newest product: Ingot Safety Eyewear.

Gateway Safety product catalog
Gateway Safety announced the launch of a new product catalog including, eye, face, head, hearing, and disposable respiratory protection and accessories.

Wells Lamont ANSI cut level 5 palm dip glove
Wells Lamont Industrial introduced its first-ever ANSI cut level 5 palm dip glove with the FlexTech Y9216.

Little Giant LedgeLock
Little Giant Ladder Systems unveiled the LedgeLock Auto Tie-Off System, a patent-pending ladder fastening system.

ProWorks nitrile gloves
ProWorks nitrile gloves from NuTrend help provide a healthier, safer and cleaner environment for both the worker and the facility.

Pelican ProGear 2780 LED Headlight
Pelican Products Inc. introduced the Pelican ProGear 2780 LED headlight.

Protective Industrial Products launched two new gloves
Protective Industrial Products (PIP) and DSM Dyneema have partnered together to launch a line of cut resistant gloves using the new Dyneema Diamond Fiber Technology.

New Deb Stoko Product Range
Deb Group, the world’s leading away-from-home skin care company, announced the launch of the Deb Stoko Global Product Range.

EVOLite Skyworker Helmet
The EVOLite Skyworker Helmet is an extremely lightweight (under 1lb.) helmet designed for working at height.

Aquila DPU102 industrial gloves
The new Aquila DPU102 glove range offers EN388 cut level three protection for high levels of safety, comfort, flexibility and sensitivity in industrial assembly situations.

Bifocal safety eyewear
Gateway Safety announced the launch of Swap MAG, a unique safety eyewear solution that converts from safety glasses to goggles, now with bifocal magnification.

Radians launches line of DeWalt high-vis gear
Radians recently announced the launch of DEWALT high visibility and reflective gear.

Tompkins Hydraulic Test Kits
Tompkins' Test Kits are ideal for working in the field, maintaining hydraulic equipment and dealing with on-the-spot emergencies.

StoneBreaker Trades Gloves
Every pair of StoneBreaker gloves is constructed of the highest-quality materials, from the leather to the thread, which provide better protection and longer life while providing a “second-skin” fit.

Gateway Safety Temple Technology safety eyewear
Gateway Safety introduced Temple Technology safety eyewear, a collection of safety products engineered to fit users much more comfortably.

PIP expands Bouton Optical line
PIP’s Bouton Optical expanded its line of eye protection products with its new eyewear featuring the Reaction Goggle, Fortis II, and Zenon Z12F Foam.

Magid CutMaster Aramax cut-resistant work glove
Magid developed a new cut-resistant work glove, the CutMaster Aramax XT AX5100.

RAM 744 AutoCal in-line CO monitor
The RAM 744 AutoCal from GfG Instrumentation is a continuous in-line CO monitor with low maintenance, and a dependable, long-life electrochemical sensor.

The Siege lantern from Streamlight
Streamlight Inc. introduced a streamlined, compact version of The Siege lantern, the Siege AA.

Web Trax floor mat
Superior Manufacturing Group Inc. introduced Web Trax, the newest addition to the NoTrax family of floor matting products.

Gateway Safety Cyclone Safety Goggles
Gateway Safety’s Cyclone, one of the industry’s only impact-to-splash goggles, offers two safety solutions and one great value.

Werner Podium ladder with casters
Werner plans to offer factory installed casters to its new heavy-duty Podium Ladder.

Radians Nordic Blaze warming gear
Radians Inc. launched its new line of thermal, warming gear products called Nordic Blaze.

MPS Centurion upgraded temperature resistant hard hat
MPS Centurion is now equipping its S22 HighTemperature Resistant Hard Hat with the Twist-To-Fit Ratchet Headband.

Boss Gloves debuts new look
Boss Manufacturing is debuting a new colorful and modern look for Boss Gloves, as well as a new interactive website promoting its’ new slogan Work Hard. Wear Boss.

Gateway Safety GirlzGear
Gateway Safety announced the addition of two new safety glasses to its GirlzGear family of products, the company’s line specifically tailored to women in the workforce.

Power Gripz leather protector gloves
The Power Gripz has announced four new additions to its growing line of high and low voltage leather protectors and work gloves.

Wells Lamont cut-resistant tube sleeve
Wells Lamont Industrial introduced its Cut Resistant Tube Sleeve (KRG).

PIP's online eyewear selector guide
Protective Industrial Products Inc. introduced its new interactive online selector guide for safety eyewear.

New MSA arc flash harnesses
MSA Safety Inc. introduced the Evotech and Workman Arc Flash Full Body Harnesses 

Gateway Safety Parallax
Gateway Safety introduced Parallax, the latest product in its line of Temple Technology products, and the newest level of comfort in safety eyewear.

Dentec Safety Comfort Air half mask
Comfort Air half masks are designed so that the mask sits lower on the nose, providing extended wear and comfort.

Rigid-Lock QuickBerm containment berm
New Rigid-Lock QuickBerm drive-through containment berm offers superior protection against small-to-large scale spills from drums, IBC totes, tanks, and leaky equipment.

MPS low profile half-mask respirator
Mine & Process Service Inc. (MPS Inc.) introduced the ELIPSE Half-Mask Respirator for the mining industry.

JOBOX safety cabinets
JOBOX announced its new line of safety cabinets and cans with superior fire resistance for the industrial sector.

Deb USA Sun Protection at Work
Deb USA launched a Sun Protection At Work Campaign to educate employers on how to minimize the risk of sun for their outdoor workers.

Radians Arctic Skull product line
Radians Inc. announced its entry into heat stress management with the new Arctic Skull product line that includes cooling headbands, cooling head shades, and a cooling towel.

JetBlack personnel de-duster
JetBlack, the blower powered personnel de-dusting unit from ACI, has been re-modeled and upgraded.

Gateway Safety Kleen View Lens Cleaner
Gateway Safety offers a new and improved line of Kleen View Lens Cleaning products.

MSA Fas-Trac III
MSA introduced the Fas-Trac III Ratchet Suspension, designed to improve comfort, retention and stability.

Conqueror MAG by Gateway Safety
Conqueror MAG by Gateway Safety is a bifocal safety eyewear solution in a design that end users find stylish and ultra comfortable.

Safety Message Mats
Superior Manufacturing Group added new updated designs to the Safety Message Mat product line.

Luminary safety eyewear
At just four-fifths of an ounce, Gateway Safety’s Luminary safety eyewear is ultra-lightweight—but it more than carries its weight in both comfort and protection.

Streamlight PolyTac polymer flashlights
Streamlight updated the brightness and design of its popular PolyTac and PolyTac HP polymer flashlights.

Oil Eater Universal Pads and Rolls
New Oil Eater Universal Pads and Rolls are the economic solution for the widest variety of spill control and clean-up situations, such as machinery leaks in hard-to-reach places.

Gateway Safety PeakFit N95
Gateway Safety presents the revolutionary PeakFit N95, an exceptionally comfortable and easily adjustable respirator designed to improve worker compliance through its unique design and custom fit features.

Little Giant Ladder fall prevention line
Little Giant Ladder Systems launched its new fall prevention product line.

Gateway Safety Wheelz safety goggles
Many workers braving the cold and snow this winter need more than warm clothing.

MPS Centurion Magnum 3000
MPS Centurion introduced the Magnum 3000 NIOSH Approved PAPR for dust particulates.

Superior Manufacturing Superfoam Plus floor mat
Superior Manufacturing Group introduced the new and improved Superfoam Plus anti-fatigue floor mat.

Radians 2014 catalog
Radians Inc. recently launched its 2014 Full Line Catalog with 84 pages of colorful new product photos, new models, and over 65 new products.

Gateway Safety Swap anti-fog safety glasses
Swap safety eyewear is a unique and convenient glasses-to-goggle eyewear solution designed by Gateway Safety for those who need the benefits of both safety glasses and goggles in their work environment.

Lincoln Electric Roll Cage Welding and Rigging Gloves
New Roll Cage Welding and Rigging Gloves from Lincoln Electric deliver complete hand protection for both welding and rigging, eliminating the need for a separate pair of gloves for each task.

Gateway Safety Venom Face Protection
In a recent employee survey conducted by a national pharmaceutical company, 83 percent of those surveyed gave Gateway Safety’s Venom Face Protection a positive review for fit and comfort.

MSA 'green' hard hat
MSA has developed the world’s first “green” protective hard hat manufactured from sugarcane.

Polartec flame resistant layering system
Polartec's updated Polartec FR layering system with a proprietary high performance yarn blend provides both flash fire and arc flash dual-hazard protection.

Rattlesnake safety glasses
Global Vision offers the Rattlesnake safety glasses.

Centurion Spectrum Helmet
MPS Centurion, a unit of Mine & Process Service Inc., has introduced the Centurion Spectrum Helmet with Integral High Impact Goggles.

Jackson Safety G60 Level 5 Cut Resistant Sleeves
Jackson Safety offers G60 Level 5 Cut Resistant sleeves.

Sesamee 400 Series padlocks
Sesamee 400 Series Laminated Padlocks offer the greatest security and fit for real world applications.

MPS Centurion Vision Plus Helmet
MPS Centurion, a unit of Mine & Process Service Inc., has introduced the Centurion Vision Plus Helmet with integral, high impact eye protection.

Metro safety eyewear from Gateway Safety
The Federal Occupational Health agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services designates July as Eye Injury Prevention Month.

Streamlight E-Flood LiteBox HL
Streamlight introduced the E-Flood LiteBox HL, a rechargeable, industrial duty flood light that delivers maximum illumination at 3,600 lumens.

Gateway TruAir respiratory protection
Gateway Safety’s TruAir respiratory protection was specifically developed to offer high comfort at an affordable price.

PFERD ergonomics program
PFERD introduced a new ergonomics program focused on increased safety, health and comfort for end-users.

Nortech ATEX-approved pneumatic vacuums
Nortech Vacuum Products, a division of Guardair Corporation, announced a new line of ATEX Approved Pneumatic Vacuums for hazardous locations.

Gateway Safety Serpent safety helmet
Gateway Safety announced the launch of its redesigned Serpent safety helmet.

3M Safety Sunwear
3M’s newest line of Safety Sunwear combines heavy-duty protection that sports a sleek look and solid design.

Silvagrip non-skid surface
Silva Non-Skid Solutions offers a patent pending Non Skid Surface that you peel and stick to walkways or decks.

Gateway GirlzGear
GirlzGear is feminine, fitted, and designed specifically to keep women safe on the job site.

Bayco headlamps
The XPP-5450G and XPP-5452G headlamps from Nightstick are listed Intrinsically Safe for use in Class I, II, III, Division I, and Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, and G hazardous locations.

Carhartt Safety Eyewear
Pyramex Safety Products and Carhartt have partnered to launch Carhartt Safety Eyewear.

MSA V-Gard GRN Hard Hat
The new MSA V-Gard GRN (for green) Hard Hat is the first industrial safety product produced from nearly 100 percent renewable resources.

Gateway Flight safety eyewear
Gateway Safety introduces Flight safety eyewear, venturing into a new territory of comfort and style.

MCR Safety Alycore gloves
MCR Safety introduces new levels of cut and comfort protection with Alycore technology.

Snap-on partners with Python Safety
Snap-on Industrial has partnered with Python Safety to expand the tool company’s offering of its Tools at Height product line.

Streamlight ProTac 2AAA
Streamlight introduced the ultra-compact and lightweight ProTac 2AAA, the latest in the ProTac series of tactical handheld lights for law enforcement and tactical personnel.

Gateway launches new website
In coordination with the 100th anniversary of the National Safety Council, Gateway Safety has launched a new website at

Werner expands fall protection line
Werner Co. introduced new products and training to support its growing line of fall protection equipment that launched in early 2012.

Oil Eater absorbent socks
Kafko International has introduced Oil Eater absorbent socks designed to isolate small drips or protect drains and floors from runaway spills.

Gateway Conqueror MAG
Conqueror MAG is sleek, stylish bifocal eye protection that meets the needs of workers who are working with small print or performing other detailed tasks.

Streamlight ProTac HL
Streamlight Inc. introduced the ProTac HL, a high lumen light that delivers 600 lumens and 16,000 candela peak beam intensity.

GOJO Hitactile Professional Technician Gloves
GOJO Hitactile Professional Technician Gloves are designed to provide protection against cuts and lacerations in applications where dexterity and hand protection are both critical.

Jackson Safety Realtree Camouflage welding helmet
Kimberly-Clark Professional introduced an ultra-lightweight helmet with a camouflage design from Realtree, a leader in outdoor camouflage gear.

Bulwark Polartec FR technical workwear
Bulwark's new line of Polartec FR technical workwear garments focus on superior comfort, worker image, moisture management, and of course - flame resistance.

Dialight Class I Div 2 certified LED lighting fixture
Dialight announced the debut of the industry’s first-ever 100+ lumens per watt (lm/W) Class I Div 2 certified LED lighting fixture.

Streamlight Knucklehead Spot
Streamlight introduced a new version of its innovative Knucklehead work light, the Knucklehead Spot.

Pfannenberg industrial flashing sounders
Pfannenberg introduced PATROL Series PA X 5 – a new generation of 105 dB(A) industrial flashing sounders.

Oil Eater self-contained spill kits
Oil Eater introduced all-in-one professional grade spill kits designed to contain and clean up hazardous material spills in manufacturing plants, as required by OSHA and the EPA.

Lyon Workspace flammable safety cabinets
Lyon Workspace Products introduced its newly redesigned flammable safety cabinets.

MPS Centurion Concept Helmet
MPS Centurion introduced the Centurion CONCEPT Helmet with ventilation.

Jackson Safety G60 Cut Resistant Gloves and Sleeves
For work environments that pose a risk of cuts and abrasions, Kimberly-Clark Professional has launched two new products that offer protection as well as comfort.

Greenlee launches safety product line
Greenlee of Textron Inc. recently launched a new line of rugged Safety Products that not only provides protection but also comfort and convenience.

Streamlight Night Com UV flashlight
Streamlight Inc. launched the compact Night Com UV flashlight, which features six UV LEDs to provide ultraviolet light for a variety of detection purposes.

Loctite threadlockers achieve No. 1 safety rating
Henkel Corporation has introduced two threadlocker products that have achieved an MSDS health rating of 1.

Sure-Grip Hot Mill Gloves with Nitrile Grip Palms
Superior Glove's Sure-Grip seamless-knit glove lineup offers a heat-resistant glove with grip palms.

Pfannenberg Safety Integrity Level signaling devices
Pfannenberg introduced Safety Integrity Level (SIL) audible and visual signaling devices that are specifically designed to conform to SIL 1 and SIL 2 safety requirements.

Oil Eater Naturals
Oil Eater Naturals is a new line of eco-friendly absorbent pads, rolls and socks designed to provide a safer and cleaner workplace and help users meet OSHA and EPA requirements.

Jackson Safety cut-resistant gloves and sleeve
For industrial tasks that require protection against hand lacerations, cuts, abrasions and burns, Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced two new Jackson Safety brand cut-resistant gloves and a cut-resistant sleeve.

Gateway Metro Safety eyewear
Designed to look less like safety eyewear and more like popular, everyday glasses, Metro will help employers increase PPE compliance on the job.

Streamlight updates safety ratings
Streamlight Inc. announced that it has updated the safety ratings for two of its popular right-angle lights, the Survivor LED and Knucklehead.

Jackson Safety Nitrile Foam Coated Gloves
The Jackson Safety G40 Nitrile Foam Coated Gloves from Kimberly-Clark Professional have been improved to offer a host of additional benefits to industrial workers, including being washable and silicone-free.

MPS Centurion Concept Linesman Helmet
MPS Centurion introduced the Centurion Concept Linesman Helmet.

Gateway Safety TruAir particulate respirators
When workplace tasks produce fumes, mists, gases, vapors, or harmful dust, the TruAir line of particulate respirators from Gateway Safety offers workers three levels of protection.

MPS AirPro Baseball bump cap
MPS Inc. announces the AirPro Baseball Bump Cap which offers protection from bumps, scrapes and lacerations to the head, where hard hats are not required.

4X4 Polarized protective eyewear
4X4 Polarized protective eyewear from Gateway Safety is an all-important outdoor eye protection solution for workers who face daily glare from light bouncing off flat, reflective surfaces such as the hood of a vehicle, the surface of water, or even a paved roadway.

Jackson Safety air purifying respirator
Welders can now obtain affordable protection from harmful particulate contaminants with the new Jackson Safety Brand R60 Airmax Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR).

OLFA introduces concealed blade safety knife
The tools to cut shrink wrap, stretch wrap, plastic strapping, nylon, sacks and bags have evolved.

Rayovac improves Ultra Pro alkaline batteries
Rayovac announced that its line of Ultra Pro alkaline batteries now lasts longer than its previous alkaline batteries based upon American National Standards Institute (ANSI) service life tests and more rigorous continuous drain testing applications.

Thomas & Betts surge protectors
The Joslyn line of AC surge protection products from Thomas & Betts includes more than 1,300 standard configurations.

Jackson Safety auto-darkening filter for welders
Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced the Jackson Safety W60 TrueSight, a new Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) for welders that offers quick one-touch mode adjustment, intuitive digital controls and improved visibility.

PIP Cut Resistant Gloves with Dyneema Diamond Technology
PIP released three new cut-resistant gloves featuring new Dyneema Diamond Technology.

Gateway Safety Spanish language catalog
A Spanish-language version of the Gateway Safety full-line product catalog is now available for download.

Rayovac Indestructible Tour
The Indestructible Tour powered by Rayovac explores the fabric of America while putting the toughest tools to the test.

Dialight SafeSite fixture certified for hazardous locations
Dialight announced that its new SafeSite Series LED Linear Fixture has achieved certification to the Class I, Div 2 standard for use in hazardous locations.

Protective Industrial Products ATG MaxiCut Dry Gloves
Protective Industrial Products (PIP) announced a recent enhancement to the ATG MaxiCut Dry product range.

Cold weather hood system
The MPS Centurion Cold Weather Hood system offers versatile protection against various weather conditions from autumn to the coldest winter day.

Stronger magnification lens
Gateway Safety now offers an even stronger magnification lens option for workers needing bifocal vision correction and eye protection.

Ear plugs for food processing
Kimberly-Clark Professional added two new products to its Jackson Safety brand hearing protection line.

Baseball style safety cap
The HardCap A1+ Bump Cap from Protective Industrial Products is a sportier bump cap with a sleek, low profile.

Ventilated safety helmets
Gateway Safety's Serpent Ventilated Safety Helmet can help minimize heat buildup under the shell of the helmet.

Safety Lens Wipes
ITW Dymon offers Scrubs Safety Lens Wipes to effectively clean eye and face protection products in one easy step.

Easy access for fall protection
Revco Industries introduced the new CableNotch pass-through feature that allows fall protection gear to fit conveniently under Black Stallion FR jackets.

Safe job site power
The Knaack PowerCrew 15-amp in-box power supply provides a safer solution for in-box power in any brand or style of job site box.

Polarized protective eyewear
The new 4X4 Polarized is an ideal eye protection solution for outdoor workers who face significant glare from bright sunlight.

Cut-resistant glove
The newly re-branded Jackson Safety G60 Purple Nitrile cut-resistant gloves provide a higher level of cut resistance with enhanced dexterity and comfort features.

Sunscreen wipes
ITW Dymon offers Scrubs Solar Guard Sunscreen Wipes to help protect outdoor workers from the harmful effects of the sun.

KleenGuard breathable coverall
The KleenGuard A30 Breathable Splash and Particle Protection Stretch Coverall combines outstanding comfort and dry particulate protection with a stylish new design.

Bifocal safety eyewear
To meet the eye protection needs of an aging workforce, Gateway Safety offers two styles of bifocal eye protection.

Knee protection
The new Ergodyne ProFlex 355 Gel Knee Pad delivers top-of-the-line protection and quality.

Protect against extreme heat
New from Superior Glove, these gloves combine three high-performance materials to protect against extreme heat.

Luminary provides comfort and protection
Gateway Safety’s new Luminary features flexible temples and a “fingertip” nosepiece.