Posted June 13, 2017

CleanSpace Technology respiratory products

CleanSpace Technology, a global manufacturer of industrial, welding, healthcare, mining, energy and laboratory/research powered respiratory protection, is now expanding into the North, Central and South American markets with its line of respiratory products.

CleanSpace respiratorsCurrently available worldwide in more than 20 countries, CleanSpace showcased its products for the first time in North America at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo.

“Until now, the respiratory protection market has remained relatively stagnant despite available technology and engineering advancements,” stated Alex Birrell, chief executive officer at CleanSpace Technology. “CleanSpace respirators deliver the high level of protection of a powered, air-purifying respirator with the ease of use of a negative pressure mask. The days of traditional heavy PAPRs, hoses, cables or belt-mounted battery packs are now behind us and replaced with the lightweight, easy to wear revolutionary CleanSpace family of products. Our goal is to have organizations rethink their respiratory protection program and consider CleanSpace to improve their business operations, increase productivity and meet their OSHA safety requirements.”

The United States, Canada and Latin America represents a growing market opportunity for CleanSpace. According to Grand View Research, the global respiratory protective equipment market is expected to reach $8.53 billion by 2022. North America was the largest regional respiratory protective equipment market accounting for 30 percent in 2014, and stricter safety legislations for asbestos and mining markets, coupled with rising employee/worker awareness towards personal safety in a majority of the industries is expected to drive regional demand over the next seven years.