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The Industrial Supply magazine archive on distribution management offers ideas for managers on inventory management, managing employees, market planning and development and many more subjects.

Four ways AI can help distributors grow (Benj Cohen)
Think twice before eliminating employee education as a benefit
(Kourtney Gruner)
Why leading distributors are moving to modern, cloud ERP Systems
 ERP systems (Kelly Squizzero)
Connecting through the camera and keyboard
(Kate Zabriskie)
Maintaining margins in any scenario
(Brooks Hamilton)
Escalator clauses
(Rosaria Suriano and Robyn Lym)
Five trends for distributor online success
(Scott Benfield)
Scammers in DistributorLand
(Frank Hurtte)
Distributor scam goes digital

White paper
Full-service distribution: Vulnerability in the Digital Age
Distributors who price low, take sales and make more money

Scott Benfield M&A series
Distributor M&A: The Work Behind the Numbers (Part 1)

Scott Benfield series
Trials and tribulations of sales growth in an AmazonSupply world (Scott Benfield)
Sales growth in an AmazonSupply world (Part 2) (Scott Benfield)
Growth in an AmazonSupply World (Part III) (Scott Benfield)

Human resources
Can we talk? (Geoffrey Tumlin)
There is no good way to manage people. But we have to try anyway (Tron Jordheim)
Prevent ethical breakdowns (Stan Craig)
How to handle embezzlement in the family business (Lois Lang)
Wanted: A (Rare) Team Player (Bruce Piasecki)
Understanding Obamacare (Bart Basi)
Leadership isn't for cowards (Mike Staver)
Measure what needs to be measured (Timothy Bednarz)
Hire fast. Fire faster (Nathan Jamail)
Balancing multiple generations at work (Jennifer FitzPatrick)
Not all team members are equal (Amy Showalter)
Healing your workplace (Dr. Jack Springer)
How to lose your best customers in three easy steps
(Jan Ferri-Reed)
What's wrong with these kids? (Jason Bader)
Seven hallmarks of a great workplace (Norm Spitzig)
Delegation: From D'oh! to OOHH! (Marty Stanley)
The 8 things your staff hates about you (Dr. Rhonda Savage)
No raises this year? (Dr. Rhonda Savage)
Are your employees ready to bolt? (Jan Ferri-Reed)
Avoid these common e-mail pet peeves (Jean Kelley)
Giving feedback to millennials (Joanne Sujanksy and Jan Ferri-Reed)
Why you need millennials at your workplace (Joanne Sujansky)
Performance reviews gone bad (Dick Grote)
Before you hire employees, retain them! (Howard Coleman)

Information Technology Management
Look to the cloud (Ole Isaksen)
The Top 5 areas of manufacturer-distributor conflict in the digital age
(Scott Benfield)
Are you a modern distributor (Dominic Telaro)
Channel conflict, e-style (Scott Benfield)
Distributor e-commerce run amok (Scott Benfield)
Getting IT Right in ERP
(V. Mehra)
Software selection: Doing it right (David Panitch)
E-commerce pricing for distributors (Scott Benfield)
Cloud computing: Paradise or peril? (Distributor Board)
Is your ERP system a Mothership or just a satellite? (Neil Gillespie and Allen Ray)

Four ways distributors can stay relevant and grow (J Schneider)
Reasons Not to Use Supplier Sales Teams (Frank Hurtte)
Supplier Diversity - The Next New Buying Power
(Sherry Chamblee and Pamela Kan)
Taking an Independent Path
(Classic Components)
What is Value Add and Why is It Important to Industrial Distributors? (Dr. W.R. McCleave)
The Board's Role in the M&A Process (M. Jay Heilbrunn)
Three questions to ask after a disaster
(Lucien Canton)
Ten tips for handling customer complaints effectively (Ron Kaufman)
Ten issues to keep you up at night (David Gordon and Stan Rydzynski)
Purchasing problems at the North Pole (Frank Hurtte)
Knowledge-based distributors save Santa (Frank Hurtte)
How to lead like it matters (Roxi Bahar Hewertson)
Leading in Crisis: The Four Traps of Decision Making (Lucien Canton)
Why distributors need sales and operations planning (The Distributor Board)
Six lessons from Santa for distributors (Frank Hurtte)
The doers and the doo-doo in leadership
(Bill Blades)
Three keys to successful crisis management (Lucien Canton)
The Washington Post and industrial distributors (Dick Friedman)
White paper: Building an ROI e-commerce model (hybris software)
Finishing strong (Paul Krupa)
Do you own a business or a job? (Jason Bader)
Is your business ready for re-shoring? (The Distributor Board)
Beware the ill-planned innovative rollout (Moe Glenner)
Planning as a means to generate results (Timothy Bednarz)
Five strategic mistakes distributors make (Brent Grover)
Using sourcing to improve margins in 2013 (The Distributor Board)
Planning and leading change (George F. Brown)
Fighting margin meltdown (Zilliant white paper)
Beyond the Product-Centric Organization (Scott Benfield)
Planning change and leading change (George F. Brown)
You can't hope your problems away (Timothy Bednarz)
The Value Decade (Scott Benfield)
To do or not to due diligence (M. Jay Heilbrunn)
Why top-down budgeting doesn't work (Brent Grover)
Uh-oh, where did my distributor go? (Scott Benfield)
AmazonSupply: A new business model or MRO paper tiger? (Scott Benfield)
The value of successful acquisition integration (The Distributor Board)
White paper: Bad Structure and the Battle for Capacity (Scott Benfield/Steve Griffith)
The cost-cutters guide to growth (Dan Adams)
Partnering with high value suppliers (Bill Moore)
Five truths halting your company's organic growth (Dan Adams)
Interview with Scott Benfield on improving distributor valuations
The best raise you'll ever get (Scott Benfield)
Growing pains (Ed Hess)
Warning signs for a low valuation
(Scott Benfield and Rich Vurva)
The wholesale distribution acquisition scene
(Scott Benfield)
5 myths every company must avoid to survive the recovery (Vivian Blade)
The ABB - Baldor Deal (Frank Hurtte)
Where is the money? (Psst, the government has it) (Jim Bain)
Where is the volume in volume rebates? (Scott Benfield)
Top 10 Pitfalls to avoid when going social in the business world (Barry Libert)
The seven sins that B2B companies commit (Dan Adams)
Distribution Pricing: A lot less product; a bunch more behavior (Scott Benfield)
What's my company worth? (Frank Hurtte)
The five myths of customer profitability (Scott Benfield)
Filling the pipeline (ThomasNet)
CEO Quiz: What you should know about your largest asset (Abe WalkingBear Sanchez)
Industrial Supplier's Guide to Technology (Frank Hurtte)
Distribution Pricing, Part 1
(Scott Benfield)
Distribution Pricing, Part 2 (Scott Benfield)
Get ready for a more aggressive OSHA
(James A. Lastowka)
Faster profits in a slow economy (Don Schmincke)
The five biggest mistakes managers make (John Schaefer)
8 key budgeting tips for your management team
(Gene Siciliano)
The boring truth about being the best
(Jon Gordon)
The four Ps of strategy creation
(Ron Price)
A mid-recession checklist (Frank Hurtte)
Lean lessons (Howard Coleman)
Specialists drive value in turbulent times (Frank Hurtte)
Get your late-paying customers to pay on time (Gene Siciliano)
Let's keep worrying about the wrong things (Al Bates)
Recession-proofing your operation (Robert Footlik)
Timeless messages on managing distributor networks (Scott Benfield)
Too small for supply chain management? (Howard Coleman)

Sales compensation
Destroying value with margin dollar compensation schemes (Scott Benfield)
The compensation plan is not the problem (Scott Benfield)