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Tune in as Industrial Supply’s editor talks with leading industry experts about a range of important issues affecting distributors today. 

Industrial Supply magazine has launched a new video program – THE HOT SEAT – to supplement our array of content platforms for distribution executives. Featuring fast-paced, one-on-one interviews with IS Editor Kim Phelan, each video is a short dialog with a subject matter expert in the industrial sector. 

Meet leading authorities as they step up to the mic and shed light on issues you care about. Short & sweet, personable, and highly relevant to your business, THE HOT SEAT unpacks causes, questions, and solutions related to some of distribution’s biggest challenges. We get to the point and uncover what matters to you. 

We invite you to listen in and share THE HOT SEAT with your colleagues and industry peers. And because you’re an IS subscriber, we’ll always let you know when a new edition is released.

Get Your Head in the Cloud
Hot Seat The ISA24 tradeshow was jumpin’ in April, but we’re glad we carved out a special few minutes to catch up with one of our favorite industry technology pros, Will Quinn, who is now the global director of strategy, warehouse management systems, at Infor.

We invite you to spend the next 11 minutes to hear how Will has personally listened to distributors to understand their biggest challenges, including the great struggle to keep pace with the speed of changing technology. What’s the No. 1 answer to many distributor concerns? Quinn says quite simply … it’s the cloud!

With Frank Hurtte, Industrial Supply’s new 2024 columnist!
Frank Hurtte In this episode of Industrial Supply Magazine’s Hot Seat program, Editor Kim Phelan unveils the first of two new columnists who will appear in each issue in 2024.

First up is well-known industrial distribution sales expert Frank Hurtte. Click in for a listen as Frank tells us what his new column is called and, more important, what he’s going to be saying … and how it differs from past articles over the years.

Frank’s seen it all and knows exactly what rookie salespeople need to succeed in the highly-niched arena of distribution. But today isn’t your grandfather’s sales landscape, so Frank keeps it real and relevant, with a healthy splash of wit.

Watch the video preview of Frank’s column, and then watch for Frank starting in the January-February issue of Industrial Supply.

With Dirk Beveridge, Industrial Supply’s new 2024 columnist!
Dirk Beveridge In this episode of Industrial Supply Magazine’s Hot Seat program, Editor Kim Phelan unveils the second of two new columnists who will appear in each issue in 2024.

We’re proud to feature one of the most pro-distribution personalities in our industry, Dirk Beveridge. Click in for a quick listen as Dirk tells us what his new column is called and, more important, what he’s going to be saying … and how it differs from a lot of other noise out there.

Dirk travels all across America to profile industrial distributors in his “We Supply America” video program. For him, it’s all about the people and putting a positive spotlight on the men and women who make our industry remarkable. This is a guy who is uber-passionate about your industry, what you do, and making sure your people know they are seen, appreciated, and empowered to grow in their distribution careers.

Watch this video preview of Dirk’ column, and then watch for Dirk himself, beginning in the January-February issue of Industrial Supply.


How to Control Your Customers’ E-commerce Experience – with Jonathan Meyer

Jonathan Mayer

In this episode of Industrial Supply Magazine’s The Hot Seat program, Editor Kim Phelan explores what is happening to distributors’ customers when they bump into problems while searching for products on an e-commerce site.

Bottom line, what may seem like minor hiccups (such as entering a unit of measurement or a typo) can confuse e-commerce software and really frustrate customers to the point of making them leave the site.

Our guest is Jonathan Meyer, Senior Solutions Engineer at Bridgeline, the creators of HawkSearch, an AI product that proactively solves site-search foibles and gives your customers a hassle-free experience while they shop.

Watch this short video interview to find out just how far AI technology has come and why a good site-search system has a direct impact on e-commerce sales. 

Unpacking Hose Safety Awareness Week - with Molly Alton Mullins
Molly Mullins

In this edition, we’re talking with special guest Molly Alton Mullins, executive director of NAHAD–The Hose and Accessories Distributors Association. Hear the “what” and the “why” behind NAHAD’s nationwide emphasis on safety Sept 10-16, 2023.

NAHAD members are engaged in a friendly competition to develop creative and attention-getting ways to promote safety with customers throughout the industrial and construction sectors. Mullins explains how the idea evolved into reality and why it’s a big deal.

Join us for quick Q&A in the Hot Seat virtual studio, where you’ll find out where to view all the activities and learn why hose safety is every industrial distributor’s issue. Watch the video.

Solving Workforce Woes with Pro-Employee Technology - with Ken Ramoutar
Ken R Executives across all U.S. industries collectively identify the labor shortage as a major source of anxiety – and barrier to growth. Lucas Systems has researched the trends occurring among the warehouse workforce, and today Ramoutar explains where industrial distributors need to go in order to attract and retain younger generations of employees. Watch the video.
What’s Your Warehouse Vision? - with Will Quinn
Quinn When you think about the future of your industrial distribution company, what’s your dream for the warehouse? Is remaining static unthinkable? Do technologies like AI, ML, robotics, and automation top your bucket list? Live from ISA23, hear Will Quinn, “The Distribution Guy” at Infor, explain why investing in a modern warehouse management system now is the first step toward the future – and see how many serious problems it’ll solve in the present. Watch the video.