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Navigating The "New Now" as a Distributor

Top 5 Strategies Distributors Should Pursue to Keep their Business Healthy

How distributors navigate our current reality will impact the long-term shape and strategy of their operations, and determine readiness for the business recovery that will follow. This new report from Epicor looks at key trends emerging that are helping distribution companies thrive, with practical advice to help you stay connected, keep innovating, and most importantly - continue servicing vendors, suppliers and customers that stand by your side today, and in the future.

Optimizing Inventory in Your Distribution Business

Optimizing inventory in your distribution business

Does the unfamiliar state of today’s distribution industry have you challenged by dead or dying inventory, excess inventory, unprofitable inventory? Are the hidden carrying costs tied to these items―storage, labor, insurance, utilities―reducing your cash flow? Consider the impact on customer service of potentially having the wrong product mix. This white paper outlines ways to improve your balance sheet and operations by reducing unproductive stock.

Streamlining Your Entire Purchasing and Sales Cycle

ORS Nasco

The ORS Nasco exclusive distributor partnership model ensures that we do not compete with our distributors by selling to end-users. We partner with our distributors to provide a single-source wholesale solution focused on driving incremental sales, increasing customer retention, and building market share. Our nationwide network of strategically located distribution centers allows for lower transaction, shipping, and transportation costs that saves you time, money, and unnecessary work.

Our distributors business is our business! Learn More

Stand Out with Value-added Services in a Self-service Culture

warehouse workers

As distributors move further into their customers’ value chain, they develop more unique services to help set them apart from the competition. However, these value-added services often require substantial investments for capital equipment, manufacturing space, and IT programs. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has an increasingly valuable role to play in service development for distributors. Download this Epicor white paper to learn how value-added services backed by ERP can help distributors grow revenue and support customer demands. Click for white paper.


The Internet of Things (IoT) and How It Applies To Distribution

Epicor IoT

The term Internet of Things (IoT) has become increasingly more common in the distribution space, but is this something that distributors should pay attention to? IoT is one component of a wider conversation around digitalization and leveraging technology to increase the efficiency of operations and the levels of customer support to drive growth and profit. IoT is about collecting data that was not previously available from machines that you interact with every day. But the real benefit comes from the analysis of this data and gaining unique insights into your business that allows decisions to be made and actions taken to achieve growth goals. Click here to learn more.


Steel Thunder

Steel Thunder

Our new Steel Thunder™ metal cutting carbide blades cut 5X faster and last 30X longer than abrasive blades. Tensioned and hardened steel plate ensures straight and accurate burr-free cuts, and minimal vibrating or flexing. Plus, a safer, cleaner way to deliver cool and precise cuts every time with less dust, sparks and vibration. Perfect for all mild steel applications. Click for more.


ZSPEED Zirconia cut-off wheels

ZSpeed Zirconia cut-off wheels

ZSPEED® Zirconia cut-off wheels are manufactured with a unique combination of premium Zirconia grains helping the wheel to stay sharp throughout the toughest jobs. Special bonding and extra thin design allows ZSPEED to cut faster and last longer. They are double reinforced with two layers of heat resistant, high tensile strength fiberglass. Low pressure is required to cut, reducing operator fatigue and increasing tool life. These wheels are designed to cut all ferrous metals, including stainless steel. Click for more.


Maximizing Performance Across the Supply Chain

Prophet 21

As your customers’ expectations increase, it becomes increasingly difficult to drive business performance that maximizes profit. Delivering on these expectations defines your success and the success of the intricately woven supply chain that supports it. Epicor has developed a cloud-ready solution to procure, assemble, ship, and deliver the goods when customers want them. Executing at peak performance requires embedding your organization’s supply chain processes within an effective enterprise solution.

Learn how Epicor Prophet 21 software can maximize the performance your business.

Adding Value to Your Distribution Business
Adding value to your distribution business Growing a business in today’s ever-changing distribution landscape demands finding new ways to differentiate your company from the competition. One way for distributors to do this is by offering value-added services to appeal to new customers, retain existing customers, and add new revenue streams. This Epicor white paper will help you identify how to choose value-added services for your business and looks at areas that can be optimized to streamline the process.
Tompkins Ball Valves and Mini Ball Valves
Tompkins Ball Valves Tompkins Ball Valves Perfect for shutoff applications, Tompkins Brass Ball Valves and Mini Ball Valves range in size from 1/8" all the way up to 4" and have pressure ratings up to 600 PSI. Ball Valves are also available in Stainless Steel with pressure ratings up to 1,000 PSI. Click here for details.
Automate Processing of Manually Keyed in Purchase Orders
Conexiom Today’s marketplace is too competitive for your CSRs to waste time on manual entry. Automate sales order processing with Conexiom and increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Conexiom takes orders that are currently manually keyed in and transforms them in minutes into sales orders in your ERP system with 100% accuracy. Get the guide to learn how.
Tompkins Protec Nylon Hose Sleeve
Protec Nylon Hose Sleeve Woven from thousands of nylon filaments, Tompkins Protec Nylon Hose Sleeve is the ideal solution for the protection and bundling of hydraulic hose assemblies, cable, chains, springs and more. Protec offers superior abrasion resistance, provides limited burst and containment protection, and is highly effective in reducing the effects of pinhole occurrences. Click here for details.
5 Red Flags Your ERP is Paralyzing Your Operations
5 Red Flags Is upgrading technology a requirement for industrial distributors to move ahead? Replacing a business system is not just about getting a “newer” version of the same system. Instead, an investment in new technology can change the direction of your business. Click for more.
Brave the Elements With Tompkins Stainless Steel Fittings
Tompkins Stainless Steel Fittings Bring the heat...or cold, or water, salt, acid, chemicals—you name it, Tompkins beats it. These fittings are made of 316 grade stainless steel that resist corrosion and stands up to the most extreme environments imaginable. Click for more.
9 Reasons to Retire Your "Homegrown" ERP Software Solution
9 Reasons to retire your "homegrown" ERP Software If you’re running a custom solution, it may be time to consider its sustainability. While you may feel your custom-built solution provides control and flexibility, it may have locked you into an archaic system that doesn’t integrate with new technology, and forces you to dedicate countless dollars and hours to workarounds and short-term fixes. Download this whitepaper from Epicor to learn the answers to nine critical questions that you need to be asking yourself about your homegrown system.
Your Amazon Business Playbook
Your Amazon Business Playbook In this report, we focus in on Amazon in the B2B industry. We examine the history of Amazon in the B2B space with Amazon Business—formerly AmazonSupply—and where we think it's heading with its adaptive model, while also providing recommendations on how to remain competitive and relevant in the face of Amazon.
Tompkins Fire Sleeve
Tompkins Fire Sleeve Protect cables, wires and hoses from extreme heat. Tompkins Fire Sleeve is a silicon-coated fiberglass sleeving that is designed to withstand continuous exposure up to 500 degree heat.
Eight habits of high gross margin distributors
Eight habits of high gross margin distributors The ultimate goal of most companies is to improve their profit margins―distributors are no exception. Distributors often focus on this more than manufacturers or retailers, since they connect the two sectors. With increased competition and market pressures, now is a smart time for distributors to examine how to improve their margins, and learn from others who are doing it well. This white paper covers the top eight habits showcased by distributors to achieve high gross margins.
Getting organized; right storage for the job
Gettting organized, right storage for the job When it comes to organizing your company’s assets, including tools, instrumentation and other critical operational items, effectiveness is driven through aligned discipline. Tool storage effectiveness is no different. Kennedy has the industry leading breadth and depth of products that provide our customers the flexibility in developing their customized storage solution and ensures assets are stored in the proper place. Download Kennedy Manufacturing's white paper on tool storage organization.
Unifying Financials and Inventory
NetSuite Read this white paper to understand the limitations of QuickBooks and FishBowl, and the value of managing your financials and inventory on one, integrated business management system like NetSuite.
Tompkins Pro Wrap
Tompkins Pro Wrap Nothing ruins a workday like a repair that could have been prevented. That’s why Tompkins Pro Wrap is the quick, convenient, and affordable way to protect your hose from unnecessary damage and costly mistakes. Wrap your hoses for increased longevity and even color-code them to reduce the chance of user error. Click for details.

What "Doing Nothing" Will Really Cost Your Distribution Business

eBook: Adapting to a Changing Marketplace

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to just satisfy an order. Today’s customers are being impacted by B2C experiences, encroaching big box distribution behavior and rapid technology advances. To survive, your business needs to push even harder and deliver a superior customer experience unmatched by others.

DDI System’s Inform ERP Software gives distributors the tools to achieve operational excellence in accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing and pricing. Plus, Inform goes beyond operations with advanced customer engagement tools to win amidst digital disruption. Find out more>


Engineered to be easy

Tompkins downloadable CAD drawings

An engineer’s job is never easy - but it could be easier. That was our aim when we made over 6,000 CAD drawings available for download at

Prophet 21—A Powerful Tool for Digital Distributors

Prophet 21

Prophet 21—A Powerful Tool for Digital Distributors―helps you grow your sales, profits, and productivity in the cloud or on premises. The latest version of the Prophet 21 solution is web-enabled and extended to run on any browser. It also improves mobility by eliminating the device challenges that many companies face—letting distributors access Prophet 21 from any device, anywhere. Built on a future-ready technology stack—HTML5, Angular JS, .NET, and SQL Server—it’s the system of choice for distributors across a variety of industries. Learn more with our Prophet 21 value summary. Click to download.


B2B Commerce: Going Beyond Online Purchasing


In the era of online shopping, isn’t it about time to bring the supply chain into the cloud? In the new ebook, discover the trends in B2B commerce, learn more about new technologies available, and hear from real businesses about their stories as they shift their supply chains into the cloud. Download the ebook and discover the future of B2B business.


How Digitalization Can Help Your Distribution Business Grow

Building a better tomorrow with ERP

Digitalization is essential to the longevity of your business. It presents significant opportunities to address key operational issues, align products and services to the demands of today’s market, and achieve growth.

However, growth looks different for every company, and with the vast array of digital technologies available, it can be hard to know where to start. This guide, “Building A Better Tomorrow With ERP” will help you understand the technological challenges facing your business, discover how to assess the capabilities needed to support your digitalization journey, and highlights some best practices to implement your digitalization strategy. Click to download.

Wholesale: Small and Midsize Firms are Using Technology to Sharpen Business Practices and Improve Customer Engagement

SAP image

Small and midsize wholesale distributors are using technology to sharpen business practices and improve customer engagement. Learn how small and midsize wholesale distribution companies can do more than just react to new threats. Learn how successful wholesalers can use technology to sharpen business practices, improve agility, and anticipate customer buying behavior while working effectively with suppliers to support a comprehensive view of the distribution value chain. Click to download.


The Money Story: Overcoming the Seven Barriers to Business Success


Industry experts explore the 7 key barriers limiting strategic visibility and the strategies to remove these obstacles so that you are better equipped to make informed, insightful and assertive decisions that drive profitable business growth. Download the report and learn to break down your business barriers.


Transform Wholesale Distribution

  image How will your wholesale distribution company compete in the new digital reality? Learn about a proven framework to adopt industry best practices while attaining operational excellence – specifically across core customer engagement, asset management, and financial processes. Click for details.
Protec Nylon Hose Sleeve
Protec nylon hose sleeve Woven from thousands of nylon filaments, Tompkins Protec Nylon Hose Sleeve is the ideal solution for the protection and bundling of hydraulic hose assemblies, cable, chains, springs and more. Protec offers superior abrasion resistance, provides limited burst and containment protection, and is highly effective in reducing the effects of pinhole occurrences.
Embracing the Digital Economy in the Wholesale Distribution Industry
futuristic image Innovate and thrive to secure your leadership position within the value chain. Today, leading distributors are using digital technology to create, deliver, and sustain new and meaningful customer experiences. If you’re not thinking about how to incorporate technologies such as drones, 3D printing, smart vending machines, customer facing apps, and more into your strategy, you will be left behind. Learn how you can leverage customer engagement opportunities, offer new services, execute on processes that easily enable insight to action, integrate cloud based business networks, tap into an extended workforce, and build the bridge to advanced solution landscapes using new technologies. Click for details.
Embracing the Digital Economy in Wholesale Distribution

Discover how to innovate to secure your leadership position with SAP's white paper. Today's competitive markets demand that wholesale distributors evolve faster, increase efficiency, and provide memorable customer experiences. Technologies like 3-D printing, smart vending machines and customer-facing apps are helping to create, deliver, and sustain new and meaningful customer experiences. And if you're not thinking about incorporating these innovations, you may be left behind.

Download Embracing the Digital Economy in Wholesale Distribution.

The Great Debate: One Integrated System vs. Multiple Applications


Are your current systems inhibiting your business’s growth? Discover how switching to a single software platform to unify your critical business processes could help to catalyze growth and increase profits. Download the report to discover your secret to growth.


Transform Your Wholesale Distribution Business with a Digital Core
Image Distributors must reinvent themselves from a warehouse of products for serving demand to information-centric companies that utilize new business models to gain competitive advantage. It will no longer be possible to survive by simply breaking bulk and having great, legacy customer relationships. The time to digitally transform is now. Learn how SAP can help your wholesale distribution company as you compete in the new digital reality. Find out how SAP provides a framework with industry best practices while attaining operational excellence—specifically across core customer engagement, asset management and financial processes. Click here for details.
HR Transformation and the Digital Distributor| Business Value for a Multigenerational Workforce
image We are in the era of digital business transformation, and there is no going back. Disruption brings business opportunities, and your ability to maximize your pursuit of these opportunities requires a workforce that is not only engaged — feeling supported, trained, rewarded, and motivated — but “all in”: invested, doing work they love, and knowing they are contributing to more than their individual experience. All-in employees do what it takes to win – for themselves and for your organization Read why hundreds of businesses have transformed their HCM operations with SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Find out how they are using them along with SAP technology to keep their highly engaged, total workforce “all in.” Learn how this helps them deliver better business results than ever. Download the Document

Taking Your Distributorship to the Cloud

Taking your distributorship to the cloud

Making the decision to upgrade your ERP system is a big step towards future growth, but there are always drawbacks. How do you decide whether the risk is worth it to your business and its future?

Making the move to the Cloud is the next - and perhaps biggest - evolution ERP software has recently seen. You may still be wondering if the Cloud is a good move for your business - and you're not alone. Find out for yourself by reading the "Taking Your Distributorship to the Cloud" iReport.

Software that fuels innovation
Guide to Wholesale Distribution Software As customer behaviors and needs change, distributors must have the flexibility to adjust their business practices in order to meet those changes. Adopting new technologies to modernize and transform your business should be on top of your agenda. Download Infor's Guide to Wholesale Distribution Software to explore 6 key technologies, and read industry success stories.

Key technologies to enable your digital strategy
IDC Investment Guide Channel diversification is bringing competitors that are not traditional wholesalers to the market. To stay competitive, distributors must become more innovative and accepting of digital technology. Read the IDC Investment Guide to gain insight into how distributors embrace IT and business process modernization in order to serve a greater role for their customers.
Getting Comfortable in the Cloud
Epicor Cloud Business in the cloud is better business. When you understand the simple, economic, and reliable advantages the Cloud brings to your business, you’ll see how much simpler it is to focus on what matters most – with access from anywhere, any time. Learn why more distributors are making the move to Cloud. Click for more.
Tompkins Pro Wrap
Tompkins Pro Wrap Nothing ruins a workday like a repair that could have been prevented. That’s why Tompkins Pro Wrap is the quick, convenient, and affordable way to protect your hose from unnecessary damage and costly mistakes. Wrap your hoses for increased longevity and even color-code them to reduce the chance of user error. Click to learn more.
VAI and IBM: Smarter enterprise management with mobile and social business
VAI A personalized, web-based user experience that helps manufacturing, distribution and retail organizations remotely access VAI S2K ERP solutions to improve decision making and collaboration. Download the white paper.
Critical components to achieving the perfect order
NetSuite Delivering on consumer expectations—whether of a buyer from a business you sell into, or a direct-end consumer—comes from the ability to complete the perfect order: getting the right products delivered at the best price, when and where they want. Download the white paper to learn more about the key components for building a strategy that provides a seamless, omnichannel experience across all of your stakeholders.
Bins That Check Themselves? Brilliant
Apex Supply Chain See how Munters, a global air treatment solutions OEM, and WESCO Distribution implemented the ACTYLUS Automated Replenishment System to eliminate stock-outs, recover valuable square footage, and save more than $43K a year in labor costs. Download the case study
White Paper: Embrace Disruptive Innovation
Kenandy's Cloud ERP The new normal is never “normal”. We no longer operate in an environment where tried-and-true business practices can be applied to resolve the issues that arise in the marketplace. Instead, traditional business is constantly being impacted by overwhelming and sudden shifts in the marketplace that require significant adjustments to business operations. The name of the game in this new normal is “disruptive innovation”. Read this white paper to learn what disruptive innovation is and how your company can use cloud ERP to stay in the game.
The outlook for wholesale distribution in 2017
NetSuite Success means growing your business and investing in its future. In the new report, Modern Distribution Management and NetSuite explore the key business objectives and challenges facing distribution companies as they embark on their business journey in 2017. Download the report to learn more about the trends facing modern distributors and the strategies that leaders in the space are using to tackle these trends.
Tompkins CAD drawings are engineered to be easy
Tompkins CAD Drawings Since 1967, Tompkins Industries has been providing quality hydraulic adapters and fluid power products. In addition to our quality products and service, we also provide our customers access to over 6,000 CAD drawings in 2D and 3D format—all available for download at Register today and start downloading.
Analyst Report: Why Platform Matters When Choosing an ERP System
Kenandy white paper In order to survive, grow, and compete in the digital age, organizations need an ERP that is highly flexible and able to adapt, which is why any company making an ERP purchase today should give serious consideration to the platform on which it's developed. If built on the right platform, your ERP will help you grow and innovate with ease. So, what are the tough platform questions you should ask yourself when shopping for an ERP? Click here to find out!
eBook - "Better Data Drives Growth"
eBook Better Data Drives Growth

Modern distributors need an ERP system with BI capabilities that provide direct insight into inventory management and overall business health.

Inside this eBook, 'Better Data Drives Growth', you'll discover:

  • Seven signs your distribution firm needs a new BI system
  • The consequences of legacy systems
  • If your current system setting you back

Capturing data is not enough. Your system needs to be able to report it in ways that enable analysis and strategic decision-making for growth. Read the eBook.


White Paper: Six Ways Cloud ERP Supports Rapid Innovation
Kenandy white paper

As a business leader, your daily focus is on managing your business and creating new ways to innovate. Similarly, your employees want to work on innovative projects to help grow the business, not managing data centers and databases, worrying about uptime, downtime, and security. Moving quickly to capture new market opportunities and not be constrained by what your legacy ERP software will enable you to do is key. Kenandy is a new approach to ERP that lets you and your team focus on driving innovation, creating new product lines, and expanding your customer base even as you improve your business operations. To dive into how Kenandy supports innovation and provides a framework for operational efficiency, please click here.

Get the ultimate guide to wholesale distribution software

Infor - ultimate guide to wholesale distribution software

As customer behaviors and needs change, distributors must have the flexibility to adjust their business practices to meet those changes. And it’s not just about offering the lowest prices. Instead, it’s about finding ways to add layers of service to differentiate your business in order to build customer loyalty.

To stay competitive, adopting new technologies to modernize or transform your business should be on top of your agenda. In the Guide to Wholesale Distribution Software we’ll explore six key technologies that are essential to any successful distribution operation:

• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Customer Experience
• Strategic Solutions
• Mobility Solutions
• Cloud Solutions
• Business Intelligence and Analytics

We’ll also discuss the market trends increasing the need for adoption of each technology, provide a “shopper’s checklist” of essential features and functions, and share success stories from real-life industry leaders.

Read guide >

On Hand Inventory - At Your Fingertips

David Queller

Queller Wholesale introduces the Q-View Portal - a new online service, exclusively for distributors, that makes it easy to use as your own warehouse. You can search and access real-time availability of 250,000+ products from 45 best-known industrial brands of precision instruments, cutting tools, hand tools machine tool accessories, and more. Same-day shipments, wholesale pricing, no minimums. A wholesale source you can trust! “Queller stocks so you don’t have to!”


SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System


The SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System is self-cleaning and non-hazardous.

Through the process of bioremediation the SmartWasher® constantly maintains the cleanliness of the OzzyJuice®, a powerful, aqueous based degreasing solution that is pH-neutral, non-irritating, non-flammable, and non-toxic.

With SmartWasher® you never need to haul away dirty parts cleaning fluid again!

Tompkins Custom Test Point Kits

Tompkins test point kits

Great for maintenance, monitoring, and emergency repair, a hydraulic test kit from Tompkins helps you maximize equipment up-time and quickly diagnose problems, should they occur. In addition to our standard JIC and O-Ring Face-Seal Kits, Tompkins gives you the opportunity to create your own hydraulic test kit, making it more affordable and applicable to your specific needs. Include only the components you need - test points, pressure gauges, hoses, gauge port adapters - for your operations.

Kenandy White Paper: Embrace Disruptive Innovation

Kenandy white paper

The new normal is never “normal.” We no longer operate in an environment where tried-and-true business practices can be applied to resolve the issues that arise in the marketplace. Instead, traditional business is constantly being impacted by overwhelming and sudden shifts in the marketplace that require significant adjustments to business operations. The name of the game in this new normal is “disruptive innovation.” Read this white paper to learn what disruptive innovation is and how your company can use cloud ERP to stay in the game.