New Products - Power Transmission / Motion Control

Here's a quick look at new power transmission / motion control products introduced by suppliers in the industrial supply channel

Carlisle EPDM QA1 spherical bearings IEEE841 W22 motor M0873 Micropitch Non Slip

Renold Jeffrey

Simens high-inertia 1FK7-HI servomotors
Siemens Industry, Inc. has expanded its popular 1FK7 servomotor family with the introduction of a new high-inertia style. The higher rotor inertia of this design makes the control response of the new 1FK7-HI servomotors highly robust and suitable for high- and variable-load inertia applications, including the feed and auxiliary axes on machine tools, as well as winders and unwinders on converting, packaging and printing equipment.

ALIO compact x, y, z motion control systems and more
ALIO has created a range of multi-dimensional motion control systems ideal for demanding inscription applications.

Simens' SIMOTICS S-1FS2 servomotors 
Siemens' new SIMOTICS S-1FS2 line of servomotors is designed for the clean condition requirements of the food, beverage, sterile packaging, pharmaceutical and other process industries.

NIBCO large-diameter butterfly valves
NIBCO's line of LD-3000 and LD-7000 Series large-diameter butterfly valves offer enhanced performance with pressure ratings of 232 to 250 psi, depending on the size range.

Sealmaster Stainless Steel Gold bearings for corrosive environments
Sealmaster Stainless Steel (SS) Gold bearings from Regal Rexnord Corp. are engineered for reliable, long lasting performance and contamination resistance in corrosive and washdown environments in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing industries.

MEGASYNC Titanium belt
MEGASYNC Titanium is MEGADYNE's flagship high-performance power transmission belt that delivers a new level of performance for Synchronous timing belt drive applications.

Thomson precision ball splines
Thomson Industries Inc., a lmanufacturer of linear motion control solutions, has introduced a line of precision ball splines that enable robust delivery of rotary and linear motion on a single shaft

Bosch Rexroth self-contained actuator
Bosch Rexroth has expanded its range of standardized self-contained actuators by adding the CytroMotion system solution

GROB Systems electric powertrain solutions
GROB Systems, a provider of manufacturing systems and machine tools, announces the availability of its modular, flexible, and scalable electric powertrain solutions

Twin Spring Couplings made from T6061 T6 aluminum
Twin Spring Coupling announced that its entire coupling range is now being made from T6061 T6 aluminum, in addition to its current 4140 Alloy products

Ruland disc couplings
Ruland disc couplings are zero-backlash, have high torque and torsional stiffness, and can accommodate all forms of misalignment, making them well suited to the requirements of test, measurement and inspection systems

SKF launches new line of spherical roller bearings
SKF has launched a new line of spherical roller bearings in North America specifically designed to increase uptime, lower production costs and reduce environmental impact for slab, billet and bloom continuous casting operations

Siemens SIMOTICS SD200 severe-duty motor
Siemens announced the immediate availability of the SIMOTICS SD200 severe-duty motor in frame size 440 as its latest offering in the low-voltage SIMOTICS motor family

Continental releases Make Power Smart app
Continental has developed an app to revolutionize the way its belt customers purchase, repair, and extend the longevity of their Continental products

B&B Manufacturing expands product offering
B&B Manufacturing has expanded its offering to include more stainless steel Powerhouse MX pulleys and Taper-Lock bushings

Ready-to-connect servo drive
STXI Motion, a global motion control and servo solutions company, introduced the servSD ready-to-connect low-voltage servo drive, aimed at applications such as automated guided vehicles/autonomous mobile robots, electronics assembly, and medical equipment

SKF expands Explorer bearing line
SKF has extended its Explorer range with a four-row cylindrical roller bearing (4rCRB), aimed at demanding applications in long product rolling mills

Regal adds QR codes on mounted bearing products
Regal Beloit Corporation is now putting QR codes on Sealmaster and Browning mounted bearings products and bearing boxes including Browning, McGill, Rollway, Sealmaster and System Plast

Regal Beloit TorqTitan
Regal Beloit Corporation introduced its new Browning TorqTitan notched belt

Regal adds to Hub City line
Regal Beloit Corporation announced a line extension of the Hub City SS (stainless steel) HERA High Efficiency Right Angle Gear Drive

Gates Xtreme V-Force Mega banded V-belt platform
Gates introduced the world’s first wrapped V-Belt technology using Ethylene Elastomer (EE) compounds for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the agriculture, forestry and heavy industrial markets

Grove Gear stainless steel worm gear reducer receives IP69K certification
Regal Beloit Corporation announced that its Grove Gear Stainless Steel Worm Gear Reducer has achieved third party IP69K certification

Twin Spring Coupling flexible coupling
Twin Spring Coupling announced the release of the TSC150, a hybrid flexible coupling unit that replaces all universal, jaw, beam, bellows and other flexible industrial couplings

Regal introduces Klamploc Adaptor Lock for Sealmaster spherical bearings
Regal Beloit Corporation announced the release of the new Klamploc adapter lock for Sealmaster mounted unitized spherical roller bearings (USRB)

Polygon PolyLube composite bearings
Polygon Company announced its line of PolyLube high-performance custom-engineered and standard composite plain bearings (bushings)

NORD Gear expands single-stage helical gear line
NORD Gear Corporation announced the addition of three single-stage gear units to its NORDBLOC.1 line

Dillon boundary lubricant
Dillon Chucks and Jaws introduced HPG500 – a premium boundary lubricant that prevents metal-to-metal contact under high load and slow speed conditions for either high-end manual chucks or power chucks

Force Control oil shear brakes, clutches and clutch brakes
Force Control Industries’ full lineup of MagnaShear, Posistop, and Positorq motor brakes and Posidyne clutch brakes are available in washdown configurations for food processing applications

Continental anti-stick conveyor belting
Continental is introducing a new non-stick compound solution - called ContiClean – for the North American market

SKF Pulse machine monitoring
SKF Pulse combines an easy-to-use handheld sensor with a new mobile app, allowing users to quickly monitor rotating equipment and machine health to predict issues and improve reliability before operations are impacted

Winsmith RD Speed Reducer
Winsmith, a diversified manufacturer of gearing products, announced the launch of its RD Speed Reducer

Apache exclusive selling partner for Infinity Belting Finger Scraper
Apache Inc. is now the exclusive selling partner for Infinity Belting’s patented Finger Scraper System, covering both the United States and Mexico

AMCI Single Axis Stepper Motor Controller
Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) released its3501-HSTP1 Single Axis Stepper Motor Controller for Allen Bradley's SLC500 system

C&U Americas cylindrical roller bearings
C&U Americas’ line of Cylindrical Roller Bearings delivers excellent speed capability and features a high radial load capacity with optional designs offering thrust load capabilities, too.

ContiTech Sicon enclosed belt conveyor system
ContiTech offers Sicon, a unique enclosed belt conveyor system designed to cover materials in applications where protection from the elements or transportation over challenging paths are required

Bonomi North America high-pressure ball valves
Bonomi North America introduced a new line of high-pressure carbon steel ball valves for use in hydraulic applications

ContiCleat conveyor belts
Continental has introduced Select ContiCleat, a versatile conveyor belt for steep inclines and the most grueling conveyor applications

Timken apps to design and analyze belt drives
The Timken Company introduced two new mobile/desktop web applications developed to assist in the design and maintenance of industrial belt drives

Gearing Solutions Gearheads
Gearing Solutions announces the expansion of its GHP-series single, double and triple stage NEMA Gearheads

Osborn Needle Roller Cam Followers
Osborn introduced a line of Needle Roller Cam Followers to its Load Runners division

Sparks Belting magnet pulley Dura-Drive SPM
Sparks Belting Company, a division of JSJ corporation, introduced its all new synchronous permanent magnet pulley, the Dura-Drive SPM

Conti Synchrochain Carbon belts
Continental has introduced Conti Synchrochain Carbon power transmission belts for a variety of applications and industries

Conti Texsteel aramid textile reinforced conveyor belting
Continental has introduced Conti Texsteel, an aramid textile reinforced line of conveyor belting for applications where high strength, low elongation and lighter weight are essential

ContiFlex Vulkan conveyor belting
Continental has introduced a newly developed modular system to control hot materials for ContiFlex Vulkan, a line of Heritage conveyor belting for heat applications

Dorner 2200 Series LPZ / Z Frame Conveyor
Dorner’s new 2200 LPZ / Z-Frame Conveyor comes with one or two pivot points, and features an extremely low profile to fit under machinery or any other tight spots.

Ruland beam couplings for motors
Ruland beam couplings are designed to couple stepper and servo motors to encoders, lead screws, and light duty actuators in a variety of industries.

QA1 35mm adjustable linear/digressive piston
The new adjustable twin tube linear digressive piston has multiple options to custom valve shocks.

Dorner Universal Drive
Dorner’s new Universal Drive for its 2200 Series low profile end drive belt conveyor platform, features a single part number that covers all speed, load and mounting positions.

RoadRunner SoftStep microstepping motor drive
The RoadRunner SoftStep R213S microstepping motor drive provides ultra-smooth, quiet stepper motor operation.

ContiTech introduces ContiAlert conveyor belt monitoring
ContiTech has introduced ContiAlert, a unique conveyor belt monitoring process that allows users to see belt wear in real time.

Continental Elite belt display kit
Continental introduced its new Elite branded Belt Product Display Kit for the North American market.

Timken unleashes PantherXT
The Timken Company introduced its new PantherXT synchronous drive system.

CRC Lectra Lube Electric Motor Grease
CRC introduced Lectra Lube Electric Motor Grease, a premium, NLGI grade 2, long-life grease with excellent thermal stability.

Diamond Chain 125th Anniversary Limited Edition Packaging
The Diamond Chain Company announced the release of new, limited edition packaging for its flagship Diamond brand in advance of its December 2015 125th anniversary.

Carlisle EPDM Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts
Carlisle Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts are now made of EPDM.

Intelligent continuous chain monitoring system
Chain manufacturer iwis drive systems has developed a new monitoring system for measuring chain elongation.

QA1 fractured race spherical bearings
QA1 Precision Products Inc. announced the release its new line of fractured race spherical bearings.

Diamond Chain Duralube LIVE
Diamond Chain Company announced the launch of its newest roller chain series, Duralube LIVE, a self-lubricating chain series with extended service life.

Carlisle Power-Wedge Cog-Belts
Carlisle Power-Wedge Cog-Belts are now made of EPDM.

Allied Motion SXD Compact Servo Drive
The SXD 15 is the first in a new series of economical advanced digital servo drives from Allied Motion.

De-Sta-Co 98W Electric Pivot Unit
DE-STA-CO introduced a new electric pivot unit that is smaller and lighter than traditional pneumatic units, while providing uniform torque and enhanced versatility.

Stafford shaft collars and couplings
Stafford Manufacturing Corp. offers shaft collars and couplings designed for use in conveyors, furnaces, ovens, oil & gas, and other process environments with temperatures up to 1,650°F.

Dorner 2200 Series SmartFlex
Dorner’s newest flexible chain conveyor platform, the 2200 Series SmartFlex, helps prevent catenary sag.

AEGIS iPRO Bearing Protection Ring
The AEGIS iPRO Bearing Protection Ring from Electro Static Technology extends the life of medium-voltage motors and improves the reliability of systems in which they are used by safely channeling harmful electrical currents away from bearings to ground.

Posidyne clutch brake
Force Control Industries introduced the new Size 30 Posidyne Clutch Brake with “Oil Shear Technology.”

Dorner Mid Drive belt conveyor
The new 2200 Series Mid Drive belt conveyor platform from Dorner Mfg. frees up the motor and mounts from both ends of the conveyor, creating additional available space for operator and machine interfaces.

SBC Linear Profile SBI linear guide system
Lee Linear introduced the new SBC Linear Profile SBI linear guide system with a higher load capacity and increased operating speeds.

Blacoh Sentry XP high-pressure pulsation dampeners
BLACOH Fluid Control announced the latest in its line of SENTRY XP high pressure pulsation dampeners.

Stafford Staff-Lok shaft collar
Stafford Manufacturing Corp. introduced a new, lever-actuated shaft collar for non-rotary applications.

Lee Linear motion accessories
Lee Linear provides a complete line of engineered linear motion accessories to complete your customers' linear motion systems.

Bellows couplings from Ruland Manufacturing
Bellows couplings from Ruland Manufacturing offer a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for renewable solar energy applications.

Dorner 2200 and 2300 Series Belt Conveyors
Dorner 2200 and 2300 Series low profile belt conveyors now come with a new modular plastic belt small-pitch option that provides nosebar transfers as tight as 0.31”.

Lee Linear shaft and rail components
Lee Linear offers combinations of individual shafts and rail components.

Timken load ratings increase
The Timken Company announced an average increase of 10 percent in calculated load ratings for Timken tapered roller bearings used in a wide variety of mobile and industrial equipment.

Lee Linear proprietary products
Lee Linear provides distributors with up-to-date product information, technical expertise, and accessibility to a diverse line that includes proprietary products, such as the Lee Linear Roller Bearing Pillow Block and Cast Steel Support Blocks.

Timken releases three catalogs
The Timken Company released three new catalogs, highlighting expanded Timken cylindrical, spherical and tapered roller bearing product lines.

Dorner 2200 Series low profile belt conveyor platform
Dorner's 2200 Series low profile belt conveyor platform has received the Ultraclean Products Approval Laboratory certification for use in ISO Standard 14664-1 Class 5, and Federal Standard 209 Class 100 rated cleanrooms.

ContiTech agricultural belts
ContiTech's Power Transmission Group has developed two new drive belts to complement its portfolio of products for the agriculture industry.

Dichtomatik TCM radial shaft seals
Dichtomatik Americas has expanded its TCM radial shaft seal product line with the addition of 1,400 new shaft seal SKUs.

Stock Drive Products timing belt pulleys
A new series of 1 mm pitch timing belt pulleys from Stock Drive Products (SDP) are designed for miniature applications.

CRC TAC 2 Adhesive Chain Lubricant
CRC introduces TAC 2 Adhesive Chain Lubricant, an exceptional lubricant which will bond to chain/wear surfaces to keep them in peak operating condition by reducing friction and wear that causes metal fatigue.

Dorner eDrive power transmission lineThe new eDrive Technically Advanced Power Transmission Line from Dorner Manufacturing offers a 25 percent reduction in heat; a 30 percent reduction in weight; and a footprint that's 15 percent smaller than conventional gear motors.

DGD advanced nutrunner
DGD, a brand of industrial assembly tools from Apex Tool Group, recently released its third generation DGD Intelligent Spindle, an advanced nutrunner for industrial applications.

Blacoh sanitary flow through dampener
Blacoh Fluid Control recently announced a new sanitary flow through dampener specifically designed for hygienic applications that require clean-in-place components.

NKE introduced bearing solutions for industrial gearboxes
In addition to cylindrical roller bearings, the typical gearbox bearings include spherical roller and taper roller bearings as well as angular contact and deep groove ball bearings.

WEG electric motor for severe-duty applications
WEG Electric Corp. has redesigned the frame of the IEEE 841 electric motor to its new W22 platform offering extended benefits for pulp and paper, petrochemical, steel industries, and other severe-duty applications.

Hardened steel rails for heavy-duty applications
Use with SMITH-TRAX Bearings to quickly design and fabricate precision material handling systems.

All plastic modular belt
M0873 Micropitch Non Slip is the only all-plastic modular belt utilizing a conventional bricklay design assembled with high-strength, single-piece abrasion-resistant rods.

Attachment chains for any application
Renold Jeffrey provides an extensive offering of attachment chains suitable for virtually all applications.

Bearing mounting tools
Koyo Induction Heaters and Bearing Mounting Tool Kits aid in the proper mounting and installation of bearings.

Synchronous timing belts
Bando's Super Torque synchronous (STS) timing belts incorporate a modified curvilinear tooth profile with the best material compounds available.