Posted March 19, 2019

Continental anti-stick conveyor belting

Continental is introducing a new non-stick compound solution - called ContiClean – for the North American market.

ContiClean“This product is especially suited to customers whose applications require aggressive or additional scraper systems to remove the buildup of material adhering to the conveyor cover,” said Chris Marchant, Continental’s product manager for conveyor belting. “Excessive material build-up can transfer to other conveyor components like idlers, and that could lead to tracking issues and damage the conveyor belt and system. Scraping to clean this excess material off is costly and can lead to significant downtime. This proprietary ContiClean compounding solution works to minimize those costly instances.”

ContiClean is applicable to applications that convey sticky materials such as titanium dioxide, iron pyrites, silica, compost, de-sulphurised gypsum as well as potash, salt, coal and aggregate. “Damp and sticky materials tend to adhere to the covers” said Marchant. “The consequences are costly for conveyor operators, as the acquisition, installation and servicing of belt cleaning systems or scrapers are all expensive.”

The ContiClean non-stick solution is specific to the top cover rubber that is in contact with the material being conveyed. ContiClean is available through Continental’s North American distribution network.