New Products

TrulinX ERP with production management feature

Tribute Inc., a provider of ERP software for distributors and fabricators in the engineered products, pumps, power transmission, fluid power, fluid handling, motion control and hose industries, has added the new Production Management feature to its TrulinX software.

Rechargeable thermal imager with Wi-Fi

The new Rechargeable Pro Thermal imager from Klein Tools offers more pixels and a wider emissivity range, plus Wi-Fi capabilities to easily transfer and save images.

Quiet, affordable Aircat pneumatic tools from KBC 

Industrial users in North America will appreciate the torque, speed and half the noise with Aircat pneumatic tools from KBC KBC Tools & Machinery. The company says the accessible price point of the tools combined with advanced technology will make them a popular addition to the shop.

Rechargeable clamping fan from Klein Tools

The Rechargeable Clamping Fan from Klein Tools is a portable fan with up to 12 hours of run time designed to keep trade professionals cool on the jobsite all day.

Freud carbide bits

Formulated with Freud's exclusive TiCo Hi-Density carbide and unique cutting geometries, the company's complete range of solid carbide bits offer top cutting performance and durability on workshop and small CNC machines. The innovative detail carving bits deliver up to 2x longer cutting life, maximum durability and superior quality finishes.

New grades for CoroMill Plura HD increase productivity 

Sandvik Coromant designed CoroMill Plura HD solid end mills for heavy-duty roughing in steel and stainless steel with two new grades. The new generation of grades features the unique Zertivo 2.0 coating, which combines world-class productivity with an exceptional metal removal rate and the highest possible process security.

WD-40 Specialist Degreaser, Cleaner EZ-Pods 

WD-40 Specialist Degreaser and Cleaner EZ-Pods are a concentrated, industrial-strength formula that lets professionals customize their degreasing power for degreasing challenges. Applications range from factory, food processing facility, jobsite, or auto shop, and more.

Manitou's truck-mounted forklifts with vertical masts

Manitou has launched two new truck-mounted forklifts with vertical masts to the North American market: The TMM 45 rear-wheel steer and the TMM 45-4W four-way steer models.

Emerson’s new flushing ring reduces maintenance

Emerson's Rosemount 319 Flushing Ring with valve-integrated design ensures accurate differential pressure measurement and lower maintenance suitable for a wide range of differential pressure applications.

Klein non-contact voltage and GFCI receptacle test kit

Klein Tool's NCVT1PKIT combines two best sellers into one convenient Non-Contact Voltage and GFCI Receptacle Test Kit (Cat. No. NCVT1PKIT) providing detection of voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, non tamper-resistant outlets and wires.

Octane Chip Guard eliminates t-slot cleaning

The Octane Chip Guard, sold by KBC Tools & Machinery, eliminate the hassle, the mess, and the potential eye injuries from operators blowing chips out of t-slots – they also save shops money and machinists and tool and die makers clean up and set up time.

Versatile MultiDRILL line for job shops

A full line of 3XD and 5XD high-quality solid carbide multipurpose drills from EMUGE-FRANKEN USA are ideal for a wide range of materials and applications typically found in high-mix, low-volume job shop environments.

Metabo's 3 cordless finish nailers  

The 18V MultiVolt 15-Gauge Brushless Angled Finish Nailer (NT1865DMAST), 18V MultiVolt 16-Gauge Brushless Finish Nailer (NT1865DMST), and the 18V MultiVolt 23-Gauge Pin Nailer (NP18DSALT) are the newest additions to Metabo's cordless nailer lineup. All come with an 18V 2.0Ah Battery with Fuel Gauge (377797M).

Brass Knuckle Grasshopper eye protection

Brass Knuckle's Grasshopper (BKDST-1010N) combines a host of superior comfort features with a wall of protection against dust and dirt – and fog. A soft EVA foam dust filter with built-in air channels fills the gap between the glasses and the face, keeping dust out.

Litetronics' new line of led area lights, flood lights, wall packs

Litetronics International, Inc.'s  new line of LED outdoor lighting is designed to bring enhanced lighting quality, visibility, energy efficiency, and security to everything from parking lots and garages to building exteriors, walkways, and more.

Easy-to-install reverse bayonet coupling 

A new reverse bayonet coupling connector from Amphenol Industrial Operations is easy to install in the field, making maintenance effortless. The GTC-E Series, based on Amphenol’s GT Reverse Bayonet Coupling Connector Series, is ideal for use in rail and mass transit, heavy equipment, machine tools, and factory automation applications.

CoroMill Dura versatile solid end mills

Cutting tool specialist Sandvik Coromant has expanded its line of CoroMill Dura versatile solid end mills with aluminum-specific tools.

WrightSquare for square end of the socket

Wright's new WrightSquare uses the WrightDrive 2.0 technology on the square end of the socket where it attaches to the ratchet or impact gun.

Small parts-handling linear axes 

Small Modules Screw Driven (SMS) linear modules from Bosch Rexroth position small masses accurately and economically. The ultra-compact range with ball screw assembly are low-profile and light linear modules ideal for simple positioning and feeding tasks and allow economical electrification with a high repeatability.

Industrial Duty LED Lights for Coxreels PC10 

A new line of three industrial duty LED lights is now available on Coxreels' PC10 reels.

Treston ergonomic lifting platform

The new Treston lifting platform brings ergonomic adjustability to working environments with no possibility of adjusting the height of workstations due to the connection of rigid infrastructures such as conveyor technology, machines and tools. 

KHK metric worm gears

An extensive line of metric worm gears are available from KHK USA Inc., distributor of the  KHK brand manufactured by Kohara Gear Industry Co. of Japan.

Thermoplastic composite panels for  transport 

A new range of sustainable panels from ThermHex Waben cover applications in a wide range of industries, including automotive, transport, wind and solar, logistics, B&C, and furniture.

Fluoramics rust-stopping lubricant 

Chain, Wire & Cable lubricant from Fluoramics penetrates deep into the core of braided wire, wire rope and cables to stop rust and corrosion. It provides surface protection for metal parts that need protection before and after exposure to the elements, and prevents damage to metals by reducing wear and friction between contacting parts.

MultiVolt cordless brushless hammer drill kit

A new 18V Brushless Hammer Drill Kit from Metabo HPT includes two 2.0Ah batteries featuring fuel gauges (DV18DEX).

Tiger Track Freestanding Workstation Crane

Harrington Hoists' new Tiger Track Freestanding Workstation Cranes are lightweight yet powerful modular solutions that make operation easier than using traditional bridge cranes.

ALIO compact x, y, z motion control systems and more

ALIO has created a range of multi-dimensional motion control systems ideal for demanding inscription applications.

Walter's CBN inserts for hard machining 

Walter has introduced the CBN grade WBH20C indexable inserts for hard machining with a high level of wear resistance. This capability is possible due to a combination of ultrapure CBN and a new patent pending TiAlN (titanium aluminum nitride) PVD HiPIMS (high-power impulse magnetron sputtering) coating with a ZrN (zirconium nitride) top layer.

Wide Range Transmission Grip from Klein Tools 

Klein Tools' Wide Range Transmission Grip is designed to securely pull ACSR, AAAC and bare copper cables.

Cementex Arc Flash PPE task wear

The Cementex Feature Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE is designed for comfort, safety, durability, and protection. With the focus on safety and usability, the Cementex Feature Series is made with USA labor and materials to ensure the highest quality arc flash protection.

U-Grooved Nylast industrial track wheels 

U-Grooved track wheels from Hamilton Caster are designed for easy rolling along straight or curvy tracks or pipes. With a capacity range of 1,000–7,000 pound, U-Groove Wheels are a great solution when working with crane cables or pulleys, or using rolling gates and doors.

HeroWear Apex 2 exosuit to reduce risk of back injury

Apex 2 is HeroWear's latest version of its back-assist exosuit, leveraging the power of science with a focus on comfort, resulting in unparalleled protection and wearability. The suit weighs less than 3 pounds and can take 75 pounds of strain off a typical worker’s back with every lift, and it reduces muscle strain and fatigue by up to 40% without motors or batteries.

Harrington Hoists' mini electric chain series

Two new lines of mini electric chain hoists from Harrington Hoists are designed for use in medium- to heavy-duty industrial settings, repair shops, garages and any facility with limited space.

Fixtureworks grippers for diverse applications

Fixtureworks, a North American manufacturer and supplier of clamps, fixturing accessories, machine tool components and rollers & bumpers, offers a complete line of industrial gripper inserts. Used in jigs, fixtures, and chuck jaws, these adjustable and fixed gripper inserts are versatile enough to fit any number of applications.

Metabo HPT's go-to grinders, with or without cord  

Metabo HPT’s new cordless 36V MultiVolt Grinders can be used cordless with any 18V/36V MultiVolt battery or corded with the unique AC Adapter. 

Micro drills to machine all ISO materials

Sandvik Coromant has introduced two new micro drills: CoroDrill 462 with -XM geometry and CoroDrill 862 with -GM geometry. The tools are ideal for precision drilling in industries that deal with small parts such as medical, aerospace, automotive, general engineering, electronics and watchmaking, among others.

NIBCO large-diameter butterfly valves

NIBCO's line of LD-3000 and LD-7000 Series large-diameter butterfly valves offer enhanced performance with pressure ratings of 232 to 250 psi, depending on the size range.

Dual hydraulic reel from Coxreels' Extreme Duty XTM series

The Dual Hydraulic XTM-DMP-450 Reel from Coxreels' Extreme Duty XTM Series of spring-rewind lineup is designed for any applications where dual hydraulic lines are required such as remote hydraulic equipment or accessories including rescue tools, motors, saws, and more.

New industrial lubrication guide 

Cementex electric service tool kit

The Cementex Automotive Electric Service Tool Kit (ITS-12B-AES) is a base of insulated tools for use with hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) as well as troubleshooting and repair to EV charging stations.

CabCube 4840 transport packaging solution

The CabCube 4840 is the next generation in foldable large containers, according to the companies that collaborated to launch it, Sabic and Cabka.

Sealmaster Stainless Steel Gold bearings for corrosive environments

Sealmaster Stainless Steel (SS) Gold bearings from Regal Rexnord Corp. are engineered for reliable, long lasting performance and contamination resistance in corrosive and washdown environments in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing industries.

Simens' SIMOTICS S-1FS2 servomotors 

Siemens' new SIMOTICS S-1FS2 line of servomotors is designed for the clean condition requirements of the food, beverage, sterile packaging, pharmaceutical and other process industries.

ZIP XX cut-off wheel from WALTER

ZIP XX from WALTER Surface Technologies is a new cut-off wheel designed to last longer and to increase productivity.

WALTER's ORBIT welding helmet

The new ORBIT welding helmet, available now, offers innovative features like three high-definition auto-darkening lenses with a three-year warranty, anti-scratch cover plates, and a 24-square-inch viewing area.

TaskBrand prep-paint-finish wiping system

TaskBrand's Prep, Paint, and Finish wiping system from Hospeco Brands Group is a prep-to-finish system that includes all the wiping products needed for each stage of the paint or refinishing process. The method includes five easy-to-follow steps: (1) tack cloth, (2 & 3) wash and dry prep cloths, (4) static control wipe, and (5) final tack cloth.

SKF grease cartridge pump

AECP is a compact cartridge pump from SKF that provides effective lubrication to applications such as small agricultural and construction machinery. The robust, compact cartridge pump simplifies and improves lubrication by dispensing grease from standard tubes that are widely available from distribution or retail outlets.

Duck Pro by Shurtape BR Code Scannable Solutions

Shurtape Technologies announced the release of Duck Pro by Shurtape BR Code Scannable Solutions, powered by the BitRip app.

3868 Carbide Triple Set TSX Blade from Bahco

The 3868 Carbide Triple Set TSX bandsaw blade from Bahco is engineered to be versatile in cutting materials well on both vertical and horizontal bandsaw machines.

Overland 950 Series electric powered hand truck

The Overland 950 Series Power Switch Electric Powered Hand Truck is the latest addition to Granite Industries’ Switch series.

Made-in-the-USA screwdriver line

Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. (Mayhew Tools) introduces a new line of screwdrivers made entirely in the U.S. The line, with products sold both individually and in sets, includes over 100 SKUs for many applications.

Stinger Color-Rite rechargeable LED flashlight

Streamlight Inc.'s Stinger Color-Rite is a rechargeable LED flashlight that features high CRI light with Streamlight’s Color-Rite Technology for true color recognition in a variety of first responder, outdoor, automotive, and other applications. The compact, powerful new light delivers up to 500 lumens.

Forklift pallet stacker

The new forklift pallet stacker from Kivnon automatically transports stack pallets, handling loads of up to 2,645 lbs., and is ideal for any pallet storage application for internal logistics or warehousing. It can move both forwards and backward and comes equipped with lifting forks to move loads vertically (up to 1.5 meters) and horizontally at speeds between 0.08 and 1 m/s.

Non-contacting radar transmitters

Emerson has introduced the Rosemount 1208 Level and Flow Transmitter Series non-contacting radar transmitters to help increase the operational efficiency of water, wastewater and process industry utility applications.

Compu-Lube lubricant for electronics 

Compu-Lube is a lightweight synthetic oil engineered by Fluoramics to safely lubricate electronics, computers, and high-speed mechanisms such as 3D printers, computer printers, keyboard switches, stabilizers, computer fans, robotics, and fine bearings.

Auto-darkening welding helmets

Weldcote, a division of Zika Group, has improved the clarity of its Klearview welding helmet line, providing high-quality, cost-effective options for welders.

Three 12-amp brushless grinders

Three new next generation 12-amp grinders have been launched by Metabo HPT: A 4.5-inch AC brushless variable speed grinder (G12VE2 – MSRP $169), a 5-inch AC brushless variable speed grinder (G13VE2 – MSRP $179) and a 4.5-inch AC brushless single speed, non-locking paddle switch disc grinder with brake (G12BYEQ2 – MSRP $179).

Quick-release clamps and ball lock fasteners

Fixtureworks, a Fraser, Michigan-based manufacturer and supplier of clamps, fixturing accessories, machine tool components and rollers & bumpers, now offers a complete line of quick release clamps and ball lock fasteners.

MEGASYNC Titanium belt

MEGASYNC Titanium is MEGADYNE's flagship high-performance power transmission belt that delivers a new level of performance for Synchronous timing belt drive applications.

Tier 1 Tactical gloves, eyewear from MCR Safety

Tier1 Tactical Gear from MCR Safety offers premium products gloves with a touchscreen friendly goatskin leather palm, a stretch knuckle design for best fit and comfort, breathable fabric back, and a reinforced thumb.

Next gen AR headset from RealWear

RealWear's Navigator 520, with new HyperDisplay, delivers more efficiency and ease of use with a bigger, bolder, sharper display for its fully-hands free, rugged, head-mounted wearable computer.

EMUGE-FRANKEN's tapered carbide end mills 

A EMUGE-FRANKEN USA designed its new line of 1:16 tapered solid carbide end mills to prepare a tapered core hole prior to finish tapping or thread milling NPT/ NPTF/ BSPT pipe threads.

Portable label creation a tap away

Brady's M211 portable bluetooth label printer enables users to view and print labels from its Express Labels mobile app for iOS and Android, providing a seamless on-demand experience for maximum on-site efficiency.

Award-winning Oil Eater removes stains overnight

Oil Eater overnight stain remover from Kafto International, Ltd., is a concrete cleaner that uses oil-eating microbes to clean deep beneath the surface and restore surfaces to a like-new appearance. This product was voted a winner of the 2022 AAPEX New Product Showcase.

Dynabrade random orbital sander for small areas

Working on a small area can be tough, especially if you don't have the right tools. Dynabrade is introducing a new random orbital sander to the Dynorbital Extreme Series – the 1¼" diameter Mini-Dynorbital Extreme sander – to solve this problem.

Diablo jig saw blades with 50X longer life

Jig saw blades from Diablo Tools fit both barrel grip and top handle corded and cordless jig saws. The complete range is designed with superior performance in mind – the blades can cut through wood, metals, plastics, and specialty applications while providing up to 50 times longer life than standard blades is unrivaled on the market today.

Diablo's diamond segemented 2-1 turbo cut-off blade

A line of diamond segmented turbo masonry cut-off blades from Diablo Tools provide extreme durability, longer life and faster cuts in concrete and brick. Designed to fit standard arbor sizes and X-Lock interface, these diamond blades deliver up to 30% faster cuts and up to 4X longer cutting life versus standard diamond cut-off blades – a revolutionary design that is disrupting the masonry cutting industry.

Coxreels offers custom products for any application

When distributors can't locate the perfect reel for a specific application, Coxreels has the capability to custom build any product to exact specifications.

1sourcevend API for vending, ERP integration

A new application program interface (API) lauched by 1sourcevend acts as a data exchange medium between a business’s ERP systems and vending solutions from 1sourcevend, resulting in seamless communication and real-time updates between programs.

Finish Thompson's SFS drum pump

The new SFS drum pump from Finish Thompson Inc. is a sealless, high-performance drum/barrel pump with rugged 316 stainless steel construction.

Drum pump kits from Finish Thompson

Twelve new drum pump kits series from Finish Thompson are designed based on specific classes of chemicals, container types, and flow ranges.

LeadSmart Channel Cloud CRM 

LeadSmart Technologies' Channel Cloud for independent sales agents and independent manufacturers representatives is a modern industry-specific CRM platform with many unique features and capabilities including tools to help users drive sales growth and more.

SC Johnson Professional Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner

SC Johnson Professional’s Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner is an effective one-step virucide disinfectant cleaner, ideal for use in hospitals, healthcare facilities, business and office buildings and schools. When used as directed, Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.

Kennedy Maintenance Pro 295MP

Kennedy Manufacturing's Maintenance Pro five-drawer roller cabinet is outfitted with black pulls, black end handle, rubber top mat, drawer liners, and is available in three colors: red, grey, and black.

Easy-to source, protective Brass Knuckle gloves

Hand and finger injuries send over a million workers to the emergency room annually in the U.S. That's why Brass Knuckle offers a complete line of gloves for maximum protection along with comfort and dexterity — and the company strives to make specifying gloves easier with robust selection tools that simplify the choosing process.

AlumoGrit cast aluminum stair nosings

Wooster Products’ AlumoGrit cast aluminum nosings provide long-lasting anti-slip protection thanks to abrasive grit that's cast into the surface.

Walter DC118 Supreme solid carbide drill

Walter's DC118 Supreme solid carbide drill is part of a new performance class for challenging applications. These "180° drills" differ from standard solid carbide drills in the high rigidity they provide against deflection, superior centering accuracy, and having four margins with corner chamfers, which enable excellent guidance in challenging applications.

Streamlight's ProTac 2.0 headlamp

The 2,000-lumen ProTac 2.0 from Streamlight is a high-performance, rechargeable headlamp that can run for up to 25 hours.

DEWALT heated jacket, vest

Radians offers battery-powered winter gear for men – a navy DEWALT soft-shell heated jacket (DCHJ101) and vest with sherpa lining (DCHV089) – to keep workers warm and protected from snow, sleet, ice, and freezing rain both on and off the jobsite.

Wearable, mobile handset from RealWear

The first commercially-available, fully hands-free and voice-controlled thermal camera module from RealWear is the latest addition to Teledyne's Thermal By FLIR program.

Coxreels mounting brackets for 100 series

The SMK-702 series of mounting brackets from Coxreels is a swivel bracket accessory for the 100 series hose reels and the V-100 series vacuum reels. Built in the U.S. from heavy gauge steel, the SMK-702 wall mount swivel brackets feature 360-degree rotation, with multiple locking positions via an easy to use ergonomic pin lock.

Fast cordless threader from RIGID

RIDGID has introduced the 760 FXP Power Drive, its first hand-held cordless threading solution designed for portability and ease of use on the jobsite.

DENIOS heat solutions for container products

Coverage heaters, heating jackets for drums and IBCs, as well as drum-heating blankets from DENIOS offer practical and efficient freeze protection, viscosity control, thermal mixing, optimum flow, and temperature maintenance of materials. These thermotechnology solutions keep products stored in all types and sizes of containers ready to use at all times.

Bahco 3859 Trimetal Bandsaw Blade

The Bahco 3859 Easy-Cut Xtreme Trimetal Bandsaw Blade offers users an easier, wider-ranging and faster cut with a longer-lasting blade life.

Radians TEKTYE Sleeves and Gloves

Radians offers the new A4 cut level TEKTYE sleeve and two new work gloves that are suitable for PPE vending machines, which improve worker accessibility to PPE, while increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and improving inventory  management and compliance. 

Norton Vortex Rapid Prep Flap Discs 

Norton Vortex Rapid Prep Non-Woven Flap Discs from Saint-Gobain Abrasives last longer and produce significantly increased cutting rates and smear-free finishes simultaneously. Norton-patented Vortex agglomerated aluminum oxide grain technology enables the cutting power of a coarser grit while producing a finer finish in one abrasives disc solution.

Wright Drive 2.0 socket design

Wright offers an innovative Wright Drive 2.0 design that distributes contact stress more effectively than any other wrench system.

Starrett electronic indicators

The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced a new line of full-featured Electronic Digital Indicators, an enhanced version of its 2900 series.

Talon Grip Long Nose Slip Joint Pliers

The new Talon Grip Long Nose Slip Joint Pliers from Snap-on Industrial combines power, dependability, and longevity for the toughest jobs in all industries, including aviation, manufacturing, military, and fleet maintenance.

Kennedy Manufacturing Maintenance Pro 

Kennedy Manufacturing announced the market release of the new Maintenance Pro 5-drawer roller cabinet.

KHK USA bevel gears

KHK USA Inc. announced its extensive line of bevel gears, manufactured to the highest quality standards by Kohara Gear Industry Co., of Japan.

Rotor Clip small diameter wave springs

Rotor Clip has responded to the increased demand in the marketplace for smaller, innovative, and more efficient assemblies.

Madison Chemicals Ultra-Clean US-159

Madison Chemical introduces Ultra-Clean US-159, a cutting-edge alkaline detergent developed specifically for difficult cleaning operations involving the removal of aged, oxidized, burned-on oil and grease, including engine and transmission repair and rebuilds.

GEARWRENCH Ultimate Access Solution Sets

Modern cars use smaller and more compact components in the production process, presenting a new challenge for automotive technicians trying to access already hard-to-reach fasteners.

Norton cutting and grinding wheels for aluminum

Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduced its new “Norton for Aluminum” Thin Wheels for the right angle cutting and grinding of aluminum and other non-ferrous soft metals.

Marsh Instruments pressure gauges

Marsh Instruments is introducing a new line of differential pressure gauges, devices that measure the difference between two inlet pressures in a system using just one instrument.

Allied Machine expands Wohlhaupter boring tool product line

Allied Machine and Engineering launched the 420 (410) series fine boring heads as well as the expansion of the 465 (464) series.

Streamlight Syclone Jr.

Streamlight launched the Syclone Jr., an ultra-compact rechargeable work light that fits in tight spaces for a variety of identification and repair uses.

Milwaukee M12 Handheld Sprayer

Milwaukee Tool introduced the new M12 Handheld Sprayer.

NETZSCH Tornado T1 Rotary Lobe Pump

NETZSCH Pumps North America announced the new Tornado T1 pump, designed to produce high flow at low to medium pressures in a small compact package.

Sandvik CoroMill MF80

Sandvik Coromant is expanding its milling offering with the new CoroMill MF80 for automotive milling applications in ISO K and ISO P materials in close to 90-degree operations with fixture constraints.

Metabo HPT 18V MultiVolt Cordless 5” Orbital Sander

Metabo HPT launched the new 18V MultiVolt Cordless 5” Random Orbital Sander (model SV1813DAQ4) that offers complete freedom to tackle woodworking jobs on the go.

Walter TC620 multi-row thread mill

New Walter solid carbide TC620 Supreme universal thread milling cutter, with internal coolant, and a multi-row design delivers greater productivity through design innovations that permit less vibration, reduced cutting pressure and excellent dimensional accuracy.

Renewable Lubricants Bio-E.P. gear oils

Renewable Lubricants presents patented, ultimately biodegradable Bio-E.P. Gear Oils which are ideal lubricating spur, helical, bevel, and worm gears subject to heavy loading or shock loading in heavy-duty applications.

Milwaukee high-speed ratchets

Milwaukee introduced the new M12 FUEL 3/8” and 1/4" Extended Reach High Speed Ratchets.

Pyramex Black Bomber Jacket

The new black Bomber Jacket (RJ3711) is part of the company’s black work wear line which includes vest, T-shirt, sweatshirt, and jacket options.

Thomson precision ball splines

Thomson Industries Inc., a manufacturer of linear motion control solutions, has introduced a line of precision ball splines that enable robust delivery of rotary and linear motion on a single shaft.

Uniflex hose cutting machines

The new EMI 150 and EMI 200 cutting machines from Uniflex cut hoses up to 6" (EMI 150) and up to 8" (EMI 200).

Milwaukee M18 pruning saw

Milwaukee Tool introduced the M18 FUEL HATCHET 8” Pruning Saw.

M. K. Morse Tooth Brush

The M. K. Morse Company has released the Tooth Brush, a magnetic chip brush that helps to ensure optimal cutting conditions when using an industrial band saw blade.

RIDGID RP 115 Mini Press Tool

RIDGID introduced what it calls the smallest and lightest press tool on the market, the RP 115 Mini Press Tool.

Coxreels Industrial Duty LED Lights for C Series Model

Coxreels introduced a new line of three industrial duty LED lights now available on the C (Dual Purpose) reels.

RIDGID Pipe Patching System

RIDGID introduced an all-inclusive, start-to-finish solution for faster and simpler trenchless repairs.

Wright adjustable wrenches

Wright introduced two new adjustable wrenches including an extra-slim jaws wrench and a reversible adjustable wrench, both with extra-wide capacity.

Milwaukee M12 Green Cross laser

Milwaukee announced the launch of its new M12 Green Cross Line & 4-Points Laser.

Guardair PulseAir Vacuum/Dust Extractor Line

Guardair Corporation announced the latest addition to its flagship GUARDAIR brand -- the PulseAir Vacuum/Dust Extractor Line.

Brass Knuckle Slingshot Safety Glasses

Here’s one Slingshot that’s good for the eyes. New Brass Knuckle Slingshot (BKFLEX-4050AFP) loads up on eye-protecting features and puts them in a package that manages to be sporty and stylish – and affordable and functional.

Force Control Industries motor brakes, clutches and clutch-brakes

Force Control Industries’ offers a full lineup of motor brakes, clutches, and clutch-brakes in washdown configurations for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical processing applications.

DENIOS Spill Containment Carts

New DENIOS Spill Containment Carts and Dollies catch spills, drips, and leaks while materials are being moved, keeping the facility clean and safe.

Ingersoll Rand QX Series torque multiplier

Ingersoll Rand is expanding its QX Series line with the introduction of the Ingersoll Rand QX Series 40V Cordless Torque Multiplier.

Milwaukee Tool cutting pliers

Milwaukee Tool has introduced new Lineman’s, Diagonal, and Long Nose Pliers.

Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet

Juniper Systems has entered the 10-inch rugged tablet segment with the introduction and launch of the all-new Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet.

Reflective Apparel Unveils RAflect50

Reflective Apparel, a manufacturer of high visibility apparel, launched RAflect50, high-visibility (hi-vis) garments engineered to withstand the high temperatures and harsh chemicals of industrial laundries.

Makita online tool for choosing rotary hammers

Makita U.S.A. announced an online solution for choosing the right combination of rotary hammer tools and accessories.

Bio-Rust Preventative Fluid

Renewable Lubricants introduced Bio-Rust Preventative Fluid, a bio-based formulation that is environmentally non-toxic, VOC-free, sustainable, and highly effective at inhibiting corrosion on ferrous and galvanized steel.

Mayhew 2-piece painter's set

Mayhew Tools introduced a new 2-Piece Hammerless Painter’s Set to its existing Hammerless Tools product line.

Taskmaster XL Pallet Shredder

Franklin Miller introduces the powerful Taskmaster XL pallet shredder.

Platinum Tooling nows offers QUICK knurling and marking tools

Platinum Tooling is now the North American importer of the QUICK knurling and marking tools from Hommel & Keller.

Quick Fittings adds Copper Street Fittings

Quick Fitting is expanding its Quick Fitting Copper products with the launch of its Quick Fitting Copper Street Fittings.

Williams Universal Pliers Wrench

Williams offers a new pliers wrench that makes tightening and loosening a breeze.

Radians dielectric cap mount earmuff

Radians recently added a climbing style safety helmet called Titanium to its head protection line.

Snap-on QE Series Torque Wrenches

The new QE Series Torque Wrenches from Snap-on Industrial are both high-precision and adjustable for use in all industries, including aviation, manufacturing, military, natural resources and fleet maintenance.

Brass Knuckle knee pads

When jobs literally bring workers to their knees, appropriate knee pads are critical. It’s about a lot more than comfort, too. It’s about protecting against musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and extending careers.

Ridgeline Lubricants fluid analysis program

Ridgeline, Parkland Corporation’s lubricant brand, launched the Ridgeline Fluids Analysis program for maintenance professionals needing to detect engine problems before they occur.

CleanAire Room Filtration

The CleanAire Filtration Module is engineered to meet current requirements to prevent infection efficiently and effectively in labs, hospital rooms, waiting rooms, offices, and more.

Pelican Lantern 9050

Pelican Products introduced the new Pelican Lantern 9050.

Walter Precision Boring XT tools

Walter has extended its line of precision boring tools with new members of the Walter Precision Boring XT family:

Allied Machine releases M geometry for T-A Pro drill

Allied Machine and Engineering announced the launch of the T-A Pro M geometry insert.

MCR Safety Environmentally Friendly Gloves

MCR Safety's UltraTech 96092 is an environmentally friendly glove made of a 15 gauge recycled PET and cotton material.

Coxreels High-Visibility Safety Hose Reels

Coxreels announced the addition of High-Visibility Safety Hose Reels to its safety line.

Guardair Contain-It Kits

Guardair Corporation announced the latest innovation to its flagship Guardair brand – the Contain-It Kits.

Bosch Rexroth self-contained actuator

Bosch Rexroth has expanded its range of standardized self-contained actuators by adding the CytroMotion system solution.

Reed Guillotine pipe cutters

Joining the slimmed-down line of Guillotine Pipe Cutters is the updated Reed HPC4+ model.

FlexMaster Safety Renovation Treads

Wooster Products’ FlexMaster Safety Renovation Treads offer an easily applied anti-slip surface to interior or exterior stairs.

Mayhew Mini Pry Bar set

Mayhew announced the addition of a new Mini Pry Bar set to its line of premium, made in the U.S.A. pry bars.

Milwaukee pipeline inspection reels

Milwaukee Tool expanded its Modular Pipeline Inspection System to include 200-foot Mid-Stiff and 325-foot Stiff Pipeline Inspection Reels.

Day-Brite FBZ LED High Bay lighting fixture

Signify’s Day-Brite FBZ LED High Bay lighting fixture is designed for manufacturing, warehouse and industrial spaces that have high ceilings or complementing general areas and storage sections.

Brass Knuckle Spike safety glasses

Brass Knuckle’s new Spike (BKADJ-5060AFP) eye protection combines a two-pronged strategy for vision protection with a legion of comfort features for the ultimate in customizable, long-wear glasses.

Starrett M1 All-Purpose Lubricant

The L.S. Starrett Company offers M1 Industrial Quality All-Purpose Lubricant, ideal in a wide range of applications including on metal equipment such as rollers, racks, conveyors, chains and virtually any metal components found in highly corrosive environments such as marine, construction and more.

Streamlight Survivor X

Streamlight Inc. introduced the Survivor X, an updated version of its popular Survivor right-angle light, now offering 250 lumens, new features for improved operation, and multiple power options to suit user needs and budgets.

Wright Grip 2.0 Wrench Design

Wright offers innovative Wright Grip 2.0 wrench design (Patent # 11,219,985) that has more steel-to-fastener contact in high-stress areas to stiffen the jaws, increase tool strength and reduce permanent jaw spread.

Little Beaver anchoring equipment

Little Beaver’s anchoring equipment allows installers to quickly secure utility towers to solid ground, which prevents towers from shifting or moving off footings during a storm or strong winds.

RIDGID SeeSnake microReel APX

RIDGID introduced the SeeSnake microReel APX to optimize inspections.

UltraGlide wheels by Hamilton

Hamilton introduced its newest UltraGlide wheel series, designed to reduce the amount of energy needed to move loads in manual or powered applications.

The Tank 8-Gal 225 PSI High-Capacity Portable Air Compressor

Metabo HPT introduced The Tank 8-Gal portable 225 PSI High Capacity Trolley-Style Air Compressor (model EC1315S).

Pyramex lightweight pullover hoodies

Pyramex has expanded its summer offerings to include its new RLPH1 Series of lightweight pullover hoodies that combine UPF 50+ sun protection with lightweight moisture-wicking fabric to keep workers well protected and cool this summer.

Snap-on Keyless Entry Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet

The Keyless Entry Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet from Snap-on Industrial safely isolates flammable materials from the immediate area.

Kroil penetrating oils and lubricants

Kano Laboratories, the producer of Kroil-branded penetrating oils and lubricants, unveiled a new look for its extended line of industrial product solutions.

Milwaukee WRECKER with Nitrus Carbide SAWZALL blade

Milwaukee Tool introduced the WRECKER with NITRUS CARBIDE SAWZALL Blade, what it calls the longest-lasting, fastest cutting, and most versatile blade for demolition and remodeling jobs.

Mayhew 3 Piece Demo Driver Set

Mayhew Steel Products announced the addition of a new 3 Piece Demo Driver Set to its extensive line of premium, made in the U.S.A. hand tools.

Brass Knuckle Midnight Safety Glasses

Clear vision is vital to most every job out there and Brass Knuckle has created eyewear that can handle just about anything work throws at it.

Radians safety vests for women

Radians has launched two more women’s safety vests: the SV4W breakaway vest and the SV2ZW economy 2-pocket vest.

Tri-Grip earplugs

Tri-Grip earplugs, now offered by Gateway Safety, provide a a high NRR, a superior design, and comfort features that make them a premium choice in reusable earplugs.

Platinum Tooling expands angle head inventory

Platinum Tooling, the exclusive importer of Heimatec live tools and angle heads, announced the expansion of its current angle head inventory with many styles available for immediate delivery from stock at its Illinois headquarters.

Milwaukee high dexterity hand protection

Milwaukee Tool has introduced ANSI Cut Rated High-Dexterity Polyurethane Dipped Gloves.

Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR404 gloves

Glass handling is an application that requires a perfect balance of toughness and tenderness.

LiftWise LiftMaster 7000

The new LiftMaster 7000 from LiftWise allows users to lift or lower a variety of parts into position for maintenance or other needs.

Snap-on flat jaw locking pliers

Power generation, oil and natural gas, railroad, aviation and other critical industries often require a reliable tool with a dependable clamping force.

Kroil Penetrant with Graphite

Kano Laboratories announced the rebranding of Penephite to Kroil Penetrant with Graphite and rolled out new packaging.

Radians Thraxus Max

Radians recently launched Thraxus MAX, a new generation of iconic safety eyewear with enhanced frame options, including Crystal, Gunmetal, and Digital Camo.

Emuge-Franken Self-Lock threading tools

Emuge-Franken has expanded its line of Self-Lock thread locking tools to include new Emuge ZGF-S-Cut Thread Mills, in addition to Emuge High Ramp Precision Thread Gages designed for gaging Emuge Self-Lock thread profiles.

Milwaukee adds sun protection to BOLT lineup

Milwaukee Tool will expand its personal protective equipment lineup to feature BOLT sun protection accessories that connect to all Milwaukee hard hats and helmets.

Duck Pro by Shurtape

Shurtape Technologies expands its portfolio of professional grade duct tapes with the introduction of the Duck Pro by Shurtape line of tape solutions.

Coxreels expanded V-100 Series product line

Coxreels expanded its V-100 Series product line by introducing the new 1 ¼” vacuum hose reel V-112-735 without hose and the V-112H-735 with hose.

Diablo Demo Demon Spade Bits

Diablo’s Demo Demon Spade Bits provide one of the most durable, effortless, and longest lasting hole drilling solutions on the market for nail-embedded wood.

SuperGrit Safety Treads

Wooster Products’ presents SuperGrit two-stage safety stair nosings and treads which provide superior traction on interior or exterior stairs.

Snap-on Reaction Arm

The use of torque multipliers are essential when high torque is needed in heavy duty applications including power generation, oil and natural gas, railroad and other critical industries.

Weiler Abrasives Foundry Abrasives

Weiler Abrasives announced the availability of its Tiger abrasives line designed to deliver maximum performance in the most demanding foundry applications.

Streamlight BearTrap work light

Streamlight introduced the BearTrap, a high-power work light that delivers up to 2,000 lumens for automotive and other inspection, identification and repair uses.


WALTER Surface Technologies introduced a new Type 29 flap discs designed to help end-user work better and faster.

Williams QuickFit Tool Organization System

Williams is bringing new ways to organize tools with the new Williams QuickFit Tool Organization System.

Coxreels Extreme Duty XTM Series

Coxreels introduced the Extreme Duty XTM Series spring rewind reel.

Kurt Hydraulics expands braided hose couplings line

Kurt Hydraulics announced the expansion of its braided hose coupling line to over 743 styles and sizes.

Radians simplified and compliant eyewash system

Radians recently launched its new 12-gallon gravity-fed eyewash station (REW01112) and mobile drain cart (REWCART), making compliance and maintenance easier for safety pros who need this kind of vision protection at the job site.

Brass Knuckle introduces new catalog

Brass Knuckle has introduced a new catalog featuring eye, hand, and ergonomic protection.

Walter PVD drilling WNN15 grade

Walter has introduced the PVD drilling WNN15 grade for indexable insert drills.

Festool’s Next-Generation Tool Suite

Festool recently announced a suite of next-generation offerings that are now available for shipping.

Norton Gemini Grinding and Combination/ Pipeline Wheels

Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced newly upgraded Norton Gemini Grinding and Combination/ Pipeline Wheels.

Mayhew 3 Piece Hammerless Tools set

Mayhew Tools introduced a new 3 Piece Hammerless Set to its existing Hammerless Tools product line.

Milwaukee M12 Mounting Fan

Milwaukee Tool provides 18V air performance with the M12 Mounting Fan, the highest performing 12V jobsite fan.

1sourcevend adds touchscreen display monitor

1sourcevend has added an upgraded high-resolution touchscreen display monitor for its industrial vending machines.

K-Tool International diagnostic tools

K-Tool International offers three new diagnostic tools for automotive, industrial, HVAC and home inspection applications.

Platinum Tooling introduces new catalog

Platinum Tooling Technologies released a new product catalog featuring an overview of its full line of precision tooling and related products

Carlisle Adjustable Keeper with Mounting Block

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, a division of Carlisle Companies, launched the Adjustable Keeper with Mounting Block as an upgrade to its NAS1637 Adjustable Keeper.

CoroDrill 860-PM by Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant has launched an upgraded CoroDrill 860 assortment to offer customers improved productivity in drilling steel.

Radians Titanium climbing style helmet

Construction workers are frequently exposed to fall hazards when working at heights and from struck-by incidents due to a dropped, flying, falling, swinging, or rolling object.

CM Lodestar VS Electric Chain Hoist

Columbus McKinnon Corporation announced that its Intelli-Connect Diagnostics and Analytics technology is now available on the CM Lodestar VS Electric Chain Hoist.

Streamlight PolyStinger LED HAZ-LO

Streamlight launched the upgraded PolyStinger LED HAZ-LO® , a rechargeable, intrinsically safe flashlight that uses a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery for longer run times, and offers an enhanced output of 260 lumens.

Mayhew Tools heat stabilized cable ties

Mayhew Steel Products announced a new line of made in the U.S.A., heat stabilized cable ties – one of the few options currently available in the market.

Pyramex introduces Legacy eyewear

Pyramex is introducing the all-new Legacy glasses, a stylish and high-performing option for a wide range of applications on the job including brazing, cutting and welding applications.

Cortec EcoAir Biobased Outdoor Coating

Cortec announced the release of EcoAir Biobased Outdoor Coating powered by Nano VpCI.

Werner Adjustable & Linking Pro Platform

Werner introduced the new Adjustable & Linking Pro Platform.

Milwaukee Wet/Dry Vacuums

Milwaukee Tool has introduced a variety of wet/dry vacuum solutions for jobsite cleanup.

Brass Knuckle Vader Combo

Foul, nasty, or painful debris. Spark. Liquid sprayback. All can slow the most seasoned employee and, worse, bring the threat of occupational injury. So, what protection do workers want on their face when the situation hits the fan?

Quick Fitting ProBite+ Slip Repair Couplings

Quick Fitting announced ProBite+ Slip Repair Couplings, a fast and easy way to permanently and reliably fix pipe leaks and breaks.

RIDGID SeeSnake rM200 Camera Reel

RIDGID introduced the SeeSnake rM200 Camera Reel with TruSense for superior image clarity and camera functionality.

Wooster Products Stairmaster safety treads

Wooster Products StairMaster safety renovation treads provide sure footing on interior and exterior stairs and landings.

United Abrasives/SAIT 9.3 Power Max Ceramic Fiber Disc

United Abrasives/SAIT announced its newest and highest performing fiber disc for stainless and high alloyed steels, the 9.3 Power Max Ceramic Fiber Disc.

Cementex Arc Flash PPE clothing

The Cementex Contractor Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE offers a simple option that does not sacrifice quality or safety.

Mi-T-M inverter generators

Mi-T-M Corporation recently announced the launch of their new inverter generators with CO detectors.

Gorbel Hybrid Work Station Crane

Gorbel's Hybrid Workstation Crane is an extension of its enclosed track work station crane.

Ruland quick clamping shaft collars

Ruland quick clamping shaft collars require no tools for installation, adjustment or removal, making them a convenient and efficient choice for a variety of packaging equipment and applications.

Williams Flextensions

Increasing productivity while improving safety are what Williams Flextensions are designed to do.

SENCO launches cordless pneumatic stapler

KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools has introduced its first-ever cordless stapler, the F-LXP.

Walter CBN grade insert

Walter has introduced the CBN grade WBH30 for hard turning in interrupted cuts.

Brass Knuckle: Winning the war on fog

Lenses can fog in almost every application. Going from cool to warm air. Going from outdoor to indoor environments. In high humidity. During strenuous work that causes perspiration. Even warm breath in a cool room or the heat rising from a motor can cause lenses to fog.

Emuge-Franken multipurpose thread mills

Emuge-Franken USA announced the launch of a new line of multipurpose thread mills designed for threading a wide range of standard materials efficiently and economically.

Weiler Abrasives offers new shipbuilding brochure for abrasives selection

Weiler Abrasives created a new Shipbuilding Solutions brochure available as a PDF download.

Streamlight BearTrap multi-function work light

Streamlight Inc. introduced the BearTrap, a high-power work light that delivers up to 2,000 lumens for automotive and other inspection, identification and repair uses.

Norton product guide simplifies right angle grinding abrasive selection

Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced a new comprehensive 24-page product guide for right angle grinding.

Cementex double-insulated wrenches

Cementex announced a new design enhancement to its line of Double-Insulated Wrenches that provide the greatest possible safety of personnel in environments in and around energized equipment.

Quick Fitting CopperHead Slip Repair Couplings

Quick Fitting, a manufacturer of quick connection technology for plumbing, electrical, industrial, municipal, and OEM applications, announces CopperHead Slip Repair Couplings for permanently and reliably fixing pipe leaks and breaks.

Shopserve Microfiber Towels

Take microfiber cleaning and detailing on the go with Hospeco Brands Group’s Shopserve microfiber towels, now available in a convenient dispensing box.

Milwaukee adds to N95 respirator line

Milwaukee Tool has expanded its N95 Respirator Line to include an unvalved N95 Respirator in addition to the existing N95 Valved Respirator and N95 Valved Respirator with a gasket.

Emuge-Franken expands TOP-Cut VAR line

Emuge-Franken has expanded the range of TOP-Cut VAR, its most popular multi-purpose high performance end mills.

Dayco KWIK-FLEX value hose line

Dayco is rounding out its hydraulic offering with the expansion of its KWIK-FLEX product line, a competitively priced line that was only available on a limited basis in Canada.