New Products

Emuge-Franken multipurpose thread mills

Emuge-Franken USA announced the launch of a new line of multipurpose thread mills designed for threading a wide range of standard materials efficiently and economically.

Weiler Abrasives offers new shipbuilding brochure for abrasives selection

Weiler Abrasives created a new Shipbuilding Solutions brochure available as a PDF download.

Streamlight BearTrap multi-function work light

Streamlight Inc. introduced the BearTrap, a high-power work light that delivers up to 2,000 lumens for automotive and other inspection, identification and repair uses.

Norton product guide simplifies right angle grinding abrasive selection

Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced a new comprehensive 24-page product guide for right angle grinding.

Cementex double-insulated wrenches

Cementex announced a new design enhancement to its line of Double-Insulated Wrenches that provide the greatest possible safety of personnel in environments in and around energized equipment.

Quick Fitting CopperHead Slip Repair Couplings

Quick Fitting, a manufacturer of quick connection technology for plumbing, electrical, industrial, municipal, and OEM applications, announces CopperHead Slip Repair Couplings for permanently and reliably fixing pipe leaks and breaks.

Shopserve Microfiber Towels

Take microfiber cleaning and detailing on the go with Hospeco Brands Group’s Shopserve microfiber towels, now available in a convenient dispensing box.

Milwaukee adds to N95 respirator line

Milwaukee Tool has expanded its N95 Respirator Line to include an unvalved N95 Respirator in addition to the existing N95 Valved Respirator and N95 Valved Respirator with a gasket.

Emuge-Franken expands TOP-Cut VAR line

Emuge-Franken has expanded the range of TOP-Cut VAR, its most popular multi-purpose high performance end mills.

Dayco KWIK-FLEX value hose line

Dayco is rounding out its hydraulic offering with the expansion of its KWIK-FLEX product line, a competitively priced line that was only available on a limited basis in Canada.

Snap-on Break-Over Type torque wrench

Reduce the chances of over-torquing fasteners with the new 3/4-inch Drive Break-Over Type Torque Wrench from Snap-on Industrial.

GROB Systems electric powertrain solutions

GROB Systems, a provider of manufacturing systems and machine tools, announces the availability of its modular, flexible, and scalable electric powertrain solutions.

Twin Spring Couplings made from T6061 T6 aluminum

Twin Spring Coupling announced that its entire coupling range is now being made from T6061 T6 aluminum, in addition to its current 4140 Alloy products.

Tec Flex Metal Hose by Kuriyama

Tec Flex is an evolution in the development of strip wound metal hose.

Brass Knuckle Red Warrior SmartFlex Gloves

Brass Knuckle Red Warrior SmartFlex (BK504) gloves provide excellent, spongelike slip resistance with a proprietary polyurethane foam coating process.

Ergodyne expands ProFlex coated gloves line

Ergodyne announced a major extension to the ProFlex Coated Gloves Series with the launch of nine new cut- and abrasion-resistant models.

Ruland disc couplings

Ruland disc couplings are zero-backlash, have high torque and torsional stiffness, and can accommodate all forms of misalignment, making them well suited to the requirements of test, measurement and inspection systems.

Milwaukee Tool cordless angled finish nailers

Milwaukee Tool has introduced the newest generation of cordless angled finish nailers.

Sandvik Coromant micro drills

Sandvik Coromant has launched two new microdrill families specifically designed for precision machining.

Crescent bolsters industrial pliers lineup

Crescent Tools has expanded its lineup of industrial pliers, matching the performance of competing brands but doing so at a fraction of the cost to give pros in the electrical, industrial, and mechanical industries the best value available.

Bob Dale Gloves BDGplanet product line

Bob Dale Gloves & Imports Ltd. (BDG) announced the launch of a new eco-focused BDGplanet product line.

Radians Type O and Type R bomber jackets

Radians is helping meet the demand in women’s PPE with the recent introduction of its two new bomber jackets.

Hougen HMD900 portable magnetic drill

Hougen Manufacturing Inc. has released the new HMD900 portable magnetic drill.

Scrubs Medaphene Disinfecting Wipes

ITW Pro Brands has announced the launch of a 12-count “Grab & Go!” flat pack for its Scrubs Medaphene Disinfecting Wipes.

RIDGID PTC-400 Power Tubing Cutter

RIDGID introduced the PTC-400 Power Tubing Cutter, a portable tubing cutting machine designed to quickly cut stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum and plastic.

Emuge-Franken end mills catalog

Emuge-Franken N.A. announced the launch of a new full line end mills catalog to support its growing end mill products expansion.

Fluoramics LOX-8 Paste

Fluoramics’ LOX-8 Paste thread sealant was recently qualified and specified for use by another global equipment manufacturer servicing all levels of liquid natural gas (LNG) applications.

Mayhew insert and power bit product lines

Mayhew Steel Products introduced new made in the U.S.A. insert and power bit product lines.

KuriCrimp hose assembly equipment and accessories by Kuriyama

The KuriCrimp Hose Assembly Equipment and Accessories product line features not only crimpers, but a variety of stand-alone and countertop hose saws, hose pushers, skivers, multicenters and racks.

Milwaukee RLS ACR Press Jaws

Milwaukee Tool added to its M18 FORCE LOGIC line of press solutions with the RLS fitting system.

Rotor Clip earns ISO 13485 certification

Rotor Clip announced that the company has received ISO 13485:2016 certification.

Sandvik Coromant CoroMill MH20

Sandvik Coromant has launched a new high-feed milling tool, the CoroMill MH20, primarily designed for milling cavities, or pockets, in ISO S, M and P materials.

Weldcote Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Weldcote, a division of Zika Group, expands its welding helmets collection with new models of the Ultraview Plus and Klearview lines and the addition of the Econoview line.

Gates MegaSys MXG 5K

Gates introduced its latest breakthrough hydraulic hose, MegaSysTM MXGTM 5K, which is lighter, more flexible and more durable than a typical 5000 psi (350 bar) hydraulic hose.

WALTER Surface Technologies E-Weld Pre-Coated Nozzles

WALTER Surface Technologies has introduced E-Weld Pre-Coated Nozzles.

Grease Bandit Oil resistant grease trap hose

Grease Bandit GBAND Series Oil Resistant Grease Trap hose by Kuriyama features a dual profile construction with durable HDPE outer cover and proprietary oil resistant inner liner, specifically designed to withstand the damaging effects of grease.

Norton Rapid Polish Discs

Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced new Norton Rapid Polish felt polishing discs.

Radians introduces Kevlar cut sleeves

Radians recently entered the arm protection category via the launch of its new Kevlar cut sleeves.

Quick Fitting ProBite+ Slip Repair Couplings

Quick Fitting announces ProBite+ Slip Repair Couplings, the fastest and easiest way to permanently and reliably fix pipe leaks and breaks.

Norton Rapid Polish felt polishing discs

Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced new Norton Rapid Polish felt polishing discs.

Cementex Double-Insulated Torque Wrenches and Screwdrivers

Cementex highlights its wide selection of industry-leading Double-Insulated Torque Wrenches and Screwdrivers for the power generation and distribution industry.

DURAFLAT Fibre Grinding Disc Backing

Neenah, a global manufacturer of latex-saturated and coated papers used in abrasive products worldwide, reintroduces DURAFLAT Fibre Grinding Disc Backing, an alternative to traditional vulcanized fibre discs, to the marketplace.

Toughbuilt Five-Blade Utility Knife

Toughbuilt recently launched its first-of-its-kind five-blade utility knife.

B&B Manufacturing expands sprocket offering

B&B Manufacturing expanded its ACHE sprocket offering to include larger tooth counts and designed benefits of less weight around the shaft and reduced bearing and overhung loads.

U.S. Tape ChalkShot marking solution

U.S. Tape offers Duramark’s ChalkShot, providing a unique, high-visibility, nonpermanent marking solution when working on greasy, dirty, rust-covered and other hard-to-mark surfaces, as well as for drilling blind holes to affix brackets, handles and other items.

Alfagomma Waterblast Hydraulic Hoses by Kuriyama

Alfagomma’s Waterblast Hydraulic hoses are made with an oil and water resistant synthetic rubber tube.

Stabila PRO SET 80 AS / 80 ASM

You can never have too many precise, reliable spirit levels. That’s why the new PRO SET 80 AS and 80 ASM from STABILA are very practical for every trade.

Crescent Tools Circular Saw Blades

With the new Crescent Tools Circular Saw Blades, pros in a variety of industries can cut more, faster and longer than ever.

Pyramex Safety insulated gloves

Pyramex Safety’s newest line of insulated and safety-rated winter gloves include a diverse selection of cut-resistant dipped, leather and corded gloves.

Koul Tools EZ-ON Hose Press Model 454

Koul Tools has released the EZ-ON Hose Press Model 454 hose assembly tool for Push-Lock hoses.

SKF launches new line of spherical roller bearings

SKF has launched a new line of spherical roller bearings in North America specifically designed to increase uptime, lower production costs and reduce environmental impact for slab, billet and bloom continuous casting operations.

Brass Knuckle Grasshopper dust goggle/spectacle

From its stylish green color, you can tell Brass Knuckle Grasshopper (BKDST-1010N) dust goggle/spectacle is on the money.

CLC Work Gear FlexGrip Series 363 work gloves

Custom LeatherCraft (CLC Work Gear) added to its selection of high dexterity work gloves, releasing the new FlexGrip Series 363 to the North American market.

Siemens SIMOTICS SD200 severe-duty motor

Siemens announced the immediate availability of the SIMOTICS SD200 severe-duty motor in frame size 440 as its latest offering in the low-voltage SIMOTICS motor family.

New Metabo HPT 4-1/2” and 5” grinders

Metabo HPT launched two New 12Amp AC Brushless Grinders to its lineup; a 4-1/2” Paddle Switch Disc Grinder with Lock-Off Switch (model G12BYEQ) and a 5” Paddle Switch Disc Grinder with Lock-Off Switch (model G13BYEQ).

RIDGID RP 351 in-line standard press tool

RIDGID introduced the RP 351, its first in-line standard press tool.

Weiler Abrasives Multi-Pass Welding Guide

Weiler Abrasives is offering a downloadable PDF of its new Multi-Pass Welding Guide.

Festool to launch two new tools to improve job site efficiency 

Festool will launch two new products in October aimed at building greater efficiency into the jobsite – the MX-A dust-extraction attachment and the Systainer3 CENTROTEC Organizer.

Dillon brass pie jaws

Dillon Manufacturing presents brass pie jaws which firmly grip delicate workpieces without marring or distortion.

Milwaukee adds to fish tape lineup

Milwaukee Tool adds to its fish tape lineup with new 120-foot and 240-foot 1/8-inch Stainless Steel Fish Tapes.

Alfagomma T966AA cable protection by Kuriyama

Alfagomma Series T966AA Cable Protection hose by Kuriyama, provides cable protection in underground mining operations.

Brass Knuckle SmartSkin Nitrile Gloves

Why double dip? Usually because you want more of something good. In the case of Brass Knuckle SmartSkin nitrile gloves (BKNITR2), double-dipping them in nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) gives wearers twice the protection and twice the grip.

Coolant-thru tooling from Heimatec

Heimatec announced immediate availability of its newest development, a coolant-thru feature on all the company’s current line items.

Radians expands PPE choices for women and men

Radians has introduced hi-vis T-shirts and FR coveralls designed by women for women.

Toughbuilt five-blade utility knife

Toughbuilt recently launched its first-of-its-kind five-blade utility knife.

Coxreels Vacuum Series reel options

Coxreels V-100 Series product line has been improved and expanded.

Dynabrade clean air solutions and accessories

Dynabrade introduced an enhanced line of Raptor Vac Portable Vacuum Systems and Downdraft Tables.

Columbus McKinnon CM Hurricane Mini 360

Columbus McKinnon Corporation introduced the CM Hurricane Mini 360° Hand Chain Hoist.

United Abrasives / SAIT portable saw blades

United Abrasives / SAIT now offers 9-inch portable saw blades for use on 9-inch cordless cut-off saws.

Norton Quantum3 RightCut Wheels

Norton QUANTUM3 RightCut Wheels have several key benefits over competitive wheels.

Starrett multi-purpose band saw blades

The L.S. Starrett Company offers the newly positioned Intenss Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades for general purpose metal sawing of a wide range of materials and shapes.

Magnet Source Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic floor sweepers are the right tool to safely and efficiently clear ferrous metal debris from areas of all sizes, both indoors and out.

Star Cutter core drills

Star Cutter Company’s core drills, custom-designed and built per application, are well-suited for the machining of cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, valve bodies, fluid power components, and other cast components that are made of aluminum and iron, including CGI.

Brass Knuckle Crusher safety goggles

Whether working in the elements or working up a sweat, only Brass Knuckle Crusher (BKDST-1020NP) safety goggles have specialized channels along the brow line to move water and sweat away from the eyes, while the rubber gasket seals glasses snugly against the face.

Sentec DX offers dust and debris protection

Dentec Safety's SenTec line now has a new replaceable foam insert that will add protection against dust and debris.

Norton BlueFire abrasives

Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduced newly upgraded Norton BlueFire Abrasives including Belts, Cloth Quick-Change and Flap Discs, and Mini Flap Discs.

Memphis Series safety glasses

MCR Safety's Memphis Series safety glasses are not only designed for your safety, but also for exceptional comfort.

Alfagomma T654AA Series small engine fuel transfer hose by Kuriyama

Alfagomma Series T654AA Small Engine Fuel Transfer hose by Kuriyama, offers resistance to a wide range of fuels.

Milwaukee expands PACKOUT modular storage system

Milwaukee Tool has expanded the popular PACKOUT Modular Storage System with the new PACKOUT Rolling Tool Chest.

Continental releases Make Power Smart app

Continental has developed an app to revolutionize the way its belt customers purchase, repair, and extend the longevity of their Continental products.

Coxreels enhances SLPL spring-driven models

Coxreels has made a product enhancement to the spring-driven 1¼-inch and 1½-inch SLPL models.

LPS MAX - the next generation MRO products

ITW Pro Brands announced the next generation of products with LPS MAX; a new line of MRO lubricants, degreasers and electronic cleaners that are safe, efficient and sustainable.

Moldex hands-free earplug dispensers

Moldex-Metric Inc. has launched two new products to join its popular line of EcoStation and PlugStation Earplug Dispensers that address today’s enhanced concerns over workplace hygiene and worker comfort.

Williams Micro-Adjustable Torque Screwdriver series

Williams introduced its Micro-Adjustable Torque Screwdriver series designed for durability, repeatability and comfort.

Dayco crimper program

Dayco has launched a crimper program for customers in North America that stock hydraulic components.

Safe Keeper padded construction harness

Safe Keeper offers a premium padded adjustable full body harness with positioning belt, quick connect buckle at chest, and tongue buckles at leg strap.

Streamlight Lights for a Cause

Streamlight Inc. has donated $22,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), a not-for-profit organization seeking to prevent and cure breast cancer.

Werner expands fall protection portfolio

Werner announced a major expansion in its range of fall protection anchorage connectors.

B&B Manufacturing expands product offering

B&B Manufacturing has expanded its offering to include more stainless steel Powerhouse MX pulleys and Taper-Lock bushings.

Alfagomma Conqueror Concrete hose by Kuriyama

Alfagomma Series T74SAA Conqueror Concrete hose by Kuriyama, is a 1275 PSI, construction duty, textile reinforced concrete pumping hose.

Williams Work Tools catalog

Williams has unveiled its new Williams Work Tools catalog featuring more than 8,000 SKUs.

Tilman TrueFit Glove

Tillman introduced the 1477 Mechanics-style, TrueFit glove designed to help reduce workplace injuries.

Fluoramics LOX-8 NF Oil

Fluoramics Inc. has released a new product, LOX-8 NF Oil, which will not fluoresce during black light inspections.

HEAVYDUTY Anti-Slip Coating

Wooster Products introduces HEAVYDUTY 20, an anti-slip coating which provide high traction and durability for industrial areas.

Brass Knuckle SmartShell

Some jobs need a glove that covers it all: impact protection, cut protection, excellent grip in wet conditions, and high visibility.

Double Deep Oiler System

Reed Manufacturing's Double Deep Oiler System offers a 20-gauge steel bucket and steel drip pan/chip tray plus a deep bucket at 8-1/2 inches (21.6 cm).

Norton Mini Angle Sanders

Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers 2-inch and 3-inch Norton Mini Angle Sanders.

Coxreels exceeds industry recommended salt spray testing

Due to its numerous properties and, specifically, its corrosion resistance, powder coating is used for many applications in the industrial sector.

Channellock pliers and forged wire stripper

Channellock is launching a line of three new SpeedGrip Pliers and the CHANNELLOCK 968 Forged Wire Stripper.

Crescent expands HVAC tool lineup

Crescent Tools is expanding its HVAC collection with a comprehensive assortment that carries the highest level of quality for which Crescent is known.

Ready-to-connect servo drive

STXI Motion, a global motion control and servo solutions company, introduced the servSD ready-to-connect low-voltage servo drive, aimed at applications such as automated guided vehicles/autonomous mobile robots, electronics assembly, and medical equipment.

Quick Fitting ProBite+ push-to-connect fittings

Quick Fitting, a manufacturer of quick connection technology for plumbing, electrical, industrial, municipal, and OEM applications, announced that its ProBite+ push-to-connect fitting delivers fast and easy installation in industrial applications with greater safety and efficiency for installers.

Alfagomma Alfaforest AF3B Series Minetuff hydraulic hose

Alfagomma Alfaforest AF3B Series Minetuff hydraulic hose by Kuriyama, is constructed with an oil resistant ultra-low temperature synthetic rubber tube.

Mayhew low profile screwdrivers

Mayhew Tools introduced three new low profile screwdrivers, including a #1 Phillips, a #2 Phillips, and flat tip.


SENCO’s corded DURASPIN auto-feed screw drivers have been re-engineered to in-crease speed and productivity, incorporating industry-leading features from the compa-ny’s recently updated cordless DURASPIN line.

Norton Quantum Prime grinding wheels

Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduced Norton Quantum Prime Grinding Wheels featuring new, proprietary nano-crystalline ceramic grain which offers unprecedented productivity gains across a wide range of applications.

Rex Cut Sigma Z

Sigma Z, a high-performance grinding wheel for stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, and alloys, is now available from Rex-Cut Abrasives.

Snap-on Industrial Visual Control Cabinets

Snap-on Industrial’s Visual Control Cabinets place frequently used tools in clear view, giving technicians full sight lines of their tools for instant accountability and asset management.

Alfagomma 6F2AA Series FRAC KING 400 Hose by Kuriyama

Alfagomma Series 6F2AA FRAC KING Frac Fluid hose by Kuriyama, is rated at 400 psi and is a durable, rugged and heavy duty hose for applications in the fracing industry.

Coxreels roller bracket assemblies

Coxreels introduced the new roller bracket assemblies for the Challenger Series.

Hamilton introduces new Endurance Caster Series

Hamilton Caster's new Endurance Series caster is intended for 24/7 continuous duty operation and mission critical applications that can't afford to fail.

Platinum Tooling expands Citizen tool program

Platinum Tooling Technologies, the exclusive importer of Heimatec live tools, angle heads, and multi-spindle heads, has extended its product offering to the current Citizen tool program.

Metabo HPT one-handed recip saw and jig saw

Metabo HPT announced the launch of two New Cordless Saws to its lineup, an 18V MultiVolt One-Handed Compact Reciprocating Saw (model CR18DAQ4) and 18V MultiVolt Jig Saw (model CJ18DAQ4).

Slice 10516 Tool Holster

The Slice 10516 Tool Holster lets users keep all their Slice tools within easy reach.

Weiler expands Tiger offering

Weiler Abrasives has expanded its popular Tiger brand of abrasives to include cups, cones and plugs for metal fabrication, including fab shop, tool sharpening, pipeline, rail frog construction and shipyard applications.

GelFit Rocker Knee Pads

The ToughBuilt GelFit Rocker Knee Pads redefine how professionals use their knee pads.

All-weather tacticle warning plate

Mar-Bal Inc. is launching its CastIron premium gray iron detectable warning plate.

FOUNDATION modular platform system

Wearwell has introduced a new generation of work platforms, FOUNDATION, designed to raise workers to ergonomic work heights while providing a safe and stable floor.

Cementex T-Handle Tools

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, announces the availability of its T-Handle Driver Tools, including Hex Head Wrenches, 6-Point Socket Wrenches, and Drives.

Allied Machine Releases T-A Pro Drill High-Speed Steel Geometry

Allied Machine and Engineering announced the newest expansion of the T-A Pro high penetration drilling system—the high-speed steel geometry insert, also referred to as the “X” geometry.

Pyramex heavy-duty utility vest

Pyramex introduced its Heavy-Duty Utility Vest (RVZT44B Series).

Shurtape Multi-Surface Floor Marking Tape

As maintenance and facility managers continue to operate amid COVID-19 guidelines, ensuring the safety of employees and patrons remains top-of-mind.

Coxreels biodiesel reels

Due to the reactive nature of biodiesel, consideration of seals and materials is needed when choosing a hose reel and plumbing.

SKF expands Explorer bearing line

SKF has extended its Explorer range with a four-row cylindrical roller bearing (4rCRB), aimed at demanding applications in long product rolling mills.

Kapro Tools 350 Pipe Level Set

Kapro Tools introduced its innovative 350 Pipe Level Set.

Midwest Precision Product adds hand feed grommet press capabilities

Midwest Precision Products recently included Hand Feed Grommet Press capabilities to its suite of product services.

Weiler Consumable Productivity Program

Weiler Abrasives is offering its Weiler Consumable Productivity (WCP) program to help end users better manage their abrasives costs and increase productivity.

HEMCO Flammable Storage Cabinet

HEMCO's Flammable Storage Cabinet is specifically designed for the storage of flammable chemicals and is available in 30-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch widths.

MAX Mobile Workstation

The MAX Mobile Workstation is ideally suited for flexible data collection and independent work in the warehouse environment.

Crescent Bolt Biter Impact Bolt Extractors

Standard nut drivers just aren’t designed to reliably remove rusted, rounded and worn-down fasteners.

Milwaukee Tool adds knee pads to PPE offering

Milwaukee Tool is adding knee pads to its Personal Protective Equipment offering.

Mayhew launches new line of cable ties

Mayhew Steel Products announced a new line of made in the U.S.A. cable ties.

Centurion Nexus Extreme Mips helmet

MPS Inc. introduced Centurion’s new Nexus Extreme Mips helmet, the world’s first industrial safety helmet utilizing the Mips Cradle (Multi-directional impact protection system).

Snap-on 40-inch Three-Drawer Workstation Cart

The new 40-inch Three-Drawer Workstation Cart from Snap-on Industrial provides convenient mobility, a durable design, and generous storage of tools and equipment for any shop or hangar.

Bredel heavy-duty hose pumps

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) announced Bredel heavy-duty hose pumps to handle viscous slurries, grit-filled sludge corrosive acids, and other challenging materials, at 100 percent volumetric accuracy.

SCRUBS Hand & Tool Wipes

ITW Pro Brands announced the launch of a general purpose, soft wipe for surfaces and hands.

Coxreels DEF hose reels

Coxreels features a complete line of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) hose reels built on the industry proven, all-steel construction SH and T Series of reels.

Laser marketing system

Primera Technology has pre-announced the Catalyst Laser Marking System, which prints onto high-durability, pre-laminated label substrates.

Norton BlazeX F980 Fiber Discs

Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced its new Norton BlazeX F980 Fiber Discs with premium ceramic alumina micro-fracturing grain for a wide range of grinding processes in stainless steel and harder-to-grind materials.

Hunter Industrial Fans become internationally certified

All three of Hunter Industrial Fans’ HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fan lines, the Titan, Eco and XP, have been certified by the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA).

CP 27 ShurRELEASE painter's tape

Shurtape Technologies has revamped its popular Shurtape brand CP 27 14-Day ShurRELEASE Blue Painter's Tape.

Southworth Products PalletPal Walkie

The PalletPal Walkie from Southworth Products is an automatic pallet load leveler that mounts on to any standard electric walkie or walkie/rider pallet truck to make order picking faster, safer and easier.

Cementex T-Handle Driver Tools

Cementex announced the availability of its T-Handle Driver Tools, including hex head wrenches, 6-point socket wrenches, and drives.

Platinum Tooling now represents Henninger

Platinum Tooling, the importer of live tools, angle heads, marking tools, Swiss tools and multiple spindle tools manufactured by various global suppliers, is now importing Henninger Speed Increasers for North America.

Gemtex Abrasives releases new catalog

Gemtex Abrasives, the Toronto-based manufacturer of abrasive products sold worldwide, has released a new catalog.

REED Pump Stick

Versatile, durable REED Pump Stick with cordless power provides a portable, jobsite friendly way to remove water.

Master Magnetics VersaSWEEP

Master Magnetics Inc. has added to its line of magnetic floor sweepers, introducing what the company calls the most versatile magnetic sweeper ever.

Brass Knuckle Spectrum eye protection

We know that fogging lenses and an overall lack of comfort are the two main reasons that workers remove their eye protection.

Benjamin Moore Corotech COMMAND

Benjamin Moore announced the launch of Corotech COMMAND, its newest offering for facility maintenance and property management professionals.

Kapro Tools Prolaser Bambino Cross Laser Level

Kapro Tools introduced its 842 Prolaser Bambino Cross Laser Level series in both red (842S) and green (842GS) versions.

Snap-on Slip-Joint Pliers

Most technicians know the frustration of rounding off a fastener when trying to remove it with a pliers.

Explosion proof compressors

Andover Protection Systems has expanded its line and now manufactures more than 1,100 models of refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors for use in the presence of flammable and explosive gases and dusts.

Crescent Wiss Tinner Snips

HVAC and sheet metal pros agree: When making long, straight cuts in thinner-gauge sheet metal, tinner snips are the way to go.

Coxreels Extreme Duty XTM Series

Coxreels introduced the Extreme Duty XTM Series spring rewind reel, which combines the ultimate features into what it calls the world’s most robust reel solution.

Norton Winter V-PRIME grinding wheels

Norton Winter V-PRIME Grinding Wheels are designed to provide excellent edge stability and long life when gashing and clearance-grinding round tools.

Dentec Safety reusable N95 mask

Dentec Safety Specialists announced the new ComfortAir Nx, the latest development for industrial applications.

Empire Screen Printing labeling solutions

Empire Screen Printing, a manufacturer of screen printed products, offers an extensive selection of label solutions for outdoor power equipment and power tool users.

Harrington Hoists TCW Series lube free wash down air hoists

Harrington Hoists Inc. has added new air hoists to its product lineup.


Werner is extending its line of LEANSAFE X3 ladders with a new aluminum model.

Dormer Pramet milling cutters

Dormer Pramet offers economical face milling of stainless steel with the new Pramet cutters and inserts.

Brass Knuckle SmartCut work glove

Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR303 gloves succeed on three fronts by providing dexterity, grip and ANSI cut level A2 protection.

Radians foam earplug dispenser

Radians recently launched a refillable foam earplug dispenser that arrives prefilled with 500 pairs of foam earplugs, can be quickly placed on a counter or wall-mounted in high-traffic areas like timecard clock-in stations.

Newcastle Systems LT Series mobile laptop cart

Newcastle Systems introduced the LT Series Mobile Powered Laptop Cart.

Precision Twist Drill HX Jobber Drill

Precision Twist Drill's new HX Jobber Drill is a high-speed steel (HSS) jobber drill recognized throughout the cutting tool industry for its unique purple/bronze oxide finish.

Radians GLOW vest line

Radians recently launched its new GLOW vest line to help workers stay visible even when an active light source isn’t present.

Coxreels upgrades swivel options on 1125 Series

Coxreels offers two upgraded swivel options for the 1125 Series reels.

Goodyear Belts power transmission belts for the automotive and industrial markets

Goodyear Belts, a licensee collaboration between Adventry and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, has produced a line of power transmission belts targeting the demands of multiple markets globally.

Hannay Reels Heavy-Duty 1500 Series Hose Reels

Hannay Reels heavy-duty 1500 Series is specially engineered to handle high pressures and longer lengths of hose.

New Reelcraft covers

Designed to withstand the rigors and abuse of daily use, new covers from Reelcraft will protect your reels from the elements.

Brass Knuckle SmartCut gloves

Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR2403 delivers for jobs that not only need cut and abrasion resistance, but still require a focus on long-wearing grip, dexterity, and flexibility.

Big Wipes now FDA registered

Big Wipes pre-impregnated industrial-strength cleaning wipes are now FDA registered as Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaning and Sanitizing wipes.

WCI launches welding chemical product line

Welding Chemicals Inc. (WCI) launched its new Superior Welding Chemical Products line.