Posted January 28, 2024

Creform picking cart provides versatile solution for wholesale distribution workflow

Creform Corp. has designed and built a picking cart for a health care services company that specializes in wholesale pharmaceutical distribution. The cart provides an innovative and versatile solution for in process workflow.

Creform warehouse picking cart 701The engineering team at Creform collaborated with the health care services company and provided several prototypes to arrive at the best possible form, fit and function, as well as the optimum shelf height and space utilization.

The warehouse picking cart features three horizontal picking shelves for totes. Each shelf features a low-weight, high-stability polypropylene surface which is 50% lighter than wood.

Each shelf can hold up to seven standard-sized boxes and the cart is well suited for E-commerce order fulfillment, as each shelf can be used to hold full boxes of parts or open boxes/totes that can be filled through piece picking. The shelves are flat for easy load/unload access as well as visibility from all sides.

Should the need arise, each of the cart’s shelves can be repositioned or the whole cart can be customized with only simple tools. The modular construction of a Creform structure means easy customization and scalability.

The cart’s dimensions are 91" W x 22" L x 51" T and features six 5"diameter bolt-on casters with urethane wheels for easy, stable and safe rolling. The cart is designed to hold up to 600 lb. It also features two fixed casters in the center for easy directional control along with four corner swivel casters. The bolt-on casters are a durable solution for the high number of “miles” that the carts travels. As the cart will be pushed all day every day, it is important to keep cart’s weight as low as possible while maintaining the necessary strength and durability. Creform’s 28mm plastic coated steel tubing and clamping metal joints provide the necessary strength and durability yet retain flexibility.

As with all Creform carts, higher capacity and custom cart sizes and configurations are possible with the Creform system of 28 mm and 42 mm plastic-coated steel pipes and metal joints. When needed, they can be configured for ESD (anti-static) applications. Further, Creform carts provide minimal maintenance requirements for prolonged durability. The surfaces are easy to clean to help maintain a hygienic environment.

The color of the pictured cart shown is black, but a wide variety of pipe color options are available and upgrade hitches are available for AGV or tugger delivery. Accessories include hooks, label holders for shelf levels or even shelf positions, pockets for paperwork, writing surface with clip boards just to name a few. Creform carts are available as a kit, assembled structure or in component form for a complete DIY solution.

Adaptability is a fundamental principle of Creform. The long term, component nature of Creform ensures that if there is any damage or worn components that replacement parts are readily available.

The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing and enhancing these programs.