Posted November 7, 2023

New FV geometry by Kennametal features innovative chip breaker design

Kennametal Inc. introduces its new FV Geometry, featuring an innovative chip breaker design that allows for a more stable, sharper cutting edge for improved surface roughness and chip formation.

FV Geometry by KennametalDeveloped to cut on a wider application range with consistency and featuring a unique chip breaker design, sharper edge and built-in coolant channels.

"The flexibility of our new FV geometry brings operators enhanced performance with consistent chip control in low or medium depths of cut and fewer process interruptions for tool changes," said Scott Etling, vice president of marketing, global product management.

FV Geometry is designed with channels that deliver coolant closer to the cutting edge—for the machinist seeking peak versatility and running uninterrupted and lightly interrupted cuts.

FV Geometry eliminates the need to change tools for finishings operations, making it ideal for a broad range of transportation and general engineering applications.