Posted January 28, 2024

TrimLine takes delivery of conventional feed line from Dallas Industries

Dallas Industries, a manufacturer of coil handling, press feeding equipment and controls for the stamping industry, announced that TrimLine, division of Varbros, LLC, has taken delivery on a new conventional feed line. The feed line is installed at the LaGrange, Ohio facility of TrimLine.

Dallas Industries shipmentTrimLine specializes in the design and fabrication of high precision tooling for the metal stamping industry. As a high volume metal stamping company, it operates mechanical and servo presses from 200 to 700 tons with servo transfer systems — as well as full tool/die design and build capabilities.

The conventional line features a pull off coil reel with load car and coil guide rolls, peeler/threader/end debender with coil restrictor, a powered straightener, threading table, cabinet mounted servo feed. The line is rated for up to 30,000 lb. x 36 in. wide material.

The line incorporates a number of automated setup axes, termed “Autoset,” that enhance job setup speed and repeatability. The automated axes include: feeder passline height and edge guides, straightener breaker rolls and edge guides, uncoiler coil guide rolls (for auto coil centering) and an automatically adjusting drag brake (based on coil O.D.). The settings for these axes are stored in the job recipe.

The feed line includes Allen-Bradley controls and features SyncLoop and ProfileSelect. SyncLoop technology, wherein the average line speed and loop depths are monitored and payout speeds adjusted automatically to ensure a smooth payout. ProfileSelect™ is a unique feed control system that is exclusively available through Dallas Industries. Most servo feed controls use a trapezoidal motion profile that creates quick, jerky motions that can cause slippage, material damage and added stress to machine components. ProfileSelect on the other hand uses a sinusoidal (cam motion) profile. This results in a smooth feed motion that utilizes 100 percent of the press feed window, reducing stress on the material and the feed’s mechanical components.

Dallas Industries’ full line of products includes conventional and compact coil feed lines, as well as servo feeds, heavy-duty straighteners and coil handling equipment.