Posted May 13, 2024

Inline shortening hooks from AMH

All Material Handling (AMH) recently introduced a range of clevis shortening products that are helping the lifting industry to further enhance safety and productivity. The Inline short-ening clutches from Cartec are used to reduce the length of the chain legs and prevent the load from becoming unstable.

Inline shortening hooks from AMH“Adjustable chain slings are quite common, but the traditional way of constructing them is changing,” said National Sales Manager Jim Canfield. “The Inline series from Car-tec enables riggers to create adjustable slings with far fewer components than the conven-tional method.”

“Our distributors and channel partners are telling us that this technology is increasingly be-coming the equipment of choice for lifting specialists and contractors. This is because of the multiple benefits it brings in terms of productivity, weight saving, and safety.”

Those assembling adjustable slings benefit from fewer fittings that require mechanically attaching, potentially saving time and labor costs as a result. Fewer components also mean there is less hardware to inspect for wear or damage. Riggers can get the job done more efficiently by spending less time on pre-lift inspections. Furthermore, the ability to complete lifts using less hardware typically means less weight, which is another plus.

“Riggers can now enjoy these benefits while maintaining the versatility of an adjustable sling for a variety of loads,” added Canfield.

The CDFXA from AMH is available in one single hook piece, and also with an integrated master link for one, two, three and four leg chain slings. It is manufactured from high-quality, Italian forged chain fittings.

“For example, a two-leg adjustable chain sling bridle would have just one fitting instead of seven, a significant reduction,” he said. “Our assembly provides all the functionality of the master link, connecting link, and grab hook in one unit – plus there is also no need now for an adjuster leg.”

Sizes run from 9/32” to 5/8”, meaning AMH offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in the market. Individual hooks are also available down to 7/32”.
AMH serves the North American lifting industry through a network of distributors and chan-nel partners, ensuring wide availability of products and short lead times.