Posted January 6, 2024

Walter launches cutting tool for milling threads

The new Thrill?tec TC645 Supreme thread milling cutter from Walter combines the machining steps of core-hole drilling, chamfering and threading in a single tool and operation to boost productivity. The tool creates the core hole and threads using helical interpolation.

Walter Thrill-tec threading millThe left-hand cutting tool can also be used for chamfering, which should take place before thread milling at the thread entry. The tool’s face, or front milling geometry, enables core-hole drilling, chamfering, milling and threading. The ability to combine work steps results in fewer machine shutdowns for tool changes.

The Thrill?tec TC645 Supreme thread mill is made of the high-performance coated WB10TJ grade to provide the best performance for universal machining of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metal, and super alloys and titanium alloys (ISO P, M, K, N and S material groups). Other features include: a modified cutting geometry to avoid chipping, and an internal coolant duct for emulsion, makes it possible to maximize tool life when machining workpiece materials as hard as 48 HRC. The tool should only be used when internal coolant is available to help evacuate chips. These features and a 20° helix optimize chip removal even at high cutting speeds and feeds per tooth, meaning it can create blind-hole

Walter launches cutting and through-hole threads at projection lengths of 2- and 2.5-times deep. Walter offers the TC645 in dimensions of M4 to M12, UNC 8 to UNC ½ and G1/16 to G¼, with plans for additional versions coming soon. The shank is in accordance with the DIN 6535 HA standard.

In addition to maximizing process reliability and its universality, the Thrill?tec TC645 Supreme thread mill also provides a very low cost per thread with its fast machining and indexing times. Its long tool life and short cycle times make this thread mill ideal for both mass production and small part runs.

The Walter lineup of products consists of three categories of tools. Supreme indicates the highest level of technology and performance available. Advance which indicates product efficiently balanced between price and performance. and Perform tools are products that provide an economical solution with focused importance on price.