Posted December 24, 2023

Koroyd partners with GE on safety helmet for impact protection, reduced heat stress

KOROYD, in partnership with Caco America LLC, a GE brand licensee for personal protective equipment for the North, Central and South American continents, has launched the new GE branded GH400 Type 1 safety helmet.

Koroyd-Caco-GM GH400BK helmetAvailable now at select retailers and distributors across North America and Latin America, the new award winning GH400 maximizes KOROYD’s patented impact absorption with proven heat stress reduction, setting a new standard in industrial head protection and further safeguarding employee health and minimizing injury risk caused by rising temperatures on the job site.

The first helmet to be engineered with KOROYD technology as the sole energy absorber, the GH400 absorbs impacts more efficiently than traditional EPS foam liners by crumpling consistently to reduce force transferred to the head. KOROYD advanced impact technology outperforms EPS, absorbing energy through 80% of the material thickness.

The unique open cell structure of KOROYD, which is 95% air, also enhances air circulation and evaporation of sweat vapor and liquid. Recent testing has demonstrated KOROYD-integrated helmets can reduce heat index by up to 8°F/4.5°C compared to traditional EPS helmets. KOROYD is proven to help maintain cooler body temperatures to prevent heat stress risks, while also reducing potential for short-term removal on the jobsite that can occur on warmer days.

“We are thrilled about the launch of the KOROYD-equipped GH400 safety helmet,” said KOROYD Director of Industrial Safety Chris Ellerby,  “The design is a true first of its kind to use advanced KOROYD technology as the sole means of energy absorption. The lower profile and lightweight GH400 helmet provides superior safety without compromising comfort. The compact design improves stability and ease of use while preventing shortcutting of safety protocols.”

"Safety is our number one priority, and in partnering with KOROYD we have developed one of the most advanced and comfortable safety helmets in the market,” said Caco America CEO Joel Abbo.