Posted December 13, 2023

Walter introduces milling cutters for ceramic inserts

Walter’s new M2472 and M2473 milling cutters with ceramic button indexable inserts provide excellent reliability and toughness for increased productivity. The M2472 cutter body accepts positive ceramic inserts, and the M2473 cutter body accepts double-sided ceramic inserts with eight or more cutting edges per indexable insert. The cutting diameters (Dc) range from 32 to 63 mm.

Walter M2472 and M2473 milling cuttersThe grades of the ceramic inserts are based on the elements silicon, aluminum, oxygen and nitrogen (SiAlON). The WIS10 SiAlON grade is designed for very stable conditions and offers exceptional wear resistance. The WIS30 SiAlON grade is targeted for universal applications due to its extreme toughness.

Both grades are the top choice for milling applications because of their high resistance to thermal shocks as the cutting edge enters and exits the workpiece material while possibly being flooded with coolant. In addition, the inserts can be used without cooling lubricant, where compressed air or minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) is applied for beneficial results.

The M2472 and M2473 milling cutters bodies are ideal for roughing heat-resistant super alloys (ISO S workpiece group), such as Inconel, Incoloy, Monel, Nimonic, Haynes, Stellite, Udimet, Wapaloy and Hastelloy alloys.

To protect the cutting edge when the tool enters the cut, Walter recommends using the “roll-in” strategy in which the width of cut (WOC) is gradually increased after the insert initially engages the workpiece to reduce shock and vibration. This strategy imparts finer surface finishes and increased tool life.

New and innovative clamping wedges for securing the inserts feature internal cooling grooves and a TiN coated surface. Potential benefits of these unique clamping wedges include protection against material weld formations due to the coating on the clamping wedges, and protection against excessive heat produced when milling because of a targeted compressed air supply using these advanced wedge-type clamps.